Brandon Meets Justine

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It started out as a regular day, nothing out of the ordinary. I woke up to the obnoxious blaring of the alarm clock, wishing that it would somehow stop without having to crawl out of bed. After knocking out the cobwebs, I slowly walked over to shut off my call into the real word, and start another boring day. After a quick shower, it was off to my first class of the day, not an exciting prospect.

Upon arriving, it was the same old thing. Several jocks and coeds with nothing better to do than spread the latest gossip, plan for the evening ahead, or try to catch up on some sleep they had somehow avoided the evening before. Feeling antsy, I knew that the remaining classes would not be holding my attention this day. After jotting down the last of my notes for the morning, I took one last look at the short skirt in the seat next to me, gathered my belongings, and set off to my car.

It didn’t take long for me to reach the gym. I didn’t know what it was that brought me here today, in fact, I had never been to the gym before darkness the entire time I owned my membership. It was odd walking inside with the late morning sunshine at my back, and unfamiliar faces seated behind the desk. As I made my way to the locker room, and quickly changed, I was beginning to think the day was a total waste, and I should have stayed in bed.

However, upon exiting the locker room, and heading for the weight room, I saw her. She wasn’t like the coeds back on campus, something was different. But from my distance, I could notice that there was something quite intriguing about the woman slowly jogging around the track. I briefly considered joining her, but I decided that I came to the gym to hit the weights, not run circles. After exiting the weight room following my workout, I found myself somewhat disappointed that the woman I had been eyeing earlier was nowhere to be seen.

On my way to the locker room, I decided a quick swim might be nice, so I quickly changed, hit the quick shower in the stall that adjoins to the pool, then headed in. I was so busy adjusting my shorts, that I almost didn’t even notice myself walk right into the person standing pool side in front of me. Just as I walked right into her, she turned, and stumbling backwards, I realized it was her. Studying her body, I searched for an apology, but couldn’t speak as my eyes found the profound outlines of her nipples. Even though her suit was dry, they were pressed firmly against the material, and I could feel a rise in my shorts.

Before I could realize what was happening, she spoke up. “I’m glad you like what you see, but next time, watch where you’re walking. ” I heard her saying something else, but it just wasn’t registering in my mind. I’m not sure what it was that she said, but I noticed myself blushing, and could only offer up a feeble “I’m sorry. ”

As she walked away towards the women’s locker room, I felt a brief moment of relief, for either she hadn’t noticed, or wasn’t commenting on the bulge in the front of my trunks. In the locker room, I hit the showers, thinking of this womans nipples pressed against her suit, almost unnaturally hard. Without realizing it, I had subconsciously started stroking my cock as the water washed itself around me. Looking around, and noticing that I was alone, I began to stroke myself faster. With thoughts of her in my mind, I could feel that familiar feeling growing within myself. Imagining what those breasts must look like freed from her suit was really getting to me. I could see her face. Her blonde hair, the dimples as she smiled, and those breasts that were abundant on her small frame, she couldn’t have been more than 5’3. When I started to shoot my load, my thoughts returned to her breasts, and I imagined that each strand of my hot and sticky cum was landing on them.

I left the gym, and walked across the street to the crowded coffee house I had seen on a previous trip. I ordered myself a drink, got a sandwich, and looked for a place to sit. To my surprise, there she was again. As I was looking for a place to sit, I noticed her waving me over. Not being one to waste a chance to sit with an image of my desires, I walked over and took a seat.

“Sorry about what happened back at the gym, I should’ve been watching where I was walking. ” She smiled at my more thorough apology, and responded with a sincere “Don’t worry about it. ” Feeling at ease, I introduced myself. “My name’s Brandon, I don’t think I’ve seen you at the gym before. ” To which she responded “Nice to meet you, I’m Justine. I’m there almost every morning. casino şirketleri ” It was now that I was noticing that Justine was older than a lot of the girls I had fantasized about in the past, and getting bold, I decided to find out just how old. “Obviously older than you!” She giggled. “You shouldn’t ask a woman her age, but you seem nice enough. I’m recently 33, but if that sends you running, I might get upset.” Taking a bite from my sandwich, I responded to her in kind “Well, as long as a 22 year old doesn’t make you want to run, we should be fine. ” Through the course of our meal, we exchanged the basics. She was married, with two children, and didn’t really seem to meet many people at the gym, so it was a nice change of pace for her. And I revealed all that I could think of, that I was a junior in college, sick of classes who decided to skip the afternoon, and hit the gym. We shared some small talk, and I decided it was high time to leave. “Well, Justine, It was nice to meet you, hopefully, I’ll see more of you at the gym. “

“Well, Brandon, maybe you’ll see more of me outside of the gym. “

So that’s how it started. One comment was received by her in a manner that I was definitely not expecting. Was I complaining that the two of us were now seated on the sofa in her living room? Absolutely not, but my mind was racing thinking of the possibilities. But for as adventurous as Justine had seemed at the coffee house, she was suddenly much more reserved. Quietly, we sat and talked, but the tension became obvious.

I decided that it was either now or never, and I leaned in towards her, slowly kissing her lips, my tongue gliding along until she accepted it, and started to slide hers into my mouth. With my hands now wandering around on her body, one made its’ way around to her breasts. I could feel her nipple through the material, and became more aroused. Feeling a little bold, I broke our kiss, looking at Justine, and told her what I wanted. “I think you should take that off. ” It was like something out of a dream as I watched her hands grab the bottom of her shirt, and slowly lift it up over the top of her head. As I sat there staring at her bra, she smiled. I could notice that her hands were shaking, and I could feel mine starting to as well. I leaned in, shoving her back against the sofa as my tongue once again found hers.

Becoming more aggressive, I bit at her lips, and told her to remove her bra. She did as she was told, and it was then I began to realize the gold mine I had stumbled across. Sweet Justine was seemingly submissive as hell. . . not to mention her breasts were gorgeous, and each nipple was adorned by a small gold hoop. I leaned in to take each into my mouth, tugging them further from her body with my teeth inside of the hoops as I heard her moans of appreciation.

Reaching between her legs, I could feel Justine starting to squirm, as her wetness made the crotch of her stretch pants become damp. I rubbed a little harder, but decided it was time for me to received a little pleasure. “Take off my pants Justine, ” I barked. Like the good little sub she was proving herself to be, she did just that, unbuttoning my jeans, sliding them down, and taking the boxers held underneath down with them. I could feel my cock growing under her lustful gaze. “It’s bigger than I expected” she cooed “How big is it?”

“Get a ruler and measure it. How the hell should I know?” I watched as she got up and left the room. As she left I managed to shout out “Don’t come back here with those clothes on Justine. “

While she was gone my mind was racing. What was happening here? Did I actually stumble across what I thought I had, or was this a dream? No, it couldn’t be a dream, I remembered the damn alarm clock. I pinched myself, it hurt. A good sign. How I had wanted a hot little sub back on the campus, and here I was with a hot married woman, who was seemingly letting me have my way. . . could it get any better? I reached for the discarded pants, and quickly removed the belt from them, placing it beside me on the couch. I wasn’t sure just how submissive Justine was, but heck, the belt couldn’t hurt either way.

My thoughts came to a halt as I heard Justine moving around outside of the room. As she entered I felt my cock begin to get even harder than it had been before. The sight of her bare legs was incredible. Moving my eyes higher, I noticed her thighs were shimmering lightly, and could smell her womanly essence from across the room. I was thoroughly enjoying her nakedness before me as she approached. casino firmaları

“OK, I got a ruler, and I want to know. ” She leaned in towards me and began to lift my shirt out of the way. This however wasn’t what I had in mind at all. There was no way I was going to let Justine seize control over this situation. As she kneeled down between my legs attempting to line up the ruler, I took the belt from beside me, and with a quick hard stroke felt it crack against one of Justine’s exposed ass cheeks. Startled, she leaned back, with a mixed look of confusion and lust in her eyes.

“Did I tell you that you could measure it?” She silently sat there, not saying a word. “Well, did I?” Justine looked like a deer in the headlights as her reply came forth. “Well, you told me to go and get a ruler, so I figured that. . . ” Before she could finish, I cut her off, “I told you to get a ruler, I didn’t say you could measure me. Now stand up. ”

Obeying my command, she stood up. I did the same walking closer to her. I reached out and took hold of the nipple ring on her left breast, and slowly began to twist it as her nipple began to swell, and did the same to the other as well. “Now, I believe you wanted to measure my cock, didn’t you?” I asked. “Yes, please let me measure it. ” I slowly removed my shirt, and looking down at her, laid down the law. “That was a good first attempt at asking, but I know that you can do better. Now open your mouth and suck on the head of my cock. ” I don’t think I totally got the words out of my mouth before Justine had her tongue slowly circling the tip of my cock. I felt the end of her tongue slide over the opening at the tip of my cock, greedily lapping the few drops of pre-cum that was starting to dribble out. She looked up into my eyes as she quickly encircled my cock with her soft wet lips, swirling her tongue around the head as she started to work her way downward on my manhood. The sensations from her mouth were incredible, as she began to vigorously suck on my cock. Her mouth worked me over like a vacuum, only this one was very warm and moist, almost like the feeling of a tight virgin the first time you enter her. It felt so good, that I almost forgot that I had only told her to suck on the head, and not on my whole cock. Realizing this, I reached down, and pushed back on her shoulders, forcing her off of my now rock hard cock.

“Did I tell you to suck on my cock?” She reached up to grab at my swollen shaft, but instead was greeted by my hand firmly grabbing her wrist, and pulling her up off of the floor. “But Brandon, I did what I was asked, ” was the quick reply from Justine. “No, you weren’t asked anything. You were told to suck on the head of my cock, not my whole cock. Now, you’re going to get over there by the sofa, get on your knees and bend over onto it. ” The look on her face was one of pure lust. Not fear, not regret, but lust. And I loved it. I loved having this woman, who I had met hours earlier here before me naked, and full of lust. Not to mention on her knees bent over and sprawled onto the sofa.

“Now, I think that nice ass of yours could use a little color. Don’t you?” I moved in behind her, teasingly running my cock along her asshole and across the swollen outer lips of her pussy. A slow moan escaped from Justine, but it wasn’t the answer I was looking for. “Do you agree that your ass could use a little color?” I could feel the tone of my voice change, as I was a little upset that there wasn’t a quick response. A feeble “Yes” was all I received this time. “Yes? Yes what?” I asked. “Yes, my ass could use a little color, ” she quietly spoke. “Come on now, say it like you mean it!” She spoke up a little louder now, as I rested the head of my cock onto her puckered asshole, “Yes, my ass needs some color. “

“Does it?” I replied. “Yes. Please give my ass the color that it deserves. ” With that, I pulled back with my bare hand and firmly smacked her ass, causing her jump, and adding more tension to my cock head at her ass. “I think it could still use some more color Justine. ” Using my cock, I began to slap at her ass, and the entrance to her now dripping cunt. But I really meant that her ass could use some more color, and without warning, I pulled back the belt, and cracked it across her ass. She let out a little squeal as I did it again, and I could have sworn a moan the third time the belt struck her across her upturned ass.

Backing away, I smiled as her ass was now a nice shade of red. “I think your ass now has some nice color now, but now I’d like for you to grab güvenilir casino it, and spread it apart for me. ” She complied without hesitation, giving me a great view as she did. As she held it open, I could feel the precum dripping from my cock. It gave me an idea.

“OK. I want you to sit there on the couch for me. And measure your feet. ” She took the ruler and measured her feet. “Why did you ask me to do that?” She asked. “Because, now you can take a guess as to how big it is. ” I walked over to her, and put my throbbing cock in between her feet and clamped them together around it. With her feet now suspended in the air over her I began to thrust, fucking in between her feet. It was feeling better and better, and I could tell that I felt like cumming this way. But I didn’t want to be alone. “Play with your cunt, do it now. ” Justine began to moan hard as she started rubbing her pussy, circling over her clit. Her scent was driving me over the edge. I could feel her body starting to shake beneath me as she let out a loud moan. That was all I needed as I began to have my second orgasm of the day, cumming between her feet. Jet after jet of my hot cum hit her toes, and shot over her belly and breasts. Justine looked so sexy beneath me, all covered in cum.

“So how big do you think it is Justine?” I asked. “Well, I sort of lost track of it, I was so turned on. ” I didn’t feel like leaving her not knowing, so I came up with a solution. Laying back on the floor, I looked up at her cum soaked body, and motioned her towards me. “Suck it. Suck it hard. This time suck it all, and do it well. ” She practically jumped off of the couch at that, and proceeded to wrap those magical lips around my cock. It was absolute heaven. Every part of my body was starting to tingle with the feeling of those warm lips on my cock. She was paying such good attention, it was as if her tongue was a tornado around my cock. But I knew I wanted that pussy, so I pulled her up. “Get the ruler and measure it, I think you’ve earned it now. ” With that, she lined it up. “Well, it’s just under eight inches. ”

As soon as she finished what she was saying, I pulled her up and impaled her onto my cock. I could feel her thrusting her hips and grinding against me. She moaned out “Oh God. . . I feel so filled up. It’s wider than I expected. ” This just spurred me on as I matched her rhythm, hearing her moans increase in volume and frequency. This all felt wonderful, but it wasn’t getting it done fast enough for me. I wanted to increase the pace. Picking her up, I threw her on the couch, and stabbed my cock back deep inside of her cunt. “Fuck me, oh please fuck me!” Echoed around the room as I picked up the pace. I could feel the head of my cock hit her cervix on each down stroke, as well as my balls slapping her ass. Justine was in a frenzy, she was moaning and speaking incoherent gibberish almost nonstop.

As I began thrusting harder her orgasm rocked through her body. I was close, but didn’t want to stop. I slowed my pace, and began sucking her nipples as she wrapped her legs around my waist. I fucked her slow and deep, making sure to grind my pubic bone across her clit every chance I got. Soon, my pace was agonizingly slow. The lust was in her eyes, and I knew I wanted to fuck her hard, and fill that lovely little cunt of hers with my cum. I pulled my cock out of her, bringing forth a sad whimper from Justine. Placing her ankles on my shoulders, I positioned my cock at her entrance. With one hard thrust, I was in to the hilt. Justine let out a high pitched scream, and dug into my thighs with her nails. The sensation of her pussy was incredible. Not that it wasn’t incredibly tight before, but it was even tighter now with her legs over my shoulders. I knew I wouldn’t last long like this, and I didn’t care. Thrusting harder and harder I began to give it to Justine with everything I had. Her juices were flowing down my thighs. The smells of our sex were intoxicating, and pushing me closer to the edge. By this point Justine was panting “Cum Baby, please cum with me, please cum!” I couldn’t refuse. I pumped a few more times, feeling it build up, and then it happened. It felt it start at my toes, and shoot through me like a rocket as I flooded her sopping pussy with my seed. I could feel the muscles inside of her milking me as she reached her own climax, pulling me down on top of her as we both caught our breath in a sticky, sweaty mess.

“That was great!” Justine cooed. “It definitely was, we’ll have to do it again sometime, ” I replied. “Sometime? We’ll have to do it again soon! You don’t expect me to give that up do you?” Well, how could I refuse that proposition? Of course I couldn’t! I have many more experiences to share with you, but maybe, it’d be more fun if Justine shares one with you first…

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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