Girls’ Weekend Out

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Big Dicks

My girlfriend and I were off for a weekend of NASCAR racing and hoped to get some action. We’re both not quite 40, about the same 5 feet tall and 105 pounds with pretty hot little bodies if I don’t mind saying. I’m a brunette with long wavy hair, Kerrie has short perky black hair and we’re bi lovers.

After spending Friday at the speedway we made our way to the hotel and that evening we hit the pool and on the way back to the room we caught the elevator just in time to see quite a sight. There was this tall, soft and curvy in all the right places young blonde and on her back riding piggyback was her boyfriend. Talk about adorable.

Stephanie is a 28 year old blonde with a cute bob, 5-10 tall and 185 pounds and was wearing shorts and a T-shirt with no bra. And oh those fabulous bouncing melons were a pleasure to see. She’s not powerful looking at all, big soft tits, a soft roll of belly, a jiggle butt, fuck is she sexy.

Still it was no chore for her to hold Josh on her back, he’s not a big guy at all of 5-6 tall and 145 pounds and at 19 he is cute with a boyish looking face. You just want to eat him up.

So like I said Kerrie and I were up for anything this weekend so in the tiny bikinis we had on this was as good a time as any to take the chance and I said, “Now that’s a ride I wish I had a ticket for.”

We all stepped out of the elevator and after setting her boyfriend down Stephanie motioned to me, “Well climb on, which way is your room?”

I was surprised but I sure as hell wasn’t going to refuse so as Stephanie squatted in front of me I pointed down the hall saying, “It’s that away.”

Then straddling her back I put my arms around Stephanie’s neck, she put her hands under my thighs and stood up with me on her back. “OK let’s go,” she said and we were off down the hall.

It seemed like no problem for Stephanie to carry me and oh it felt so sweet to have my arms and legs wrapped around her cuddly body. I was in heaven molding myself to her back as we made our way down the hall to out room.

I could have stayed on Stephanie’s back forever, or at least until I could get into her shorts but I slid off and without any prompting she said to Kerrie, “OK if you’re game, your turn next.”

It wasn’t like she had to say it twice, Kerrie quickly took my place and down the hall they went turning the corner and out of sight. I put an arm around Josh’s waist pulling him close to me and said, “She does make friends fast.”

Josh smiled knowing full well that I thought he was the luckiest young man in town. He put his arm around my shoulder and replied, “She is so sweet and a rockin’ good time when you take the wrapper off.”

With more than a bit of envy I let my hand slip down and grabbing Josh’s little butt said, “Oh yes, you are a lucky young man.”

It seemed like a long time since Stephanie and Kerrie went out of sight but finally they came back around the corner laughing and giggling. When they stopped in front of Josh and me Kerrie kissed Stephanie on the neck then reaching over her shoulders cups one of the blonde’s fat jugs in each hand and says, “Well honey get that door open so we can get the party started.”

With that Josh slid his hand down my back grabbing my butt and said, “So we’re on, let’s not waste any time, where’s that key?” I fumbled for that damn card and got that door open double fast.

Josh casino şirketleri and I were in first, my bikini went quickly and we both got Josh out of his clothes. Turning to see the other pair, a naked Kerrie was helping Stephanie step out of her shorts and thong and damn what a magnificent sight. Stephanie has a soft, well rounded fair skinned luscious body just screaming, DO ME.

Well I had Josh and more accurately Josh’s stiff seven inches in my hand as he kissed my breasts, rubbed my pussy and squeezed my butt. Young but he knows what’s important. So I dumped him on one bed and let Kerrie take her turn with Stephanie.

I jumped on Josh and we hugged and kissed like maniacs for a few minutes then he eased his way south to go down on me. Josh quickly showed he knew what to do, I credit Stephanie for teaching the young man how to treat a woman. In no time I was squirming and raising my little butt off the bed as Josh snaked his tongue around to hit all the right spots and got me off several times.

That’s when I reached down and mussed up Josh’s hair to get his attention. With a big smile on his face he raised his head and pointing at my suitcase I said, “Grab that box of condoms so we can get to it.”

Josh scrambled off the bed and standing next to the bed quickly handed me the box. Now it was my turn to smile as his stiff seven inch dick stared back at me at eye level. I took out a condom and holding it took the head of Josh’s boner in my mouth. My young stud let out a sigh as I sucked his rod, he was already good and hard and I could have just rolled that condom on him but I thought we both deserved to get a little of this first.

But only a little because I really wanted to get fucked so after about a minute I pulled back and installed the condom on Josh’s cock and rolled onto my back, spreading my legs. Josh was between them like a lightning bolt, cock in hand and aimed at my wet snatch.

I’m not sure if he realized he was ready to fuck a woman twice his age but Josh had a smile on his face a mile wide so there was no worry about it. He slipped the head of his sweet dick into my pussy and we both sighed. Josh didn’t need any instruction or encouragement to ease more of his stiff dick into me with every stroke.

It didn’t take long before I was enthusiastically getting all seven inches of Josh’s cock pumping in and out of my wet pussy, oh the joy of having an eager young buck. I started humping my ass off the bed at Josh which just got him going harder, damn this was fun.

I was so into getting it good from Josh I was completely oblivious to Kerrie and Stephanie just a few feet away on the other bed. But I happened to look over, and they were still wrapped around each other in a 69 position, just as they did a slow rollover putting Stephanie on top. Damn being buried under that sweet soft sexy body looked like something I didn’t want to miss before the night was over.

But I had a grinning Josh pumping his dick into me as I did my best to hump right back at him and I don’t think you could tell which of us was having more fun. Alas the enthusiasm of youth combined with the new and exciting experience of fucking an older woman Josh tensed up tipping that he was ready to go. So as a treat I swung my legs around his waist and squeezed him tight which put him over the edge and he shot his load.

Josh casino firmaları looked a bit winded so I held him tightly with my legs and rolled us over so I was on top. Josh was sweating as I kissed him and said, “You did well my young stud, you just lay back and relax because you’ll be needed soon enough and I just know you can recharge that sweet meat when the time comes. Why don’t you watch and enjoy the show.”

I dashed over to retrieve my 18 inch double headed dildo before climbing up on Stephanie’s back. I just nestled in on top of her, kissed her neck and reached around to squeeze her fat jugs. I’m not sure Kerrie appreciated the extra weight but she was having enough fun that I doubt it mattered.

After a while Stephanie rolled off of Kerrie, I ended up on my back with Stephanie face up on top of me and damn that felt incredible. I had the double dong in my hand and when a rather winded Kerrie saw it she got a big smile on her reddened face and said to Stephanie, “Ohh girl you are going to love this.”

Stephanie was wide eyed and said, “I’ve never played with one of those but I’m sure game to give it a shot.”

Kerrie had Stephanie sit up with her legs spread and I came around from behind her as Kerrie then scrambled around to sit behind Stephanie. Dildo in hand I slid between the big blonde’s thighs. Kerrie reached around to guide one end into Stephanie’s wet pussy as I did for myself on the other end.

We took our time, Kerrie and I each had a hand on the double dong as I eased forward slowly taking it into my wet snatch as Kerrie guided it deeper into Stephanie’s pussy. As the available space in the middle shrank I was left to work it back and forth as Kerrie slid both hands up to play with Stephanie’s fabulous fat tits.

I was no stranger to humping my 18 inch friend but it was a notch above spectacular fucking it while looking at Kerrie and Stephanie and grinding against that big soft body.

When the full length of that monster was buried in both Stephanie and my pussies Kerrie and I locked arms squeezing Stephanie between us while she hugged me tightly and wrapped her legs around my body, we just humped, grinded and bounced together in one crazy mass of horny female. Josh proved himself a sweet and wise young man as he laid next to us and kissed and gently rubbed whoever and whatever he could get to.

We went at it pretty hard and I would have liked to keep going forever but I could see Kerrie and Stephanie were looking a little red in the face and I felt the same and was getting winded. So kissed Stephanie and Kerrie leaned back and we caught our breath.

Of course seeing that show got Josh hard as a rock which we saw when we untangled ourselves. Kerrie was also obviously in need of some stiff cock so she grabbed Josh and I practically jumped on Stephanie. We wrapped our arms and legs around each other and kissed like wild women until we finally came up for air. Stephanie rolled me onto my back then deftly spun around to get on top of me in a 69.

As Josh enthusiastically pumped his cock into Kerrie next to us Stephanie was lapping away at my pussy as I did for her while I had my arms around her cuddly soft body hugging and squeezing all I could manage. It was nothing short of magnificent.

I really would have liked to watch Josh banging Kerrie, what he lacks in size Josh more than makes up for in güvenilir casino youthful exuberance he really gives it his all. But being pressed into the mattress by Stephanie as we munched away at each other’s muff, made up for any missed viewing.

When Stephanie rolled off of me and we came up for air Kerrie was hugging Josh with her arms and had her legs wrapped tightly around his body. And he looked every bit as happy as she did.

Checking our bag of tricks Stephanie grabbed the 9 inch strap on and as we looked over at Kerrie said, “Come on over Rover, get this thing on and let’s give Marci the sandwich treatment.”

I was all for that and settled back into Stephanie’s soft body as Josh helped Kerrie get situated with the strap on. Kerrie gave me one of her sly smiles as she crawled up between four spread legs and tapped her dong on my belly. I was so horny I grabbed the middle of the shaft of the big boy and said, “Come on girl you know how to handle that boner, give it to me already.”

And with that Kerrie let me guide the head to my pussy and she leaned in to poke it in. Oh gawd, I love having Kerrie fuck me but as she pushed our trusty friend in all the usual sensations were multiplied 10X over as Stephanie pushed up against me, her fat jugs massaging my back while she reached around and played with my tits. As wet as I was, Kerrie was quickly pumping that baby in and out occasionally bottoming out all 9 inches just driving me wild.

I swung my legs around Kerrie and got my feet behind her back while Stephanie pinched us between her long soft legs, oh fuck it was one click above awesome. I don’t know how long we went at it until Kerrie started to look winded, so I reached out and hugged her saying, “You’re looking worn out, I think you’ve done enough to deserve a break.”

Kerrie leaned forward laying on top of me, strap on of course still buried in my pussy, and said, “I love you but when you’re right you’re right, we’ve been going long and hard.”

Kerrie then pulled back and rolled onto her back on the bed. Showing he was just the young man who was not just worthy but capable of scoring three horny women Josh kissed Kerrie and said, “You look like you could use a nice warm bath, how does that sound?”

Kerrie jus kissed Josh as he picked her up totake her to that bath leaving me with Stephanie so as we snuggled I asked, “Just how did you luck into Josh?”

“I went out with his older brother who is my age and a bigger guy than Josh but when we went to different colleges we broke up. When Josh turned 18 and graduated from high school I sent him a card with a check and a couple of days later bumped into him.” She related.

“I don’t think it was really a coincidence but he thanked me and said what he really needed was a super hot and sexy girlfriend” said Stephanie with a smile. “I looked at him, twice, and maybe I was just feeling nuts but I said, ‘Then let’s get to my place and see how that goes’.”

“And it seems to be going very well.” I replied.

Stephanie laughed and said, “I think you’ve been getting a taste of how well it’s been going.”

When Josh and Kerrie returned Stephanie and I took a shower. Exiting the bathroom Josh was fucking Kerrie so Stephanie and I joined in and we went a round or two until we were all pretty tired and fell asleep in a double spoon.

The next day we all went to the track and returning to the hotel spent some time in the pool before another lengthy night. Stephanie and Josh accepted Kerrie and my invitation to visit us and we’re working on a date that works for everybody. Damn that’s going to be good.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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