How to Stop Smoking Ch. 14

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As we walked into the kitchen from the garage, Suzy let out a little squeal of pleasure. The kitchen layout is great, but I didn’t think it deserved that response. Obviously, she loved to cook and appreciated a well planned design.

I showed her the rest of the house, starting with the living room. Then, I showed her the master bedroom, the Jacuzzi, sauna and shower. When she saw the size of the shower, she asked if I had it designed with orgies in mind. I told her that I got tired of bumping into the side of showers. When this one was built, I made sure there was plenty of room.

As we went back to the living room, I showed her the other bedrooms and the hall shower. She liked the house. She said that it had a good layout – that it felt comfortable and cozy.

I asked if she would like a drink. Suzy asked for a glass of white wine. After pouring her wine, I made a drink and we sat down at the bar to talk.

Suzy had graduated from Peking University – majoring in finance. There wasn’t a very good job market over there, so her mother arranged for her to live with Mai Ling. We talk awhile about several things. When we decided we were hungry, Suzy said that she would cook and asked what I would like.

I told her to take a look around and see what she could find. In a few minutes, she came back and asked for my car keys – she was going shopping. I looked at my watch. It was almost 5 o’clock. I handed her the keys and told her not to be too long and to be careful.

As I watched, she backed the car out of the garage, turned around and squalled the tires as she floored it. I hoped all those horses under the hood weren’t too much for her.

I finished my drink, poured another one, and sat down on the couch to watch TV. I hadn’t finished half my drink before I nodded off. When I woke up, it was almost 8 and good smells were coming from the kitchen.

Suzy was humming away as she was putting together dinner. She had gone to one of the Chinese grocery stores in Chinatown and came away with a bonanza.

She smiled as I entered the kitchen. When I walked up behind her and put my arms around her waist, she turned and kissed me.

Then she told me to get the hell out of her kitchen so she could work. I could tell that she had found her way around the kitchen easy enough. Pots and pans were bubbling away and herbs and spices were laid out. Dinner would be ready soon and there was time enough to play later.

I headed back to the TV and watched for awhile. There wasn’t anything that was really worth watching, so I turned it off.

About that time, Suzy yelled for me to come and get it. She had cooked shrimp fried rice, egg foo young with noodles, sweet and sour pork and a vegetable dish of some kind. Suzy had cooked enough for an army and it wasn’t long before I was stuffed.

As she cleaned the table, she said that we had enough food for a week. I didn’t know how long she was going to stay but, if Ann stayed mad at me, that sounded about right.

Suzy had served the traditional Chinese tea with the dinner. As I relaxed in the living room, she came in with another pot and cups. While she was pouring the tea, I mentioned that I would rather have coffee. She told me that I was going to drink at least one more cup.

I took a cup and set it on the coffee table to cool. When the tea felt cool enough, I took a sip. It was delicious. I sipped some more as Suzy drank hers. When I had finished the cup, Suzy reached over and poured another one.

As I began to drink the second cup, I felt the heat in my loins and my cock began to swell. Asking Suzy what was in the tea produced a wry smile. My question had just told her that it was working. She urged me to drink up saying that it was time for bed.

By the time I finished the second cup, my cock was hard as a rock. After my earlier workout, I hadn’t expected to get a hard-on for days. Suzy was staring at my crotch. As my cock began to swell, I repositioned it down my left pants leg so it had room to grow. When I did that, Suzy laughed.

We put everything away and headed for the bedroom. As we reached the bedroom, Suzy put her arms around me, grinding her hips against mine as she kissed me. Her pussy was rubbing my cock furiously. I didn’t know at the time, but the tea affected her different than it did me. I thought that it had made her horny, too. Hell, she was just naturally horny!

We disentangled, bareback studios porno undressed and headed for the Jacuzzi. I felt that the hot water would help make my cock and her cunt slippery enough for a good fuck right away. I was right. By the time we reached the Jacuzzi, she had already given me several fast strokes and my cock was getting harder.

It was only 12 inches or so right now. By the time Suzy brought me to climax, she might have bit off more than she could chew.

After I got in the Jacuzzi, Suzy sat on the ledge and pulled me toward her. Taking my head in both hands, she pulled it between her legs, straight toward her steaming pussy. I began to suck and lick her until I had her as hot as I was – then I stood up.

Placing my cockhead between her wet pussy lips, I pulled on her legs. When she slid off the ledge, she was impelled on my rock-hard cock. As the full length slid inside her, she let out a cry of pain. Then, as I stroked my cock in and out of her, the pain subsided and her body gave in to the pleasure.

She responded by working her hips in rhythm to mine, forcing that big cock in and out fast as we fucked. A few minutes of this and I came. No “false cums” this time, I just started emptying my balls in her hot pussy.

Suzy was delirious with pleasure. After spurting my cum, I continued to fuck her until I was sure that she had cum too. Then, I leaned back against the ledge. With my cock still imbedded in her hot pussy, we just relaxed and let the hot water wash over us. After 5 or so minutes, my cock began to stiffen again. Suzy told me to lie still.

First, she began to work her hips in a slow up and down motion. Then, she began rotating them in little circles as she sat on my cock. Minutes later, I felt my balls tighten again and I came. I couldn’t believe it. No “false cums” at all.

When my cock had subsided, Suzy eased herself off my cock. She suggested that we have a hot shower and go to bed. I agreed. I looked at my cock as we got out of the Jacuzzi. It looked longer than the 12 or so inches that I started with, but not as large as 22 inches.

When I asked Suzy what was in the tea – she smiled and said that it was a secret. She didn’t want to tell me about it before I drank the tea for fear that it might not work. It was a discovery she had made at college when experimenting with herbs. I told her that she should form a partnership with Mai Ling to help poor souls like myself. When we suffered from the side-effects of the acupuncture, her treatment could help.

Suzy replied that she hoped so. All she needed was a recommendation and she figured that Mai Ling would accept her.

As we soaped each other in the shower, Suzy had my cock hard as a rock again. I asked her if she knew all the side-effects of the herbs. She said that the herb would make you horny for about a week. After that, one should return to a near normal sex life.

Pointing out that my cock was smaller than when I left Mai Ling’s office, she replied that was usually the case. Prolonged use of the herb could even further reduce the size but she hadn’t been able to prove it yet.

Suzy figured that we had talked enough for awhile so we rinsed off. As the last of the soap left my cock, Suzy knelt and took it in her mouth. Humming a sing-song melody she gave me a fantastic blow job.

As I was emptying my balls for the third time, she never lost a drop. Licking and swallowing, she cleaned my cock from the crown to the base.

We got out of the shower and toweled off. Then we hit the waterbed to get some sleep. Both of us had a busy, strenuous day and needed rest.

I awoke to find Suzy sitting on my cock. Sliding up and down it’s length and just having a fine time. She told me that she had woke up horny. She sucked me until I was hard. She had just mounted me when I woke up. My back was hurting a little, so I just relaxed and let her control the action.

After a few minutes of slow, steady fucking, her movements became a little more frenetic until she was moving her ass faster and faster. After a minute or so of this, she began to cum. The more she quivered and shook, the more excited I became. Soon, my cock began to swell even more and my balls began to tighten. Then, the sperm erupted inside her.

After she had drained my balls, Suzy slid off and cuddled next to me. Her head was on my chest and one hand was gripping czech amatör porno my cock. She moved down, sucked the crown of my cock into her mouth and began cleaning me. She began to massage my balls as she continued the sucking motion.

Soon, my cock was beginning to rise again. Suzy then proceeded to mount me again, only this time, she placed my cockhead at the entrance of her ass hole.

When she had it in position, she pushed down a little. Then, she pushed a little harder. Pretty soon, my cockhead plopped inside. By now, her body was shaking with the effort and I asked if she’d like a little lubricant.

She was in such pain that she couldn’t speak, only nod her head. I told her to get off and I’d get some. She rolled off and onto the bed. I went to the bathroom and got the jar of strawberry jell that was left over from last week.

Then, I returned to the bed, placed Suzy on her stomach and began to apply the jell to her asshole. When I felt that she had enough jell, I put some on the head of my cock. Then I smeared the shaft with some.

Lifting her hips so her ass was high in the air, I inserted a finger in her ass. I probed and twisted it around to loosen her up some.

When I felt she was ready, I put my cockhead against her tight little ring. I pushed forward telling her to relax her ass and push back against me.

My cockhead plopped inside. Suzy let out a little yelp and I quit pushing. I waited for a minute or so to let her ass get used to that massive cock then, pushed forward again.

Her ass took a couple of inches when I heard her cry again. As before, I stopped and waited awhile.

When her ass felt relaxed, I pushed forward again. Again, she took another inch or two.

I kept this up for quite awhile. Finally, we both were rewarded with the entire length of my cock imbedded in her ass.

I stopped and we rested for a few minutes. Ever so often, I could feel her squeeze my cock with her ass.

Then, I began to withdraw my cock. As it came out, her body began to quiver. I pushed it back in. She quivered some more. I began to pull my cock out for 3 or 4 inches, then slam it home again.

Suzy’s body responded with an uncontrollable shaking. I put my hand on her hot pussy and it came away covered in her juices. She was having a multitude of orgasms as I fucked her ass.

Finally, I couldn’t take any more. My balls tightened and my cock began spewing forth and I gave her a cum enema. We stayed in that position for several minutes to let my cock get soft. That way, it would be easier to pull out of her.

I began to pull my cock out and Suzy started shaking again. Finally, the cockhead came out. When it did, her asshole made a loud plopping noise.

Suzy was so weak I had to help her to the bathroom. Leaving her on the bidet, I jumped into the shower and washed up. By the time I finished, so had she. She was still weak, so I helped her back to bed. We lay there cuddled for awhile, then drifted off to sleep.

The next morning I woke up with a raging hard-on. This time, I got out of bed before Suzy could spot it and headed for the other bedroom.

Taking the tape measure out, I took stock of that sucker. 16 ½” long and 2 ¾” in diameter, roughly. At least, it wasn’t as large as it was after the second treatment.

I went back to the master bedroom. Suzy was still asleep.

I eased onto the bed and over to Suzy. I took my cockhead and rubbed across her lips. It must have tickled her because she twitched her lips and rubbed them in her sleep. I rubbed her lips with it again. This time, her lips parted a little. I eased my cockhead in and her lips opened wider. So did her eyes.

When she figured out what was going on, she closed her eyes, opened her mouth wide and engulfed my cock. Then with a slow sucking motion as she rolled her tongue on the underside of the crown, she sucked me off.

Just before I came, she reached one hand up to my cock and began jacking me off. She squeezed and tickled my ball sac with the other hand. Fantastic.

After she had drained me, she continued to suck until I became hard again. Then, sliding around in a ’69’ position, she pulled my head down to her steaming pussy while she continued to suck.

I started sucking and licking her pussy, flicking and sucking on her clit until I had her super hot. Then, we turned around and I got into position czech bitch porno to fuck her.

I lifted her ass and slid my knees beneath them to force her pussy up into the air. Placing my cockhead at her pussy lips, I leaned forward and began easing it into her. When she felt a little tight and dry, I’d pull out for an inch or so.

Then I leaned forward again, lubricating my cock as I went. Two or three of these and I had my cock buried deep inside her. She began to squirm and shake and I knew that she was having an orgasm. Wanting to give her more, I began to stroke my cock in and out of her steaming pussy.

Her ass tried to respond, but I had her so far in the air, all she could do was wiggle a little. After about 10 minutes of slow steady fucking and about 6 more orgasms for her, my balls began to swell and I came.

We collapsed in each other’s arms and just lay there.

After we had rested awhile, we headed for the Jacuzzi. It was almost as good as a massage. After a few minutes of soaking, we took a shower and dressed for breakfast.

Suzy placed an erotic “French Tickler” on my cock and I placed a “strap on butterfly” vibrator on her cunt. I resisted turning it on (it was battery operated) because I was hungry for food this time.

We made cooking breakfast an erotic adventure. As we cooked the bacon and eggs, each of us kept toying with the other, teasing, kissing and stroking. By the time we finished cooking, I had turned on the butterfly 4 or 5 times.

Each time, Suzy turned it off, but not before it had some affect. Suzy would reach around and stroke my balls, causing them to tighten and my cock to swell. I wasn’t sure how much stretch the French Tickler had, but it began to look pretty thin. By the time we finished cooking, both of us were ready.

While we were at the table, I played with the butterfly with my toes. Suzy squirmed and moved around on her chair. She pushed my foot away, clamped her legs together and moved them to the side so I couldn’t mess with her.

I got myself lost in thought for a few minutes. I was trying to decide where we were going to fuck once we finished eating. Suddenly, I felt Suzy take my cock between her feet. As she rubbed my cock with her feet, it began to get harder and harder.

I finally decided on the kitchen counter. There was a wide open area at one end, with a curved top, that would be ideal.

After we finished, I helped clear the table. As Suzy bent over the dishwasher to load it, I slid the French Tickler coated cock between her legs. I managed to achieve maximum effect. She stood silent for a second or two, then began to squirm again.

While she was at the sink feeding the disposal, I reached around her and cupped those magnificent tits. With one in each hand, I worked her nipples over. They became hard as little cocks.

When that happened, her areolas got all wrinkled and puckered. Before long, she playfully slapped my hands away.

When everything was in it’s place and the dishwasher was humming away, I turned to matters at hand.

I turned Suzy around, turned the butterfly on and planted a deep soul-searching kiss with my tongue deep in her throat. I removed the butterfly and placed my hand on her hot pussy. I slipped a finger inside. She was really wet.

Suzy was stroking my cock and playing with my balls. My cock was getting ready fast. I bent down, placing my arms around her lower butt and lifted her. I carried her to the spot on the counter I had chosen and sat her down. The counter height was just right.

I put my cockhead at the entrance to her pussy lips. Suzy reached down and spread them wide for me and I pushed my cock into her. As I stroked in and out, I could feel the vibrations of the dishwasher in my cock.

With her ass resting on the counter, Suzy was getting maximum benefit from the vibrations too. We were so hot that we both came within seconds.

We rested a little while, then headed for the bathroom to clean up.

After we cleaned up, I told Suzy that she should get dressed and I began dressing.

She didn’t want to and said so. I told her that I had to call Ann and that I didn’t want them getting mad at the other.

If I called Ann and she wanted, I would probably either go over there or invite her here. Either way, Suzy would have to get dressed. And maybe even go home.

Suzy was a little put out by my suggestion, but I told her – no strings. No ring. My life was my own and I had to do what I thought was right.

Ann had been kind to me just when I needed her and I didn’t want to hurt either one of them.

They could either accept each other as a different part of my life or leave me alone. It was their choice.

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