Her Enormous Son Ch. 03

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I couldn’t believe my eyes at the sight of Christy’s enormous breasts. They hung down and way from her chest like massive teardrops so beautifully. They were toppled with massive bumpy areolas and big pink nipples. As she was coming closer to us, she kicks off her shoes and drops her business jeans. Her enormous breasts sway back and forth with her movements. Both of my eyes were glue to her ample orbs.

“Do you think my tits can fit in there?” Christy asks.

“Oh yes,” I said staring hard at her enormous jugs as they swung from her chest.

“I need for you to get them all nice and wet for me,” Christy says in a perky voice.

I didn’t waste anytime in latching onto one of her big nipples. Tugging on it between my lips. Feeling her bumpy areolas bush against my lips as he suck her nipple in. I took my tongue and caressed the areola. Dragging it over the small bumps, circling her rock hard buds.

While I tasted her yummy titties, she decided to finish my job on Cynthia’s pussy. While I sucked her huge tits and savor her delicious skin in my mouth, my eyes looked up to see her tongue getting an extreme work out from licking at Cynthia’s soak cunt. Cynthia could feel the orgasms rushing through her body. The chills that Christy’s tongue send through her pussy were unbearable for Cynthia. She immediately came down Christy’s mouth but Christy didn’t stop her assault on Cynthia’s pussy. She inserted two fingers between her moist walls and finger fuck her long and hard. Cynthia was moaning deeply in Cathy’s cunt that was on her face.

Cathy starts to ride Cynthia’s face, moving her cunt back and forth over her mouth. The intense finger fucking Christy was doing to Cynthia, gave Cynthia the power to do her own intense assault on Cathy’s pink mound.

Meanwhile I had a mouthful of Christy’s large tits. Sucking on them from every angle. My hands knead the massive mounds into cone shapes so I could fit great amounts inside my open wide mouth. I felt Christy’s other hand wrap around my monster. Stroking it from the base to the tip. I started to moan with a mouthful of breasts.

Christy took one of her lip smacking tits out of my mouth and into both of her tiny hands. She starts to rub it up and down Cynthia’s open cunt. The big nipple was slowly rubbing against the enlarge clitoris. Christy presses harder and harder trying to stuff as much of her tit inside Cynthia’s spread cunt. Feeling Cynthia’s juices flowing down the huge tit and nipple. She started to ram the tit inside Cynthia’s pussy like it was an enormous dick. Cynthia was groaning and moaning very loud inside Cathy’s wet cunt.

My dick was throbbing hard from watching Christy fuck Cynthia’s pussy with her massive tit. After a few minutes of fucking her pussy, she took the pussy juice cover tit out of the cunt and held it for me to clean off. And so I did. My tongue lap circles around her massive jug. Starting from far out to making it’s way to the center where her nipple rested, cover in Cynthia’s juices. I took the bahis firmaları nipple into my mouth and use my tongue to swirl around it before sucking it deep into my starving mouth. I even manage to get some of her massive areola between my lips. The tit sucking made Christy go into an orgasmic state and she finally came inside her panties. Cathy came as well inside Cynthia’s mouth around the same time Christy did.

Christy wanted to take a ride on my huge dick, so I wasn’t going to disappoint her. I sat up one the best and Cathy and Cynthia were positioning themselves on either side of me. They both took my massive dick in their hands and started to stroke it a bit. Christy’s mouth went directly for my giant balls. Sucking one ball between her lips and then switching to the other. She caressed my balls with her long tongue. Those girls’ sended chills throughout my body and it really tingle my cock to throb more in the other two’s hands.

Cathy and Cynthia both lodge their mouths on my dick. Sucking it up and down on their respective side. Having three busty girls suck my dick and balls were sending me over the edge. I was gripping at the sheets and moaning non-stop. Orgasms came one after another. Cathy worked my massive swollen cockhead between her lips while Cynthia licked my thick shaft. I look down at Christy who had both my big balls in her mouth. One on each cheek. Her tongue was giving them a bath like never before.

After 5 minutes of literally devouring my dick and balls, Cathy and Cynthia help Christy straddle herself on the ride of her life. They took off her thong and toss them over by the rest of her clothes. Her moist pussy was being lower down onto my huge dick like god was sending an angel down to relief me of my throbbing. Her pussy wasn’t like the other two’s. I could tell Christy has been around the block before. She even took in more of my meat then the other two could.

I placed my hands on her hips as her back was towards me and begins to thrust my thick tool deep into her wounds. The sweat was pouring off her body. Making her face and tits glisten.

“OOOOH Yeaaaaaah! Fuck me. Fuck me with your big dick. OOOOWWW! So big. OOOWWWW! “ Cried Christy, as my huge cock was being stuff inside her cunt like feeling a taco with all of its ingredients.

Cathy and Cynthia were holding Christy’s arms as her hands grip my legs tight. They were smiling at the painful expressions she was giving off on her face. Her giant sweaty tits were bobbing up and down, swaying back and forth, and wobbling all over her chest. Either girl could keep their eyes and hands off them. They started to slap the bouncing tits. Slapping her tits into on another hard, making thunderous slaps. They pulled on her nipples, stretching her mammoth breasts from her chest as they ripple like ocean waves.

“AAAAAHHH! So huge. UUUGGGHHH! Suck my tits ladies. Suck them. MMMMMM. AAAHHHH!” Cried and moaned Christy as both girls answers her demands. They latch themselves onto a tit and started sucking kaçak iddaa furiously on it. Cramming and shoving as much of her sweaty tits into their mouths as possible. The intensity of all that cause Christy to unleash her fluids on my dick and balls but I continued to bounce her on my big dick until I was ready to cum.

I started to lean back on the bed and position her arms back to my shoulders. The arch her back thrusting out her gigantic beautiful titties. I took hold of them and resume pounding her pussy. They bounce and jiggle in my hands. Sinking through my fingers as I maul them and held them for support. Cynthia and Cathy had gotten eye level with my cock ramming into Christy’s wound. They each took on of my legs on their shoulders and started to suck away at my heavy swinging balls. Their noses were push up against my cunt-juiced dick.

Cathy removed her mouth from my balls and started licking and sucking the part of my cock that was not inserted inside Christy. Lapping up Christy’s juices and my sweat that was dripping off my hard cock. She even was so bold to lick at Christy’s juice flowing cunt while my meaty dick smashed it’s way in and out.

Christy’s pussy was being ripped open and she could feel it. Her loud moans and screams could indicate that I was breaking this girl in half. I stop my thrusting and rested my dick a bit between her swollen cunt. Cynthia and Cathy pull out juicy dick out and started to double suck it. Tasting Christy’s juices and my pre-cum that was soak up on it. They give it a few good sucks and licks before reinserting it back inside Christy’s pussy. I started to resume ramming her. Christy came yet again, dripping juices down my dick to my balls. The girls once again lap up the juices off my big dick and balls. I was going to use their saliva and Christy’s cunt juice to ease my cock between her ass.

I position Christy on all fours as Cathy gives my big dick one last lubing up with her mouth.

“Mmmmm. I love your huge dick. Can’t wait to feel it come back inside me,” moaned Cathy.

I started to rub my cock between her soft ass cheeks. Both Cynthia and Cathy position themselves on each side of Christy. They both took a handful of her ass cheeks and separated them from each other. I plow my wet dick right in without warning.

“AAAAHHHHHH. So fucking huge. Holy shit. Holy fucking shit. AHHH my fucking ass. My virgin fucking ass!” Cried Christy. Her ass being virgin made the pleasure of my fucking it even better.

I didn’t waste anytime with going slow; I just thrust my big dick in and out of her asshole. I could feel it ripping apart from just my swollen cockhead being plug inside. Cathy and Cynthia watch up close my huge dick drilling Christy’s asshole. They start kissing Christy’s wobbling ass cheeks. Kneading them and spanking them until their handprints were on them. My hands even grabs a chunk of her ass and squeezes it while forcing more and more of my enormous drill within her anus.

“Fuck her ass. Fuck it hard. kaçak bahis Rip that hole apart,” urged Cathy watching intensely as I pounded Christy’s ass harder and faster.

Christy was biting down on my bed, trying to fight through the pain. Her giant tits sway underneath her wildly. Cathy and Cynthia each take a tit in their hands and squeeze it until they soak through their fingers. They once again latch their mouths onto Christy’s nipples. Sucking and chewing on them like a dog does rubber toys. Her nipples by now were red with teeth marks on them.

Their hands left Christy’s big bouncing tits and traveled to her soak pussy. Rubbing at her clit and pussy walls furiously while my huge dick rips her asshole apart. Christy came within minutes of the girls rubbing her cunt. Her juices spill into their hands. They remove their hands from her cunt and trade off their hands to each other. Cathy starts licking and sucking Cynthia’s fingers while Cynthia did the same to Cathy. They were giving each other orgasms. They even stuck their fingers into Christy’s mouth so she could taste her own sweet juices.

I pulled out cock out of her ass and asked for one of the girls to lube it up again. Cathy took hold of my dick immediately and sucked what she could between her lips. Stroking and sucking my mammoth dick at the same time. Cynthia slides herself under Christy to form a 69. The two starts to eat each other’s wet cunts.

Cathy pops my dick out of her mouth and slides it back inside Christy’s ass personally. She given got behind me, smoothing my back with her huge tits and took hold of Christy’s hips and starts to thrust her on my big cock. Her pussy was thrusting against my ass and her big tits hitting my back. Feeling her body against mines made me extremely horny.

I press my sweaty chest against Christy’s back and my hands moved under her to grip her massive tits and hold them while my cock push deep inside her asshole. Christy was in pain and moaning deeply inside Cynthia’s pussy as she ate it.

I fuck Christy’s ass for another eight minutes before pulling my cock out and positioning Cathy’s mouth under it. I gave my huge dick a few jerks before it sprays down Cathy’s face. Huge blobs running down her forehead, nose, cheeks, and eyes. Some of my hot cum got inside her mouth. She took my cock into her mouth to suck the rest of my gooey cum out and empty my giant balls.

Christy and Cynthia had both came while eating each other out. I could see Christy’s asshole was leaking fluids, which was all over my cock before Cathy inserted it inside her cock hungry mouth.

We all started up fucking each other again until my bedroom phone rung. I answer it on the forth ring. It was my mom. She was calling about the other three ladies. I had to make up an excuse quickly so I told her that Cathy was feeling sick. Throw up on Cynthia who had to wash her top and Christy was taking care of Cathy. I was surprise she believed my excuse. She told me to drive the three ladies down to the country club in about 15 minutes. I agreed to and say my goodbyes to my mother. We got in a group kiss and some tongue actions before putting back on our clothes and heading out the door to the country club.

To be continued.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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