It Starts with a Dance

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You’re waiting by the door, ready to leave, impatient that I’m running behind schedule, and I finally meet you there. I’m wearing a tiny black dress, and you wonder how it is I even managed to get it on. It’s leaving very little to the imagination.

On the car ride over to the party, you keep glancing over at me. I’m not paying attention, changing the radio station, checking my phone, looking over my hair one last time in the mirror. I catch you looking once and give you a huge, silly wink. You just laugh and go back to driving.

At the party, we say hello to everyone, then go to the bar set up for drinks. Your hands are on my waist as we chat with people, and then I spot a friend across the room, and leave your side. You lose track of me for a little while, busy talking with your own friends. Eventually you head back to the bar for another drink, and you finally spot me, dancing with some girlfriends. You laugh to yourself and think that I probably had one martini too many. The girls and I are dancing, a little silly, a little raunchy, and I see you watching and wave, laughing.

When the song is over, I come over to the bar, taking a sip of your drink. You lean in to tell me how good I look. I laugh and get very close, pressing up against you, and whisper in your ear that I’m not wearing anything under my dress. My breath is on your ear, my lips brushing on you a little, and your hand on my leg slips up just a bit and under my dress. You slide a finger between my legs, and when you feel my bare slit, you know that I’m telling the truth.

Someone calls your name, and you turn to see who it is. When you turn back, I’m gone, and you scan the crowd to find me. I’m dancing again, this time with a guy, someone you met before but you can’t remember his name. It doesn’t matter anyway. His arms are around me, hands on my lower back. I don’t make a move to remove them, but my eyes are completely focused on you, and I give you an evil little smile. The guy I’m dancing with doesn’t notice at all, his eyes are on my chest, and you know he’s probably getting a nice view down the top.

We’re really grinding now, one hand laying on his arm, but our eyes are locked together. Still looking at you, I lean up and whisper something in his ear. You remember how that felt at the bar, and then you wonder what I said, did I tell him our secret? I turn around, still focused on you, and press my bottom back against him while his hands move down my hips, on my thighs, on the hem of my dress. I reach an arm up, around his neck, smiling at you. You are watching his hands, moving on my thighs. All he has to do is move one inch, just one inch, and he’ll know our secret for sure.

Finally you give me a look, and there is no way to mistake your meaning. I say something to him sert porno again, a quick kiss on his cheek, and then I’m by your side. You take me by the waist and guide me through the party, not talking, then up the stairs. The line for the bathroom will take too long, so you try a door or two until we find a spare bedroom. Pushing me inside, you turn and lock the door.

You look at me, and I’m smiling. I start to laugh, and you grab me, pushing me up against the door. I grab your shoulders as you push against me. I’m completely pinned, and I squirm a little, but can’t move. Your hands are on my legs, pushing up my dress until the hem is around my waist, then they slide up, fingers brushing me, making me suck in my breath.

You ask me if I was having fun, and I have a smart comment ready to go, but then you are grinding your crotch against my exposed pelvis, and I don’t answer. Your lips are on my neck, your cock hard, and I can feel it through your pants, pushing against me. You ask if this is what he felt like, and I can only nod because your lips are on my ear now, biting, moving down, my neck, my shoulders, and I start to squirm again.

One hand reaches behind my neck, brushing my hair out of the way, and then dragging the straps of the dress down, pulling my strapless bra down with them, and all of my clothes are now gathered in a bunch around my waist. You are kissing me now, your tongue sliding over my lips, my teeth, over my tongue, and I try to grab it with my mouth, but you pull it out and suck on my lips. I go a little limp, feeling weak from the drinks, the music we can hear downstairs, and just open my mouth and let you kiss me, moaning very softly into your mouth. Your hands are on my breasts, squeezing, your fingers pinching my nipples, making them hard, flicking them, and I jump at the touch. Then your tongue moves down my chin, down my neck, sliding between my breasts, and you push them together, sucking on one and then the other.

When I’m shaking and whimpering, you finally stop. Grabbing my wrist, you pull me away from the door. You sit on the edge of the bed, and pull me down too, so that I’m leaning over you, steadying myself on your shoulders. You push my tangled dress down to the floor, and then tug on my wrist. I kneel down in front of you. I move my hands over your legs as you unbuckle, pulling your zipper down, moving a hand inside to pull your hard cock out.

I can just see your face in the dark room, and I keep my eyes on you as I move my mouth towards you, licking the head, kissing the tip. Holding your cock, you trace my lips with the tip, then a hand on the back of my head, and I suck the head in my mouth. The only sound is the beat of the music downstairs, the slurping from my mouth, and the rustle sex mex porno of your jeans as I push your legs wider. You push my head again, but I dip down, sliding my tongue along the underside, kissing up the shaft, flicking my tongue out to massage your balls, then back up to the tip, lapping at the drops coming out. Do it, you say to me, and your cock moves back into my mouth, pressing into my throat.

I swallow you completely, choking a little, then relaxing, sucking on you gently, not moving. Your hands move down the back of my neck, down my shoulder blades, then around to the front, your thumbs rubbing my nipples. Then I start to move my head, so slowly, up and down, not sucking, just tight and wet and hot around you. We stay like this, your hands on my breasts, my mouth moving slowly, until finally you dig your hands into my hair and hold my head steady. Then you move your hips, fucking my mouth, and I roll my tongue around you, moaning around your cock. Both of us are breathing hard now, and I struggle a little as you tighten your grip in my hair, but you don’t let go, just continue pushing your cock in and out of my mouth.

Your movements quicken, and you ask me if I want it in your mouth, and I moan in response. I can tell by your voice that you are close, and I push my mouth down, taking you all the way into my throat again, and hold you there, sucking, rubbing my tongue against you. Then you suck in your breath, and I feel your cock in my mouth twitch, and the first spurt hits the back of my mouth. I swallow and slide my mouth back down to your head, drinking in the rest, my hand around your shaft, pumping back and forth, milking it all out of you.

I continue kneeling, licking you very gently, as you start to breathe again. But then you grab my hair, pulling my mouth away, and gripping my arms you pull me up. Standing in front of you, your hand goes right for my pussy, and one finger slips inside, telling you immediately how much I enjoyed that. You laugh, feeling how wet I am, and then stand up next to me, pulling your pants back up.

Standing behind me now, you don’t touch me, but say in my ear that only a slut would dance like that, tease like that, and get so wet from sucking a cock. I don’t answer, just stand there shaking, praying silently that you will put your hands on me again.

But you’re my slut, aren’t you? you ask, and I moan in agreement. You order me up on the bed, giving my backside a playful slap as I crawl up on my hands and knees. I wait there for a long moment, wondering what you’re doing, are you going to just stand and look, are you ever going to touch me? When I try to look you tell me to keep my eyes straight ahead. Then your hands are on my back, sliding down, moving over my ass, your nails stranded teens porno scraping me, then down the backs of my thighs, and I’m arching my back, spreading my legs wide, my head back.

Your mouth moves along my spine, kissing me, just little kisses, then down, down, over my cheeks, biting, making me cry out. Then your mouth is between my legs, I can feel your breath on me, warming the dampness on my labia and thighs. The tip of your tongue slips along the slit, and I drop down on the bed, still on my knees, pressing up and back so you have access to all of me.

Your tongue moves from my clit, along my lips, then up to my ass, then back down, back and forth, as slowly as I had licked you before. I try to stay still, but it’s difficult, it feels too good, but not enough. Then finally, finally, your tongue pushes inside me, and I almost come with that, but your tongue is moving in and out, not giving me enough, and I can only grip the bed sheets and groan.

Your mouth is gone, replaced with your hand, holding me, then two fingers move inside, pumping in and out, so hard. I’m rocking my hips against you, and we hear voices outside the room, another couple maybe, looking for a room of their own? I turn my head, and you say that you should open the door, let them see me like this, and I close my eyes, thinking anything, anything, as long as you don’t stop what you are doing.

The fingers move away, and I groan in disappointment, but then your hand is on my hip, and I feel your cock sliding along my ass, and I push back against you, surprised that you are hard again, but now wanting it inside me. You use the head to tease me, and then finally you push inside. But you stop there, filling me up, not moving, and when I can’t take it anymore I start to move myself, fucking you slowly. You stand still, letting me, and I wonder if you’re watching, if you like what you’re seeing, and I move faster, wanting to hear you moan.

Then you grip my hips again, your fingers digging into my curves, and you move hard and fast, finally giving me what I want. I’m whimpering with each thrust, shaking, and you ask if me this is what I want, your hard cock inside me, and I gasp out yes, please, more, don’t stop. Your laugh kills me, but I don’t care, and I’m moving with you, forcing you as deep as you can go.

Then it happens, I’m exploding, and I hear you finally groan as my pussy clenches around you. My head is spinning, I’m gasping, gripping the sheets, feeling my orgasm rock through me again and again. Then my head is back down on the bed, breathing hard, and I hear you behind me, and I feel your come on my ass, squirting out on me, and I smile.

We are still for a minute, coming back down, then you pull me up, steadying me on my shaky legs. You help me back into my dress, kissing me with quick kisses, and I lick your lips as you pull the straps back over my shoulders. Then you give my breast a squeeze, and say we have to get back, and I nod, and whisper that when I get downstairs I’m going to find another guy to dance with.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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