Stalking Sis

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I have been stalking my sister, Lillian for at least five years. I have been occasionally lucky to find warm, wet panties she carelessly discards. I love the smell of them and the taste of them. Lillian is now 21 years old. I am 19. I have caught glimpses of her nude from time to time as she scampers from the shower to her room. I have been planning a consummation of affairs for a long time. I never gave it a try because I knew that if I was successful and someone found out, they would castigate her.

Last week after my birthday party, I put my consummation plan into action. I knew that mom and dad would be gone for a week starting this weekend. I knew that Lillian, a stay at home type, would be home. I carefully plotted my course of action beginning with her nightly shower.

Friday night and the parents are gone. I listen closely as Lillian strips and heads for the bathroom. The water comes on. I hear the curtain slide. This is the moment! I remove my clothes and sneak up to the bathroom door. I have cleverly disabled the lock. I slip stealthily inside and tip toe across the floor to the shower stall.

Flinging the curtain aside, I leap to the attack. The shower is empty! I rub my disbelieving eyes. I hear the bathroom door shut behind me and the click of the lock engaging. I poke my head out of the stall and there stands Lillian. She is totally nude.

“So, Jerry, my little stalker brother, you were going to get me tonight, eh?” she smirks.

“I…I…uh, well,” I stammer.

My once hard cock flops against my thigh. I feel a chill. Suddenly, I’m not all that horny anymore.

“Get your wet ass over here now!” she commands.

I pad across the floor with my hands over my cock.

When I reach her, she smiles and slaps my hands. “Come with me.”

I follow her down the hall to her bedroom. Once inside, she spins me around.

“Did you think I didn’t notice you spying on me for the last 5 years? I left those panties out for you to find. I know you licked them. I flashed you several times to maintain your interest. You see, brother dear, I’ve wanted you to fuck me for longer than you have been stalking me.”

My cock is coming back to life. It stands hard and proud in front of me like a medieval lance. As I look at it, a drop of precum seeps from the tip.

Lillian steps forward and dips her finger into the precum. She slowly raises it to her lips.

“Boys aren’t the only ones with hormones,” she whispers, “now you’re gonna have to fuck me all week!”

“I love you sis. I’ve wanted to fuck you for so long but I haven’t even tried until now because I didn’t want to get you in trouble.”

She takes my dick in her hand and leads me to the bed. We sit down, side by side and for the first time, I kiss my sister. I had only kissed one other girl so I’m not prepared when her tongue snakes into my mouth. I don’t know what else to do so I suck on it eliciting a moan from deep in her throat. My hands go to her tits and I squeeze them.

“Take it easy! Those aren’t made of leather!” she yelps.

“Sorry sis. I’m new at this. Tell me what to do and I’ll do it.”

“I don’t have much experience either. In fact, you’re gonna get my cherry. I do know how to get started though.”

I almost stop when I hear she is a virgin. illegal bahis This wasn’t the way I thought virgins would act.

“Rub my slit with your finger,” she moans.

I reach between her legs and feel her pussy. It is warm and soft and wet. I rub her slit. She presses her legs around my hand.

“Rub it faster!” she cries.

I lay her down beside me. Her tongue is in my mouth. I break the kiss.

“I wanna lick your pussy.”

She opens her legs and I kiss her thighs. I suck on the skin between her pussy and her leg. When I lick her slit, she bucks her hips almost dislodging me.

“Do my clit! Do my clit!” she wails.

I find the hard little bundle of nerves right where the sex ed class said it would be. I suck it between my lips and lick it gently.

“OOOhhhhh GGGOddddd!” she screams.

I feel the first burst of her first cum hit my chin I release her clit to drink her sweet offering. It tastes so good so I lap as much of it up as I can.

“Fuck me brother, please, please fuck me!” she squeaks.

I miss the first three stabs at her pussy. Finally she grabs my shaft and guides it into her. What a feeling! I knew it would feel good, but I had no idea it would feel this way. I feel her cherry pop as I slid into her. She grunts a little but she doesn’t cry.

“Jerry, don’t you dare take it out. Put it all the way in me. I want all of you.”

I slam myself into her wonderful cunt as far as I can. It is the most intense feeling I have ever had. I can’t believe my sister is letting me fuck her. She is begging for more. I pump her harder and faster. She is constantly moaning now.

“Faster….harder……uh….uh….uh” she squeals to the rhythm of my thrusts.

I am starting to get that feeling I get when I jack off. I’m going to cum! I’m going to cum in my sister.

She feels the tightening of my balls and the swelling in my cock. She knows I’m about to cum in her.

“Do it in me! I want to feel that stuff hit my womb!”

I have now reached the point of no return. I plunge as deep as I can into her pussy and freeze as I unload, squirting her full of pent up cum. She is writhing and wiggling on my cock, deep in the throes of her own orgasm.

“Leave it in me for a while. I want to enjoy that warm gooey feeling deep within me.”

I stay in her feeling my cock as it starts to deflate. I feel great! I feel like superman!

“I read about this in one of my magazines,” she says.

“You read about what?” I ask.

“I’m going to try a little pussy massage on you and see if I can get you hard again before you fall out.”

“Okay, go ahead, I’m game for anything.”

I feel her pussy pulsing around me. She is massaging my cock in her cunt. God, it feels so good! My dick is starting to erect. Who’d a thunk it?

“Oh boy, it’s hard again,” she giggles. “Start fucking.”

I find that I can fuck her again. I can’t believe she got me this hard this fast. Her pussy is super slick from my cum and her cum. It makes a funny, squishy noise as I pound into her. She hasn’t stopped massaging my dick. Every time I stroke her she clamps down driving me to heights of insanity. All I want to do is fuck her forever. She is squeezing my balls in her little fist. I feel them retract a little in anticipation illegal bahis siteleri of the coming climax. She giggles and squeezes them harder.

I feel her cunt contract around my pole. It is pulsing, pulsing, milking me, sucking my cum from my nuts.

“OOOhhhh GGGoddd, I’m cumming again!!” she screams and squeezes my ball really hard.

It is hard to describe my feelings at this point. I am squirting her full of baby juice and she is milking me for all she is worth. I had never felt pain while cumming before, but I kind of like it.

“Give me every last drop!” she orders.

“Damn sis, this is the best. I wish I had started years ago.”

“So do I. But we’re not going to let any other opportunities pass us by are we?”

“What do you mean sis?”

“Well, we still have a lot of time and several other things to explore. I think we should get right to it. I bought some love lube the other day. Do you know what it is for?”

“Anal?” I croak.

“That’s right! As soon as you are able, you’ll get another of my cherries! Oh boy, I can hardly wait!”

“I’ve heard that it hurts a lot,” I say.

“Well, I stuck a carrot in there and it didn’t hurt very much. I can’t wait to get your cock up my ass!”

I roll off of her and kiss her deeply, with feeling. I know I am in love with my sister. Is it wrong? I guess that depends on who is making the judgment. I am feeling her body all over with my hands and rubbing against her at every opportunity. She is purring like a big tabby cat. I feel her hands exploring me too.

“Since we have to wait for my equipment to function again, why don’t we take a little nap?” I ask her.

“Good idea! Spoon me!”

I crawl around behind her and let my limp dick flop into her ass crack. I put my arms around her and caress her tits. I am thinking, I should have been sleeping like this for the last 5 years.

I am waking up. I can feel her grinding her ass against my woody. As it grows, it rubs across her cunt. I could wake up like this forever!

“So you are finally awake,” she says. “I have been lying here horny for an hour.”

“Us sex slaves need our rest. Besides, you can feel that I’m ready to give it to you again.”

“Okay, let’s try anal. If we don’t like it, we can always go back to my pussy.”

She wriggles out of my arms and grabs the lube. She rubs a big gob on my cock and a bigger gob on her ass.

“Massage my asshole so it will get ready for you.”

My hand drops to her virgin asshole and I start rubbing the love lube into her. At first she is so tight I can’t get a finger in her but as I continue the massage her little brown pucker spot, it starts to loosen up. Before long, I can pop a finger into her. I start to finger fuck her asshole and as I do, it gets looser and looser. Now, I am driving three fingers into her. She is starting to moan.

“I think it is time to try it,” I say.

“Yes, yes, put that big old cock in my virgin ass!”

I mount her from behind and slide my cock gently into her. I am in about an inch.

She cries, “Stop. Let me get used to it.”

I stop for a moment and then start in again. She is tight and hot. I know I won’t be able to stop. I shove hard. She screams.

“That hurts!”

“I’m all the way in canlı bahis siteleri now. Let’s just rest a minute.”


I reach underneath her and tickle her clit. This seems to perk her up and I feel her back into me.

“Are you ready to get ass fucked?” I ask.

“Yes, but start slowly. It still hurts but it is getting better.”

I pull almost all the way out of her and then slowly drive back in.

“That feels really good. Do it some more.”

I am thrusting into her faster and faster, unable to control myself. She is so hot and tight I know I won’t last much longer.

She is getting into it now. Her pumping action compliments my thrusting and we are hurtling toward mutual orgasm once again.

“Aaaaaahhhh! I’m gonna cum again!” she cries.

I feel her ass flexing on my cock as I dump my seed into her. I can’t let her go. I feel like a dog hung up on a bitch.

Finally she lets go of my dick and it flops out between us.

“Wow, I never thought I could cum with my ass,” she remarks.

“I think we should go get cleaned up and have a midnight snack,” I tell her.

I am following her up the hall to the bathroom. Cum is oozing out of her cunt and her ass, running down both legs.

“That feels good,” she remarks as we enter the shower.

I am diligently trying to finger all the fluid out of her. She produces a douche kit and does a thorough job on both orifices.

We dry off and head for my bed room. (Dry sheets)

We are sitting on the bed. I am stroking her body, so soft, so warm.

She looks at me and says, “Well, I have one cherry left.”

“I thought we covered everything you’ve got,” I comment.

“I’ve never given a complete, through to the end, juicy cum swallowing blow job,” she says in a matter of fact tone. “Would you like a blowjob? Do you want to cum in my mouth and watch me swallow it?”

“Oh yeah! I’ve always wanted a blowjob. Are you going to do it now?”

“As soon as our cock is ready,” she replies.

Two minutes pass. She takes my still flaccid cock and sucks it into her mouth. I can feel it start to inflate in the warm cavern. She massages my nuts. I get harder. She never removed her nose from my pubic bone. I am getting hard down her throat!

With a slurping sound she pulls her head back and gently kisses the end of our dick.

Looking up at me she says, “I’m an amateur at this so let me know if it isn’t right.”

“I’ve never had a blowjob so I’m pretty sure that everything you do will be just great!”

She starts bobbing her head up and down on the pole while squeezing my balls. I can feel the back of her throat as she deep throats me. She swallows and her throat contracts around our cock driving me almost over the edge.

“One more of those and I’m a goner,” I tell her.

She swallows me again. I can feel the cum rushing up into her mouth. She has pulled her head back so she can catch it all on her tongue. I burst within her mouth as she teases the end of it. She looks up at me, opens her mouth so I can see my cum on her tongue and then swallows it. It is so sexy; I squirt a little more onto her face. She grins and rubs it in.

I pull her into my arms and French kiss her. I hold her tight so she can’t escape.

“Lillian, I love you so much, I can’t ever let you go.”

“Yes Jerry, I love you too. We’ll have to figure out a way to do this all the time. The week is young. Let’s nap again and then you can fuck my pussy again.”

“Sounds like a plan,” I reply.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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