Jennie’s “Nightmare” Ch. 04

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“Good morning beautiful,” Greg said softly as Jennie started stirring.

“Good morning handsome,” she replied, stretching almost catlike under the covers. Greg watched her and smiled, remembering the night before.

“That was one crazy night,” he said, shaking his head slightly. A part of him still didn’t believe that it actually happened. “I hope we can do it again some time?”

Jennie nodded in agreement and smiled as she sat up. Greg looked at her naked torso and felt himself stir. It never failed. Her body was just too much for him to ignore. Her breasts were large and well shaped, and her hips nicely curved. Add to that a beautiful face, a good mind and a kind heart, and Greg knew that he was extremely lucky to have her as his wife.

“I think Mindy would be up for more fun,” Jennie said with a mischievous look. “Don’t you?”

“After the way she reacted last night, I think that’s pretty much guaranteed,” Greg laughed gently.

Mindy turned out to be wilder than Greg would have ever imagined watching her grown up next door. He was so glad they invited her along on vacation to help with the kids! Of course, Jennie surprised him even more.

Greg loved his wife and always found her attractive, but Jennie was pretty conservative when they met, especially sexually. He couldn’t believe that less than a year ago his wife was the type of woman to only make love in the dark. That all changed after she started having her nightmares. She was quite a bit more adventurous now! They’d gone from trying new positions to trying new things altogether.

It wasn’t an overnight development. It all started with that nightmare. It seemed to frighten Jennie and make her extremely horny all at once. At first Greg hadn’t understood because she denied remembering what her dream was about, but when she finally told him the truth it started making sense.

Jennie was reliving a memory of an encounter with a girl who hit upon her heavily back at college. They didn’t go very far before Jennie panicked and ran out of the room, but obviously the situation made an impression on her.

The reoccurring recollection in her dreams all these years later frightened Jennie a great deal at first. She didn’t know what it meant, but was scared to death that it would ruin her life. She loved her husband Greg and the kids. Jennie didn’t want anything to change that. Yet, she couldn’t deny that despite all that and the confusion it caused, the memory excited her a great deal. It didn’t help that she was brought up homophobic.

The first time Jennie awoke from her nightmare she all but attacked Greg. She desperately needed to prove to herself that she loved and desired her husband despite what she dreamed. That desperation made her more aggressive than she usually acted. Greg responded in kind and they both found that they were more satisfied afterward.

This continued to happen over the next few months. Every time she woke up from her nightmare Jennie acted a little more brazen with Greg. She was surprised at how much she enjoyed herself. It didn’t hurt that the more adventurous she became, the happier Greg acted.

Not only did Jennie become less and less restrained, but also after eight years together she finally started becoming comfortable with her body. It progressed slowly over the months until she was obviously ready for something big during this vacation. And then last night happened, and boy was it big! His loving wife actually invited another woman to their bed!

Mindy joined them and it was even better than either had hoped. Jennie received her first real taste of another woman and she was definitely hooked! Greg couldn’t blame her. He’d been hooked on women his whole life. It made perfect sense to him. Of course, the fact that he got a chance to have sex with another women for the first time since he and Jennie were married helped. The fact that the woman was still a tight bodied coed helped even more!

Greg shook his head as he thought again about how he owed everything to a ‘nightmare’. He was pretty confident that the fear it used to cause Jenny was gone, but the excitement on the other hand…

“No nightmare last night?” he asked.

“I slept like a baby,” Jennie replied. “I guess that’s what happens when you’re totally sated.”

“Totally?” Greg asked, brushing his fingers along the underside of her breasts.

“Certainly,” she said, rubbing his cock through the sheets. “Of course, that was last night.”

“We don’t have the time,” Greg laughed gently. “It’s late already.”

“Then we’ll just have to make it,” Jennie insisted, kissing Greg once and then pulling his face to her breasts. He didn’t fight it.

Greg took hold of his wife’s two large tits and squeezed them together. His tongue danced all over them before settling on her nipples. She moaned and stroked his cock through the sheet.

Jennie and Greg both stank of last night’s craziness, but if anything that excited them even more. His teeth brushed her nipples and Jennie shivered. She reached underneath the sheet with both female agent porno hands. One went to his cock and the other his balls.

“Do you feel like cumming on my tits?” Jennie asked. She smiled when she felt his reaction.

“Yes!” Greg said excitedly.

“You like when I say tits, don’t you?” Jennie asked. It wasn’t a word she used to use, but then again, Jennie said a lot of words these days that she never used to say.

“I like when you talk dirty,” Greg admitted.

“I know,” Jennie smiled. Her face turned even more lustfully as she added, “Now shift around and put that big cock of yours between my tits and fuck them!”

“You nasty slut!” Greg cried as he quickly moved and jammed his hard cock between her breasts.

“Your nasty slut!” Jennie corected as she felt her husband’s cock sliding back and forth.

“Forever and always!” he gasped as he held her heavy breasts in position and fucked them.

It didn’t take Greg’s orgasm long to build to the point where he was fighting off cumming despite the night before. The fact that Jennie kept licking the head of his cock when it peaked out from between her breasts helped a lot.

“I’m close!” he cried.

“Good!” Jennie replied, knowing her next lust filled words would finish him. “Keep fucking my monster jugs and cover me with your cum!”

Greg grunted and let loose. The first jet of cum actually hit Jennie in the face, but she refused to open her mouth. She wanted to feel his excitement on her skin. The rest of his cum did a pretty good job of covering her breasts. Greg felt his balls jump as he watched his wife begin to rub it into her breasts.

“Monster jugs?” he asked afterward with a grin as he tried to recover.

“It seemed to do the trick,” Jennie smiled and shrugged. She was blushing slightly as well. Greg laughed gently as he watched his wife continue to massage him cum into her breasts.

“Wish Mindy was here to help?” he asked.

“I wouldn’t mind,” Jennie admitted.

“Well then,” Greg smiled and climbed out of the bed. “Wait here!”

“We really don’t have the time!” Jennie laughed, but didn’t seriously argue as Greg disappeared from the room. The thought of Mindy’s tight body caused Jennie’s already wet pussy to throb a little. She let one hand drift down between her legs.

“Hello Mrs. H,” the dark haired girl said as she entered the room. She was wearing a robe and had obviously been sleeping.

“Good morning Mindy,” Jennie said as she continued to rub Greg’s cum into her body. She noticed that the young woman was blinking the sleep from her eyes as she locked the door once more.

“Mr. H. said you could use some help,” the girl said as she moved close and dropped the robe.

“He won’t be joining us?” Jennie asked nervously.

Last night was the first night her and her husband took someone else to their bed. That was both crazy and exciting, but Jennie wasn’t sure she was ready for or wanted to do this without her husband with her.

“Not unless you feel he needs to be here,” Mindy said as she hesitated. She could hear the change in Jennie voice. “He told me to come in and have fun while he took a quick shower and got the kids moving.”

Jennie waffled for a moment, but her own horniness and the sight of Mindy’s naked body was too much for her. She smiled and held out one hand. Mindy sighed happily and went to her.

They hugged and kissed. Jennie could feel the young woman’s smaller breasts mashed against hers. Greg’s cum was still warm and both women enjoyed the feel of it between them.

“Your nipples are so hard and pointy!” Jennie groaned. Mindy smiled and had an idea.

She slid down Jennie’s body until she was between her legs. Mindy directed her long and pointy nipple to the other woman’s pussy and rubbed it up and down the length. It was quickly covered in Jennie’s juices.

“I saw this once on the Internet,” Mindy said. “I thought you might like it.”

“Oh, I do!” Jennie groaned. “I do!”

“Does this feel better?” Mindy asked, focusing her hard nipple on Jennie’s clit.

“Yes! Don’t stop!”

Mindy continued until Jennie’s orgasm was about to burst free. At that point the coed drove her tongue deep into Jennie and was rewarded for her effort.

“I’m cumming!” Jennie half cried and half moaned. She was trying to stay quiet because of the kids, but it wasn’t easy.

Mindy refused to move from Jennie’s pussy until the older woman’s orgasm finished. Jennie didn’t complain. In fact, she held Mindy’s head in place until she was done.

“Wow!” the coed said as she dried her face afterward.

“You’re telling me?” Jennie asked with a smile of contentment as she pulled the young woman into another kiss. She could taste herself on Mindy’s lips, but that was okay. She liked it. A knock on the door interrupted them.

“Jeremy is up and in the tub. He should be done in a little while and then I’ll wake Sarah. You two better finish up soon,” Greg said through the door.

“Okay,” Jennie replied with a sigh.

“We’d female fake taxi porno better get going,” Mindy said, her disappointment clear.

“Not until we take care of you,” Jennie said.

“We don’t have the time,” the younger woman sighed.

“We do if we’re quick.”

“But…” Mindy began to argue. Jennie didn’t wait for her to finish her sentence.

Jennie rolled the young woman onto her stomach and got behind her. She lifted Mindy’s hips slightly and drove her tongue deep into the young woman pussy. It was already wet and waiting, but Jennie spent a few second making sure.

“Let’s see how fast I can make you cum,” Jennie said, pushing two fingers into Mindy’s pussy from behind.

She stroked them in and out of the young woman and let her tongue shift up to Mindy’s tight ass. She started kissing and licking it. Mindy groaned and lifted her hips even higher. Jennie drove her tongue deep.

“Now what?” Mindy asked, already knowing the answer.

“This!” Jennie cried, thrusting two fingers from her other hand into the girl’s ass.

“Oh fuck!” the young woman cried as her eyes grew big. “Oh fuck! That feels so good!”

Jennie really worked Mindy’s pussy and ass with her fingers. She smiled when she saw two of the young woman’s own fingers rubbing her clit. It wouldn’t be long now!

“I’m cumming!” Mindy cried.

Jennie pulled out the two fingers in the young woman’s pussy and replaced them with her mouth. She pushed into the girl’s ass hard with the other two fingers. Jennie could feel Mindy’s body shudder and shake in a powerful orgasm as the young woman’s juices filled her mouth.

“Now that was fast!” Mindy laughed once it subsided. “Thanks, I needed it.”

“No problem,” Jennie smiled as she wiped her face dry, got out of bed and opened the window to air out the room.

She grabbed her robe afterward and put it on. Mindy was trying to get out of the bed, but she looked to be having problems. The orgasm must have been even stronger than Jennie thought. She smiled and helped the young woman to her feet.

“Think you’ll be able to convince Rosa to join you today?” Mindy asked as soon as she was standing. Jennie grinned. Spent or not, Mindy was one horny bitch!

“Why? Do you want to try two women and a man?” Jennie asked with a smile.

“Oh, we’ll be trying that when we get home anyway,” Mindy replied as she put her robe on. “I’m pretty sure I can convince Toni Ann to give it a go, but I certainly wouldn’t mind having some fun again tonight.”

“We’ll see,” Jennie frowned. “You know, I’m not sure if this is going to continue when we go back home.”

“That’s your decision,” Mindy replied seriously after a moment of hesitation. “I want it to, but I understand if you don’t.”

“Oh, don’t worry,” Jennie smiled. “I’m sure they’ll be other vacations. Besides, this one isn’t over yet.”

“I can’t wait!” Mindy smiled sexily before leaving the room.

Jennie looked out the window and wondered briefly what really was going to happen when they returned home. She didn’t know if they were going to continue inviting other women to their bed or not. She didn’t know if she wanted to. Okay, she knew she wanted to, but she didn’t know if it was the smart thing to do.

“I’m not going to think about it until we’re on our way home,” she said to herself as she focused on her reflection in the glass.

Jennie touched her lips gently and looked into her own eyes. She could still taste Mindy. She smiled sexily as she wondered what Rosa tasted like. Jennie felt her nipples respond to the possibility. She shook her head and laughed.

“You wanton slut!” she said softly to her reflection. It continued to smile back.


“Something’s changed,” Tara said a few hours later as she and Jennie waited for their drink order at the tiki bar.

“What do you mean?” Jennie asked the short blond.Greg was with the kids in the pool while the other three ladies were sitting in chairs some distance away.

“You don’t seem the same,” Tara replied.

“I’m not sure what to say to that,” Jennie laughed.

“No, I’m serious,” the pale blond insisted. “You seem more relaxed. More confident.”

“This is a vacation,” Jennie shrugged.

“It’s more than that,” Tara frowned. “Did anything interesting happen last night?”

Jennie hesitated before answering. She actually blushed a little as she remembered her night with her husband and Mindy. She opened her mouth to respond, but Tara saw the truth from her expression.

“I knew it!” she cried. “You slept with Mindy last night, didn’t you?” She didn’t bother to keep her voice down and they received some odd looks from the people at the bar. Jennie blushed a darker red, but didn’t bother to deny the truth.

“Greg and I invited Mindy to our bed,” she replied low enough for only Tara to hear.

“How was it?” Tara asked as they paid for the drinks and walked back toward the others.

“Amazing,” Jennie admitted. They were each carrying three fuck in traffic drinks.

“So then, I take it you’re bisexual now?” Tara asked.

“Definitely!” Jennie replied, oddly not as embarrassed as she thought she’d be to admit it.

“Damn!” Tara sighed loudly.

“What’s wrong?” Jennie asked.

“Nothing,” Tara replied with an odd look. Jennie stared at her for a moment before laughing.

“You want me, don’t you?” she found herself asking.

“With a body like yours? Of course I want you!” Tara snorted in reply. “And knowing you’re into women only makes it harder.”

“It’s too bad you and Joanne are exclusive,” Jennie teased. “You’re both very attractive. I could just picture…”

“Now that’s mean!” Tara cried, causing Jennie to laugh.

“Sorry, just having a little fun.”

“Bitch!” Tara snapped, causing Jennie to laugh even harder. The small women looked really angry.

“I said I was sorry,” the well-endowed woman replied. “I was just playing. I don’t want to come between you and Joanne. Besides, I love Greg and would probably only do something if he were involved.”

“Well, that’s a deal breaker,” Tara snorted. “Greg seems like a nice guy, but…”

“…you’re a lesbian, not a bisexual,” Jennie finished.

“Exactly!” Tara smiled. “Of course, if you’re willing to lose him for a night, I might be able to convince Joanne to loosen our exclusiveness.”

“Now who’s doing the teasing?” Jennie asked.

“You like the idea?” Tara asked.

“Not the losing Greg part for a night,” Jennie replied. “But spending time with you and Joanne would be…”

She left off the end of her sentence as they rejoined the other ladies. Mindy smiled in thanks when Jennie gave her one of the drinks. Rosa refused to look at her as she accepted her own. The redhead had avoided Jennie all morning.

“Oh relax!” Joanne sighed loudly at Rosa. “She’s not going to attack you.”

“I wouldn’t be so sure,” Tara put in. “It seems that Jennie had a very busy night.”

“She really doesn’t have the ability to keep a secret, does she?” Jennie asked Joanne rhetorically. The golden blond answered anyway.

“Not when it’s related to sex,” the taller blond replied.

“Hey!” Tara said in annoyance. “I only said you had a good night. I didn’t mention that you and Greg took advantage of poor, young and innocent Mindy. Whoops!”

“They what?” Rosa asked incredulously.

“They didn’t take advantage of me,” Mindy put in, but then added, “I wanted to join them.”

“But…” Rosa began. Joanne cut her off.

“How was it?” she asked.

“Amazing!” Mindy grinned in reply.

“I know you’re not into men, but Greg was a real stud. He has such a nice, long…”

“How about Jennie?” Tara interjected. Rosa looked annoyed at her interruption. The redhead wanted to hear more about Greg.

“What do you think?” Mindy asked. “Just look at her!” Jennie was embarrassed, but appreciated the attention she was receiving.

“She can’t be as good as she looks,” Joanne put in.

“Better!” Mindy insisted.

“I think it’s time we change the subject,” Jennie said, now blushing badly.

“Why?” Tara asked. “You know us talking like this turns you on. I can make out your nipples through your suit.”

“Tara!” Rosa cried. “She’s probably just reacting to the breeze.”

“No,” Jennie smiled. “It’s definitely the conversation.” Rosa froze in surprise, but the other women laughed.

“I can’t believe you just said that!” the redhead cried.

“Actually,” Jennie added, ignoring Rosa’s reaction. “You should see when Mindy gets excited. Her nipples are so hard and long!”

“Oh! You’re right!” Tara grinned as Mindy’s body reacted to Jennie’s words. “I bet they taste…”

“Enough Tara,” Joanne interjected. “Poor Rosa is going to loose it if you two keep teasing her.”

“I know,” Tara sighed. “But just look at those things. They’re about to pop through her suit!”

“They are at that,” Joanne laughed with a shake of her.

Jennie smiled and looked at Mindy’s breasts in appreciation. The young woman’s nipples were seriously protruding through her top. Jennie could feel her mouth water at the memory of what they felt like in her mouth.

“You seem to be enjoying everyone’s attention,” Jennie teased Mindy.

“Jealous?” the young woman asked.

“Not really,” Jennie replied. “I wouldn’t mind sharing you with them.”

“Really?” Tara asked.

“I told you that I’m a bisexual now,” Jennie replied.

“That’s it!” Rosa cried. “I’m out of here!” She stood up and dove into the pool.

“You think that maybe we went a little too far teasing her?” Tara asked.

“I don’t think, I know,” Jennie laughed.

“It’s too bad,” Mindy put in. “If she’d just loosen up she’d have a great time with you and Greg. I know I did!”

“I don’t think that’s going to happen,” Joanne said. “She woke up this morning with a hang over. I tried talking to her, but she’s not reacting well to the thought of being with a woman.”

“Maybe I shouldn’t have kissed her yesterday,” Jennie said softly as she frowned.

“You kissed her?” Mindy asked in surprise.

“How did she like it?” Tara asked.

“I think she liked it a lot,” Jennie sighed. “That’s probably what scared her so much. I’ve been pushing too hard.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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