Starship Starseeker Ch. 08

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Big Naturals

The New Indian girls were planning to just wear the same clothes they had worn while making their run to escape the police, but upon further inspection, they were torn and dirty from their evading police officers. Abbie, Jo and Sam were roughly the same size and lent their new friends some of their light cover-ups right before they stepped off the ship to meet their parents.

It was a very warm day, so the Maxwell entourage wore a flimsy with the very light coverup clothing on top. A flimsy was offered to each girl, but they turned it down, they were accustomed to wearing clothing that Utopians would find uncomfortable. When they stepped outside the ship, a warm breeze was blowing, and the thin fabric felt very comfortable on them.

It was only after the girls had been greeted by their mom and dads and were nearly home, did everyone except for the girls themselves, realize that the cover-up by itself showed an inordinate amount of skin. The sheer cover-ups were only designed to break up the person’s skin tight silhouette when they were wearing a flimsy. The garment itself was nearly transparent!

Nobody said a word about their daughter’s near nudity until they got to their individual homes. Mike and Jo went to Amber’s home and were invited to stay with them as they toured New India.

“I like your new outfit Darling,” Amber’s mother told her when they got inside the house. “It seems a little risque to wear in public, but your father seems to really like it,” She said.

It was only then that Amber realized that her father had been watching her intently as she moved and revealed more of her beautiful practically nude body to him. Amber turned beet red in embarrassment when she realized what she was showing her dad. Amber ran to her room to change clothes, giving her father a good view of her cute backside. Angela and Jo got up as well, and followed Amber to her room.

Brady sat in uncomfortable silence with Mike for a few minutes until Brady broke the ice.

“I’m sure that you enjoyed the show as well as I did,” he told Brad.

Mike shrugged his shoulders. “Actually, I didn’t even notice. We’re Utopian!”

“Do you and your family practice nudism?” Brady asked.

“Whenever it’s possible,” Mike told him. “We wear clothes when it is inappropriate to be nude or the climate makes it uncomfortable to be nude,” he explained to Amber’s father.

“Were you and your family nude on the trip over from Lesbos?” Brady asked Mike.

“Until just before we stepped out of the Starseeker,” Mike affirmed.

“And Amber?” Brady asked.

“Of course. Everyone on board was nude,” Mike answered without hesitation.

That got a raised eyebrow from Brady. He and Angela had been having a serious discussion about adopting the Utopian lifestyle for themselves. Brady needed a job and there was one in the Utopian colony. Angela had made several friends with the Utopian women that she occasionally worked with at the hospital. Angela was always going on about how thoughtful and kind they were to their patients and co-workers. Angela had become a better wife and mother since she’d met them.

When Amber and her friends left for Lesbos, Angela had invited her Utopian friend, Divya and her husband Jai, over for dinner with them and Brady’s best friends. Lloyd and his wife Jasmine as well as Duncan and his wife Ela had come over to learn more about Utopianism. They had recently tried some social nudity and wife swapping before tonight and they all enjoyed it quite a lot. They all stripped before Divya and Jai arrived in order to show the couple how seriously they were in making the move to the colony.

Divya and Jai had brought over some audio-visual instructional material that had been designed to help explain the Utopian lifestyle and philosophy to those considering the philosophy for their own. After dinner, all four couples relaxed together and watched the philosophical and practical demonstrations of the Utopian colonies together. The AV production was very convincing in its explanation of how human societies were better off in communal settings. The video explained how Utopian communes were different from older models because of free love.

The materials were designed for entire families to watch, so there was no demonstration of free love. Showing how free love was practiced in the Adult section of the colony was not suitable for underage eyes. Adult viewers were invited to come and stay for a few days to help them decide if Utopianism was for them. When asked about clothing, Jai explained that New India was warm enough for everyone to remain nude both indoors and out.

Even the importance of incest was discussed. Duncan, Lloyd and Brady were especially interested in this part of the discussion, they each had a beautiful teenage daughter.

That first meeting led to a weeklong visit to the Utopian colony by Amber, Camille, and Summer’s parents. They met dozens of new friends and even joined in the family güvenilir bahis orgies that were held at the homes where they were hosted. By the end of the week, everyone was convinced that they would pull up stakes in town and move to the colony.

In Amber’s room, Angela and Joalice were attempting to calm her down. She and her friends had decided to become Utopians aboard the Starseeker, but now that she was home, Amber was starting to worry about being nude in front of her father.

“Why are you so embarrassed by being nude in front of your father?” Joalice asked her friend. “You didn’t mind when it was just us on Starseeker,” she reminded Amber.

“But he’s my Daddy!” Amber said, breaking down into tears.

“I’m sure that your father has seen you nude plenty of times,” Jo continued.

“Not since I reached puberty,” Amber answered Jo as if she was crazy.

‘You and your daddy would bathe together and you would sit on his lap and snuggle,” Angela told her daughter.

“I was just a little girl back then!” Amber answered her mother. “That was different.”

“Your Daddy still loves you just the same. I’m sure that he would like to hug and snuggle with you now too, with or without clothes,” Amber’s mother told her. “Your father loves you and he thinks that you’re beautiful,” she continued.

“If you want to become Utopian, you need to get used to being comfortable about getting totally nude,” Jo reminded her. “Just like you were onboard the ship,” she said.

“You don’t know Daddy” Amber shot back at her friend. “I don’t think he would understand me wanting to be Utopian at all,” Amber told Jo.

“You don’t know your father as well as you think you do either, Sweetheart,” Angela told her daughter soothingly. “He and I are wanting to become Utopian too,” she told Amber.

Amber stopped crying immediately, not sure of what her mother had said. “What? You and Daddy want to become Utopians?” Amber asked.

“Summer and Camille’s parents too,” Angela informed her daughter. “The big project the men have been working on for nearly twenty years is ending in a few months. They’re getting a good severance package from the company, but they’ll be out of a job. We could either move back to Terra Prime or just a few hundred miles away to the Utopian settlement. Your daddy and his friends have all found work there,” Angela told Amber.

“While you were on Lesbos, Summer and Camille’s parents went with Brady and I to the Utopian colony for a week. We lived the lifestyle with several host families,” Angela admitted to her daughter.

“You and Daddy were nude in public for a week?” Amber asked in awe.

“We experienced Utopian free love while we were there as well!”

After nearly a half hour, the door to Amber’s room opened and Angela stepped out as naked as the day she was born. Brady noticed immediately and sat up to take in the view of his lovely wife in all her glory. Mike smiled at the attractive woman. He could see that Amber had inherited her mother’s physical charms.

“While our guests are here in the house, we are going to live with their dress code,” she told her husband. “Why should they conform to ours?” she asked.

“So we are to remain nude all the time?” Brady asked excitedly.

“So are Camille and Summer’s families,” Angela informed him. “I’ve talked to them already and their daughters have already made their decisions known. We’re having them over tonight to discuss our little girl’s new lives,” she said.

Brady froze when his daughter walked in, holding her friend’s hand. The Maxwell girl was beautiful, but Brady couldn’t take his eyes off of Amber’s totally nude body.

“Amber has some things she needs to tell you Brady,” Angela told her husband.

Brady was still fully clothed when his daughter approached him and helped him undress. Once her father was naked, Amber sat on his lap with her arms around his neck and gave him a hug and passionate kiss on the lips.

“Daddy, I want to be a Utopian,” Amber said with conviction. “I want to live in a society where everyone is loving and open. People appreciate what you do and give you respect for the work you do, it doesn’t even matter what the work is. You are accepted for who you are, and not how much you have,” Amber explained. “I want to be able to make love to you and Mom and to show my affection and appreciation to all of the people in the Community,” she told Brady.

JoJo withdrew Mike’s flimsy and removed his remaining clothes before sitting on his lap and giving her brother a big kiss.

“You want to make love with me?” Brady asked, his cock beginning to rise as Amber pressed her soft, perky breasts onto her father’s chest.

“I do Daddy,” Amber replied, taking Brady’s cock in her slender hands and stroking him slowly.

“If you’re not careful, you’re going to make me cum in your hand,” Brady warned his little girl.

“Not my hand Daddy,” Amber told her father. “Right now, I want türkçe bahis you to cum in my mouth!”

Brady almost passed out when Amber slid to her knees and took her father’s stiff cock between her lips. Within seconds, he was shooting his creamy white load down Amber’s gullet. She just looked directly in her Daddy’s eyes as he emptied his balls into his precious daughter’s mouth. Saving some of his load for him, Amber climbed back up onto Brady’s lap and kissed him deeply, passing some of his semen back to him. This didn’t surprise Brady, this was one of the idiosyncrasies of the Utopian lifestyle he’s learned on his visit.

“Let’s take this back to the bedroom,” Angela suggested.

Brady licked Anber’s wet fuckhole, preparing his daughter to take his cock for the first time. Amber came a number of times on her father’s tongue while she continued to kiss and suck Brady’s cock back up to hardness. Angela made Mike lay down on his back next to Brady while Amber and she climbed side by side onto the men’s rigid cocks. Angela and Amber held hands as Amber sunk down on the father’s cock and Angela slid down Mike’s.

The couples changed positions several times as they fucked, giving Jo a chance to get into the act and make the women feel even better. Angela was riding on top of Mike with her breasts being sucked by Mike. Jo slid her tongue deep into Angela’s asshole, causing her to convulse immediately on Mike’s big cock. Amber got the same treatment, causing her to writhe in ecstasy as her father pounded into her tight cunt. When Jo focused on licking Brady’s butthole, he came immediately. For the first time, Amber was full of the same sperm that had helped make her eighteen years ago.

Mike continued to fuck Angela while Jo cleaned Brady’s cock and Amber’s well fucked hole. After learning to appreciate the taste of semen on her visit to the Utopian colony, Angela wanted to know what Mike’s jism tasted like. Mike filled her mouth until it was overflowing with his generous load. Amber and Angela continued to lick each other until mother and daughter had driven the other to orgasm.

When the other families arrived to discuss their new Utopian lifestyles with each other, Abbie suggested that they all take the party aboard Starseeker. After picking up things to eat and drink for the party, everybody headed down to the port and climbed aboard the luxury starship.

Abbie led them on a tour of the ship as Mike had the ship stocked and fueled for the return trip to Eden. The Utopian colony didn’t have a proper port facility, just a place to land and take-off from. The New Indian port was nearby and had all other facilities.

Once everything was topped off. Mike took the ship up to 1000 meters and went on a birds-eye tour of New India while everyone had snacks and drinks. Between the three New Indian families, they were able to pick out several natural and manmade objects from just below the clouds. Duncan. Lloyd and Brady were able to point out several bridges, highways and dams that one or more of them had engineered.

“Will you be building bridges in the Utopian colony?” Jo asked Brady, recalling Angela’s conversation with Amber.

“Something better!” Brady said enthusiastically. “Water projects! Our first job is to engineer a dam to capture water for irrigation and to supply the new settlements being planned for the Utopian sector,” he said.

“The colony is expanding and they need more infrastructure everywhere,” Lloyd told them.

“We’ll be engineering all sorts of public improvement projects. Our first priority is getting water everywhere it needs to go,” Duncan elaborated further. “Then will come the roads and the bridges and everything that goes with expanding a modern city,” He said.

“When do you start on these projects?” Erik asked, thinking about the projects he and Abbie had back on Eden.

“Two weeks,” Lloyd told them. Our last day for New Mumbai was Thursday. We have a few weeks off to get settled. All of our furniture stays with the old house. We are donating the proceeds from the sale of our houses to the Colony,” he said.

Mike nodded his head. That was common practice for a new Utopian. Their labor had not built the colony and so they automatically owed a debt to the Utopian people. Being engineers, however, they would soon be able to clear their debt and become big contributors to the Community. Once living here, they would never have to pay for anything. All any Utopian was required to do was to put more value into the community that they took out.

They’d brought along enough food from New Mumbai for a good evening meal and breakfast the next morning. The plan was to land at the colony after an orgy and breakfast the next day. Tonight was for the new Utopians to show their appreciation for the Maxwell family through free love. Sam, Jo and Abbie, being the experts at arranging such things gave each of the males a sperm builder shake and began to arrange who would have sex with whom as güvenilir bahis siteleri the evening went on. Only Amber had enjoyed sex with her father this afternoon, so the first order of business was a father-daughter pairing. Adam, Erik and Mike were paired with Angela, Jasmine and Ela. The Maxwell girls were the hosts and helpers.

Fathers and daughters were delighted by the act of lovemaking. There was nothing more significant than a parent’s love for their children. The wonderful part of being Utopian was that their lovemaking would become a frequent event for them all. As they had learned a few weeks ago, watching your spouse make love to one of your friends was very sexually fulfilling. Free love was one of the greatest pillars of Utopian philosophy.

Abbie, Jo and Sam were there to clean their boyfriends and their lovers, but the other men were told that they would need to clean their own cum from their daughter’s pussies. Brady led the way, showing the other men that there was nothing shameful about sucking your own seed from your daughter’s delightful fuck holes. After each round of sex, the men would be given a refreshing sperm builder shake to keep them ready for another round.

The second and third rounds involved Brady, Lloyd and Duncan fucking each other’s wives while Mike, Erik and Adam fucked their daughters. Again, the Maxwell girls were helpers and cleaners. The fourth round found The New Indian men fucking the Maxwell girls. While the rest of the women made love to each other, Adam, Erik and Mike occasionally licked a cunt or two and had their cocks sucked by several of the women and their daughters. The New Indian girls showed their mothers some of the things that the Maxwell girls had shown them about anal licking and anal play. Before the night was over, Mike, Adam and Erik had fucked one of the girl’s mothers in the ass.

After cleaning up, everyone fell asleep together in the big orgy bed. After a morning of mother-daughter lovemaking, The women all were up and showered, just as the men were contributing their sperm for the preparation of a cum omelette for the moms and girls.

Acting again as hostesses, Abbie and Sam made sure that every woman had what they wanted to drink and other breakfast side items when Jo went about preparing the sperm omelette. Before each of their daughters were served a portion, each of their fathers provided a fresh load of cum to top their omelettes. Adam, Mike and Erik did the same for the girl’s moms.

At last, Jo, Abbie and Sam had their sperm omelette. Many compliments later, each wife fucked their husbands as their daughters watched and sometimes took part in the lovemaking. This would probably be a fairly common event until each girl found her own boyfriend or husband, and even then it wouldn’t stop completely, they might just add more people to the family lovemaking.

That afternoon, Starseeker landed in the open area designed for that purpose and everyone walked out to be greeted by the community. Starseeker was expected and the Council members were there to meet the Maxwells and their new Community members. The openness and the appreciation were refreshing for the new Utopians. The Maxwells were used to such a reception and were proud when the new Utopian families greeted their new neighbors with proper Utopian hugs and kisses. They had only practiced a few times before they landed.

After staying for another week with their friends and helping them settle into the lifestyle, they bid them all farewell. Without any more stops, they would be back on Eden in a few weeks. They didn’t know how long exactly, because they’d never taken the route back home from New India to Eden before.

After reaching the termination of the first jump point, Starseeker was going to travel outside of normal space-time again and into one of the interdimensional routes. As usual, Mike and Jo were in the control center to monitor the instruments as they passed through the interdimensional portion of their route. Alessandra and her team still needed more data to analyze exactly where they were when outside normal space-time. Mike had volunteered to provide as much feedback as he could.

“Here we go again!” Jo told her twin brother when the viewscreens all went blank. ALI was recording everything happening within the ship and outside the ship with a new set of sensors that had been installed the last time they were on Eden. Physicists and mathematicians had predicted that twelve dimensions existed, yet humans could only experience four. The new sensors were collecting data about as many of the twelve dimensions as could presently be measured.

“Are we in the bubble?” Abbie asked Mike when she and Erik came up front.

“For just a few minutes now,” Mike affirmed.

“Erik said the thought he could feel the fusion reactor’s vibrations decrease,” She explained.

“He’s right,” Jo told her sister. “The reactor is idling now. It always slows down outside normal space-time when we go into the bubble,” Jo answered.

Sam and Adam entered the control center a few minutes later. “When are we supposed to get home?” Sam asked as she knelt between her brother’s knees and took his cock into her mouth.

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