Mum, Sis and Bro. Pt. 06

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Sharing the small shower with Julie, I enjoyed the sublime feeling of her smooth, soft skin. Sharing a passionate kiss, her generous breasts pressed to my chest, unable to help myself, I reached between her legs. Sliding my fingers along her slot, her legs parted a little.

“Oh my god Mike, please, oh god, think I am going to cum again.”

She moaned as I found her hole and rammed 2 fingers in. I had read about a woman’s g spot on the front wall of her pussy. Searching, my finger felt a spongy area. Gently rubbing my finger in circular motion’s, made Julie gasp and soon her hips bucked, stifling a scream as her pussy nectar ran down my hand.

“Oh god, please stop” Julie begged as her knees buckled.

Turning the water off I gently laid her on the bathroom floor and towelled her quivering body dry. Laying the towel over her I grabbed another one and dried myself.

“Oh Mike, what have you 2 done to me, I just can’t seem to get enough sex. My stomach muscles ache and my pussy’s so sore, but all I can think of is your cock in my arse or pussy as Beth laps my clit and fondles my tits.”

Sitting up she grabbed my semi hard cock and started to suck it, as I started to harden, I gently pulled away from her. Looking at her pleading eyes as I continued to dry myself, I relented, getting between her legs I pushed my semi hard cock into her steaming pussy. To my amazement I felt myself stiffening as I filled and stretched her delicate folds. Putting her legs around my waist she used her feet to push me further in her, holding me there. She started to roll her nipples and squeeze the large globes of her tit’s. Pulling hard on her nipples and squeezing her tits she started to cum. With my cock buried deep inside her, her muscles clamped down as she sobbed and squealed, her body convulsing, her pussy spasming.

As I felt her pussy relax, I rolled off and watched as beads of sweat ran down her body as she continued to tremble.

“Go to Beth, Mike, I need to calm down and get control of myself.”

Going on deck, Beth and I chatted happily, as I explained that Julie had gone to lay down for a while. After an hour or so, Beth and I thought about how to explore the shore. There was a small tender on the back of the boat, but I had no idea how to get it off the davits. After some experimentation, we found the safety pin. Allowing the small boat to swing out over the transom. Lowering the boat and unhooking the ropes, we rowed the short distance to the shore. Dragging the boat onto the beach, we wandered around the beach, eventually heading into the tree line.

Walking up the gentle slope hand in hand, Beth’s fake wedding ring dug into my fingers, I didn’t mind. It, felt like we were newlyweds, looking back at the boat, I was satisfied she was secure and followed Beth into the trees. At the top of the small hill, the trees thinned out to a small grassy clearing. Pulling a blanket out of her bag, Beth and I sunbathed in the bright, late summer sunshine.

Getting up, I went to the edge of the clearing for a piss. Coming back, I looked on as my sister lazed in the sunshine. Noticing me looking at her “You still like what you see?” Without bothering to answer, I gathered her in my arms, kissing her deeply.

“Love you lots, want to be my wife?”

Nodding her agreement, I promised to get her a proper ring. As the sun started to wane, we headed back to the small beach, getting into the small boat we rowed back to our boat. As we rowed, Beth said.

“That is the 1st time we have been alone and haven’t jumped on each other, is it because we have had so much sex, or are you bored with me?”

Starting to laugh, I stopped when I saw she was serious.

“Oh, sweetheart I love you, definitely not fed up with you, just don’t feel the need to shag you every chance I get.”

Smiling broadly, she scampered up the ladder onto the deck, her arse swinging seductively as I followed her on deck. There was still no sign of Julie, so we made coffee and relaxed as we watched the sun go down. Getting up, we went through the fridge, settling on the last 2 Tupperware containers of prepared meals, Beth went to see where Julie had got to.

As the Microwave pinged the girls came into the galley, looking sleepy, but refreshed Julie happily chatted. As this was our last night on the boat, I opened a bottle of Champagne I had found in one of the lockers earlier. Dinner was a Lamb curry with a Balsamic rice, it was delicious. Finishing our dinner and draining our glasses we sat around the small table and chatted. After we had cleared away and cleaned up, Beth said.

“I bought a pack of card’s; anybody want to play?”

Nodding in agreement, Julie started to teach us a game called 7’s After a few hands, we decided to switch to Poker. Going to the drawer, I grabbed a large box of matches.

“What they for,” Beth asked as I emptied the contents onto the table, “Money” I answered.

“No, I would rather play for clothes,” she grinned.

Agreeing, şirinevler türbanlı escort we all went to change into everyday clothes. Coming back to the table Beth’s eye gleamed as she shuffled the card’s

“Everybody know the rules of Texas hold em?”

Deciding that the anti should be one matchstick, raises should be in clothes or tasks, Beth dealt 2 cards each. Looking at my 1st hand I saw a J and 10 of spades, a good start as it could turn into a flush or run. Betting my baseball cap, Julie raised, with her cap and a shoe, Beth followed. Seeing her raise I put my shoe to one side. Beth dealt the flop, 3 cards face up in the middle of the table, J,10, Ace, Meaning I had 2 pairs, J’s and 10’s.

Betting my jacket, other shoe and shirt, I watched Julie intently. Equalling my bet, she leaned back and returned my confident look. Beth dealt another card, it was another J, giving me a full house. Watching Julie intently I bet my trousers and one sock, all to quickly she replied, raising with her skirt and both stocking’s. Her confidence worried me, looking her square in the eyes I saw her raise. Beth laid the last card, another Ace, confident I bet my watch and boxers. Laying her ring and panties, she raised with her blouse. Shrugging my shirt off, we turned our cards over, one at a time, her 1st card was a K, no help, her second was an ace. This gave her a full house of ace’s over Jacks, beating my Jack’s over 10’s.

Giggling we got dressed and played again. Over the evening we had a great laugh, deciding that task’s had to be set by other payers, I enjoyed 2 Bj,s lasting 30 seconds each, while the girls had their clits licked or their tits played with, for 30 seconds on a few occasions.

Going 2 bed, we had a contest, the idea was we laid in a circle, Beth was sucking my cock, I was licking Julie and Julie was licking Beth, a 3 handed 69. The winner would be the last to come, Julie was the 1st to cum as I plunged 3 fingers into her and nibbled at her clit. Moving to one side, Julie watched as I pushed 2 fingers inside Beth while my tongue sought out her sensitive clitty.

Beth had learnt quickly, making me shudder as she grazed her teeth and tongue around the ridge of my bell end. Deciding my only chance was to redouble my effort’s as I knew she was incapable of doing anything as she started to cum. Turning my hand so my fingers were concentrating on the sensitive front wall of her pussy, whilst I nibbled and sucked on her lips and clitty. Sucking a lip directly into my mouth I swirled my tongue around the base of her clitty. Feeling her stiffen I knew I had got her, my cock popped out of her mouth and she groaned softly.

“Oh God, that’s not fair, oooooh fuck I’m cumming” she screamed as her body shook and trembled.

When Beth had recovered, they proceeded to kiss and lick either side of my cock, each gently holding one of my bollocks. As Julie took me fully in her mouth, Beth fetched something out of her bag. Coming back to the bed I watched as she oiled the small vibe, Julie had given her at the start of our trip. Kneeling on the bed, she bent forward raising her arse in the air. Stopping sucking me, I watched as Julie probed and pushed the vibe deep into Beth’s arse.

With the vibe switched on and fully in her arse, Beth straddled me and aimed my straining cock at her sopping pussy. Pushing myself in to her, I was amazed at how tight she was, considering how much she had come. The vibe sent waves of pleasure coursing through us both as its vibes transmitted through the thin wall between arsehole and pussy. Within a few second’s I pumped my load deep into my lovely sister.

“Fuck me, that was definitely worth winning, sensational sex.”

Remaking the bed, all 3 of us snuggled down and were asleep in seconds.

Chapter 2.

Waking the next morning I was surprised to find the bed empty, looking at my watch I saw it was 8.45, the latest I had slept since we boarded the boat. Hearing girlish laughter as the girls enjoyed a joke, I took a barely warm shower and brushed my teeth before heading out onto the deck.

“Hello sleepy head,” they chorused cheerfully as I squinted into the bright sunshine. Laying on a lounger, I looked on as Julie stooped to pick their cups up and continue generally tidying up. I had of course, grown used to our nudity, but her body still made my cock stir as I eyed her long legs, pert butt, and flat muscular stomach. By the time I reached the generous globes of her tits and long pink nipples, my cock was filling fast. Walking past me, Julie ran her fingers the length of my swollen cock, “save that for later,” she said, continuing to the galley.

After checking the boat over I pressed the starter buttons and allowed the engines to settle to idle. Going below, I spread the map out, so the girls could choose where they wanted to spend Mums last day. Showing them our current position, I left them to it. Going up on deck, I mopped the decks and roof of the cabin. şirinevler ucuz escort By the time the girls had plotted a route, I had dried the glass and given the fibreglass walkways an extra polish, so as Cougar looked nice for Harry when we got back.

As the girls showed me the route, I raised the anchor and turned cougar towards open water. The 1st point on the girl’s route was about 3 miles, we made excellent progress as the lake was still and calm, however, looking to my right, I could see lots of very dark clouds in the distance. Remembering Harry’s warning about the weather on the lake, I resolved to keep a careful eye on them. Walking around the winery, that the girls had wanted to see, I could feel the temperature dropping by a few degree’s, a breeze was stirring up the dusty roadways.

Finding a quiet table, I phoned Harry and Mabel, they confirmed my concerns.

“Storm blowing in, expected to hit the lake by about 16.00, would prefer you were moored up securely before then” Harry said.

Leaving the girls to taste and buy wine, I went back to the boat. Calculating the distance if we used the girl’s route, back to Harry’s was probably 45 miles, diagonally across the lake was about 15. Eventually the girls came back to the boat, arm in arm giggling, loaded up with a bag of clinking bottles.

Explaining the problem to them, we started to plan a new route.

“I would be happy to go straight back to Harry’s, but can we have a session 1st, am really going to miss you 2.” Mum said tearfully.

Radioing Mabel, we cast off and headed out across the lake. Leaving me to it, the girls went below, keeping the speed down, I could clearly hear my Mum, Julie and sister Beth clearly enjoying each other. In less than an hour we cruised slowly past the old house and moored up at the small quay.

Pleased to see we had taken his advice, Harry and I chatted as the girls packed and finished cleaning the cabin. Arriving at the boat, Mabel clucked and fussed as she told the girl’s not to bother cleaning as, the boat, would be deep cleaned before taken out of the water and winterized.

Going to the house we sat down to a gourmet meal, Mabel had brought in the Chef from the local restaurant. The long dining table was filled with all sorts of food. My mouth watered as I viewed the lobsters, a massive lump of lamb and Beef steaks, together with all the trimmings.

Starting with a lobster tail covered with an incredible sauce, Harry and I moved onto the steaks, preferring mine blue with all the trimmings, I had to smile as Harry ordered his well done. The girls had individual fish pies to start then moved onto a seafood salad.

Feeling absolutely stuffed, Harry and I went out to the Veranda.

“Do you like a Cigar,” Harry asked.

Having smoked a few small cigars in the past I nodded. “Yes please”

Settling into one of the comfortable chairs I waited as Harry went to get the Cigars. The wind was getting up, the lakes surface broken by white capped waves, I was glad we weren’t out on the lake. A large bird working hard to make headway against the wind, seemed to give up, turning he soared high above the house.

Returning, Harry flopped in the chair opposite me, holding 2 of the biggest Cigars I had ever seen. Reaching into a small cupboard, he took out what looked like nail clippers and 2 brandy glasses. Opening a bottle, he poured generous measures into each glass. Cutting off the pointed ends of the Cigars he handed one to me.

Watching as she dipped his into the glass, I followed suit. Stuffing the Cigar into my mouth the taste of the rich tobacco and brandy were amazing as Harry lit it for me.

“Fuck it, Mabel will go mad, when she see’s me smoking and drinking, don’t care anymore though, life is so boring without little pleasures.” He grinned.

My head swam as I inhaled the rich tobacco smoke, but it was so smooth I didn’t cough. Talking about our trip, I thanked him again for the boat and telling his friends we were coming, waving my thanks away, he blew a long stream of blue smoke before taking a heavy swig of Brandy.

“What you planning on doing with yourself? I mean, what are your plan’s when you get back to the UK.”

“Don’t really know, thought I would take a year off, before University, but not so sure now. I don’t think I want to be saddled with all the debt, before I have even earned a penny.”

“Hmmm, yes that makes sense…”

Before he had chance to say anything else, Mabel came out to the Veranda.

“Oh, what the hell Harry, you know what the doctor said, thought I had got rid of all your cigars. Anyway, the girls have decided that as they won’t be here for your 75th in December, they want to throw a party for you now.”

I had only seen Mabel dressed in loose fitting work clothes before. Dressed in a knee length pale red dress, I could see that she wasn’t as out of shape as I thought. Her pretty face was framed by Auburn hair, that şişli escort curled over her shoulders to the swell of her huge, heavy breasts. Her waist was surprisingly slim, her slightly large arse tapered down to her legs. From what I could see, it looked like she had long shapely legs. Knowing that Dad was 50 this year, I estimated her to be in her 40’s.

Catching my gaze, she smiled, coming to me, she kissed me full on the lips,

“Don’t let him corrupt you, smoking these smelly old Cigars and drinking Brandy is not good for you” Continuing in a hushed voice,

“Do you like what you see?” Laughing as my face reddened, she walked back inside.

Calling out, “You 2 need to come inside in 30 minutes.”

Sighing heavily the old man settled into his chair,

“What do you think to Switzerland?”

“Very nice from what I have seen,” I answered honestly.

“Well I would like you and Beth to come back in the spring. Would like to teach you the business. My son, your dad, useless twat that he is, has no interest in working for a living.”

Stunned, I thanked him for the opportunity, shaking hands we went back to smoking and enjoying our drink. Calling us in, the girls, were nude as they sang Happy Birthday dear Harry. Pushing me out of the way, the 3 girls undressed Harry and pushed him back on the large sofa. Standing at the back of the room, I looked on as they put a great girl on girl show for the old man. I heard the breath catch in his throat as they switched to 69, Mabel pulled Beth’s soaking wet pussy apart giving Harry an excellent view of her sweet, young pussy, before burying her face and licking her swollen clitty.

After a while they got up and gently laid Harry down, Harrys cock was huge, maybe 8″ long and very thick. Looking at me, I grinned at Beth and gave her the thumbs up, as she straddled his hips. Lowering herself she started to take his cock, after several attempts she managed to get most of him deep inside her young pussy. Rocking herself, her face was a picture of concentration and ecstasy as her body adjusted to the thick pole deep inside her.

Harry moaned in pleasure; Mabel carefully lowered her pussy to his tongue. Beth started to move on his cock her eyes wide as his fat member slid in and out of her. Reaching across she grabbed Mabel’s huge tits, groaning as Mabel flicked her nipples. Knowing how sensitive Beth’s tits were I wasn’t surprised when she rammed herself hard down onto Harrys cock, grunting and squealing as her orgasm enveloped her. Getting off her Dad’s face, Mabel came over to Julie and me, unzipping my trousers she briefly sucked my cock, before pulling me onto her. Grabbing her large tits, I greedily sucked a long, swollen nipple into my mouth.

Flicking my tongue around her nipple, Mable started to thrash about in the throes of orgasm. She must have been close due to her father’s attentive tongue. Calming down slightly she pulled me further up her body and we kissed deeply as she guided me to her sex. As I entered her, she felt so soft and womanly, her pussy was dripping wet but gripped my cock tightly.

Taking long strokes to allow me to calm down a little. I watched as Harrys body stiffened as he shot a load deep into my sister. I felt strangely jealous, but all thoughts of jealousy left me as Mabel’s pussy started to work on my straining cock and she whispered, “Oh fuck, I’m going to cum again.”

Mabel’s orgasm was violent, and her juices ran freely down my shaft and over my ball sac.

“Think it’s my turn now,”

kneeling beside the still trembling Mabel, Mum opened her legs and raised her arse in the air. Withdrawing from Mable, I knelt between Julie’s legs, my cock banged into the edge of her sex before I slid in Bollox deep. Doggie was one of my favourite positions allowing my cock fully into her silky soft, drenched pussy. I could feel that she was close so banged her hard and fast, as I dumped a load deep inside my mother, she reached around and rubbed her clit a few times causing her cunt to bear down as it flexed and gripped me.

“Oh god, that was fantastic she whispered in my ear as we laid on the floor. I do hope you still want me when you come home, as I kissed her, I could taste her tears.

Looking across at Harry we gasped as we watched Mable and Beth double team on Harry’s cock. Slowly his massive shaft rose to its full 8.5.” Motioning to Mum, he said,

“Always wanted to fuck you, couldn’t believe that maggot managed to get such a stunning woman, I am so ashamed of how he treated you.”

Going to him she slowly lowered herself onto his shaft, I felt another pang of jealousy as I saw him penetrate her silky depths. Mum was obviously playing to her audience, spreading her legs wide she moved down and forced his fat cock into her pussy.

Looking at Beth she was transfixed as we watched our Mother’s pussy stretch to accommodate his thick shaft. It didn’t take long for Mum to cry out as her orgasm racked her body. She came twice more before Harrys cock poured its load into her.

Laying on the floor, they gradually recovered, getting up, Mum rushed off to the bathroom. Coming down, 30 minutes later, she looked sensational in a black and white dress. Her black shoes had a 2″ heel that accented her long legs to perfection, her long Blonde hair was tied up in a bun.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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