The Breaking of Connie Ch. 03

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Author’s note. There is a Connie and this is her dream. Tied upon her kitchen table awaiting the return of her son from his first quarter of college, we meet Connie, who is reflecting on the people and decisions that are responsible for her current situation. Connie is 50, and three years removed from her husband Fred leaving her and her son Brian for his last Chance For Happiness in the form of a younger woman, Brenda. After a rather sudden economic and emotional downward spiral, Connie has met Rick who is good looking, interested in Connie and well hung. Rick provided has new appliances and a new sexual game, seducing Connie’s now 18-year old son without him Brian being aware of it. After an intense bout of Brian-inspired love making in Chapter 1, and increased games with Brian in Chapter 2, Chapter 3 details the increasing brazen attempts to get Brian to notice his mother until they come up with one final ploy. As always, thanks to Connie for sharing her dream, and others who contributed parts of theirs as well. This conclusion makes more sense if you have read The Breaking of Connie Ch.1, 2.


So anyways, Brian was going to go off to college soon and Rick was insisting that we spend more “Family Time” together. For me, that meant more revealing outfits; more aggressively touching Brian and displaying myself to him, (and whatever friends happened to be over at the time), a steady diet of Brian’s used underwear, and lots of wild sex with Rick. For Brian, it was harder to tell, but he did seem to be choosing to walk closer to me so that I really didn’t have to move much to brush against him, and when he made his way past me while I was at the sink or the stove in the kitchen, he put his hands on my hips “to steady” himself. He also seemed to be having more friends hang out at our house.

Later Rick and I would study the tapes of each encounter and compare with earlier incidents, looking for any evidence of any increasing boldness on his part. My Dad had been a conspiracy nut, so courtesy of the Zapruder Film, I was used obsessively analyzing things frame by frame. To this day, I don’t know what Dad got out of the Zapruder thing, but I know what Rick and I got out of the Brian Tapes. LOTS of wild sex with Rick.

Well, at least Rick and I were communicating to keep things alive in the bedroom, just like all those magazines suggested. Alive in the bedroom, and the kitchen, the laundry room, the computer room, the entrance hall, his car, my car, Brian’s bedroom, well you get the idea.

“Family time” also consisted of the three of us watching the same movie in the same room. In theory. In practice it meant that Brian watched his box while we watched …whatever. We had a blanket, of course, and um, it was, oh the hell with it, Rick would take my hand and place it on his cock under the blanket and I would jerk him off as I curled against him. At first I tried just wiping my hand on his thigh, but he quickly showed his disapproval of that idea by immediately feeding me his cum that I wiped on his thigh. Since he didn’t seem to particularly care if Brian was engaged in his box when he fed me, I had to take the initiative to feed myself so it could be better timed to keep it less obvious.

I have to admit, part of me LOVED that I was being so naughty, and I said to myself a not so subtle ‘fuck you’ to Fred and especially the Big Tight Tit Bitch Brenda each time Rick and I did something, especially around Brian.

Bigger cock and better games, I win, slut.

Then there was “The Blanket Incident.” It was another night of “Family time.” I was curled up next to Rick, the blanket draped to cover that fact I was stroking Rick’s cock. My hand was under the blanket had been stroking for about 20 minutes and I could tell I was getting close to another healthy dose of Rick’s cum, milked and then delivered from his glorious cock by my willing hand to my eager mouth, all in front of my son.

Well more precisely in front of my son who was in front of his box. So it really didn’t count.


“Brian,” Rick suddenly said. Instinctually I froze when Brian looked over at us.

Rich took a moment longer to look at his box before looking up at us, taking in the tableau that his mother and her boyfriend presented.


“I think your Mom is going to need something to drink pretty soon. Could you go to the kitchen and get her some water.”


“And, Brian, put it in her “World’s Best Mom” glass, ok?”

“OK.” he stood up. Looking over at us. My hand twitched on Rick’s hard cock, his pre-cum coating my hand.

“And don’t forget, three ice cubes just like I told you.”

“Yeah, two is to few to make any difference and four fills the glass too much. I know. I know.”

He turned away to leave the room. As he was exiting, I opened my mouth to demand to know what was going on. Good thing, because just as Brian left the room, Rick pushed my mouth down on his cock and tossed aside the blanket.

“I would hurry, if I were you. Because the blanket is not coming back.”

My etlik escort eyes widened and I immediately began to suck and stroke rapidly. I know there was only one way out of this. Rick laughed with delight as I attacked his cock, my head frantically bobbing up and down. Rick tightened his thighs. “Damn, Connie, not bad for an old broad,” as I eased up ready to take his load.

“MOM,” Brian yelled from the kitchen. “I can’t find your glass.”

“GOD DAMN.” I thought. Rick laughed. He let go of my head.

“DID YOU LOOK IN THE DISHWASHER?” I yelled back, while still keeping Rick hard with my hand. I lowered my mouth to Ricks cock, inadvertently taking him further down my throat that I ever had before. Rick grunted in surprise.


Rick, the bastard, laughed. I lifted my head, gaged, dragged the back of my hand across my lips and yelled.


I lowered my head, and having done it once, once again his cock slid all the way down my throat.


I began to suck harder, knowing that Brian was about to enter the room, and Rick was no longer about to cum. “Fuck, fuck, fuck, I not going to make it,” I remember thinking, imaging the look on Brian’s face when he opened the door. Rick had my head down on my cock, his firm hands showing no signs of relenting. The blanket was lying on the floor, far out of arms-length.


I heard a sigh on the other side of the door.


Rick, my God damned knight shiny armor, laughed even louder. “God damn it,” I thought as I willed his cum out of his cock “I’ve taken just about enough of this shit. So you take this.”

And I shoved my finger right up his ass.

He grunted. I circled my unlubed finger up his ass and he almost immediately was back to being on the edge. And I pushed him past it, twirling my tongue in my mouth on his cock as I finger-fucked his ass.

Was I pissed? Kinda. But I also liked the fact I could get the guy to cum when I wanted him to.

He exploded in my mouth.

I swallowed as quick as I could. Rick released my head and pulled up his sweats as I wiped my mouth with the back of my hand as Brian came back into the room. He shuffled over to me, handing to me my glass of water. The condensation of the glass masking Rick’s cum that was still on my hand. The finger that had just been up Rick’s ass? It was just lying there, attached to my hand, lightly resting on Rick’s shoulder. Where else would it be? I’m a classy lady.


I couldn’t resist the slightest little dig as Brian submerged himself back into his electronic box.

“You know, honey, if you took your head out of that electronic tether you might find some interesting things going on around you.”

“Yeah. Whatever.” He was back in Boxland.

“Drink up, honey,” Rick ‘suggested’ to me.

I took swallow of the ice-cold water from the glass and warm cum in my mouth. It tasted terrible.

“You bastard,” I softly murmured to Rick as I gagged. He just smiled.

So that was “The Blanket Incident.”

Later, as we were “talking,” well fucking while talking, about “The Blanket Incident,” I suddenly said, “But seriously, I’m not kidding. I need to feel my son inside me, Rick.”

We both stopped. I had never been quite so “open” about it.

“Well, if you let me cam up his bedroom so I could watch, you could do the ‘oops did I catch you masturbating/can I help you thing.'”

“No, Rick, we’re been through this. He needs his privacy. No cams in his bedroom or bathroom.”

OK. I hear you say it, “wait, you have gotten to the point where you want to fuck your son’s brain’s out, your been playing flashing and fondles with his hands and your hips, and have been flashing, but you draw the line, Where exactly? At sound and cams in his bedroom? Are you freaking kidding me?”

Well no. I was serious with Rick and I am serious with you. One point was more philosophical. Simply, everyone needs a private space and a place where they can truly be alone. The second was more pragmatic: if, or rather when, Brian found out we hade been spying on him in his own room, he might be so pissed that he would never talk to us, or play with us, or even want to be with us again

So this way we could seduce him without betraying him.

If that makes sense. Well it does to me. And I AM his mother.

“Well honey, be reasonable. All the research we’ve done says that the interrupted masturbation technique is he best way for a mom to fuck her son.”

By research, he meant, porn, in case you were wondering.

“Honey, I am SO tired that ALL the mother/son porn on the internet agrees that the best and only way the mom can take the initiative in seducing her son is to appear in her nightie as he is masturbating, tell him it’s ok and natural as he covers his cock with a sheet, then she sits of his bed, pulls aside the sheet, tells him how beautiful etlik escort bayan it is, then stokes, then sucks and then then fucks his cock. God I would rather spring out of the washing machine naked or be strapped down on the kitchen table when he comes home.”

I paused. Rick paused. Together we continued to pause. Rick finally blinked and said, “I’ll get the rope and meet you in the kitchen.”

Stripping I hurried to the kitchen. We had recently remodeled the kitchen and fortunately I had decided that travertine marble was now passé’ and the central eyepiece was a Autumn Wooden extension table made with reclaimed butcher block solid Acacia planks. Naked, I considered the table with me as the centerpiece. Rick hurried in the room, ropes in hand.

We both looked each order.

“If you say ONE WORD about the table not begins able to take my weight…”

He laughed and held up his hand.

“Honey, just lie down and let’s see what it looks like.”

Rick the director, like when had rehearsed so many groping and flashings earlier.

I laid down on the table and directed each limb to a corner. Rick tied me up.

“How does that feel?”

I tested the ropes, and then pretended to fuck.

“The ropes are good, but I think I am going to need some towels for my shoulders and head.”

Rick smiled, “And your ass.”

We both laughed. “God I love you for thinking my ass is skinny enough to need padding.”

He disappeared and came back with several towels, which he folded and put under my head, shoulders, and yes, ass.

He even made the ass towel as thick as the other towels, and not a hand towel.

God, I love that man for so many reasons.

He then circled the table, looking at me. I knew he was visualizing Brian fucking me. To help him. I let out a moan and moved my hips. I then closed my eyes and I felt that visualization more intimately. Brian fucking me on the kitchen table. What would that really feel like? Early indications were that the answer was pretty damn good.

I felt the presence of Rick by my head and opened my eyes as he began to move the table.

“What? Why are you moving the table honey?”

“So one cam can pick you your face if your turn you head this way, and the,”

“Other cam can pick up his face and cock,” I finished. I knew where the cams were placed as well as he did.


I continued to breath heavier, as Fillini’s Filthy Little Brother considered the tableau. Absently he reached out and stroked my naked body, finding pleasure on the softness of my tummy, the skin that usually was covered with folds and creases exposed to the cool air. I let out a visible shiver as I responded to his touch.

“OK, you are tied up, and waiting, finally you hear Brian’s car in he driveway. You know I am in the computer room watching, even though we have told Brian that I am out for the rest of the day and till tomorrow. You hear Brian come into the hose and he yells ‘Hey Mom, I’m home!’ What do you say?”

Fuck, my heart was heaving, and I would have sworn that the towel below me was wet already.

Looking into Rick’s eyes, I said the line that is in my heart, “Hey Kiddo, dump your clothes in the dirty clothes. Then come here into the kitchen and give your ‘ol sweet mom a kiss.”

Rick went over to the kitchen doorway and said, “MOM!” He was suddenly playing Brian.

I swallowed, “Hello Brian.” God, my stomach was churning. “How about that kiss, honey.” I smiled for “Brian.”

Mom. I mean, Mom. How? What” Why?” Rick/Brian said.

But Brian could not keep his eyes off of me as he drifted closed closer to the table.

“It’s just like Sleeping Beauty honey, just one kiss and you can set me free,” I said softly.

“But Mom.”

“Just one kiss, honey. That’s all I am asking. Just Love’s First Kiss.”

He knelt by the table and bent over. I closed my eyes and slightly parted my lips. I felt him bending over, warm puffs of air on my cheeks. Then, his lips softly touching mine.

“Son’s First Kiss,” he said softly.

We kissed again. And then again. Two lightening bolts shot through my body. He untied my arms and I hugged him to me, his hands brushing, exploring. He paused and slipped out of his pants. He bent his lips to cover my breasts. Holding them in his hands.

He is moving faster than Brian would, I suspect, but we had already gone down this road many times. Rick and I had made love many times, but he felt like Brian. As I arched my back, I felt Brian’s cock inside me filling me completely up.

After we had cum, Rick surprised me, and retied me up and slipped on his pants and went back to the doorway.

“Hey Mom, I’m home,” he said.

Smiling, I got it.

“Hey Kiddo, dump your clothes in the dirty clothes. Then come here into the kitchen and give your ‘ol sweet mom a kiss.”

“Oh, Mom, you’re so beautiful,” This time he looked thunderstruck. He immediately moved towards me with no hesitation, stripping. It was it was if escort etlik an invisible string was reeling him into me, closer while shedding his clothes. My body was an irrestible lure. Without any hesitation he began to make the most beautiful love to me.

That was the Smitten Brian. We also did Angry Brian. And Unexpectedly Kinky Brian. And Brian Who Brought Home His Roommate Brian (That one required some more additional imagination and use of some toys). And then finally, we did Brian All He Could Do is Cuddle Brian.

Since we were running out of clean towels, we did that one back in our bedroom.

For the longest time we were silent. Finally I said, “Well, this works for me.”

Rick shifted, “Yeah me too.”

“He’ll be home for Thanksgiving.”

“Next week, yeah.”

I giggled, “He’ll have to text us when he is leaving and when he is close to home, cause I’m NOT spending the whole day tied to that table waiting for him.”

“Yes, and there is Thanksgiving dinner to consider,” Rick said with a straight face.

I sat up and punched him in the chest. “You think I am going to… Fuck Brian AND cook a Thanksgiving dinner that same day, while you just sit back in the computer room and then just watch it’s a damn FOOTBALL GAME, well, well, well, you’ve got another thing coming, buddy.”

“Just kidding, just kidding,” He held up his hands in mock surrender. “Thanksgiving on Friday will be just as good.”

I hit him in the stomach and was going for his balls when he added.

“At a restaurant, I mean, we’ll go out.”

“Good answer,” I said as I curled back into him and patted his chest. “Very good answer all the way around.”

So we made sure that Brian WAS coming home for Thanksgiving. I sent him an email reminder that I composed while Rick was screwing me doggie style. I rode Rick when we read his reply. I knew we had to do nothing to ensure that he brought home his laundry, but I reminded him anyways in another email. Rick was eating me out as I composed THAT one. Rick read me Brian’s reply while I sucked Rick’s huge dick. We told him text us when he left his dorm, and kept an eye on traffic. That, and his immediate reply kept us entertained for entire evening.

In the few days till Thanksgiving, Rick kept practicing his knots and fiddling with cameras, and I did laundry, naked, towels mostly.

Thanksgiving morning, we both got up early. I have to admit, I was incredibly nervous. Not only was I going to fuck my son, but there was no meal to prepare. It felt so… decadent. In the waiting mode, I was at a loss for things to do. The parade didn’t hold my interest. The Flop or Flop marathon was good for about 3 episodes, but after three Flips I was beginning so suspect it just wasn’t Flops day, so bored I turned off the TV.

Flop seldom wins anyways.

For some reason, Rick and I both seemed to reach a tacit agreement that Brian would be my first of the day, so even sex was out.

Then, we got the text. Brian was leaving school. We checked the internet. All Green. Rick had me lie down on the table, and tied me up. He disappeared and yelled at me from the computer room, “HEY MOM! I’m home.”

I took a deep breath.

“Hey Kiddo, dump your clothes in the dirty clothes. Then come here into the kitchen and give your ‘ol sweet mom a kiss.”


God damn Filinni. I said it again, louder.

There was a pause. And then Rick appeared at the doorway.

“You look beautiful, Connie.”

He came over and untied me.

I sat up.

He helped me to the floor.

“Here, let me show you something.” Holding my hand, he took me to the computer room

On the monitor, there I was naked, tied down, and yelling for my son to give me a kiss.

He had a point. I did need to project better from the kitchen table.

“You are going to be so beautiful, fucking your son,” Rick whispered in my ear standing behind me.

At that moment, I truly realized I wanted nothing more than to feel Brian’s cock sliding inside me, while Rick watched.

I was truly broken. Or fixed. Oh, it didn’t matter the word. Somehow, I had come to place to where I had always wanted to be.

I turned and kissed him deeply.

“Thank you so much, Rick, For everything. Maybe by Christmas you could join us? And not by just watching through the computer.”

“That would be very nice, but let’s get through Thanksgiving first.” He checked his watch. “Time for the table for you.”

“Oh Rick, you always know what to say to a girl.”

Holding my hand, Rick led me back to the kitchen. As he did something with the ropes, I refolded the towels for the millionth time. White towels, because it would be our first time.

We heard his car pull into the driveway.

“Fuck,” I said. “He’s here!”

I flopped on the table and spread my limbs.

“Fuck,” said Rick as he tightened the knots. “It’s always like this, you plan and plan, but when it finally happens, it takes you by surprise.” But all the rehearsals paid off. I was trussed up on the kitchen table, properly supported, and he dashed to the computer room.

This as it. Oh My God, I was going to soon feel my son’s hard cock in me. I was so nervous. I barely heard the front door open over the roaring in my ears. I twisted with desire, and nerves.

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