Damian and Ashley

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Damian’s mind was racing as they walked into his house at the end of the night and slipped off his shoes by the door. He mindlessly walked through the door toward the kitchen for a glass of water, so involved in his thoughts that he nearly jumped out of his skin when Ashley shut the door loudly behind her and followed suit placing her stilettos next to his shoes.

She smiled that sweet smile and hastily apologized for interrupting his thoughts. “Sorry about that, I guess I don’t know my own strength.” When he didn’t respond her smile turned into a frown. “Damian… is everything alright?”

“What? I mean yeah, everything is… fine, it’s totally fine.” he said between gulps of water. Based on the look on her face he knew without a doubt that she didn’t believe a word coming out of his mouth, so he amended his response hoping to make it a bit more believable. “Sorry, I just ate too much at dinner, I’ve got a bit of a stomach ache.”

“Oh, well why don’t you head up to your room and lie down and relax and I’ll make some tea for you and bring it up okay?”

As he silently nodded his head and turned around to walk up the stairs to his bedroom to “relax and feel better” he knew that if anything this would only make things so much worse. What was he doing letting her up in his room, for that matter what was he thinking letting her come over at all. He had never brought a woman home before so why was he starting now, and especially with her. He had so many conflicting feelings about her, as though he could tell that she was going to cause some huge disruption in the natural order of his life, but was going along with it anyways.

As Damian was settling into bed, Ashley walked through the door with a steaming cup in each hand and walked over to sit on the edge of his bed. He tensed and she sensed his sudden change in temperament.

“Ok Damian what gives? I know this is more than just an upset stomach, every time I walk in the room you look like someone just slapped you across the face. If you want me to leave all you have to do is say so!” she said, obviously hurt as she slammed the cups down on the bed side table and starting walking purposefully toward the door.

He jumped out of bed and chased after her grabbing her wrist just before she started down the innovia escort stairs. She pulled out of his grasp a look of fear in her eyes as she backed up to a wall breathing heavily. He backed up a bit and apologized “I…I didn’t mean to… I won’t do it again.” he said stumbling over his words. “I owe you an apology, and not just for that, for the way I’ve been acting all night.”

“You’re damn right you do, you’ve always seemed a little off but never like this before. What the hell is going on, is it something I did or something I said?”

“No! I mean maybe. I mean, I don’t know!” he stammered beginning to pace and walk around the small area outside of his bedroom. “Every time I’m with you I get this strange feeling, like maybe you’re the one who’s going to bring me out of this awful part of my life, and then the next moment I feel like I’m not ready, like I should run because I know you’re going to change my life and I can’t stand the thought of it!” He looked away from her and realized that while he was talking he had walked back into his room, and she had followed him, having calmly gone over to pick up her cup of tea and wandered over to the side of his bed where she was now perched calmly sipping her tea. He raised one eyebrow at her. “You know your clients must love you. I can’t decide whether I’m impressed or annoyed. I’m pouring my heart out here and I look over and you’re calmly sipping your tea. I half expect to hear you say ‘and how do you feel about that?’ next.”

Her look went from understanding acceptance to annoyance and then to anger and he knew he had said the wrong thing. She rose to her feet and walked right up to face him and despite the fact that she was an entire foot shorter than he was, Damian suddenly felt a little uneasy. “If you want me to be passionate and scream back at you then fine! You know what I think? I think you had one bad experience in your past and you’re bound and determined to use it to run away from everyone and everything the rest of your fucking life! If you were any other guy I’d have been over here and in your room a month ago, and not to talk to you about your past!” By now he had backed her into a corner and he was hoping with every fiber of his being to sink through the walls to get away from istanbul escort this. “I’m so sick and tired of leaving every date feeling like I have no idea whether or not you’re going to call to ask to see me again, or run away like a scared little boy!”

He turned his head back to face her and as he did so was startled to see that there were tears in her eyes. She turned her head to the side and quickly wiped at her eyes and nose and muttered something under her breath. He looked down at her and before he got the chance to ask she looked up and said “My ex boyfriend was a lot like you, you know, passionate yet reclusive. Then he joined the Army without bothering to tell me. When he finally got around to it, it was two weeks before he was leaving for basic training. He told me he thought it would impress me. I can’t be with another guy who’s gong to keep himself at a distance for months and then pick up and leave me.”

“I’m not going to do that, it’s just taking me a while to trust the world again and trust that anyone could be capable of caring for me, but I’m not going to do what he did, I could never do that!”

“Then prove it, because this strong, silent, distant type bull shit isn’t exactly inspiring confidence!”

When he remained motionless she turned and started for the door again, and this time it was him who backed her into a corner. She looked up at him a mixture of fear and excitement in her eyes, then she gasped as he pressed his mouth to hers and pressed himself against her, pinning her to the wall. She moaned against him, kissing him back. He put one hand on the back of her head and the other arm he wrapped around her waist as he led her over to his bed, when they reached the edge of the bed they didn’t part for a moment instead toppling over one another until this time he found himself beneath her.

She straddled him with her knees on either side of his hips as she continued to kiss him, some how managing to effortlessly work the buttons down the front of his shirt until she pulled the two sides apart and forced him to sit up so that she could push it off of his shoulders, down his arms and throw it to the side. Then she pulled her blouse over her head and smirked as she saw the look on his face, then moaned again kadıköy escort as he lifted his hands from his side to caress the smooth skin of her stomach then her back before hastily unclasping her bra and tossing it aside. She bit her lower lip and her eyes rolled back in her head as he clasped each of her now hardened nipples between his thumbs and forefingers.

Ashley began to tip backwards and Damian took advantage of this, laying her gently down on her back and swinging himself around so that he was sitting beside her and could lean over and take one nipple in his mouth while undoing the button and zipper on her pants, then lifting himself up to push them down past her feet and onto the floor. Before he got the chance o climb back on top of her he heard her giggle and looked down. She looked up into his eyes, biting at the corner of her bottom lip. “This doesn’t seem very fair,” she said before climbing out from underneath him and back on top to unbutton and take off his pants, then pulled down his boxers as well.

Her mouth fell open as she saw the full length of his erection unobscured by any clothing. He reached down and pulled off her underwear and threw them aside. “Fair enough for you?” he asked her as he reached down to caress the insides of her thighs moving higher and higher until he parted her lips and dipped his finger inside to feel how wet she was. She moaned and he pushed his finger deeper inside her moving in and out with her moaning every time he was in deep. She reached down and started stroking him. Her hand moved faster and faster as she came closer and closer to her climax. As she orgasmed she screamed his name, then got a wild look in her eyes and pushed him back up off of her to the other end of the bed before crawling up onto his lap. Before he could question her motives she lowered herself down onto his entire length, something no woman had ever been capable of before.

His mouth dropped open as she covered parts of him that nobody ever had before. She moved her body up and down, slowly at first and then faster. His head fell back and he groaned as she enveloped him over and over. He pushed her down all the way to his lap and moaned as he reached his climax.

Ashley rose up off his lap and the two of them collapsed onto the bed side by side. After taking some time to regain his breath Damian rose up and leaned over her, kissing her on the forehead. “I will never leave you the way he did, I promise you.” They laid there with her head on his chest and fell asleep, both of them wondering if his promise was truly one that could be kept.

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