Jess and the Girls Ch. 01

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Anal Dildo

Strong sexual content.

Jess awakened with the alarm and thought about what he needed to do today since it was Saturday. Groceries, the mall for some summer stuff were the main things he thought. With a bit of a struggle he raised his upper body with his arms. He looked down at his totally paralyzed legs which were very atrophied from no use all of his life. He was born with some kind of birth defect in his spine that had left them paralyzed from birth. His left leg was even a little over two inches shorter. He had about sixty percent feeling in the upper part and almost no feeing in the lower legs. He also noticed the pee hard on he had and was very happy it was not affected. Jess was young, twenty four almost, but had not had any experience being able to use it yet. He was uncut and the long foreskin still covered the large head. He had measured it once several years ago (don’t most boys?) and it was almost eight inches and sorta thick. It seemed to work as he got off looking at disabled/amputee women on the internet.

He moved over to his wheelchair, a TiLite, and moved his rear over to the seat. With his hands he lifted each leg down to its foot rest, one being higher than the other. He rolled into the bathroom, used the john and into the shower, transferring to the bench. He put a belt around his chest so he would not fall off the bench and pushed his wheelchair out then closed the glass door. He washed everything good, dried off and back out to the sink where he finished up. Back in the bedroom he put his braces on and then a pair of shorts and t-shirt. He had not walked for some time but liked the looks and feel of them on his legs so he continued to wear them almost all the time. He also put a two inch band around his thighs just back of his knees and around his lower calves and the frame of his wheelchair. This was to keep his legs and feet from bouncing off the foot rest.

He decided a trip thru the drive-in for a bacon, egg, cheese biscuit sounded good and headed out to his van. He pushed the key fob and the side door opened and the lift folded down and lowered to the ground. He rolled on and it lifted him up to the floor and he moved to the steering wheel and locked his wheelchair down. Using the hand control he backed out of the garage, closed the door and headed to the mall not forgetting his biscuit. A handicapped parking space was available so he pulled in and got out of the van and locked it. Inside he went to a couple of stores and found what he was looking for. At his last stop as he was going around the end of the aisle, he almost mowed two people down. He stopped short before he hit them and backed up some. As he looked up there were two very good looking young ladies. Jess said sorry and one of them looked back at him with a huge smile on her face. The other girl was also smiling and said no damage done.

He said hi my name is Jess and stuck his hand out. The girl that said no damage took it and said my name is Lynn and this is Peg who mouthed hi. Jess now noticed that the t-shirt she had on did not have any arms coming out of the sleeves and one shoulder seemed to be missing also. As his gaze went back to Lynn he now saw prosthetic legs coming out of her shorts. Lynn seemed to be holding the handshake a bit long and finally let go. Jess was very attracted to amputees and thought he hit the jackpot. He said to them that he was done with his shopping and if they were also, would they like to get a cold drink. Lynn and Peg looked at each other and nodded and Lynn said that would be great. They could see that place right out in the mall in front of them and Jess said ladies first and they walked in front of him.

As Jess watched Lynn, she seemed to me missing one leg below the knee and the other seemed to be a high above knee amputation. She seemed to walk fairly good with her prosthetics and was pushing a cart and he saw forearm crutches in the basket. He was right, Peg did not have any shoulder on her right side, and the t-shirt sloped down rapidly from her neck. He remembered both girls looked like they might be sisters and he had not noticed what their breasts might look like. Peg looked back about this time with the big smile still on her face, and seemed to be very glad he was following them. Lynn said she would get a table ready and Jess went to get the drinks. They put them in a cardboard container so he could put them on his lap. When he got back to the table Lynn had moved a chair out of the way and he put the drinks on the table.

After they each had taken a drink Lynn spoke up and said I guess I should tell you a bit about us. We are sisters, in fact twins, but not identical. We both have birth defects, my legs were very deformed. The right leg had no knee, was crooked and no left foot and lower leg very deformed. My parents wisely chose to have them amputated at a very early age. Peg was born without arms nor a larynx; she cannot talk or produce any sound. I have learned to read lips so we don’t have any trouble communicating. We just moved up here about two weeks ago and are getting settled. Jess said thank you for sharing with me. I also have a birth defect, a spinal problem that casino şirketleri left me totally paralyzed from the waist down. Peg seemed to get a look of disappointment on her face for a few seconds. Jess continued, I have been in a wheelchair all my life. I walked a little earlier but it is too much work. After a few seconds he added I enjoy being like I am very much. This caused both girls to get big grins on their faces and Lynn said we do also.

Peg mouthed something to Lynn and she asked Jess if he was married or had a girlfriend? Jess said no to both. Lynn then asked if he was a devotee and Jess said very much so. We are also she said. I am going to embarrass my sister but I think she is very taken with you being in a wheelchair. Peg blushed and looked down for a few seconds then looked Jess in the eye and nodded her head and then slowly mouthed very much so. I told her I was also taken with her having no arms. She got the big grin again. Jess said to Lynn I like that we can have a very open and honest conversation. To that end Peg looked very disappointed when I said I was a paraplegic, what was that about. Again Peg blushed then turned to Lynn and mouthed get hard. Lynn looked at Jess also blushing and asked if he could get hard. Jess laughed and said very hard when I have two beautiful women like you with me. He said to Lynn was that something you wanted to know also. She licked her lips and said yes, I did. Good and thank you both for asking.

Lynn said they had another stop to make and could they keep in touch. Jess said by all means and gave them a card with his numbers on it. He wrote their number down then asked if they would like to come to his place for dinner tonight. Peg was nodding her head when Lynn looked at her and she laughed and said looks like it is yes. Jess said I know you have been on your feet a lot so if you want to come in just your wheelchair feel free. Obviously my home is very accessible. Lynn said thank you, I might take you up on that. Jess added casual dress for sure. They said goodbye and he headed to the store for some steaks, potatoes, salad and garlic bread.

Jess got home and put the steaks in some marinade and got the potatoes ready for the oven. He straightened the place up a bit, put some towels out by the pool just in case and got back in the shower. He kept his legs shaved, along with his cock and balls and a small area around them. Even though he had never been with a female, he liked how it felt when he was masturbating and had read on LITEROTICA that men and women liked each other shaved during oral sex. He washed and shaved everything, dried and into the bathroom. He brushed his teeth and brushed his short hair. In the bedroom he found some shorts that had short pants legs and a crew t-shirt. He removed the foot rest that his short leg rested on and just let it swing around freely. His toes pointed straight down to the ground. He put a smaller wide belt around his lower right leg fastening it to the wheelchair frame so it would not bounce off. With no feeling in the lower part of his legs and feet he never knew when they did come off the footrest.

The door bell rang a few minutes early and Jess smiled to himself. He opened the door and Peg was holding the screen door open so Lynn could move her wheelchair thru. Peg followed and leaned down for a hug from Jess. Lynn moved beside him and they hugged also. Both girls had short shorts on and he could see Lynn’s very short right stump. Her left stump was just below her knee. She had a short sleeved shirt on that was tied just below her breasts and none of the buttons were buttoned. Peg’s short shorts revealed long, slim, tanned legs starting with a camel toe. She had a sleeveless shirt on with one button fastened right at her breasts. Jess thought the only reason it was, was to keep the shirt from sliding off her missing right shoulder.

Lynn oohed and aahed at Jess and his very atrophied, paralyzed legs. Peg even squatted down to look at the shorter left leg that was just swinging around. Looking at him in the eye she very carefully mouthed very sexy, touch? Jess said thank you and of course you can touch. Any chance you would take off your shirt? Love too she mouthed and moved closer to him so he could unbutton it. She had her legs spread wide open and it was obvious she had no panties on the way her camel toe pushed through her shorts. Jess undid the button and slipped the shirt off. Peg only had a very skimpy halter on and Jess could see her missing right arm and shoulder. Her left arm was also totally gone but it looked liked the socket was there. He examined them closely for a couple of minutes. Peg then stood and using her foot rubbed his short leg. She started at his calf and mouthed to him feel? Jess said no, go higher and as she got to his knee he said now I can feel some. She continued moving her foot and toes up his inside thigh to his shorts and stopped just inside the leg opening grinning at him. Jess suggested they head inside from the hall and asked if the girls wanted to sit on the patio. They did and so they all went outside. There the girls saw the pool and Lynn said you should have told us about the pool casino firmaları so we could have brought swim suits. Jess grinning said clothing optional here. He moved his chair over to Lynn and asked if he could look at her stumps and she said by all means, help yourself. He lifted her BK leg and ran his hand over the stump and only felt one bone. Lynn said yes, there was only one, and that sure feels good. As he picked her leg up it spread her stumps open and he saw her camel toe and wondered if a wet spot was forming. Lynn looked down and back to Jess, grinned, knowing what he was looking at. She turned in her chair and lifted her right hip. This allowed him to cup her short stump. He resisted touching anywhere else. Peg was standing right by him watching and enjoying everything. Jess then got some lemonade for everyone and they sat facing each other. Lynn was in an amputee wheelchair meaning it had no footrests, a short seat and the wheels were positioned a little different because the center of gravity was different because there was no weight holding the front of the chair down. They were all sitting close together.

Jess said I bet you two have some more questions you want to ask. Go ahead and like earlier ask me anything, nothing is too personal. I will tell you anything you want to know. Lynn said thank you from both of us, we really appreciated how open you were earlier. Likewise you can ask us anything you want to know. Lynn asked for Peg, are you a virgin? Jess said yes. Lynn said we both are also. Neither one of us has ever been around a male, let alone have one penetrated us. Jess asked if they were lovers with each other. This seemed to surprise both of them but Lynn did not hesitate and Peg was nodding her head that yes they were. Lynn asked how did you know and Jess said he could see the closeness between them and that they were not afraid to talk about sex. Lynn said we don’t consider ourselves lesbians because we both want a man to fuck. We have just been waiting for the right one to come along.

Jess gave a short laugh and said what makes up the right one. Lynn did not miss a beat and said someone who is a devotee of amputees and is in a wheelchair, severely crippled, and would not mind being both of our lovers she said pointing her finger back and forth to both of them. Jess asked if they used toys and she said yes. Lynn asked if he masturbated and how often. Jess said oh yes and frequently. You he asked, and both were nodding their heads. He gave a puzzled look to Peg and she grinned. Lynn laughed and said I made her a toy she can manipulate with her feet. She has been using her feet for hands all her life and is an expert at it. Josh asked if they orgasemed easily and Lynn said yes, Peg is easily multi orgasmic and I can be if someone is willing to spend the time with me. Have you been with other women he asked and Lynn said only once, another amputee. Jess wondered if he should ask the next question and Peg saw the questioning look on his face.

She took her foot out of her slip on shoe and put it up on his arm. She mouthed go ahead, ask. If you chose me to be your first time sex partner, would you both want to be there as we were doing it, or all the times for that matter? Lynn and Peg looked at each other for several seconds and then Lynn said yes, together the first time, not always if we do it more later. Is that a problem? Jess said no, I was just wondering.

They were all quiet for a while looking at each other. Lynn then asked if she could touch his legs also and Jess moved closer to her. She also went for the short left leg. She had lifted it up and put his foot between her stumps and was moving her hand up and down the length of his leg. Peg had started getting him hard but Lynn had him hard now for sure. Like Peg she worked her hand up into his pants leg opening and her forefinger touched one of his balls. Their eyes locked as she did it. Lynn could see he was big and hard the way his shorts bulged out. As she also slowly moved her hands back down she asked if he had ever considered amputating them. Jess said oh yes, frequently. Why haven’t you she asked? Jess said not totally certain, but part of what I like about being so crippled is that I have to put up with them; move them around by hand, tie them down to my wheelchair, watch them flop around but also I like how they look especially with my braces on. I have seen other women look at me like you all did. How would you two like seeing me; with my legs, or as an amputee with bi-lateral hip disarticulations? With or without my braces if I had legs? Jess watched Peg mouth to Lynn with legs and braces. Lynn said we both like you how you are now but I for one would not mind you without legs, for one thing, I think it would be much easier to get to your cock and balls! We all had a good laugh at that one.

Looking at Peg Jess asked how about a skinny dip? Her eyes got big and she immediately used her foot and toes to reach up and pull the tie lose holding her skimpy halter. It pulled off and two very beautiful breasts appeared, probably 36C or D’s. They were as tanned as the rest of her body so they must sun in the nude. Her nipples were güvenilir casino very hard and stood way out from the ends of her cone shaped breasts he saw. She got on her feet and moved closer to him nodding at her shorts meaning for him to pull them down. They were tight going over her hips and he had to work at it and they laughed about it. Her shoes were already off and they finally fell down to her feet and she stepped out of them. Jess noticed she had a very brushy pussy. Peg walked over to Lynn and used one leg and foot to also pull her shirt open and off. Lynn asked him to pull her shorts off as she lifted her butt and he did so. Like Peg she also had a lot of pubic hair which he could see was damp. Neither girl had underwear on. Lynn’s breasts seemed to be pretty much like Peg’s.

Peg then indicated it was Jess’s turn. He removed his t-shirt. Peg got closer and put her foot on the wheel of his chair. Her pussy hair was damp also. Jess asked if she was going to pull his shorts off and she nodded yes. He undid the button and pulled the zipper down and lifted his hips. She expertly got her toes into the waist band and pulled them down and then got another grip and pulled them down his legs. Jess’s legs were now wide open and both girls got a look at his cock, long, hard and the big head covered by foreskin. Each girl got closer and Lynn pulled his paralyzed legs open wider looking at their first cock up close. Jess had started to leak pre cum and it was oozing out the foreskin opening. Lynn’s hand started for it and Jess said wait one; are you girls on birth control? They both shook their heads no but were smiling. Lynn spoke up and said when we reached twenty one we both had our tubes cut and tied. He told them he was not safe and had not wanted them to get sperm on their fingers and accidently get near their vaginas and get pregnant.

Jess said lets go ahead and get in the pool for a while and “cool off”. We can explore each other later if you want. They got over to the pool and Jess showed Lynn how to use the lift to get them in and out. Peg used the steps down into the water. As Lynn was lowering herself, Jess asked if they knew how to swim and Lynn said yes, they loved the water. Jess had noticed that both of them had tans all over their bodies. As Lynn was coming down into the water her stumps were spread on the lift seat and he could see that she was shaved alongside her cunt lips and above her clit. He bet himself Peg was the same way. Lynn glided off the seat and into the water taking graceful strokes and he saw her longer stump moving also. Peg was on her back using her legs to move herself in the water. They all swam up and down the pool a couple of times then met in the shallow water. As Peg swam up on her back Jess could see between her legs that she was also shaved but the hair was missing over a larger area than Lynn’s was.

They talked for a while in the sun then decided to get out. After they used the poolside shower they dried off. Jess said it seems that Peg is going first. If you still want to, and that is the plan, let’s do it now, fix dinner then Lynn can have hers. Also, why is Peg first? Lynn said she was born first so years ago we decided she would always be first. Jess said makes sense. Peg mouthed to Lynn for a bit and Lynn said would you mind letting Peg put your braces on and do it that way? Jess said no, where do you want to do it, out here or the bedroom. Bedroom Peg mouthed. Jess showed the girls around his house and then led them to his bedroom. They watched him as he transferred to the bed and Lynn picked up one of his braces, looked it over and put it on the bed next to Jess’s leg.

Jess was close to the edge of the bed so Peg had Lynn lift his leg and then used her foot to guide it under the leg. She used her toes to deftly fasten the Velcro that held the bands closed. His foot was in a plastic formed piece that held it; there was a band just below and above the knee and another band at the top of the brace right by his groin. She did not hesitate going there and her foot touched his balls. He was already quite hard. Lynn had to help with the knee pad as the buckles were quite small. They did the other leg the same way and then Jess moved over to the center of the bed.

Peg got in bed next to him and they kissed for the first time. She had tremendous strength in her legs and abdominal muscles he had noticed. After kissing she moved her breast up to his mouth and Jess used his hands and mouth to make love to both of them. He could tell his sucking was getting to her. After several minutes of this he looked at her and said sit on my face. Peg looked at him like he was crazy. He insisted, no, I mean it. Put your thighs alongside my head and lower your cunt down to my mouth. Peg carefully moved her legs into position and lowered herself on to his mouth. Jess saw that she was very wet and shaved nicely. As she made contact with his face she was just right for him to run his tongue up her slit. She jerked then moved down more and he did everything he had seen on the internet. His tongue had been up into her vagina and all over the inner and outer lips. She was flowing quite a bit and he lapped it up. He finally used his tongue then sucked the whole clit area into his mouth. This sent Peg over and she had her first orgasm by a man. He kept after her now using his hands on her breasts and she went right into a second one.

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