The Morrisons Ch. 13

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A million thanks to BffseOhio for editing!
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**Author’s Note: This is a continuous story where each chapter builds on the previous chapter. If this is the first chapter you’ve encountered of The Morrisons then I suggest you go back and read the previous chapters first so you will understand the characters actions in this chapter. This chapter sets the stage for future chapters. I have added a list of the main story characters to the end of the story which was a suggestion by one of the readers. Sounds interesting? …… Then please enjoy! ………
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For the record: All characters in this story are legal aged!
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From – Chapter 12

Marion was breathing rapidly and finally started to gasp and stiffened in spasmodic moves signaling her orgasm had over taken her body so I released a torrent of cum as I pumped into her lovely gripping pussy. My body jerked as my own orgasm surged through my body. In the afterglow of our orgasms I remained on top holding my upper body off Marion’s and allowed my cock to shrink inside her while we quietly talked. Marion giggled and when she did she forced my cock to pop out of her pussy and she immediately wanted to roll over saying, “I have to go so I don’t leave a wet spot on the bed.”

Both of us got up and walked into the bathroom and while Marion was peeing and douching I started the shower again and we both stepped in just to rinse our bodies off. I told Marion how much I enjoyed her body and especially rubbing my hands over her while washing her. Marion moved into hug me and pressed her wet body against mine. We stood in the shower under the warm water rubbing our bodies together for a few minutes before I suggested we get some sleep. We finished our shower and dried each other off and both of us crawled back into bed.

We moved close together and once again our hands rubbed up and down each other’s body as we talked quietly and giggled foolishly as sleep crept up on both of us.


Chapter 13

In my semi-conscious state my ears filled with a loud sound which caused me to jerk my body up into a sitting position on my bed. Looking around through sleep filled eyes, it took me a few seconds to realize the sound was coming from my alarm clock, signaling it was time for me to get up and start a new day. Marion stirred and looked up and me asking, “Is everything alright?”

I looked down at the beautiful young lady whom I shared some of my love with last night and said, “Everything is perfect, Marion. The only problem is it’s time for me to get up and take a shower and start my day. You are welcome to stay here and sleep if you want.”

Marion sat up in bed and let the sheet fall down to her waist exposing her lovely tits to my view; then she leaned over and pulled my face to hers and kissed me passionately for a few minutes before saying, “Thank you for last night. Ted and I are blessed to have your family as friends.”

“I need to go wake up Beth, Kim and Jenna, do you want to come with me or do you want to stay here and sleep?” I asked Marion.

Marion rolled over and got out of bed on her side then walked around and joined me. Marion reached out and took my hand and we walked hand in hand out of my bedroom. The first stop we made was the room where Ted and Kim were sleeping. We looked in and Ted was spooned up against Kim’s back and their sheet was only partially covering their hips. We walked over to the bed and I reached out and touched Kim’s arm and shook her, saying, “Kim, it’s that time again, come on, wake up.”

Kim’s eyes blinked, then she smiled at us; suddenly Ted’s head popped up behind Kim, asking, “Is everything ok?”

Marion smiled, saying, “Ted, everything is fine; we’re waking up those who have to get up for work.”

Kim started to get up so Marion and I left the room and went across the hall and when we walked into Mary’s room we stopped momentarily and stared. We saw three beautiful women lying uncovered, on their backs, with their legs spread wide enough so their feet touched each other. Marion and I walked down to the foot of the bed because, once again, Beth is in the middle between Mary and Shelly. The scene before my eyes was like déjà vu all over again, except this time Marion stood beside me. Standing at the bottom of the bed, Marion and I were able to see three lovely tight lipped pussies, a couple pair of “C” cup titties and a small pair of “A” cup titties. We watched as each chest rose and fell with every breath they took. Finally, I reached out and tapped Beth’s foot and watched her eye lids kartal escort bayan flutter until she opened them, then raised her head off the pillow and looked at me. I watched the smile spread across Beth’s face and I whispered, “It’s time to get up and get ready for work.”

Beth tried to move without waking the other two, but she wasn’t successful. Mary moved her hand up and cupped Beth’s left tit and gently massaged it as she said, “Good morning sexy lady, you sure you want to leave us again?”

Beth smiled at Mary saying, “Oh God, one day I am going to be able to stay and sleep in, but not today.”

Beth sat up in the bed and I said, “Come on, you can shower with me.”

Mary sat up quickly and said with a giggle in her voice, “Wait a minute buddy, we took excellent care of this really hot lady last night and we’re going to take care of her this morning. Don’t worry; we’ll make sure she is ready to go when you are.”

Marion and I turned and walked out into the hall and down to Jenna’s room. We walked in and saw Jenna was also lying on her back and her great toned legs were spread wide and her right index finger was resting on her clit. I looked at Jenna lovingly then as much as I hated to do it, I reached out and shook her foot closest to me. I had to shake it a few times until she finally started to open her eyes. When she peeked out through her eye lids she smiled at me and said, “Hi daddy, is it that time already?”

I smiled at Jenna saying, “Yes dear, it’s time to get up and get going. As long as you’re alive and well, we’ve got to go take our shower now.”

Marion and I walked back to my bedroom and found Ted and Kim just walking into the bathroom. By the time we entered the bathroom, Ted was standing in front of the toilet and Kim was holding his cock saying, “We love to hold Dan’s cock when he has to pee. It gives us girls the pleasure of making designs in the water with your pee. When you’re finished, I’m going to show you how to wipe my pussy.”

Marion started giggling like a school girl saying, “They told me you couldn’t teach an old dog, new tricks. I love these people, Ted.”

We heard the sudden splash of pee hitting the water in the toilet when Ted said, “Yeah Marion, for all that I’ve experienced since I started working here, I love everyone as well.”

When Ted finished peeing he stepped back and Kim sat down with her legs spread wide and told Ted squat down in front of her and get a piece of paper and fold it. Ted did as he was instructed and then he watched the stream of pee shoot out of Kim until it died down to just a dribble. Kim said, “Ted, this is almost like wiping your ass, except all that’s going to be on the paper is a little pee. Go ahead and be gentle and dry me.”

Ted was smiling as he reached in between Kim’s legs and dried her pussy. When he was done, he dropped the paper in the toilet and said with a huge grin, “I prefer to just shake mine after peeing.”

Ted and Kim moved over to the shower and I offered Marion the use of the toilet and she immediately asked, “Are you going to wipe me when I’m done.”

I reached out for a piece of toilet paper and squatted down in front of Marion’s spread legs and watched the stream of pee squirt into the toilet. When she finished dribbling I wiped her pussy and then stood up before I offered her my hand to assist her in standing and saying, “I’m at your service, my lady.”

Marion called over to Ted asking, “Did you hear that Ted, this gentleman over here said he’s ready to service me.”

Ted started laughing and said, “What? I can’t hear you, the water is running in the shower and I’m distracted by this beautiful lady over here.”

After Marion helped me pee, we walked over and joined Ted and Kim in the shower. We had a great conversation while we showered and when we finished, the girls decided to dry each other and requested that Ted and I follow their lead and dry each other. I looked at Ted then shrugged my shoulders saying, “OK, I can handle that.”

When all of us were dry, Kim and I stepped over to our sinks and started the rest of our morning ritual and Marion and Ted left to go into their bathroom to finish their personal grooming.

While I was shaving, Kim said, “Dan, I really love you more than ever. You have proven to me, not that you had anything to prove, but you’ve shown me more love and consideration than any man would ever be expected to do. It was fucking awesome when you and Ted sucked each other’s cock last night. I almost raped Ted when I got him back in the bedroom because I was so fucking horny after watching you two. I hope you enjoyed Marion’s pussy last night too.”

I stopped shaving and looked at Kim saying, “Honey, no matter which pussy I put my cock in, there’s really only one place for my cock and that’s inside you. I enjoy everyone else, but you are my one and only true love and it will always be that way. As for sucking Ted’s cock last night, I escort maltepe surprised myself by doing that. However after a few minutes of doing it, I decided it really wasn’t any different than licking a pussy other than the society’s stigma associated with two males together.”

We finished in the bathroom and went to our closets to get dressed. I saw the bag containing the two hand guns and called out to Kim, “Now that I have our hand guns, we can set up a target in the back this weekend and practice shooting.”

Kim called back saying, “I’d like that. I want to learn how to handle and shoot them.”

We finished dressing and put on the final touches before leaving our room and walking down the hall together. Kim looked at me as we walked and said, “I’m not wearing panties today.”

Jenna was in her room dressing as we passed and heard what Kim said and she excitedly said, “Mom, that’s so cool. I’m not going to wear any panties today either.”

We stopped and looked at Jenna and I immediately noticed that there was a difference between Kim and Jenna’s skirt. The hem of Kim’s skirt was down near her knees while Jenna’s skirt was a little less than mid-thigh. I smiled and said, “Jenna honey, if you bend over, anyone behind you will see that wonderful treasure you are hiding between your legs.”

Jenna said, “That’s ok daddy, there’s this new hot looking guy at work, so Becky, Lisa, and I have decided that we are going to seduce him. I bet them that I would get the first crack at him. No pun intended.”

I slapped my forehead in mock disbelief and said, “Girl, you better be careful, some old man may want to check that out.”

Jenna turned around and flipped up the back of her skirt baring her whole ass before bending over and spreading her legs. “You mean like this daddy?” Jenna asked in her little girl voice.

I choked and replied, “Yes honey, like that. But I’m not some old guy.”

Kim and Jenna started to laugh then we turned and continued down the hall to the stairs. The wonderful aroma of fresh brewed coffee greeted our nostrils as we descended the stairs and headed towards the kitchen. As we rounded the corner we saw everyone was seated in the dining room. Kim and I moved towards the chairs we normally sat in and there was a chorus of “Good morning” echoed around the room. We smiled and returned the sentiments and noticed Terri and Hanna stand up and head towards the kitchen. When they returned, each of them had a cup of coffee in their hand. Terri set the one she had in front of Kim and Hanna set hers down in front of me. Terri asked, “What would you like for breakfast?”

I looked around at Kim and Beth then I said to Terri, “I would like an omelet, bacon and some toast if it won’t be too much trouble.”

Kim and Beth asked for the same thing, but asked for a cheese omelet instead of a plain omelet. I thought about it for a second then I changed mine to a cheese omelet. Jenna came into the dining room just as we finished telling Terri what we wanted, and Jenna said, “Please make another one of whatever they are having.”

Terri and Hanna disappeared into the kitchen then Mary stood up saying, “I think I’ll go help the girls get breakfast ready.”

While our breakfast was being fixed, Ted told me he had the carpenter coming out today to cut a hole in the den wall for the air conditioner. Ted added, “Dan, I hope you don’t mind but I bought an air conditioner for the den.”

I assured Ted I trusted his judgment to do whatever was needed to keep the monitors and recording equipment cool and in working order.

Terri, Hanna, and Mary brought our breakfast in and set it down in front of us. Terri said, “I’ll feed everyone else once all of you are off and on your way to work.”

I looked at Terri and asked, “Do you still have Jeff Simpson’s home phone number?”

Terri replied, “Yes I do. Do you want it?”

I thought for a few seconds then said, “No Terri, I want you to call Jeff and tell him I want him to dress in a nice suit and be ready to leave home at ten o’clock this morning. Tell him I will be sending a car to his house to pick him up and bring him to my office.”

Then I turned to Beth and said, “On the way to work, please make an appointment for me to meet Charlie Doyle at ten thirty this morning. I want to meet with both Charlie and Jeff Simpson at eleven o’clock.”

“Terri, do you still have Jeff’s home address?” I asked.

Terri said, “Yes, I have it in my computer. Do you want me to get it for you?”

I replied, “I want Beth to have it so she can send Joe over to Jeff’s house to pick him up and bring him to my office.”

Terri retrieved Jeff’s information off her computer and brought it out and handed a copy to Beth. She then came over to me and wrapped her arms around my neck and softly said, “Dad, you didn’t forget. I love you so much.”

I kissed Terri’s cheek and said, “No honey, I didn’t forget. It’s been really pendik escort hectic the last few days and today is the first day I’ll have some breathing room.”

We finished breakfast and I looked at Kim and Beth saying, “We need to get on the road so we can beat the traffic.”

The three of us stood up, along with Jenna, and then everyone else stood up and rushed out of the dining room towards the kitchen. The four of us walked around the corner into the kitchen and saw everyone lined up ready to hug and kiss us as we made our way to the garage door. When I got to Ted I looked at him and shook his hand with a huge smile on my face.

Kim got in the front passenger seat and Beth climbed into the back driver’s side seat so she could see Kim and talk to her as I drove. As I was backing out of the garage I noticed movement out of the corner of my eye and looked over at Kim just as she finished pulling her skirt up around her hips baring her bald pussy and her long toned legs which were covered partially by thigh high stockings. I drove down our driveway and out the gate as Kim settled back in her seat and spread her legs, then looked at me with a gigantic smile spread across her face. I glanced at Kim’s face then down at her spread legs and bald pussy before asking, “Is there something you want to tell me dear?”

Kim maintained her smile saying, “I listened to the stories last night about Beth in the hotel room and I already know Jenna is an exhibitionist and she loves to strip naked to show off her body. I got so turned on the other day when I took the cab over to the hospital and I let the cab driver see my naked pussy. I want someone who isn’t a nudist see my whole body. Honey, one of my fantasies is to be tied up completely naked near a jogging path in the woods and be discovered by the joggers. But for right now, I will be happy to let the truck drivers see my pussy on the way to work, like Jenna does.”

I looked at Kim questioningly and asked, “What do you mean like Jenna does?”

Kim smiled and said, “Jenna told me she loves to pull her skirt all the way up around her waist or take it off completely and drive down the road with her legs spread wide and let the truck drivers see her pussy. She said she gets so turned on she has to have a towel on her seat to soak up her juices. I watched her do it the other day when I rode to work with her. She is so sexy and the truck drivers honk their loud air horns and try to keep up with her. Jenna even rubs her pussy for some of them. God, I’m getting so fucking hot just thinking about what she did the other day.”

I was suddenly aware that my cock was down my left pant leg and the material of my suit pants seemed to be too tight. I asked Kim what Jenna did the other day and Kim replied, “Honey, she took off her skirt before she got into the car. I asked her what she was doing and she told me to relax and watch her. When we got on the interstate highway she moved to the center lane and drove along. Each time we pulled up beside a big truck, she slowed down just enough so the truck driver had a chance to look into her car and see her spread legs and bald pussy. When she heard them honk their air horn she knew they had seen her. She would hesitate a few more seconds and then move on to the next truck. Honey, our daughter is a horny lil girl and she loves to let other people see her pussy. I was so excited watching her the other day; I want to try it today.”

I caught Beth’s blank stare in my rear view mirror and asked, “Are you wearing panties today or is this a female conspiracy to make all the men you come in contact with today, horny?”

Beth smiled and said, “Honestly Dan, “I forgot to grab a pair of panties out of my closet yesterday when we got ready to leave the office, so no, I am not currently wearing any panties either. I was going to put some on when I got to work.”

I pulled up on the interstate and immediately Kim reclined her seat all the way back so she was lying down. Her skirt was folded up around her waist and her legs were spread as wide as the car would allow her; Kim’s pussy was totally on display. I saw a big truck up ahead and sped up a little to catch it, and as I was pulling up beside it, I slowed down so I could pace the truck and eased up beside the cab. We drove beside the truck for a few seconds before a loud blast made me jerk the steering wheel thinking I was about to hit something. I heard Kim giggle and when I looked over at her she was waving upward, presumably at the truck driver. I saw Kim dip her middle finger of her left hand into her pussy and then bring it up to her lips and lick it off with her tongue. Kim giggled again and said, “Ok honey, you can drive ahead now, he had a very good look at your wife’s pussy.”

I pressed down on the gas and pulled away from the truck, but my mind was spinning a hundred miles an hour. At the same time, my cock was trying to bust the inseam of my dress pants. Kim turned her head and looked at me saying, “I am going to have an orgasm soon. This is fucking unreal.”

I reached in my pocket and pulled out my hanky and handed it to Kim saying, “Darling I love you to pieces but you’ve got to stop because my cock wants to rip the threads apart on my pants.”

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