Beautiful Neighbourhood Aunty

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This was during my deputation days in Bangalore. When I reached Bangalore for my six months deputation I did not think in my wildest of dreams that I had I so much in store for myself during my six months stay over. As soon as I reached Bangalore I went to friend’s place that was a forced Bachelor at that point of time as his wife had gone to her hometown for her first delivery. Quarter he stayed was in such a fashion that each block had 4 houses two on the ground floor and two on the first floor. My friend had occupied one of those in the first floor. Another family that consisted of husband, wife and their 18-year-old daughter occupied the other in the first floor.

My friend was very close to this family and he told me that Uncle recently got transferred from UP and had come there. The girl had finished her 12th class exams and failed in Chemistry in her board exams which she appeared in UP. And now she will have to go UP to attend the supplementary exam during Sep. My friend had taken up the responsibility to teach her and make her pass during the supplementary exams being conducted in Sep and, that he has been teaching her for last 4 to 5 days now. He had lots to talk about the family.

Saturday night when I got back home my friend told me that our neighbor invites us for lunch. I told him that I would be joining as do not know them. He told that should not be a problem, and you can also get introduced to them. Next day morning uncle came and got introduced to me and invited me also for lunch. His name was Ravi and he told me that he was basically from Andhra and that he has worked in lot of places as his was a transferable job. He spends at least one hr discussing lot of things family, work, etc.

Later at 11 am in the morning I and my friend went to his house, Uncle introduced me to Avantika, his daughter. I just lost my senses for a while seeing this beautiful girl. She just gave me a sudden hard on. In the mean time Uncle interrupted and told that Aunty is busy in the kitchen and that she will come in a while. He asked us if would want two pegs before lunch, both of us readily accepted. He brought three glasses and poured for all three of us we started to drink slowly. In the mean time aunty came down to the drawing hall and uncle introduced me as Dilips friend. Aunty said hello and I replied back. She was even more beautiful than her daughter. She was 40 years (I got to know later), her name was Neeraja, she was wearing a light color sari and a matching blouse with a white bra inside which was slightly visible. She had Hawaii slippers in feet with hers nails polished in dark red color nail polish. She also had a bath towel on her head covering her entire hair. It seemed like she taken her bath only some time back. I just kept seeing aunty for some time and she could also make out that. She was just like a angel to me Her boobs covered in a tight blouse and the way she wears her sari a little portion of her belly exposed but could not see her navel and perfect curves where ever required. Her weight must have been around 58-59 kgs. And 5 ft 4 inches tall, on a whole a perfect lady to be enjoyed in the bed. Her ass was slightly bigger in size, which added beauty to her entire body .I was speech less for some time.

Later Uncle told us that he had also invited another family for lunch who also came to Bangalore from UP on a transfer along with him. After some time family came in. Uncle introduced us to them they were Mukundan and suman from Kerala. They also had a son who was studying for his Degree 2nd year in UP and could not come with them to Bangalore because of his studies and that he would join them in Bangalore only after his degree. Mr. Mukandan was around 49 and suman was around 43, but any day looked only 35. She was a little on a fuller side and a little short than Neeraja in height. She was wearing a sari violet in color, matching blouse with some flowers pinned to her hair and just looking great. It was feast to my eyes first Avantika , Neeraja and now suman . Just amazing I had a real bulge and I went out for a while to subsidize my bulge. suman went inside to help Neeraja and all of us started drinking and started talking lot of things politics, economy etc.

In the mean time Neeraja called all of us over to the dining hall and said that the lunch was ready. All of us went to the dining hall and all the males sat for the lunch and Neeraja and suman started serving. I was least interested in the lunch, rather more interested in watching these two beautiful ladies. I kept staring at suman boobs through the sari as she was serving and later Neeraja came to the dining hall and now she had removed her bath towel from her hair and believe me she had a very long and thick hair up her ass. Now this was her real beauty. Just great I wanted to take both these ladies at a time, which was only a dream at that point of time.

All of us had a routine work from the next day onwards. My friend was teaching Avantika during the evenings and I used to reach home a little late around 8-9 PM. Now all of had a very close relationship with Mr. Ravi’s family and Neeraja sometimes used to give us curry for our dinner. They also started calling us for dinner often now. After a month or so my friend came home a little late but was very happy that his company was sending him to US casino şirketleri for an assignment. And that he had to leave in next 3-4 days He bought some sweets and distributed that to Mr. Ravi’s family also. All of us were happy and Neeraja said, it calls for a treat from Sushil and he readily agreed. In the mean time Neeraja asked about Avantikas chemistry tuition. Sushil told them not to worry about the same and said that I can do that for Avantika. Sushil also told them that I was also very good at Chemistry rather even better than him, that’s when both Ravi and Neeraja were relived. I also said not to worry about the same and that I will do it for them, but only problem is that I will be able to teach her only in the early morning hours may from 5:30 Am to 8 AM, they were ok with that. I was very happy that I could be very close to Avantika and Neeraja.

Next 3-4 days both of us were very busy preparing for Sushil’s departure. Mr. Ravi also had come to the airport to see off Sushil. I started teaching her with all the dedication. In the mean time uncle came to me and said that he needs to leave as his factory starts at 7 AM in the morning. After some time Neeraja came in with a cup of coffee. O god she was wearing a nighty, which was slightly transparent, and I could see her cleavage while she bends to keep the coffee for Avantika and me. She said she is very thankful that I am teaching her daughter. I said it’s my pleasure. I ensured that Avantika understands her subject very well and gave her lots of assignments that she could be very busy throughout the day. Saturdays and Sundays were off for me and I spend more time teaching her. I used see suman aunty coming to meet Neeraja at times during Saturdays

Neeraja told suman that she is very thankful to me as I have working very hard for Avantika . In the mean time I told Neeraja that just thanks will not do you will also give me something in kind. I had a double meaning to that but both of them could not understand that. Neeraja said she ready to give me whatever I ask for. She said she would arrange a grand dinner for me. I said I would ask her whatever I want when the right time comes. She said you are most welcome. Suman also started speaking to me and said that you have done a great job & also inquired about my where about.

Then Avantika exam dates were nearing and I took off on one Thursday and a Friday so that she can revise the entire course before she leaves to UP on Saturday for her exam. Uncle to told me that he would go along with Avantika as she has never traveled alone. He also said they would be back in 15 days as he had some pending work to be completed in UP, so he thought that both of these things can happen together. He also asked me to help Neeraja in his absence if she required something. I readily agreed and asked him not to worry about anything. He also asked me to close the stair case gate during night.

On Saturday, their train was at 11 AM in the morning I went along with them to drop them using their car. So uncle started driving the car and I sat in the front seat and Avantika and Neeraja occupied the back seat. Neeraja had dressed in an ash color sari and a matching blouse and tied her hair in plates with a black color hair band in the bottom of her long hair. She had black sandal with a little heal. Her foot nails were polished in light pink color and a golden color padasaram. She was just running me crazy, but was helpless all the time. She never had any doubts on my feelings towards her. We reached the station at 10:15 AM and the train left at 11:10 AM and Neeraja and I were returning to the car park after seeing them off. As we were walking towards the car park she slipped and the straps of her sandal broke and I sat down to see as to what happened, I took the sandal in my hand and told her that it can’t be repaired. I took the car and went to the place where she was standing. She came into the front seat and sat down beside me. I was having a real hard on by seeing her. She was sweating a bit because of the heat, I switched on the AC and started driving, and In spite of the fact that I was driving my entire attention was on Neeraja.

I drove the car to a nearby BATA store for buying a new pair of sandals. She looked reluctant in entering shop, as she was not having money with her. I told her that she can buy one and I will pay for it. On my insistence, She started trying some sandals and was asking my opinion also. I asked her pick up a black ash color sandal as it was going well with her sari and blouse. She picked one with a little heal and asked me it looks good on her legs. I was just looking at those legs, just beautiful, just felt like kissing them right away. I said its fine. As we were 1st customer in shop, he didn’t had change for 1000/- Rs and sandals were for 850/-Rs. Suddenly she said lets buy pair of new Hawaii slippers for her as it would settle the balance amount. She picked up the basic Bata Hawaii slippers of her size 7and got it billed with sandals.

I said her we will have lunch and then go home. She said she has prepared lunch at home. I said you can have that in the night and got into a hotel Residency road and had our lunch and dropped her back at home. I went to park the car in the garage and Neeraja went upstairs. When I parked the car and reached upstairs, casino firmaları Suman was also there. I was disappointed, as I wanted to spend some time with Neeraja. So I handed over the key to Neeraja and told her I was leaving. Suman asked to sit down for some time and Neeraja told she would bring something cold to drink. I sat down on the sofa opp to Suman and started talking to her. She was also stunningly beautiful today. She had a cotton black color sari and a black blouse; with red lipstick she always had some flowers in her hair. Her hair was always let loose and it rolled up to her blouse. I was just unable to control my self-seeing both these beautiful ladies. In the mean time Neeraja came in with some orange juice and all of us had. I said I want leave and started to move. Neeraja told me that I can have dinner at her place and that don’t have to go outside. I agreed to that and she asked to come by 8 PM. I came home and started thinking about both the beautiful ladies who were so close to me but I did not have the courage to approach them. As i was leaving, Neeraja told me that I can have dinner at her place and that don’t have to go outside. I agreed to that and she asked me to come by 8 PM.

i had a nice sleep and woke up by 6 PM and started having some beer and watching TV and at 7: 30 I had a bath and brushed well so that Neeraja doesn’t make out that I had taken Beer. At 8 PM I went down to lock the staircase Gate and came back and knocked at Neerajas door. She took some time to open the door and she said sorry for that and told that she was in the kitchen preparing the dinner .She asked me sit down and said please watch TV it should take another 10 minutes for me to finish cooking and went to the kitchen once again. She Came in after 15-20 minutes and asked me if I was hungry. I said no so she said we would have some chat till you feel hungry.

She came and sat down on a chair and started changing the TV channels to see if there is any good program going on. In the mean time she also started talking to me. She said she never expected that we would get so close this fast. Then she started speaking about her daughter’s studies and she once again thanked me for the kind of work that I have put in for her family. I again said, just thanks will not do madam, you have to give me something in kind, and both of us started laughing. She asked me what is that you want. I asked her what is that you can give me. You should be telling me what you like and I and Venu will try our level best to give you that. Shall I tell you what I like and want?

She said tell me I said I like you and I want you. Neeraja got a shock of her life and her face came down, she never expected this kind an approach from my end. She kept quiet and did not speak anything for some time. I said Madam you have not reply. She still did not reply and kept mum. I thought I should not have done this. I was also feeling very bad. After some time she said come lets have dinner so that you can go back to your house. With this kind of a statement I felt very bad and thought I should not have done this.

We moved to the dining table and she served me dinner she was not having any smile on her face. Though she was a little angry she was looking very sexy. She wore a blue color sari, blue blouse and Hawaii chapel and her hair tied in plate like a long rope. Each time she went to kitchen to pick up something her hair was swinging on her ass which just great to watch. She also started having dinner and we started speaking again. She never picked the topic of my liking towards her. When we were about to finish the dinner .I asked her once again, that she did not reply to what I asked. First she said I think it’s never possible and she also said I could not even imagine that you were going to ask for something like this where I will have to cheat my husband. I have never even thought of any relationship with someone other than my husband. I said, but you promised to give me whatever I like. She kept quiet and started clearing the dining table and taking things to the kitchen. Though she was a little upset about the whole thing she asked me to sit down as she will clean the utensils and then come and give me ice cream.

I have never even thought of any relationship with someone other than my husband. I said, but you promised to give me whatever I like. She kept quiet and started clearing the dining table and taking things to the kitchen. Though she was a little upset about the whole thing she asked me to sit down as she will clean the utensils and then come.

She moved to the kitchen and i moved to the drawing hall and started watching the TV. I thought if I had to get her, it’s today or never. I got up & increased the TV volume a bit more, bolted the front door and slowly & silently moved to the kitchen, she was washing the utensils, without giving much time I held her tightly from behind and the plate she had in her hand fell down and broke. I held her with one hand on her belly and the other around her neck and started kissing her on the neck. She tried to kick me with her leg, but I held her tightly, while doing so I found that her hand was dirty as she was washing. I just somehow managed to push her entire body towards the slab and managed to get her hands washed and closed the tap. She asked me what güvenilir casino is this praveen, this not fair on your part to do this to me.I kept quiet and turned her towards me and put both my hands below her arms and hugged her very tightly that there was hardly any gap for even air to pass. This was the first time her entire boobs were pressed against my chest. She was trying her level best to push me aside, but I was too strong for her .As I am taller than her, I lifted her in the same position and came out of the kitchen to the drawing hall.

I held in the same position and brought her down to the floor and started kissing on her lips, she turned her head back and tried to move back. She started telling please leave me. I said please Neeraja; please don’t try to push me. If you come my way it’s going to be enjoyment for both of us otherwise it’s going to be difficult. I love you Neeraja. She still did not stop her resistance. I lifted her with her neck resting on my right hand and her knees in my left hand and sat on the Sofa she was laying like a baby in my hands. I held her head strong in my hands started kissing her on her lips and with great struggle I inserted my tongue inside her mouth and started playing. By this though she had given up, but she never started responding back. She was just lying idle and allowing me to explore her body, but there is no fun if the female doesn’t respond. So I also stopped kissing her and she was just lying like a baby in my hands. I asked her if she was angry with me. She said yes and I said I love you very much and she turned her face not looking in to my eyes. I again hugged her slowly against my chest and started teasing her ear lobes with my tongue. I also inserted my tongue all into her ears and she started laughing as she started feeling a tickling sensation. Suddenly she asked if someone comes to know about this what would happen.

I told her why should some come to know about this. I was at last relived that her problem is only if someone comes to know about this.

Now I got all my courage and started the fore play once again. I started kissing her from the forehead, eyes cheeks and neck and slowly moved down to boobs. They were really too big for her blouse to hold. . I then made her lie on the sofa and kissed from the fore head to her toe without even removing her slippers, she had her legs rested on the arms of the sofa. I just stepped back to see the sleeping beauty to my heart’s content. She was just stunning. I again moved to close to her and pushed her sari from the belly portion to have full view of the belly, she just looking great exposing her belly I kissed on her belly for a long time holding her folds in the side of her stomach. Again I got up kissed on her lips and came to the belly portion and moved her sari along with underskirt down so that her naval was visible. Then inserted my index finger in her naval and then again started kissing her on the naval and inserted my tongue in her naval for a long time.

I was sure she was already wet inside by then. But then I did not want to undress her so fast. I started looking into her eyes and asked Neeraja now do I have the permission to explore you. She said yes, but only for once and we will not repeat this again. I agreed. It was almost 11 PM by then.

Now I was sure we going to have a night full of fun. She slowly got up and sat on the sofa and I dug my face to her belly and she caught hold of my head very tightly. I again started kissing her belly portion and then asked to stand I went behind her and started exploring all the exposed part of her flesh between her blouse and the sari and neck above the blouse. She has started enjoying all the moments by now. I then inserted one of my hand into her bra and caught hold of her boobs& with the other hand I kept feeling her belly and extra curves around her belly. I did this for was totally hot inside and she for the first time turned and hugged me tightly and started kissing me on my chest.

She then removed my shirt and started kissing all over my chest and then lied down on my chest hugging me. I again made her lie on the sofa and started kissing her on her legs raising her sari a bit. She a golden padasaram and on both her legs and golden color rings on both the middle fingers of both legs and well-polished nails. I started kissing all over and without removing her slippers started licking all across her feet, her feet almost pink in color and very soft. Even the smell of rubber of new Hawaii slippers was feeling very nice to me. I then rolled her sari and underskirt up to her knees and started licking up to her knees. She was enjoying all the action. Slowly raised her sari along with her underskirt a little more that her panties were seen. I could see that panty was wet to a large extent by then I kissed on her thighs and slowly dug my face to her wet panties, she caught hold of my head tightly with her hands and started morning I then rolled the sari and underskirt back in position and made her stand, She stood up hugging me and this time I was sure it was with all love and affection. I asked her if she likes me now .She said yes. I asked her if she could love me from now. She said yes for that too. I then said her that I want to see you in your birth suit, for which she did not reply but just hugged me tightly. Hugging her I said I want to see you completely naked in full lights for which she just lifted her head looked into my eyes and kissed me on the face once again. It was for sure that Neeraja was totally in my control now. She then told lets go to the bedroom.

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