Jiya – A Greedy Punjabi Girl

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Hi, this story is about Jiya. She’s a cute punjabi girl from a Small Town named XYZ. Very well educated, did her M.Sc. and is 24 years old. She has a stunning body, Very fair colour, Cute Face Cut, Flat Tummy, Nice hips and medium sized boobs. She looks like actress Anushka Sharma of Bollywood.

She had many boyfriends in her past but none could ever get on her yet. She had just completed her M.Sc. Degree and was doing a job as a teacher in a CBSE school.

Well… the story begins…

She broke with her BOY FRIEND and was desperate to get a new one. She was a virgin. But she had a thing for rich and handsome boys. Recently she joined a new coaching class for preparing for Bank Selection Exams. The coaching center was in the district under which the town came. The district is named NMN.

On the first day of the coaching, she was standing outside the coaching center with other students who were supposed to join the same batch. The first day was quite good with introductions between the class and the teachers. Although, she noticed a handsome guy looking at her continuously; in fact he was staring at her. She avoided him. But as soon as the class ended and the students came out, the boy reached to her and asked her formal things like who she is and where she is from. Being a small town girl, this girl knew that the boy had fallen for her and she liked his appearance too. She talked formally. They came out of the center. The boy flaunted his Sports Bike and the girl was now sure that the boy is a rich guy. The girl had got her new Victim…

Later, as the days passed by, they started talking and became good friends. One day the boy asked for her mobile number, to which she politely denied saying that her dad is very strict. But the boy continued to try every day and after 6-7 days, the boy succeeded in getting her number.

The chatting continued now on the mobile too. And soon these two were talking about anything. Being a bold an open girl, Jiya didn’t mind his funny jokes which later turned into sex jokes. And sex was also a topic sometimes they talked upon. During the talks the boy came to know that Jiya was a virgin though she had a serious affair in the past which broke before he came into her life.

The chatting soon turned into the late night phone calls. Yet, Jiya did not make that boy her BOY FRIEND because she had just broken up with her ex. She didn’t want to make any more BOY FRIENDS. She wanted to stay single and free and enjoy life the way she wanted. Her EX was very naughty and they talked a lot about SEX but they never did it in real. Just a few meetings which involved hugs n kisses. But her new BOY FRIEND, Vicky was a playboy, she knew it already. She was just playing around him, using him for dropping her from the Bus Stand to coaching and return.

This playboy had physical feelings for her since the first day he saw her. He felt his 6 incher tool growing under his pants the first time he saw her. And he had decided that he will soon take her to bed.

One day, they were just sitting outside the coaching after the class and chatting, Vicky asked Jiya if she’s hungry and she said yes. He told her that there is a good bakery nearby, they could go and have some nice Pastries. Jiya liked the idea and went along with him. They ate the pastry there and then he dropped Jiya back to the Bus Stand. Some days later they went on for lunch in a good hotel too.

After almost 40 days of coaching, one day Vicky told Jiya that he wants to take Jiya on a long drive, Jiya had promised him earlier that he will go on a drive with him one day rip her up porno but only in a Car. It was summer so Vicky brought his friend’s Car. They sat in, and went on the highway towards Rajasthan. A.C. was on and Jiya was feeling butterflies in her tummy. They were talking usually when Vicky placed his hand on Jiya’s. Jiya didn’t react and stayed normal, It increased Vicky’s confidence. He told Jiya that there is a good farm house of his friend on the ways and they will stop by there and have lunch which they had brought with them and Jiya agreed.

As they reached there, Jiya called her mom and told her that she will get late as she is with her Girl-Friend. Jiya’s mom agreed to it.

So then they went in the form house. It had a nice Bed Room. They sat on the bed and unpacked their lunch, and ate it. Jiya fed him Vicky her hands. Vicky also fed Jiya with his hands. And once he said, “tumhare lips k upar chawal lag gaya hai” (There is some rice on your upper lip), He bent forward and cleaned that rice with his thumb. Jiya was stunned. He smelled the opportunity and slowly put his lips on her and gave her a small kiss. Jiya liked to be kissed and she liked this one too but showed mock anger.

They cleaned the lunch stuff. And sat on the bed and talked for a while when Vicky said he wanted to hug her. Jiya refused but later Vicky succeeded in his pleading and hugged her. The Playboy had got what he wanted. He put his body weight on Jiya and soon she was on bed with him on top of her. Inside, She was feeling horny now. She had closed her eyes and Vicky sensed the moment, kissed her on her eyes. then her lips and then sucked on her lips. She liked kissing and reciprocated properly. Soon they were smooching like anything. She had a nice Figure of 34-28-36. Vicky soon grabbed her Boobs above her top and started pressing them. Jiya had this weakness; her boobs were really very sensitive. He knew this thing since they used to have Phone Sex. Vicky started pressing them harder and soon Jiya was in his arrest.

He removed her top and was stunned to see Jiya’s fair body and her boobs. No-one could have ignored her Body and Boobs and how could he? He started pressing them harder, Jiya asked him to be soft. She said it’s getting out of control and they should not go further. But inside she was dying to be loved. Vicky wasted no time in talking and kept on playing with her boobs, hugged her tightly and rolled sideways. Then removed her bra hooks from behind and again rolled on top of her. He removed her Bra. Vicky Started kissing her boobs and rubbing her tongue on her nipples, sucking them and biting them softly. Jiya was going mad. He kept on sucking her nipples and his hands reached Jiya’s Virgin Pussy. She was damn wet at that time. He rubbed her pussy over her Jeans.

She was getting wild with his movements. He knew that the bitch was now in heat. He quickly unbuttoned her pant and tried opening but she didn’t let him do it by putting her hand in between. He bit her nipples and she arched her back, he quickly removed her pants in this jerk till her knees. He caught hold of her panty and parted it sideways. He then rubbed her pussy lips and this made Jiya go crazy. Jiya was on the verge of orgasm, he left her nipples and put his mouth on her pussy lips. Vicky started licking Jiya’s juicy pussy which made Jiya moan in ecstasy. He continued his work with his tongue and she released her cum with 3-4 jerks which made her pussy slippery with her own cum and Vicky was lapping in with his tongue. Jiya hadn’t come to her senses yet and was lying on the bed, breathing rus porno heavily and her hands were roaming in Vick’s hair. She was pressing Vicky’s face more into her pussy and Vicky was enjoying the taste of her juices.

He stood up and looked at Jiya, Jiya opened her eyes and looked into his eyes and this conversation took place –

Vicky: I love you.

Jiya: hmm…

Vicky: Your pussy tastes really very gud.

Jiya: *blushes*

Vicky: How are you feeling now?

Jiya: Pahle kabhi itna achha nahin laga (Never felt better)…

Vicky: Abhi to aur baki hai.. (There’s more to come..)

Jiya: Ab aur nahin…plz tumko pata hai na me aisi nahin hun? (No please.. You know I am not that type of girl.)

Vicky: *While removing his shirt* Ok.. thodi der tumse chipak k so jaun..?? (OK.. Can I sleep in your arms for a while?)

Jiya: A jao.. (Come..)

*Jiya hugged Vicky and both lay down in each other’s arms*

Vicky took Jiya’s hand in his hands and kissed her hands and said I love you Jiya. Jiya also said that She loves him too.

Vicky kissed Jiya’s forehead, then her eyes her cheeks and then her lips.. soon they were sucking each other’s lips and tongues. Vicky again got hold of Jiya’s soft boobs which were now a bit harder than before because of Jiya’s excitement, her nipples were also erect… This time Jiya caught Vicky’s hands and asked, “You love them?”

Vicky said Yes and started munching on them again. Jiya was again on fire and was wet like anything. She wanted to stop it but was unable to do so. She gave in. Vicky now caught hold of her boobs and started pressing them harder. Jiya was breathing heavily. She didn’t realize when Vicky removed her Jeans and made her in Panties only. Vicky now went kissing belly and then her belly-button. He was licking her belly-button and she wanted him badly now. Vicky placed his palm on her Pussy and again started rubbing her clit and pussy lips. Jiya was moaning now. Vicky tried to insert her finger inside but Jiya was virgin, His finger stuck at the entry and Jiya also got half-up with jerk.

She asked Vicky not to do anything with her pussy. Vicky said ok and again started kissing her. He kissed her like a pro and Jiya lost control again. He was pressing her boobs. He removed his paint and underwear and was now standing near the bed with his tool erect and hard. Jiya had her eyes closed. She didn’t know that he was nude now. When Jiya opened her eyes, he looked at her and said you are very beautiful.

Jiya blushed with his compliment. She liked to be complimented about her beauty, she had ego about it.

Now Vicky got above her and started kissing her. He held her boobs and started pressing them. His penis was rubbing against Jiya’s inner-thighs. She was in heat as well. She didn’t know what to do. She was in dilemma. It ended when Vicky suddenly pushed his tool into her wet-tiny-love-hole. She didn’t expect it and gave a jerk but Vicky was too muscular to get away from.

He caught her and gave a slight jerk which made her tool go half inside her Vagina. Jiya was in deep pain, she started crying, tears rolled off her eyes. Her pussy was torn, she was no longer Virgin. Vicky gave her no time and started kissing her and slowly making his TOOL go in-out of her pussy. It took a minute when Jiya got normal again. And then Vicky gave another big stroke and was now completely inside her. Jiya was scared and wanted to get away but Vicky gave her no space or time. She was crying loudly. She couldn’t bear the pain. She was feeling guilty as well. She hadn’t sert porno thought it would happen with her before her marriage as she believed in the Indian Ethics.

Vicky was now stroking her pussy with his 6 incher Tool slowly. Jiya became normal in a minute again. She could feel the burning in her pussy and the tool going in and out like a hot-steel-road. Jiya was feeling strange now. She felt some kind of itch and she wanted to rub her pussy. She put her hand on her clit and started rubbing it softly. It was giving her pain but she was feeling itchy. Vicky understood her situation and put some of his saliva on her clit and rubbed it with his finger. It reduced her burn and itch. A minute later she was feeling good and had a mix of pain and excitement. Vicky understood it with her facial expressions and increased his speed of strokes. Jiya now started moaning and she started liking this act. She was now in some other world. She was enjoying his every stroke and every Kiss. He was constantly pressing her boobs and kissing her neck and earlobes. Jiya wanted to kiss him on the lips; she wanted to lick his tongue.

She put her arms around her head and pulled him closer and locked his lips with hers. She was kissing him frantically. She wanted to eat him perhaps. Jiya was nearing an orgasm. She clenched him tightly in her arms and jerked her body heavily. Her juices started flowing and Vicky was in ecstasy that he brought her to orgasm. Vicky stopped for a while and let Jiya relax. After a few seconds Vicky again started stroking slowly and Jiya had her eyes closed. Vicky asked Jiya to open her eyes and see how he is making love to her. Jiya opened her eyes and gave him a smile. He asked her how she is feeling and she responded positively. She said she is loving it. She wanted him to go faster now. She asked him if he had an orgasm yet? Vicky said no. And Jiya could not believe that he is still going on. Jiya knew about man reaching orgasm in maximum 5 minutes and this boy hasn’t reached orgasm yet? She wondered.

Anyways, She was enjoying his strokes with a little bit of pain. Vicky asked Jiya to turn into Doggy position which Jiya denied because she was feeling pain. And so Vicky continued with his full speed in missionary position only. Now Vicky was nearing an orgasm and told Jiya that he is coming. Jiya came to senses and realized that he was not wearing any Condom. She was smart, she asked him to take his penis out, and he followed her command. Vicky went close to Jiya’s boobs and Jiya caught his penis with her cute little hands. She had small palm and fingers and her skin of palm was very soft. She grabbed his penis and clutched in her palm, she then realized the size of his penis. She then started stroking furiously and soon Vicky came on her boobs.

They both were tired and laid on the bed.. Vicky tried hugging Jiya but Jiya refused as she was feeling pain in her back.

After a few minutes Vicky got up and went to use the bathroom. He cleaned himself and came out naked. Jiya was half asleep. He woke her up and asked her if she wanted to go to bathroom. He then took Jiya to the bathroom by supporting her because Jiya could not walk properly.

After cleaning her pussy, Jiya came out of the bathroom and laid on the bed by Vicky’s side. Vicky kissed her and asked her how was it, Jiya replied that It was good but she will never meet him again because she thought it was wrong and Vicky broke her trust by taking advantage. Vicky then laughed and took out his Mobile and showed her the video which he took when Jiya was half asleep.

Jiya was horrified and asked Vicky to delete this Video. Vicky then said don’t worry and he will delete it when the right time comes, until then Jiya will have to do whatever he wants. And this included them having sex many times, which Jiya also started enjoying later…

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