Sweet Tia

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A reader messaged me, saying it would be nice if I wrote a brother/sister type of story. I’d had a few good starts, but nothing outside of the tried and true storylines which are plentiful here. I figured if I did write one, it would really have to stand on its own . . .

Like this.


“What?! Come on Coach . . . you can’t put me with Nerd-a-bee! He’s like the worst kid in school!”

Darien Jacobs was a natural athlete, not to mention somewhat of a cocky prick. Believe me, I knew the type . . . I was the same way at his age. Darien and his pal Tim Simmons were the two kids in their Freshman Class most likely to become star varsity players, once their pimples popped and their bodies grew; there was no doubt about that, to me or to them.

The fact I was pairing each of them with the two boys in class most likely to excel at the trombone, or to win at chess, was my go-to move with the freshmen. The bellyaching was expected; and welcome in a way. Barnaby Barnes and Kyle Langley would put up just as much of a fight about this as the jocks, but not in front of the whole class like this.

“Barny’s your partner, and that’s final,” I said, my military voice coming out deep and echoing across the field. “You better find a way to make it work Jacobs.” I rarely flexed my intimidation these days, but every so often these kids needed to see the kind of strength and power that was standing in front of them, trying to help them.

And sure enough, the inevitable conversation with Barnaby Barnes took place behind closed doors later that day. I had to assure him the arrangement was in his best interest.

“But Coach,” he argued, “Darien hates me. He’s always harassing me and makes my life at school miserable!”

“Well Barnes, that’s all about to change. Just trust me and try your hardest to listen to him when he starts giving advice. If he gets to be too much, just cross your arms and stop. If you don’t both succeed as a team, he’ll fail. Of course you’ll fail too, but he’s the one with the vested interest. It’ll be fine, I promise.”

It wouldn’t be fine, at first, and there would be flaring emotions and maybe even a fight or two, but in the long run it would be the right move. I wished something like that would have happened to me back in the day. Maybe things in my own life would have turned out differently.

Instead, I had to learn some heart-wrenching lessons the hard way. Lessons so deep they are impossible to forget, and difficult to think back on. My own personal schooling would end up altering my entire being, and like so many of these fateful stories, it all began with a phone call . . .


The call came from the mother of my best friend Dan, letting me know he’d passed away from a drug overdose, less than unexpectedly.

Dan and I had grown up together as friends, teammates, roommates and soldiers. We excelled at everything together. Football, baseball, rugby, armed service and of course partying. We were a two-man team, sprinting through life at top speed, until Dan hit a wall of his own limitations.

He didn’t make it to the end of a Special Ops training exercise. Actually, that was an understatement. He literally cracked under the pressure, his bones and his soul. He gave up completely and accepted an honorable discharge after breaking both his ankles from a long fall. I tried to get him to push through rehab and retake the test, but his confidence was just as shattered as his bones.

He wound up addicted to pain killers after heading home, and when I was finally able to take leave, he could hardly even look at me he was so ashamed of how far he’d fallen. I vowed to help him as much as I could, but he wouldn’t hear of it. Once I got out of active duty life moved quickly, and then one day I turned around and he was gone.

The news crashed down around me, and the world suddenly looked different. It was a perspective shift, and for the first time in my life I wondered what the hell I was really about. I mean I was still the same bull-headed aggressive competitor I’d always been, but I started questioning everything around me. My first reaction was to drink away these questions instead of giving them much conscious thought.

My week went from bad to worse when I woke up in the middle of the night with no vision and a blistering headache.

I remembered going out that night with some guys to a club downtown. The music was cranked, and I had gotten more than a little loaded on Vodka shots and beers. The place was wild and thumping, lights were flashing, and girls were everywhere.

I remembered one particular chick; very hot, short pink hair; kinda small but she was all over me. She kept drinking from my drinks and rubbing her little body against mine. I hadn’t been too interested because the night was young and the place was overflowing with pussy, but she was persistent.

She had firm perky tits, and I seemed to recall having felt them up for ataşehir escort bayan a while and . . . did we end up in the bathroom? I seem to remember her pulling them out for me. Most of the night was a blur, and then somehow I ended up at home.

Now that my mind was coming back, I realized my arms were so stiff I couldn’t move. I slowly tried to roll over, but I was stuck. My eyes wouldn’t open either. Panic.

I quickly realized I’d been tied up, and tight! My arms, which are large and strong, wouldn’t even budge. It didn’t feel like ropes, more like long gripping sleeves restraining my movement. My eyes were covered, and as I tried to make sense of things I quickly realized I was also naked; in my own bed with a sheet up to my waist, but completely naked.

This wasn’t my first rodeo with kinky chicks, that’s for sure, so I tried to play it cool, as if I was totally on board. I was in a sitting position, with my arms behind me, and reclined against a pillow, but I couldn’t roll or sit up.

“Hey, um, anyone there?” I called out softly, thinking back to how many times I had woken up naked with no clue of the name of my bedmate. It never got easier.

It was quiet, but I heard some sounds from out in the rest of the apartment. Movement anyway. I tried again, and this time I used a lower, more commanding tone. “Hello . . .”

The movement stopped, and I heard footsteps. Soon the door to my room opened almost silently and I heard soft breathing.

“Are you just going to leave me here like this?” I asked, sure this was some kind of game. The person approached, and I sensed them next to the bed. Then she spoke.

“So,” came her voice in a condescending tone, “you’re the one and only Jerek huh? You don’t seem so tough to me, not anymore anyway.” I felt her run a hand from my shoulder to my abdomen, my skin sensing every touch along the way.

I had no idea who she was by her voice, and her tone seemed to imply that I shouldn’t have.

“Wait, who are you?” I asked, starting to get impatient.

“Don’t you remember Jerek?” she replied immediately, with a tone of disdain. “You had your hands all over me last night.”

“The girl with the pink hair, um, Amber . . . Alex . . . uh . . . ”

“April; not that I was expecting you to fucking remember, and don’t worry, it’s not even a real name.”

“What the hell April . . . or whatever your name is,” I managed with an increasing sense of frustration building in me, “what’s the game here?”

“The game,” she growled at me, “is that you are going to lie there like a pathetic piece of shit . . .”

“Watch your mouth!” I barked in warning.

She continued as if I hadn’t interrupted, “. . . for a while. You’re nothing. Just a bullheaded, self-centered, thoughtless asshole,” I felt her get right up in my ear “and tonight . . . I am going to break you.”

It was a simple threat. Large in scope and depth, but easily spoken aloud. The version of breaking someone I was most familiar with was a military one, and a far cry from any civilian understanding. There was no way this girl from the club was talking about that. I was sure her plan was something along the lines of turning me into some sort of obedient gentleman, rather than into a crying shell of a man on the cold wet floor of a prison cell. Still, she was starting to piss me off.

“Do your worst,” I stated in smug defiance. Her response was right in my ear.

“Oh, you think this might be fun in some weird way,” she said with a slightly slutty tone, “like maybe I’ll pinch your nipples really hard while I’m bouncing up and down on your stiff cock, is that it?”

I kept silent to let her game play out a little more.

“Maybe I’m thinking with your arms tied, I can be in control for once, instead of you holding down my body while you fuck my tight cunt; is that right?” Her tone darkened, “No, when I’m done with you, your arms won’t be working very well. The fire in your belly will have gone out, and the urge to ‘sex people up’ as you so eloquently put it last night, will be gone forever.”

“Those are some bold claims, bitch,” I snarled, testing my arms again and realizing my ankles were equally restrained. I didn’t want to be too aggressive, as she could have easily been a psychopath with a sharp knife, in which case the night would indeed end with any fire in me going out. I got the sense that she had some agenda however, so I resolved to let her get on with it.

“Oh, these aren’t claims,” she said airily, “they’re facts. But don’t worry,” she dropped into another sexy tone, “your big cock is definitely getting some action tonight.” I felt her hand run down my abdomen again and under the sheet where my flaccid guy felt her take hold.

“That’s right,” she purred, “we’ll make good use of this baby.” She rubbed me down there, and I felt a surge of pleasure course through my veins and inflate my cock into her hand. Somehow I was standing escort kadıköy at full attention in mere moments. “Oh that’s nice, look at this fine fucking cock of yours Jerek. Looks like the medication is having an effect.”

“What??” I screamed, “what the hell did you give me!?”

“Oh don’t go getting all excited,” she said unflinching “it’s just an erection drug, well, besides the date rape drug I slipped you at the bar.”

“You bitch!”

“Jerek, you have no idea. And later, when you find yourself with this giant cock stuck in the worst place in the world you can imagine, I’ll be the furthest thing from your mind.”

“What did you say?” I was suddenly afraid on another level. Was she going to have some man in my room to have sex with me? Did she have a blender next to the bed? I started to sweat. “You better let me out of here bitch, or this is going to get real ugly, real fast!”

My years of military service and special ops training had given me a sense of ‘anything is possible’ when it came to captive/captor situations. I got the feeling this chick wasn’t messing around, which is why I was surprised to feel the blindfold loosen.

Her thin body came into view, exactly as I remembered it from earlier that night. Her short pink hair was spiky and punk, her eyes were heavily made up, and her lips were drawn into an evil smile. She was still wearing the tight pink tank top with no bra, and I remember admiring her tight nips in the flashing lights of the club. Her jean shorts were unbuttoned, and my cock lurched as it imagined getting up inside this girl.

I went to speak, and was interrupted with a quick, “Uh-uh,” as the blindfold was quickly cinched over my mouth and pulled tight.

“Hhuughmmrh!” I tried to yell, with a look of violence in my eyes. She just smiled.

“Oh Jerek,” she said almost giddily, “you still don’t understand. I am going to love this so much.” She stepped back and looked me over. My naked cock was at full strength and twitching in my lap. She pushed her hand in the front of her shorts and seemed to rub herself as she looked at it.

This was all a little wild for my tastes, but watching her rub her pussy was turning me on. That is, until she opened her fucking mouth.

“Katia, come in here would you?”

My heart dropped and sank to floor, and then kept falling. My kid sister. My angel flower and only source of sanity in the world. My Sweet Tia was about to walk into my bedroom and see me like this, tied up, naked . . . hard. Oh my god, no . . .

My eyes began to well as Tia stepped in, an innocent angel. She wore a thin pale-green dress and her blonde hair was tied in bows. Matching ribbons fell almost to her shoulders, and she looked like sunshine come to light up the night. The look on her face was one of uncertainty, and she gave me a quick “sorry about this” sort of half smile.

“Yhhhu Bshtsss!” I tried to yell at April, but the material in my mouth was tight. My sister didn’t look at me for long, or even seem shocked at my current state. She only looked to April, or whatever her fucking name was, and waited.

“Good girl,” said the chick from the bar, “Do you see him now? This is as vulnerable as he’s ever going to get, unless we can talk some sense into him of course.”

I had no idea what the hell was suddenly going on. April turned to me with both hands on her hips and her eyes seemed to boil into flame.

“Jerek Dreeson, you think you’re some kind of fucking hero, don’t you? Always so great at everything you do. Saving the world from commies and women from their horny pussies. Such a man.” She walked over and looked down her nose at me.

“Yet the path of destruction you leave behind you is wide, and no one has been more trampled to death by your unchecked power then your little Tia here.”

I looked at my sister who was staring at the floor.

“Come here Katia,” April commanded, “come here and look at your big brother up close.”

I watched in horror as my baby sister started toward April, and I tried to stop her with my desperate eyes. “Nhhhuuu” I mumbled.

“Yes,” is all April replied. Katia neared the bed and looked to April when she stopped. “Look at him. No, not his face, you’ve seen that pathetic thing before. Look at his body, his bare chest, his stiff erection.”

I closed my eyes to avoid seeing my delicate little sister look on me in such a way. It was pure humiliating torture. Why was this happening? Why was Tia going along with this? What was April planning? I didn’t even want to think about that possibility as she kept talking.

“How many women have felt that cock in them Tia? How many? Hundreds?” She was right about that, I thought with a brief beam of pride. I felt a small hand wrap around my flesh. “This cock Tia, right in their pussies, pushing into them, like this.” She slid her fist down my length until the tip rose inches above her grip.

“He shoved his cock bostancı escort right in their tight vaginas and fucked them. Sometimes it was so big they begged him to stop, but did he?” I felt the tightest grip lock around my cock, sending stars to my eyes and a groan of pain to my vocal chords. “No Tia, he didn’t.” She released me all together. “He just kept fucking them.”

I opened my eyes and my precious Tia was looking at my lewd protrusion, which was twitching on its own from the combination of pleasure and pain.

“He fucked their pussies raw Tia,” she continued, now looking at my sister with a hand on her chin, the way a master might look at a puppy. “Raw. He’s not denying it. He’s proud of it, aren’t you, piece of shit.” She turned her head and spit at my face.

“Don’t,” Katia finally spoke, but April grabbed her chin again tightly.

“Please don’t tell me you’re feeling bad for him,” she stated forcefully, “after all he’s done to you? Here, let’s show him a little bit of that damage firsthand shall we?”

Katia nodded her head in submission as I looked back and forth between the two of them. “Lift your dress and show him your pussy.”

Fire exploded in my head and I shook against the bindings on my arms like a madman, which fittingly seemed to resemble those of an actual straight jacket.

I screamed into my gag and tried breaking the fucking bed with my weight as I used every ounce of muscle to try and break free. Nothing.

“Whoa,” April said, putting her arm out to hold Katia at a safe distance, “better back up here, he’s getting violent. Who would have guessed that, hmmm?”

Casually and infuriatingly they stepped two paces toward the door to watch me struggle. Without warning or another word, Katia obediently lifted her dress up, which urged me to fight harder. The floor shook as the bed rocked, and my arms seemed to get held tighter the more I fought against my restraints.

“It’s no use Jerek,” April said with mild amusement, “you’re going to be looking at your sister’s pussy tonight whether you agree to it or not. Lift it high honey.”

Katia’s pale green dress rose further into the air, and her panties were there, matching the dress but with a cross hatch pattern. I looked immediately away and struggled some more. It was no use, and my arms felt as if they’d break if I kept yanking them away from the bed. I couldn’t stop however, and I screamed again in red hot anger and frustration, until I heard a soft sound.

“Please stop Jerek,” said Tia, and her voice was like that of an angel calling. My angel. How could this be happening?? All at once I felt an urge to regain my self-control, even if it was just for her. I had no idea what this was about, but breaking free and getting all violent was the last thing I wanted for my sister to see. So I settled down, but my breathing was still heavy.

“See how much control you have over him?” April said, watching Katia’s eyes plead with mine, “This whole time you thought he was controlling you, but you’ve actually had the power all along. Now show him your pussy.”

My eyes cried out to my sister not to do it, and my moans across the tight fabric in my mouth did the same. It was futile however, as she seemed to be under a spell; a spell cast by this bitch of a captor who seemed to have set this all up.

April held Katia’s dress at her waist and nodded. My heart stopped as my innocent little sister reached for her underwear with both hands and slowly pushed down. I closed my eyes.

“Open your fucking eyes asshole,” April snapped in fury, “For as many times as she’s had to see you with your fucking greedy cock hanging out, you better take a good long look!”

My eyes snapped open in question, as her words surprised me. April’s eyes were ferocious as she glared at me. “Down here asshole,” she pointed to where my sister held the front of her panties down, and I painfully saw my little sister’s exposed V, as bare as they come, with a tiny slit peeking out the bottom.

“There it is Jerek,” she taunted me, “Tia’s pussy. Isn’t it cute? She’s so special, isn’t she? Such an untainted flower, my Sweet Tia.”

What?! That’s what I’d always called her. I didn’t know who this girl was or what kind of game she was playing, but I was seriously getting steamed, and a little scared of where this was going.

“Take them off Katia,” she commanded, letting go of the dress, “you won’t be needing them tonight. Give them to me.”

I watched my sister bend at the waist and push her underwear down and off. She stood with her panties in hand and held them out. April just looked at me as they hovered in front of her; it was a look of disgust.

“See how easily she follows commands? You did that. Of course, you lost that power when you just left her without warning years ago, but I’ve since filled that empty hole in her life,” April looked at Katia again, “didn’t I Tia?”

Katia just stood deathly still with a handful of her underwear held out. I had a sick sense of what their dynamic was. April’s eyes bore into mine and I couldn’t look away. Even though Katia looked fully clothed with her dress back in place, knowing better made it excruciating to even glance her way.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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