The Neighborhood Ch. 08

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Chapter 8: A new couple joins the swinging set

Copyright 2012 by A. Van Peebles, All Rights Reserved


Amanda and I had been together for four years, and married for two, when she told me that something was missing from her sex life. We’d always been open about talking about sex, but this was really a blow to my ego. And fucking ironic. I was too big to satisfy her. That’s not the stereotypical complaint. I knew that Amanda loved me and that she enjoyed the sex we did have, but I was just so big that we had to go slow, and sometimes that wasn’t enough.

Guys all say they would like to have a huge dick, but it’s not all that it’s cracked up to be. Now, this sounds really bad, but I’m just telling the truth. There are drawbacks to having a big dick. First, when erect I’m about fourteen inches long and about twelve and a half inches in circumference, that’s about four inches thick. Finding pants that fit without revealing too much is tough; if I don’t stick with styles that are baggy people stare. And before I met Amanda, there were a number of women who couldn’t take me at all, and as Amanda found out, I had to take it slow with those that could. And I’ve never found a woman I could have anal with.

Don’t get me wrong. There are good things about it too. When I was in college, once word got around—and it always gets around; girls gossip a lot more than guys—women were practically lining up to fuck me. While some found I was too big for them, I never had any problem picking up women who were willing to try. And Amanda loves my dick. She says that I’m able to touch her like no other guy, all her hot spots at once.

But I knew that her complaint would be a problem. Maybe not right away, but eventually. Amanda is very sexually open, and she always tells me what she wants. I love her for that. But I knew that if there was something I wasn’t giving her, eventually she would find a way to get it. Maybe not right away, but in four or five years our marriage would be in trouble. That’s why I suggested swinging.

I didn’t expect that Amanda would go for it. And she was kind of shocked, which was something I didn’t really expect. She thought that I maybe wanted to sleep with other women, which I wouldn’t turn down, but isn’t something I needed. So I quickly backed off, saying that I wasn’t asking for it, just thinking outside the box. We tried using vibrators, toys that I could be somewhat rough with her with and penetrate her anally, but she said it, while it was fun, wasn’t the same thing. So that’s where we stood when Amanda found out the new neighbors were into swinging.

When I got home that evening, she jumped me at the door. I’d never seen her so horny. We fucked right there on the hall floor, and again a couple of other times that night. She didn’t tell me what had gotten into her that night, at least not right away, and I didn’t ask. I wasn’t looking a gift horse in the mouth. Then the next morning at breakfast she told me what had happened the day before. Needless to say, I was blown away. Amanda said that was willing to try swinging if I was serious about my earlier suggestion. We decided to take a few weeks to think it over and keep talking about it. There was no hurry, and it was a big decision.

But we didn’t count on how an idea like that can eat away at you. I couldn’t think about anything else that day. I got nothing done at work that day. And by the time I was driving home, I knew that I wanted to do it. But I was surprised; what really turned me on wasn’t the idea of fucking other women, it was seeing Amanda getting fucked. The idea of watching her get off with another guy really turned me on. It turns out that Amanda was infected by the same itch. She couldn’t think about anything else either.

So that night we sat down and laid out some rules. We would only do it together; no picking up partners on our own. And we both had to agree. Both of us had veto power over any partner. Once that was decided, we fucked again, and it was a great fuck. One of the best we’d ever had together.

So Amanda went over to speak with Jennifer—she was more comfortable talking with her than with the Giamattis, who we barely knew. And before we knew it, our first swinging session was set up for that Friday.


It had all happened so fast. What had started as just an idle suggestion of Josh’s had become a reality. Josh and I were knocking on the Giamatti’s door, and awaiting within was sex, and it was kind of scary. The sex wasn’t scary—well maybe the prospect of sex with another woman was intimidating; I had never done that before, and both Lisa and Jennifer had hinted that it was very much a possibility—but I had no idea what this would do to Josh’s and my marriage. Would we both get jealous? Or worse, would one of us love it and the other get jealous?

Lisa opened the door, all smiles. There were kisses, on the cheek, very chaste. Josh gave her the bottle of wine that we’d brought, and Lisa made a fuss escort kartal about opening it, ushering us into the living room, where James and Jennifer were already waiting.

I hadn’t known what to expect. Naked bodies writhing in ecstasy on the floor, maybe. But it was just like the start of any dinner party I’d ever been to. We all chatted and drank wine.

I guess James, who was sitting the closest to Josh and I, noticed that I was a bit nervous. He leaned in and whispered to us.

“About later on,” he said. “We all understand that this is your first time doing anything like this. It’s okay to be nervous, and if you feel uncomfortable about anything, you can simply decline. No one is going to be offended. You can take it slow and just do what you feel comfortable with, and with people you’re comfortable with.”

“It’s not so much about tonight,” said Josh. “It’s about tomorrow. I just don’t know what to expect when Amanda and I wake up tomorrow.”

“Think of it as an experiment,” said James. “If it doesn’t work, you don’t have to do it again. And the important thing is to check in with each other throughout the evening and make sure you’re both enjoying yourselves. And at the end of the night, spend some time together, just the two of you.”

“Jennifer and I are going upstairs,” announced Lisa, who hadn’t been able to hear our conversation with her husband. “Our panties are soaked with anticipation, and we can’t wait any longer. Join us when you’re ready.” And with that the two other women went upstairs, arm in arm.

“We can hang out a while longer, if you’d like,” said James. “But I’d suggest going a little easy on the wine. A little bit of lubrication lowers the inhibitions nicely, but too much isn’t a good idea.”

We chatted for a while. Honestly, I can’t tell you what we talked about. I had chills and my stomach was in knots. All I could think about was what waited us upstairs. Finally I couldn’t take it anymore.

“I’m going upstairs,” I announced. “Josh, are you coming?”

Both Josh and James were up in a flash and escorted me upstairs.

I guess others have described the Giamattis’ playroom, but it really is something to walk into it for the first time, to see the play pit, and to see two gorgeous women in the middle of it. Lisa was lying on her back with Jennifer between her legs, licking away at her pussy. I just stared, unable to move.

I noticed that James was starting to take his clothes off. Josh wasn’t. I guess he was waiting for me. I started unbuttoning my blouse, and Josh started to undress too. Then a moment later I felt another pair of hands help me off with my blouse. It was James, who had shed his shirt, socks, and shoes, but was still in his pants.

“Josh, we could use some help down here,” said Lisa.

I turned to my husband, gave him a deep kiss, smiled, and said, “go.”

Josh didn’t need to be told twice.

I then turned to James and gave him a deep kiss. He was the first man, other than Josh, I’d kissed in four years. It was wonderful. We just stood there, letting our tongues explore each other’s mouth for several minutes. I could feel James’s hands run up and down my back, and then unclasp my bra. I shrugged out of the bra without breaking the kiss. Then I grabbed his hands and placed them on my breasts. James broke the kiss and leaned down, taking my right nipple into his mouth. My nipples have always been sensitive, and I gasped when he started sucking. He switched to my left breast, and one of his hands dropped down and unzipped my skirt, which fell to the floor, leaving me with just my garter belt and stockings. In a fit of devilishness I had slipped off my panties before leaving home.

I could feel James’s cock rubbing against my leg, straining underneath his pants. So I dropped to my knees and unclasped his belt and unzipped his pants, which fell to the floor. A couple of tugs and he had lost his underwear as well, and his very nice cock popped up to say hello. It really is a beautiful cock, and just about the perfect size. I took it in my hand and kissed the head. It twitched and grew even harder, so I took it into my mouth.

Amazingly, I could deep throat the whole thing, right down to the base. I’d never been able to take a whole cock into my mouth. Of course with Josh that was impossible, but I guess all that practice fellating him had gotten me to the point where I could deep throat a more normal size cock no problem.

I glanced over at Josh. Lisa and Jennifer had him on his back. Lisa was sitting on his face, grinding her pussy into it, while she sixty-nined him, taking his head into her mouth. Jennifer was between his legs, licking his shaft and balls.

Suddenly, James grabbed my arms and stood me up, kissing me again.

“Lisa tells me you want to be taken, to have it a kind of rough,” he said when he broke the kiss.

I nodded.

“Just tell me if I go too far, or not far enough.” And with that he started kissing me again, his right maltepe escort hand reaching around my butt and parting my pussy lips. I was wet, and he shoved two fingers in. His other hand grabbed the hair at the back of my head by the roots. He jerked my head back, breaking the kiss again.

“And you want me to fuck you in the ass.” I wasn’t sure if it was a question or a command.

I nodded again.

“Okay, come with me.”

He led me down into the pit by the hair. James knew what he was doing. He was forceful, but he didn’t pull my hair, and he didn’t hurt me. He lay me down next to Josh and mounted me. I could feel the head of his cock part my lips, and then he suddenly thrust forward, burying himself in me. I yelped. He held me down firmly by the shoulders. I was pinned, unable to move. And he began to thrust in and out, hard. Oh God, it was so good.


The two women grabbed me and pulled down to the floor. Lisa settled on top of me, thrusting her pussy in my face, and giving me no alternative but to start licking. Not that I minded, of course. Then the two women started sucking my cock and balls.

After a little while, Lisa moved off me and whispered in my ear.

“Do you want to see your wife being fucked?”

I turned my head and saw Amanda being fucked hard, missionary style by James. Her head was back and she was groaning in ecstasy with each thrust. It was so damn sexy seeing Amanda like that, that I came right then and there. I think I surprised Jennifer a bit, who got a nice facial out of it, but she kept licking like a trooper and, surprising me, kept me hard. I usually have no trouble with multiples, but it takes some time between. Evidently not tonight. I softened a little, but didn’t lose my erection entirely.


Wow! That’s all I could think when I saw Josh’s cock. Amanda wasn’t kidding. It was bigger than my forearm. I’ve seen quite a few cocks in my life, but this was the biggest by a wide margin. I knew I could take it though. It wasn’t all that much bigger than the strap-on that Rachel likes to use on me.


I haven’t seen as many cocks as Lisa, and this one was surreal to me. I didn’t know if I could take it inside me, but I was determined to try.


I have no idea how long James was fucking me. I just lost it. I wasn’t aware of anything except the weight of him holding me in place and the constant, hard thrusting. Usually I can feel the orgasm rising, but this one took me completely by surprise. Suddenly I just exploded. My convulsions struggled against James’s arms, but he held me firm, and that seemed to increase and prolong the orgasm. Suddenly, his weight was off me, and he was no longer holding me down. I just collapsed, curling up into a fetal position, whimpering. Arms scooped me up, and felt myself lying in a soft lap, whimpering, sobbing, and laughing all at the same time. God, I didn’t realize how badly I needed that.

When I finally became aware again, I was in Jennifer’s lap. She was holding me and gently cooing.

“Are you okay?”

“Wonderful,” I replied, smiling.

“Good. I’m just checking. We weren’t sure there for a while.”

I turned to look for Josh. He was on his back again, Lisa riding him for all she was worth. James lay on the other side of me, slowly stroking himself to keep hard.

“Are you recovered enough to be fucked in the ass?” asked James.


“Okay, on your knees,” he said, grabbing me by the hair again and guiding me onto my knees, with my ass in the air and my face in Jennifer’s lap. I could smell the musk of her pussy. Then I felt James’s tongue lick around my asshole, trying to thrust inside. It felt very nice, and I could feel my pussy begin to moisten again.

Then James pulled his tongue away, and I felt him spread cold lube around my anus. I felt the pressure of one of his fingers pushing against my sphincter and then pop inside. Soon it was two fingers, then three. Then James pushed the head of his cock against my asshole. He was slower than when he had penetrated my vagina, but no less insistent. Suddenly my anus opened and two inches of his cock popped in. I gasped, and I think I may have bitten Jennifer’s thigh. Then James began thrusting, continually burying himself in my ass up to the base of his cock, and then pulling out until only the head remained within.

James was into the rhythm right away. I raised my head and found myself staring into Jennifer’s beautiful face. It was the reverse of the other day by the pool, when James had taken her from behind and she stared into my eyes. Now it was my turn. My right hand found its way to my clit, and I began to fiercely rub it in time with James’s thrusts. God, it had been so long since I had had a real cock up my ass, and it felt so good. Pretty soon I was coming again. This second one was even better than the first, only not as dramatic. It was no less intense than the first time, but this time I pendik escort bayan was prepared for it. I didn’t lose it, or collapse into a quivering mass, but I was aware of and in ecstasy with each contraction.

James pulled out of me, and I collapsed again into Jennifer’s lap. James leaned in and kissed me, and I realized, that although I was pretty much spent, he hadn’t come yet.

“We don’t have to stop,” I said. “You need to get off.”

“Don’t worry about me. Lisa will take care of that.”

He moved off and approached Lisa from behind, whispered something in her ear, and she slowed down her riding of Josh’s cock so he could penetrate her ass. That was pretty amazing on Lisa’s part. I know better than anyone how Josh can completely fill a woman, and to take another cock in the ass at the same time, and especially one as good-sized as James’s. I curled up in Jennifer’s lap and the two of us just watched the show, gently caressing each other.


Jennifer and I grabbed Josh as soon as he had undressed and dragged him into the middle of the room. He came quite willingly. It was huge and beautiful. So I just popped the head into my mouth, and that’s about all I could stuff in there, that and maybe another inch of the shaft. It was just so damn thick! I concentrated on the head, while Jennifer tackled the rest of the shaft and his balls. Pretty soon he was rock hard, and I dragged him on top of me, spreading my legs. I was already wet from the licking that Jennifer had given me before.

Josh positioned the head of that lovely cock against the entrance to my vagina and started to slowly push. There was just a bit of pain for a split second, and then his head was all the way in. He started thrusting, slowly at first, then somewhat faster. He never got too fast, but that was just fine. He filled me like no other cock I’d ever had; it was like being fisted. Both my clit and the nerves around my anus were being stimulated at the same time.

I kind of lost track with what was happening with the others. I knew that James was fucking Amanda, and I while I usually like to watch James when he’s with another woman, especially when it’s his first time with her, I pretty much just focused on what was happening to me. I could feel the orgasm build, and then it washed over me, again and again.

When I recovered, I took a quick look at James, who was pounding away at Amanda, who was using Jennifer’s lap as a pillow. I stopped Josh’s thrusting and rolled him over so I was on top, riding him. This was even better than the missionary. I had more control, and could let his cock penetrate me deeply when I wanted, or lean into it and get more stimulation on my clit. I could also watch James and Amanda better, and he was really putting it to her, and the way she was thrashing about in orgasm, it was obvious she was enjoying her night as much as I was enjoying mine.

Amanda was soon reduced to a quivering mass in Jennifer’s lap, and James made his way over to us.

“Do you think you can take two?” he whispered into my ear.

“Oh, yes.”

I paused my ride for a moment, just enjoying the sensation of Josh’s huge cock just filling my cunt, until I felt the pressure of James’s cock against my anus. I started rocking back and forth, gently. That was about all I could take. I’ve been double penetrated before, but never like this. I was just completely stuffed full, and every nerve ending in my pussy and ass was being tweaked at once.

What really surprised me was how long I kept it up. It felt so good. I don’t know how to describe it, except that it was like a continuous orgasm, except not intense. No contractions or waves; just continual pleasure. Then it happened. The orgasm exploded throughout my body. Pleasure so intense it was painful. I threw myself off of the two cocks; I just couldn’t stand to be touched down there, and just let the contractions wash over me. I hadn’t realized it, but just before I came that second time, both James and Josh had cum inside me. That was, and remains to this day, the most intense fucking I have ever had.


Jennifer and I were sitting against the side of the pit, holding each other and watching the show. I was amazed at how okay I was with all this. I had been so afraid of being overcome with jealousy at the sight of Josh with another woman, but nothing could be further from the case. It was wonderful to just watch the man I loved with someone else. If I hadn’t been so spent, I would have been turned on.

Jennifer was alternately cupping my breasts and running her fingertips around my nipples, and I was stroking her thigh, when I realized that she probably hadn’t cum yet that evening. I thought that I might be the one to bring her off, and I shivered in anticipation.

“Anything wrong?” asked Jennifer, noticing.

“Not at all. I couldn’t be better.” Then, “Have you cum yet tonight?”

“Not yet.”

“Would you like me to try?”

“Please. I’ve been waiting, and I don’t think the guys will be up for much once Lisa’s done with them.” Jennifer spread her legs wider, and I slipped down between them.

“You’ll have to steer me through the curves,” I said, looking up into her deep brown eyes. “I’ve never been with a woman.”

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