Discovering What Big Means Ch. 05

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It’s been a while since I published the last chapter of this story, a bit of writers block and a bit of uncertainty whether I’d dealt with this story in the way I wanted, to while still making it interesting.

But regardless, for some of you an introductory summary might be appropriate.

The story is essentially about Shelley learning to deal with the size of her new boyfriend’s manhood.

Far from being an experienced stud, the very size of Adam’s manhood has caused previous girlfriends to decline actual sex with him out of sheer terror of its size. Shelley found him as a vaginal virgin, even if expert at fingering and, equally fascinating, capable of delivering a near two meter projection of his cum.

But its very size also produces a visual frission for Shelley that she finds hard to resist indulging. They first met when both were trying out for crew positions on a racing yacht [a spin off from my Unexpected Threesome series].

While they were swimming together during a lunch break, the effect of Adam’s strong competitive swimmer physique combined with the massive bulge of his manhood in his tiny tight racing swim briefs left her in cross legged frustration by the end of the day and left a lasting desire to include stripping him from his swim briefs as a regular part of foreplay.

Their recently started sex life has produced some great results for Shelley, stimulating places that have never been stimulated before, but also left her somewhat sore afterwards. Some Google research on dealing with oversized cocks gave her some suggestions on deal with post sex discomfort from his size that she’s planning to act on.

They’re not living with each other and because of busy work schedules, only get to see each other on mid week Wednesday and weekend race days.

The last story finished as Adam climaxed after, for the first time, having sex on top of Shelley and her therefore trusting him to be in control.


With my previous boyfriend, Sven, I always felt it wasn’t so much he withdrew from me after he’d climaxed as he sort of shrunk out of me; at least if he wasn’t in any hurry to finish. But he had a normal sized cock and erection.

Adam’s flaccid cock is a long and thick as most guys’ erections, if not bigger, so although it might be soft, it still has to be withdrawn. As Adam finally withdrew and slipped off me onto the bed beside me, releasing a gush of cum onto the towel we’ve learnt to place under our hips, it was time to try out my new toy.

The sheer size of his cock means sex with Adam does wonderful things for me while it was happening. But the after effects were, shall we say, uncomfortable. As gentle as he was, it left me feeling stretched and, well, I’m not sure what the right word is, but internally bruised is as good a one as I can come up with. Particularly if there’d been multiple rounds.

Dr Google told me it was evidently a recognised problems with enormous cocks like Adam’s.

I was going to say ‘common problem’, but there was nothing common about the size of Adam’s manhood. It drops to nearly half way down to his knee when flaccid and extends well over his navel when erect. And while I might have dainty hands, I can’t wrap the fingers of one around it when it’s flaccid and can barely make the fingers of two join together when he’s aroused.

I’m not suggesting it’s a scientific comparison and the sheer shock value of the size of it might lead to some minor exaggeration, but his erection reminds me of nothing less than two drink cans stacked one upon the other, capped by a giant sculptured bell. And I’m not talking about those pissy little mini coke cans. It’s no wonder previous girlfriends had permanently crossed their legs and closed their vagina in absolute terror when they saw it.

I was curious enough to type “giant cock” into Google and all I can say is he’s as big as anything I found there and not misshaped like sınırsız escort some of them. Just a giant, parallel sided, slightly curved edifice with that deeply carved flared bell and balls supersized to match. He tells me his father is built the same way, so it seems genetic, although if it scares the pants back onto every woman who sees it, Darwin’s theory would explain why they’re not more common.

Where he gets the blood from to fill the thing as he becomes aroused would have to be anyone’s guess; but it must sure take a lot. I tease him that it’s drawn from his brain, which explains his narrowed focus on cumming all over my fuck me bikinis as he’s first undressing me. But I’m joking. He’s a smart guy, even when aroused and by the time we get down to making out it’s usually been half a week since he’s last unloaded and there a natural tendency for it to want to reduce some of the pressure in it with a gushing load.

And I’m not kidding about reducing the pressure. When we’ve not had sex for three days he’ll deliver nearly a tea cup of cum in his first ejaculation and squirt his thick milky stuff hard enough to actually hit the ceiling if he’s lying on his back on the bed and I’m playing with him. And I certainly like playing with him; having quickly learnt that by wrapping my slicked up hand firmly around just under his bell and jerking it at a steady pace, I can keep his climax going seemingly forever. Or at least long enough to paint my breasts, face and stomach white with his precious seed and just about give myself an orgasm just watching it.

Anyway, as he’s proved with his fast refraction, there’s always plenty more where that came from.

If he doesn’t like his present career, there’s probably an opening for him as a porn star, although not if I have anything to say about it.

But anyway, the suggested solution was a chilled dildo immediately after sex to reduce the inflammation.

Beyond that, the information was a bit vague. It was unclear whether ‘chilled’ was just cool or fridge or freezer temperature or whether the dildo should be used just as a static insert or it could be played with. It was obvious it needed a degree of thermal mass and either glass or metal was suggested.

I’d found online a gel filled heavy glass one which seemed to tick the boxes I was looking for. I guessed it was long enough to reach my most intimate places, and while nothing approaching Adam’s width, nearly thick enough to fill my post sex, Adam stretched, vagina. It looked to have good thermal mass and had a handsomely shaped bell head and a nice pair of glass balls hanging off the bottom that I thought might be useful for some playful fun; even if I wasn’t sure how.

I’d chilled it in my parents fridge -suitably disguised – and then kept it cold on ice in a small esky; hoping to produce something near fridge temperature, but certainly not below freezing temperature. You don’t really want to freeze your vagina. After all, who wants to be an ice queen?

It was sitting waiting to be used in my beach bag next to the bed. Adam watched me, no doubt wondering, as I reached over the edge of the bed to extract it and the tube of lube I thought I’d need with it.

As I turned back to him, I held them up…

“I’ve got something I want to try out.”

His eyes just about popped out of his head.

I quickly explained why I wanted to try it. Dildos weren’t exactly common in my world. Indeed, I’d never seen or touched one before this had arrived in the mail the previous day; something I made clear to Adam. Adam seemed to take it in his stride…

“I did suggest to Tracy that we try one when she decided my cock was too big for her. But that didn’t go down well. So we stayed with fingering.”

“Well, you get to try one now; although I’m not really sure how this is going to work.”

I handed it to him; passing it in a way he ended up holding taksim escort it by the glass balls between two fingers.

“It’s cold.”

“Yep, that’s the idea.”

I lay on my back and spread my legs apart.

“Are you sure?”

“No, but I’m going to try it anyway.”

“OK, but tell me if you want to stop.”

“You can be sure of it.”

I watched as Adam lubed up this thing that was about to be pushed up my vagina. I tensed up as its cold tip first touched my internal flesh.

“Will I keep going?”

It was like the difference between jumping quickly into a cold ocean or tip toeing slowing into it. In theory, I support the former. In practice, unless someone pushes you, it’s hard to build up the courage for the jump. Adam was there to be my pusher, it’s one of the reasons I gave it to him to do…

“Yes, let’s get it over with.”

Adam lay down next to me, supporting himself half over my body, the not insignificant weight of his now re-erect manhood resting on my stomach. He continued to push it in, using a firm steady motion, always responsive to my reactions.

The cervical orgasms Adam gives me aren’t a matter of a linear building to a big bang, followed by an overly sensitive refractory period. For me it is climatic wave after wave of whole body tingling, pulsing suffusions of bliss, which for me anyway, grow with intensity with every wave. They don’t really have a clear finishing point, at least until Adam blows his load and I lose my source of pleasure.

Because he so completely fills me and squirts such a big load, Adam’s learnt to withdraw ever so slightly just before he cums, to give it somewhere to go. But when he can blast voluminous quantities of thick, creamy cum all the way onto the ceiling when he’s lying on his back on a bed, those jets of seed blasted so strongly against my cervix have their own mind blowing effects on my orgasm, sending me into one unusually final earth shattering wave of climax while still leaving my cervix sensitised and ready for more.

The sheer size of his engorged manhood and the inflated bell that caps it, means my g spot becomes firmly stimulated and highly sensitised, but he rarely lasts long enough the first time to actually trigger a G spot climax. And while the thickness of his penetration means he opens me up far enough that my clit too gets teased and stimulated by his thrusts, it too is left in a swollen and needy state.

In short, as well as being flooded with his cum, his first ejaculation leaves me flooded with drug like blissful feelings, driven by overwhelming rushes of Oxytocin and whatever other pleasure inducing endorphins can drive a woman wild with love, almost tearful passion, and unmitigated lust for her man, but my sexual organs remained primed for an explosive, crazily powerful contraction inducing climax at the slightest provocation.

As he started penetrating me with the dildo, I tensed and moaned, lifting my hips as if that somehow would release me from the cold press of the glass. It might have sounded and looked like an orgasm; but it was nothing of the sort; at least I thought so at first. I clenched my body around it; telling myself it was good for me; like an ice pack on a bruise.

But like getting into a cold ocean, that first shock doesn’t last that long. Once you’re half in, you might still know it’s cold, but the body gets through the sensory overload and starts processing the sensory experience more objectively.

Almost involuntarily I was clenching and unclenching it. But a mental question I had before this started was quickly answered. There was definitely a sexual undertone to the experience. A major sexual undertone. Far from putting my internal erogenous zones into deep chill, it was playing to their already sensitised state. Maybe it was the fact that Adam was still holding the dildo by its balls, slowly rotating it as he pushed it tesettürlü escort in that had something to do with that. After all, I don’t get all hot when the doctor inserts her little torture device into me for that little periodic indignity that only women have to endure.

I felt a shock of excitement as it first touched my still sensitised g spot, emitting something between a hum and a groan at the intensity of it. Encouraged, Adam continued the relentless penetration of my body with the dildo, still rotating it as he went. The dildo had only a slight curve below the deeply grooved bell head, so that didn’t involve any great rearrangement of my internal organs as he did it (unlike some of them I saw online, when shopping for this one, might have achieved).

I was just starting to relax into the grove of the whole thing, when the still chilled tip first brushed against my cervix. A mere moment later, Adam’s continued rotation of it brought the peak of its arched curve rubbing firmly against my G Spot as the freezing cold glass balls came to rest on my clit.

My whole body exploded; all at once. Every erogenous zone triggered simultaneously.

Adam was half over me as I lay on my back. I threw myself at him, yelling a machine gun rapid staccato…

“Oh god…oh god…oh god…oh god…ah…ah…ah…

I hooked my leg over his, rubbing my body frantically up and down; the end of the crystal dildo torn from his fingers’ previously light grip. My crotch sought out the projecting firmness of his freshly aroused manhood, the cold glass balls of the dildo massaging the length of Adam’s massive shaft as I used to it to thrust and move the dildo inside me. The staccato merged into one long moan…


All as I gripped Adam ever tighter, my brain, my whole self was overwhelmed, flooded by feeling of pleasure and washed by hormones that somehow made me believe if I just gripped him tightly enough our bodies would merge into one and this high could go on forever.

Caught completely off guard, Adam could only wrap his arms around me and let me roll him onto his back as this wild woman went crazy on him, her stomach firmly rubbing the tip of his cock as these frozen glass balls rubbed less firmly just above his own softer and more sensitive balls.

This wasn’t just a really good cervical orgasm, nor was it fated to be merely a pleasurable but quick clitoris or G Spot one. It was everything at once, the cold contact of the glass magnifying everything out of all proportion, the rubbing intensifying the orgasm as it moved the dildo about and the chilled glass slowing what would usually be the sensitivity of my clit that would bring things to an end.

As my contractions pummelled the dildo, I squirted, soaking Adams balls and adding to the mess of Adam’s cum that already rested in the towel under our hips. And then, seemingly unsatisfied, I squirted again.

All this was too much for Adam. I heard him groan as he seperated his stomach away from mine, opening up a free path for the release of his cum. Moments later, repeated hot, gushing jets of the creamy fluid of his seed coated the underside of my breasts and painted them white.

Still groaning, Adam closed the gap again, smearing his cum between our bodies and spreading it widely as I continued to rub myself against him.

It must have been five minutes before I calmed down and the climax truly passed, leaving me clenched tightly against Adam, still on an endorphin high with his cum now oozing from between our bodies and dripping down onto the bed.

I burst into laughter…

“Arr yuck. What a mess.”

“What a crazy woman. Do you want that dildo taken out?”

“I couldn’t help it. In a minute, but no hurry. It’s still doing its job.”

I peeled myself away from him and flopped onto my back, his cum like a sticky glue tacking us lightly together. There remained something tinglingly pleasurable about the dildo’s presence. But in any case, it was still chilling my stretched womanhood as it was meant to. As subtly as I could, I pushed it back into full penetration, feeling once again its delightful contact with my cervix. No point rushing these things.

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