Mother’s Problem Ch. 02

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The bell rang and Patricia waited impatiently in front of the whiteboard as the tenth grade English class rushed out of the classroom. Smiling in front and giving various goodbyes to students was torturous. As each second passed she grew uncharacteristically wetter. Yesterday her inner nympho had been set free, all because she had seduced her son. It ended an eighteen-year celibacy. Two classes had passed already and next was her fifty minute break period next.

The celibacy had been her personal choice after finding out she was pregnant so that she could focus on raising Daniel. At first, the decision had been painful but as days turned to months and subsequently turned to years, she managed to quell the fire with years of quiet masturbation. That was all undone now. After eighteen years, her body had feasted on her son’s and now craved sex constantly. Last night had been fun, but it wasn’t enough.

That morning, Patricia had tried to rouse her son for more sex, but he had stopped her. With words of wisdom that she would make him blow off school for an entire day of sex, which had sounded fun, would cause problems. Someone could start asking questions and even though she had groaned in annoyance, she allowed his explanation to placate her. Sadly, being placated meant going to school with a cunt that was on fire. The drive to school took her through wonderfully bumpy road construction that jostled fiery crotch into close orgasmic spasms. Classes began that morning in with her completely sexually frustrated.

Patricia prided herself on many things, but the biggest to her were her teaching style and professionalism. The first could be observed by just walking into the classroom. Along the ceiling, hanging on the walls of her class and spaced evenly apart at six inches, plated pieces of wood hung denoting her prowess as a teacher. The latter was proven in her demeanor and dress. She always had a professional and respectful tone, never losing her temper in the class, being respectful and never allowing herself to appear as a sexual object. The last point was accomplished by wearing a white blouse and some sort of skirt that was long. Little skin was shown.

The door closed and snapped her out of self-reflection. Rushing over to the door with a flutter of clicking heels, she turned the deadbolt and thanked the stars that there was no window on the door. What she was about to do was throw her years of professionalism out the door and masturbate. With butterflies in her stomach, she kicked her shoes off and headed to her desk.

If there was any indicator that Patricia’s presented persona to everyone was a farce, it was her desk. Cluttered with stacks of papers, a few coffee mugs and desk drawers that were crammed with school supplies, the desk was about the only thing she allowed to be messy in her life. Everyone needed some sort of chaos and she allowed it to be her outlet.

Sitting behind the desk, she bit her lip in anticipation as she pulled up her skirt. Even as her fingers hovered above her pulsating and concealed cunt, heat could be felt wafting out. Her cheeks reddened and she giggled before rubbing the fabric of her panties against her wanting pussy.

Masturbating had been the only trickle of pleasure Patricia had allowed for any sexual activity. She blushed, even more, remembering that Daniel had been watching her for long period sit in front of the home computer pleasuring herself to porn. Secretly she had hoped he would have walked in on her, but instead he stuck to shadows to watch.

“Oh yes,” she cried out as pleasure radiated through her, curling toes. There was a knock on her door. In a sigh of annoyance, she stopped and prepared to answer the door. Just taking a step was enough to tell her walking was a terrible idea. She sat back down and quickly got back in position to play with her kitty. Within seconds she was moaning and stroking the fire into an almost audible roar of disastrous desire.

Juices began soaking through the thick fabric of her black panties. With a shudder, she ripped them aside and exposed her dark red throbbing labia to the cool air. Fingers spread out her sex with her thumb and ring finger. Two fingers went to rubbing her clit harshly. Moaning loudly, she desperately tried to bring herself to orgasm, but all that happened is reduce her cunt into a slimy mess. It needed to be filled and with a moan of pleasurable frustration, she stopped and stood up. Worried about walking again, she took a second to take some deep breathe to relax.

The clock on the wall told her that she still had thirty minutes and so she rushed to find something that would stifle her desires. With lunch duty and another class, she had to take care of herself temporarily or there would be no hope in maintaining a decent amount of professionalism throughout the day. Anxiety tried to replace the flood of lust in her, but it added to a sense of needing to find something. Frantically looking for anything, she found a small container that she had halkalı ucuz escort forgotten about sitting in the line of waist-high bookshelves. Inside was an object to help her.

The brush was a big oval one. Discarded in the container in case of a hair emergency, the unused new brush had something she needed. A thick three-

inch handle that was ridged. With a gleeful squeal, she rushed back over to her desk.

At the desk, with her skirt hiked back up for access, Patricia was disturbed to find that her panties were too far soaked to be continually worn. Without caring, she yanked them off and shuddered when the cool air played with her cunt. What made her moan was now without the fabric, the cool air on her wet anus made it begin to ache.

“Not yet, just wait, please. First, this and we can visit you later,” she moaned haughtily. With growing impatience, Patricia rubbed the handled up and down the wet slit. With a moan, she teased herself more to lube the rounded edge. When it was ready, she cooed and a gurgle of pleasure as it spread her slutty hole. The ridges helped and soon she was shaking as her head swam in pleasure. Pounding away finally rewarded her with an orgasm that left her trembling and shaking violently in her chair.

She yelped in surprise when the office chair suddenly was gone. Splayed out on the floor as her pussy twitched in blissful release, Patricia took long breathes to calm down. With a final sigh, she realized in the fevered need for release that her classroom now smelled of pussy. Embarrassed, she collected herself and found a can of air freshener she kept in in her desk and sprayed it until the can was empty. Going back to her desk. She picked the chair up and blushed, even more, realizing she had made a real mess of things. Graded paperwork on her desk was covered in puddles of her cum. She hadn’t even cared when discarding the pair of panties onto the desk. With a sigh, the panties were pulled away and Harold Germiski’s paper displayed itself with a big red failing mark.

“Looks like he’ll get an A,” she giggled. Moving quickly, papers that were soaked, noting that most that were affected would be in a similar situation as Harold.

“Worth it,” she said.

The bell rang and in a panic, she rushed to the back of the room and put back the brush and threw the panties in there. Thinking them safe, and taking a deep breath, she moved to open her classroom for the lunch period. Picking her heels up on the way and slipping them on.

Patricia’s class wasn’t too much of a hot spot for lunch period. She only had a few girls in senior classes that liked to hang out and read. For the most part, most of the nerdy girls hung out here. There was also a few boys, but they were the run of the mill weirdos that didn’t even fit in with the actual nerds. It was a small crowd and they filed in like they had every day since the first week of school. Sarah greeted her.

“It smells great in here,” she said with a big sniff. Sarah was a fat little girl, but she had personality. Sadly, something that would take forever for a boy to realize her worth.

“Thank God for Bath and Body Works,” she said.

Sarah laughed and went to her favorite desk in the corner at the front of the class. Entering next was Ernie and Floyd. Then a trio of girls that were friends, but rarely talked. The final student was Alicia, a wonderful student who was shy, smart and gorgeous. She stayed to herself and avoided a conversation like the plague. Girl was also a senior and already nineteen.

With Alicia entering, Patrica left her post by the door and headed to her desk. The bell rang again, notifying the building that anyone found in a hallway would be found and given a swift detention. With another blush creeping on her face, she sifted through the paper work on her desk making sure that there wasn’t a stray paper that was missed from earlier. Finding none, she went through the ruined papers and realized she had an issue, most had comments meant to help her students. She could play it off, but many would be disappointed and giving out blanket good marks would cause more issues than solve.

The solution then was to take the papers home and copy them. Going through them, she could reapply marks and still be okay. That would also detract from more desirable activities. The lunch hour went on and Patricia kept herself busy, no longer assaulted by uncomfortable lust, but still burning with want.

Her last class of the day went slow. The class was involved in working on assignments on their own and she stood by for questions as she walked around the room. No one asked anything and it left her alone with her thoughts, which were now on figuring out different things she could teach her son after school. Her favorite scenario about that was blowing him and having him eat her out. The bell rang, signaling an end of the day and the class burst out of her room before she could fully react to it. Alone now, halkalı üniversiteli escort she prepared to get her stuff gathered to go home when Daniel walked in.

“Hey mom,” he said announcing his presence while she was bent over and grabbing her purse. “That’s a really nice ass you know?”

That comment made her zip up and turn towards him.

“You can’t say that here,” she said, trying to be angry at him, but his comment flared the flames back up. “Close the door.”

He obeyed and before he could turn around and gather reply, she had crossed the room and slammed him up against it. Her mouth on his, her hand moved and threw the deadbolt while filling his mouth with her tongue. He returned the kiss and even surprised her as his hands clumsily rubbed across her body. Moaning in delight egged him on and broke the kiss when his hands rested respectfully one each cheek.

“You’ve gotten more confident,” she said.

“So have you mom-er Patricia,” he said with a smile. “Can you give me a ride?”

The double entendre wasn’t lost on her and she smiled at him, marveling into his eyes about how much of a man he had become. It was the reason why she insisted on him calling her Patricia. If they were lovers, it was as consenting adults, not as mother and son. A distinction she had to make. The thought of having her son was hot, but having it as incest was something she wasn’t ready for.

“I can, give me a second. Can you grab my bag?” she asked before heading to the back of the classroom. Getting the container, she opened and stifled a gasp. The panties and the brush were gone. Panic went through her. Thoughts of who could have taken them went through her but no student could be called to mind for the crime.

“You okay?” Daniel called out to her, snapping her from panic.

“Yeah, just something is missing.”

“Anything important?”

“No, it’s fine,” she said placing the container back on the counter. Daniel walked up behind her and wrapped his arms around her. She sank back into him.

“It’s nothing Daniel. Let’s go. We have a lot to do,” she said, unwrapping herself and walking away. When the sting and audible slap on her ass hit her,

the surprise of it made her wobble in pleasure.

“Easy boy,” she said with a whisper of warning to him. The pit in her stomach sank more, but this time, it sank into a bottomless pool of lust that welled up in her chest. Her breathing quickened and her vision narrowed. Continuing on was a monumental accomplishment, but she would never let Daniel know that. He followed her and the two of them left the classroom.

Most of the high school hallways were lined with ugly green lockers. Many of the teachers were in their classes but Mr. Larson was not. He was a math teacher, the only one located in the English Hall. He also had made plenty of passes at her, which were always rebuked.

“Is that the best English teacher walking down the hall with her son?”

Patricia smiled out of courtesy before she responded.

“We have to prepare for some things this weekend. Errands you know?” she lied.

“Yeah, just never seen you or your son interact at school. Must be some festival huh?”

“It will be. We have to run,” she said, trying to end the conversation. She moved on but the man stopped her son and exchanged words. Not caring, she continued to walk, giving Daniel an excuse to end the conversation. After a few seconds, he ran up next to her as she exited the building.

“That guy is a creep,” he said.

“What makes you say that?” she asked, not even bothering to look at him.

“Guy was leering at you.”

“Getting jealous?”

The two of them walked to her car.

“You are my woman right?”

Patricia didn’t answer before she got into the car. It was a question that would need answering. Was Daniel going to be the only man she slept with for the rest of her life? Maybe she hoped not, but then, if he was already attaching, the choice would be up to him in the long run. There was too much power shifted from herself to him. He could threaten her to get the exclusivity of her, but as she thought about it, she realized some things.

When she had been younger one of her issues was being faithful. No man seemed to be able to sate her appetites or keep her attention. The only one who had managed that for the past eighteen years had been Daniel. Replacing him wasn’t something she wanted. Starting the car she waited until he got in to answer. The door closed, almost borderline on being slammed and she worried that her lack of answer upset him. He buckled up and she pulled out of the spot.

“What if I was exclusively your girl?” she asked pulling away from the school and starting the trek home.

“I’d like that but I don’t know.”

“What if you find another girl?”

“There is no other woman beside you mom, ever.”

There was that word. Mom. She was his mother. Why did it bother haramidere escort her? Had to be society that or the uneasiness of embracing her inner nymphomaniac once more. As she drove, his comment reverberated in her mind. No other woman but her. It made her heart flutter.

“You would be fine with me being your lover?”

“You started this Patricia.”

“I know, I want to finish it too,” she said looking and locking eyes with him. “So my answer is yes. I want to be your woman.”

“Awesome,” he said. Her eyes averted to the road and she concentrated on driving. She had too. Thoughts of finding a quiet place to fuck assaulted her. Even as she tried not to, she saw places where they could. A secluded alley, a dark parking garage, and a park. So many opportunities but she passed them by.

“Oh shit, the seat,” she said with a laugh.

“What about it?”

“I’m not wearing any panties.”


“Not something I would normally do, but after trying to fuck you this morning and getting rejected, by lunch they were too soaked to keep wearing.”

“And now you’re afraid for the seat?”

“Not really, but if you want to feel me up, I wouldn’t complain.”

There was silence. Patricia almost thought her suggestion was too much for him. Besides the ass slapping earlier, Daniel had relied on her for direction. She didn’t mind that for now, but she wanted him to be more assertive. Suggestions and being open to anything he wanted would help make him more that way.

When his hand did finally rest on her thigh, she shivered in anticipation. The fabric of her skirt moved up until her skin was exposed. Shifting and spreading her legs, she waited while his hand moved tentatively to her inner thigh.

“That feels good honey,” she said with a moan. It was enough to get his hand shoved up against her bare crotch. He felt around until a finger found her slit. It probed until it found the hard nub of her clit. There it pressed hard and drew itself over it in a slow pattern.

“Daniel, you do that and I’ll stain the seat. Oh, right there,” she cooed, trying to keep control of the vehicle. They were still a few blocks from home, but the way he was rubbing her clit would soon cause her to orgasm.

“Suck your finger,” she said, trying to get the distraction away before something diabolical happened. Enjoyable or not, wouldn’t pay well to die before she go to have more sex. His hand pulled away and she recovered slowly as they stopped at a light.

“Go ahead, taste what you’ve done.”

“But Patricia…” he said, obvious concern in his voice.

“Thought of tasting where you emerged from too much?”

“I uh,” he said.

Patricia enjoyed making him uncomfortable. Even though she was hornier than she had ever been in her life, the thought of him committing a more serious taboo than just sliding his cock into the place that gave birth to him almost made her cream. His hesitation lent itself to being a sweet honey.

“Too afraid to taste mommy?”

“I will but mom, you will have to drop the names.”

“That will take time Daniel,” she said, feeling uncomfortable with the prospect.

“Why? Don’t you want your son?”

She looked over to him while she gave the car gas for the green light. “Of course, but using the titles is a bit much for me. That’s why I want you to use my name instead of mom for now on.”

“I don’t like it when you use my name,” he said.

“I understand. You better lick what you got off your finger there kiddo.”

Patricia looked to the road and only saw him suck his finger out of the corner of her eye. The secrecy, his attempt to hide what he did sent quivers of a small orgasm through her body. The electricity of it heightened senses and she was grateful to finally pull up to the suburban home they lived in. She didn’t mention his taste.

“So what are we doing this weekend that you had to lie to Mr. Larson about?” Daniel asked.

“I figured we could get out of town or something. Been awhile since we have.”

“Oh,” he said opening up the door and getting out. Patricia followed suit and enjoyed the cool air. Fall was in full swing and she liked that the tree in the yard already had bright orange and red leaves.

The house that she owned was not one in a suburb. Actually, the two of them lived close to many developments, but Patricia picked this place because she hated the cookie cutter approach to building. Instead of a block of brick houses, their house was built to accommodating to just two with metal siding. There were only two bedrooms in the place, but there was more than enough space for them.

Patricia was looking at the tree and heard Daniel go into the house. Thoughts of preparing herself for what was to come paused her. How would the night go? What would she want to do? With a smile, she headed inside the house.

Patricia had barely turned from closing the front door when her son returned the actions she had assaulted him with back in her classroom. Instead of locking his lips in a kiss, he commanded her to lift a leg up and planted his lips onto her nether ones.

“Oh my God, Daniel,” she cried out.

His tongue worked her sex over, delving into the smoldering crevice, flicking her “bean” and working fingers into her.

“Don’t stop Daniel. I’m so close. So clo-.”

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