Annie Goes Outdoors Again

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A few months back spring arrived in my city. The first weekend of really warm weather caught most people by surprise. It also gave me a great idea.

When Annie and I got home from grocery shopping that Saturday morning I told her to get changed. We were going for a bushwalk to make the most of the great weather. I know Annie looked at me a little strangely. She suspected what I was up to. When she saw me putting my camera gear into the car she knew exactly what my plan was!

We’re not avid bushwalkers. We do have a few favourite places where we like to spend some quiet time. One is close to our place. We park off the road and head into the bush. Not too far in there’s a short climb up to a wide, flat rock ledge. It seems not many others have ever bothered to explore up there so we’ve only ever had it to ourselves.

I like that spot in particular because it’s a great place to indulge in one of Annie’s passions – outdoor fucking!

It was a very warm day but by the time we got up to the ledge there was a little bit of shade starting to spread across the rock. Annie wasn’t bothered either way — she likes it nice and hot. She made the most of the open spaces and warm air by stripping of her shirt before I could even begin to spread out a beach towel. Of course she was deliberately provoking me!

Annie loves the outdoors when its hot. She loves it even more when we can find a secluded place — somewhere that’s public yet also private to us, at least for the time we’re using it. Not that Annie minds being naked in front of other people. But a secluded outdoors spot gets her mind turning to one thing!

And after the cold months I knew she was really enjoying the sudden freedom of being able to strip off and feel the open air on her skin. I could hardly take my eyes off her. The afternoon light made her lovely Chinese skin look even more golden. In the bright sunshine her chocolate coloured nipples looked even bigger and darker.

I pulled out my camera gear while trying not to take my gaze away from Annie. As soon as she saw I was ready Annie slipped off her sandals and her shorts. For the first time in many long months she was totally naked in the wide outdoors.

What an incredible, sexy sight she presented. Her long, black hair fell down across her shoulders and accentuated her gorgeous face. Her light golden skin looked tanned and perfect against the yellow sandstone. Her long, slender limbs were strong and supple after a winter of gym work. Those nipples were standing long and proud in the afternoon warmth. And her black bush, extra thick after months without shaving or waxing, seemed to shine in the sunlight that day.

I was still fully clothed. Annie loves it like that. She feels more wanton when she is the only one naked and at the centre of the attention.

Annie stretched out across the rock ledge and with barely a word from me began to pose for me and the camera. She was almost effortless. We’ve done this kind of thing many times and Annie knows what I like to see. She also knows how to show off her best features. The warm weather was doing its part too, as if rousing Annie from a long winter slumber. She languidly moved herself from one position to another. She was really enjoying the opportunity and it hardly mattered that I was there or had the camera clicking away.

I got some nice close-ups of her flat chest under the dappled shade and those long, dark nipples standing proudly in the sunlight. Annie’s nipples are long even when she is not aroused. They looked great with the light falling across them.

I tried to keep my mind on taking shots that were more erotic than pornographic. Then Annie rolled over and let me focus on her tight little butt for a few great shots. I reminded myself of the great deal I’d struck with Annie that she would not wear pants around the house in the warm months. I was going to be seeing a lot more of her arse from now on. I moved position to get the best angle on her rounded cheeks and her long, shapely legs

Next I moved to her feet to use the reverse angle. Annie was trying to anticipate me and even before I was ready she spread her legs for me. I knew she was loving the warm sun between her thighs but I also knew that she was doing her best to tease me. And it was working! I gave up trying to be artistic and instead I zoomed in on the crack between her arse cheeks and the thick black pubes that poked out from between her legs.

I wanted more of course and softly ordered Annie to draw one knee up under her hip. Silently she complied, knowing it would expose her private places to the sun and to my camera. I was able to take a few shots that showed her slender thighs to best advantage but of course what I was after was the spot where her flesh joined and pointed the way to her cunt and her anus.

Once more I instructed her softly, telling her she should reach back with one hand and gently spread herself for me. With her left hand she pulled at one of her pert buttocks. She gave casino şirketleri me a full view of her bush and just a little peak at her arsehole as the rays of the sun brought some light to that usually dark place. I went for some super close-ups that showed the detail of each hair that stuck up into the light.

Then I had her turn and sit up. She stretched out again, still aroused by the warmth of the day. Annie looked as beautiful as ever, leaning back on her arms and showing off the length of her sexy, slim body. Again she casually parted her legs to let her thick bush stand proudly in the sunshine. She was loving the chance to let herself go like this and loving the thought that she was turning me on fiercely.

I kept moving around taking pictures as Annie hugged her knees and pulled them up to her chest. Carefully I had her move her knees back and forth as I tried again to stay within the bounds of artistic expression. Her cute, round butt looked a treat and I made sure to get some more pics of her soft curves. I was talking to her the whole time now and I was rewarded several shots of her beautiful face giving me one of her warm smiles.

I knew I couldn’t take much more of Annie’s teasing and the knowledge that she was just as aroused as me. I just had one more pose before I put down the camera.

With her knees still pressed against her chest I asked Annie to reach down under her bum with both hands. She knew what I wanted. Once upon a time Annie had confessed she felt ‘odd’ with me lusting after her the way I do — and especially when I was always seem focussed on her cunt. But eventually she came to understand just how desirable a woman’s sex can be — especially hers!

So without further direction from me Annie reached under her butt cheeks and once more pulled her flesh apart. This time her fingers snaked through her thick bush and she took hold of her cunt lips, softly spreading them, opening herself up for me. Her small, dark brown cunt lips parted easily. Her clit was still hidden away under its fleshy hood. But the sun looked just perfect as it played across Annie’s lush pubes and fell onto the dark pink flesh of her entrance.

I could see how wet she’d become, her cunt flesh glistening in the light as the warm air played through her long, black pubes. I knew Annie had lost interest in the camera. By this point she was showing herself to me! I quickly took a half dozen shots but I knew the moment had come.

I handed the camera to Annie and suggested she could take a few shots of me once I had stripped off. Annie was as distracted as me. So she knelt on the towel and took a couple of perfunctory pictures as I stood before her. I have to confess that I much prefer to be the photographer rather than the subject but I did my best to pose properly as my rock hard cock pointed straight at her. Then she just reached out and helped herself!

Her fingers wrapped around my shaft and I noticed the way her arm looked as she leaned over and reached out to touch me. I thought for a brief moment how great a shot it would have made – her looking so lithe and sexy as she reached out to me, looking horny and hungry. Then I wondered whether she might want to come a little closer and suck me into her mouth. But on this day I had misjudged things a little. I hadn’t realised just how horny Annie would feel from being naked outdoors again after so long. Right then she was thinking about her own needs.

‘Hmmmm,’ she moaned with that deep sound she gives when she is totally turned on. I swear I saw her lick her lips with anticipation. She was looking at my eyes but I know her focus was on my cock.

‘I want that inside me,’ she grinned. ‘Now.’ There was no way I could refuse her anything at that moment. Her sexual fire was exactly what I had had in mind that morning when I decided on a little bushwalk.

I moved next to her on the towel. The hard rock underneath would not be good for my knees. So I sat back on the towel, bracing myself with one hand while the other held my cock, letting it point straight up. Annie got the hint.

She carefully put the camera down on the rock ledge and climbed up onto her knees next to me. Our eyes were locked on one another. It was all about passion at that point. She wasted no time in swinging her leg over me and straddling my stomach.

Without another sound, my gorgeous Annie reached behind her and guided my cock towards her hole. I let go, leaving her to achieve the insertion. I kept looking into the eyes as she fitted the tip of my cock between her cunt lips, noticing the way her long hair fell over her shoulders and around her face — my Chinese beauty.

Twice, three times Annie gently rode up and down my shaft. She was spreading her slickness along my length. Next she let out a soft moan and her eyes half closed. She brought her hands in front and placed them flat on my chest. Then Annie pushed back firmly onto me and suddenly I was hilt-deep in her delicious cunt.

It was wonderful. casino firmaları I would have ended up fucking Annie that day anyway. But right then and there I was so incredibly turned on to feel the warm breeze blowing across our skin as her cunt muscles closed around my shaft. Knowing how much Annie loves fucking outdoors made it even better. But outdoors sex sometimes requires some clever positioning to avoid damage to one’s knees.

Quickly I swung her legs around so that her knees were in front of her. I pulled myself up into a seated position. Now Annie was sitting in my lap, impaled on my rock hard cock as I gently held her to me and began slowly to rock back and forth.

I was buried deep inside her but no effort was needed as her weight forced her down onto me. I could feel her wetness and her pubic hair brushing against me. Her cunt swallowed my cock entirely and I could easily shift position to press against all Annie’s right places.

She shuddered slightly and let out another moan — this one a much deeper sound. I knew Annie wouldn’t cum quickly but that sound was familiar — it was Annie’s sound of deepest sexual pleasure. I wrapped my arms around her and rocked and rocked, telling her how sexy she is and how much I enjoyed sharing our sexual pleasure like that.

After a few minutes I slipped my hands down to her round little arse and helped myself to a really good feel. I remembered again about our deal for the warmer months. ‘I’m expecting to see a lot more of your bum around the house,’ I whispered to her. ‘The warmer weather is here and we’ve got a deal, remember?’

She smiled a big smile in reply. ‘I catch you checking out my bottom even when I have pants on,’ she said. ‘I hope you’ll do more back there than just touch me.’ I chuckled — that was a deal I could live with.

Annie is so light compared to my strength that its no trouble at all to fuck her while she is seated astride me. By cupping her butt I could shift her weight into a new position and really start to fuck her properly. Her hole was wide open and I was buried deep inside her. I’ve never taken her arse in that position, however. The thought has occurred to me that I might suggest it one day.

Since we didn’t need to move too much I knew I could turn this into a very long fuck session. It felt like we were totally united in lust and love. And I know that when Annie is as turned on as she was that day she doesn’t care how sore she ends up afterwards. It was still warm on the ledge so I was pretty sweaty. That meant we could slide together easily. But I knew the real wetness was coming from Annie’s cunt — and after a while I wanted some!

‘Sit on my face?’ I whispered to her. ‘You know we’re not leaving here till I have drunk some of your juices.’

Annie slowly slipped herself off my cock. Once penetrated she finds it a distraction to have me withdraw my cock. But I knew what I needed. Again we manoeuvred and this time I had her position herself over my face with her strong thighs on either side of me. This more dominant position doesn’t come naturally to Annie but she always loves having her cunt on my mouth. Right then I was more thinking of how proud and sexy she looked, propped up there in the wide open spaces. She was naked and exposed. I would have been pleased to show her off to anyone at that point.

I put my hands on her butt cheeks as I looked up into her soft, warm cunt. Her small, delicate labia were spread like the petals of an erotic flower. Her hole was slightly open and her juices were running freely. With a gentle nudge I had Annie lower herself to my mouth. I reached up with my tongue and probed her hole, taking a big taste of her cunt juices.

Annie sighed in response. I pulled her down harder so I could stick my tongue right up into her opening, giving her some of the penetration she craved. I wanted her clit too. Hell, I thought about how close I was to her butthole and I wanted that! But for the moment I concentrated on giving her exactly what she wanted and felt my nose press against her clit and her thick bushy pubes tickling my nostrils.

Her juices were thick that day and her taste was strong. It did not bother me one little bit — I love all that Annie offers in her many variations. But after drinking what seemed a copious amount of her lust I just had to flick my tongue over her small clit and close my lips around that little button.

Annie gasped slightly at the change. Her clit was like a tiny pebble — hard and erect, prominent even under her fleshy hood. I held it between my lips and swirled my tongue around it. I have always loved eating a woman to orgasm. Its not necessarily Annie’s favourite climax — she prefers another method. And she wanted it right now!

‘Inside me,’ she said. It was almost a whimper. ‘I want you inside’. What could I do but oblige her?

We still had the hard rock underneath the towel. But Annie wanted to be fucked and I knew with her being so light she would be comfortable underneath güvenilir casino me for a time. So I rolled her onto her side and pushed at her legs till she had her knees up level with her waist. It was almost like the foetal position. Kneeling behind her way I got a full view of her bush and little butthole. Together they pointed the way. I knelt behind her and leaned forward to get the right angle. Then I pushed my cock into her again.

Lying like that Annie could relax and let me fuck her. Sometimes I like to hold whichever leg is on top, spreading her thighs for a better look at Annie’s cunt and my cock stroking in and out of her. This time I just let one leg lie on top of the other. The extra pressure was needed to overcome the lack of friction due to Annie being so wet! The result was that her luscious cunt felt even tighter — and she got to feel every bit of my girth.

So there we were, in the open air and fucking, Annie totally naked and heated up from the sun and the probing in her cunt. But eventually my knees were paying the price so I decided on another change.

‘On top,’ I muttered to Annie. ‘I want to watch you in the sunlight and watch you fucking in the open air.’ Slowly she followed my lead, once more straddling me and lowering herself onto my rigid pole. As her flesh closed around my cock I didn’t know if I was fucking Annie or she was fucking me.

But she did make a wonderful sight up there. Her lithe, sexy body was glowing and her long hair swung as she began to hump up and down my length. I looked down and saw that her bush was soaking wet. I could feel the wet hairs against my own skin. I watched as her petite cunt lips encased my fat cock. Her huge nipples pointed at me, inviting and seemingly hungry for attention. I reached up and softly pulled on them.

But cock was all Annie was interested in at that stage — my own fault really, having concocted this plan to have her in a sexual frenzy.

‘Change,’ she soon said to me. ‘Let me underneath.’ This is Annie’s preferred way of cumming — it allows me to find the perfect angle for her and to ride up high on her clit.

‘You really need a good fucking?’

‘I need to cum!’ There was nothing more to say.

Quickly we rolled around till Annie was lying underneath me on the towel with her knees up high and her legs spread wide. She wasn’t kidding — rapid entry was required!

I slid into position between her silken thighs and rubbed my cockhead around her bush and her rigid clit.

‘You are so fucking wet.’


Annie reached up to me, wanting to pull me into her. I slowly followed her lead, sinking forward into her. My reward was another of Annie’s wonderful moans. Then I began sliding my full length into her hot, sopping cunt. Her hole was wide now — an involuntary response. Her muscles had opened her up so as to take all of me deep. Her body was taking over from her mind.

I decided to get right into the action and after a few thrusts I had myself in position to fuck my beautiful woman good and proper. I lay on top of her, holding her in my arms and gripping her shoulders with my hands. She was wedged in tight underneath me. Then I moved up high so the base of my cock was pressing firmly on her pubic bone. The look on Annie’s face told me all I needed to know right then. Without another sound I started to slide back and forth.

A lot of the pleasure of fucking is the visual element. But in this kind of frenzy Annie becomes totally centred on her own body and her rising orgasm. She was lying there under me, gripping my arms tight, her eyes firmly closed and her mouth hanging slightly open. Oh, yes — this was the spot, this was the angle!

A couple of times I shifted position. I needed to give my knees a rest. I also wanted to push myself as far as I could into her gaping tunnel. It seemed the best way to get my own fun! Annie was so aroused, her cunt so hungry that there was almost no resistance from her cunt muscles. It felt like I could slip completely inside her.

But each time Annie started making little noises that told me she wasn’t getting enough. I knew the time had come to give her exactly what she wanted, what she needed.

Again I rode up high on her pubic bone. I’ve never really worked out if this position gets her clit or the fabled ‘G spot’. What I do know is that when we fuck like this Annie sometimes cannot stop, no matter how sore she might be the next day!

Its hard to piston in and out in this position but it changes the sensation for me so I can last a lot longer. So I can give Annie a good, solid fucking — shoving my hips into her, pushing my cock as deep as it will go and each time making sure that I keep the pressure up high.

It sure did the trick. I knew from the way Annie was so completely silent. All I could hear was her quiet little gasps of air and the sound of my cock sloshing in her cunt juices.

I kept at it for several minutes, driving into Annie — relishing the thought that she was fast approaching a massive release. I have seen Annie orgasm with many other lovers but we both know that she only achieves her best with me. No other man has learned her secrets and no other man gets to fuck Annie like I do.

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