Mrs Wagner

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Keep in mind that this is not true in any way it is just a fantasy. If you enjoy the story leave some feed back, and please spread it around if you liked it. Everyone in this story is 18 or older, she is a college teacher not highschool.

The day was September 27th 2012, our English teacher Mrs. Wagner was heart broken and had stayed home that day. Rumor had it that she had gotten a divorce. Students felt bad for her but I had thought it was great.

She came in the next day all strong, trying to get over her husband cheating on her.

It was third period, and we were heading to the class room. Mrs. Wagner, I mean Ms. Wagner was wearing a Grey t-shirt and some sort of shiny black skinny jeans. She is petite, about 5’6″ with blonde hair that goes down to about her shoulders.

I’ve always loved her ass, it is very nice, and the jeans that day made it look especially sexy. I’ve always wanted to grab her ass or smack it but I have been to afraid of her reaction because she was the one in power and could fine me for it.

Going to an all boy school I tend to think about her a lot, her amazing ass, her sexy legs and the thought of her and I having sex.

We walked in the room and sat down, people were fucking with their ipads and arguing but I was just sitting there thinking about Ms. Wagner’s sexy ass.

The bell rang.

“Alright “bunnies” take your seats.” Ms. Wagner said as she entered the room. She calls us bunnies because she really loves them.

We all sat down and paid attention to her. She had locked all of the doors and had put a “Do not disturb” sign on the two doors, to block the view in.

“Alright listen carefully, you may not tell ANYBODY about this.” she said as she walks up to the front of the class. “Now I have not had Dick in like, two months.”

My class was stunned.

“And today I am going to suck every ataşehir escort one of your dicks.”

Random chatter from the class was quiet, just whispers and smiles.

“I’m starting from the desk closest to my desk and then to the end of the room. We have forty five minutes so lets make this fast. Albert you’re up.”

Ms. Wagner walked to Alberto’s desk and put her hand out. Albert got up and took her hand. She led him to behind her desk so no one would see his dick but her. All we could see was Albert sitting in her chair and her head where his crotch is moving up and down.

I was in the last desk, I knew I might not get a chance at it so I was disappointed.

Albert lasted 3 minutes and so did the next two people. I could do the math, there were 16 people in our class and everyone so far was taking 3 minutes, I would not get a chance.

The sound of her sucking cock was so erotic, with every slurp you could hear the slimy sound of her licking around the tip. She knew how to give great head.

Eventually everyone had their turn except the last person before me, he had gone up there and was already getting head. But I was focused on the clock. Maybe he’d be fast and I could get at least part of a turn, but no the bell rang when he was getting up after the amazing blow job he had gotten.

Everybody had left fast and I walked up to her desk.

“I didn’t get a turn Ms. Wagner.”

“Oh yes. Come around my desk so we can talk a little bit more privately.”

I walked around the desk up to her. She put her hands out and rubbed my crotch as she spoke.

“Alright listen closely Brendan. Come after school to this room and I’ll give you more than a turn. Alright?”

“Yes Ms. Wagner.”

She squeezed my crotch and let go. She turned around and grabbed a tissue to wipe her mouth. I had gotten the courage to kadıköy escort bayan slap her ass, just a soft slap of course, but the feeling her ass gave was amazing. So much so that I had to reach out and give it a squeeze.

She turned around and softly smacked my hand away. she leaned over and kissed me on the lips and pushed me toward the door.

I went through the door and went to Geometry. I went throughout the day thinking about third period. By the time the last period came around I was soo eager to end the school day.

The bell rang.

I went into the class where third period had taken place, and there she was, just as sexy as before. I texted my mom and told her I had a club meeting and would be late home.

“Brendan, my favorite bunny!” she was excited for some reason.

“Hi Ms. Wagner.”

“Come. Sit down.” she turned the chair toward me to sit.

I sat down and she turned the chair around. She then turned around and showed me her great ass. Then she sat down in my lap, she was grinding her fine ass on my dick. It didn’t take long to get hard with a sexy woman grinding on my cock.

“Ohh you’re already hard. Are you ready for your turn?”

“Oh yes.”

She smiled and got up while shaking her ass in my face.

She unzipped my pants and got my cock out. Almost immediately started to lick the base of my dick. Oh did it feel amazing.

She put her mouth on the tip and inhaled. She then took the full length of my cock and gagged a bit. She then started rapidly sucking up and down my shaft.

She repeated that for about 3 minutes but i was no where near ejaculation. She smiled in surprise that I had lasted that long.

“Usually guys cum right about now.” she said as she was jerking my cock. “Maybe you deserve a little extra.”

She took off her top, she was not wearing a bra. Her escort maltepe breasts were nice, but not big, about a small b-cup but her ass made up for it. She unzipped her jeans and took them off. Soon after her panties were off too.

She put them all on her desk and then got up on my lap again but this time facing me.

“When I ride you I want you to suck on my nipples.”

“Yes Ms. Wagner.”

She dropped down onto my cock. She had aligned it perfectly, her pussy had fallen around my cock. It was amazing. As she bounced on top of me I took her nipple into my mouth and I sucked on it.

She rode me for about 5 minutes. Then she stopped and got off.

“Alright, your choice Brendan. What do you want to do with me.”

“Hmm, I love your ass so. Anal over the desk.”

“Mmm great choice. I love anal.”

She bent over on the desk and stuck her ass out to me.

I slapped her ass and put my dick in her tight ass hole. For the next 10 minutes I fucked her silly as she screamed from pleasure.

No one was in the school so no one could hear her. So she screamed as loud as she wanted.

I knew I was going to cum soon so I asked.

“Where should I cum?”

“Take one of these” she handed me a condom “And cum in my ass.”

I pulled out and put the condom on. I soon put my dick back into her ass and fucked her until I came. It felt great, the ability to not have to pull out just in time to avoid pregnancy. I told her I was done and she sat in the chair.

I ate her out until she came too, it didn’t feel fair to orgasm and be selfish. But I had to leave as soon as she got dressed again.

The whole thing had taken about an hour. I made it home around 3:30 PM and no one asked what I was doing. Mostly because it was a club and no one was interested in that.

The End

If you enjoyed the story then leave some feedback, tell me how i can improve and also leave your opinions. Please check out my other story with the hooters waitress named Amber. If you have read Amber’s first story then you might be happy to know that I am writing part 2 of that story right now and it should be out soon.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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