Jake and Tiffany: Jake’s Version

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This is Jake’s side of the story of two best friend’s who fell in love, got married, and well…you can guess what happened next…


I guess when I think back, I realize that I was always in love with her. Tiffany was my best friend and sometimes when I was stroking my hard-on thinking about her…it almost seemed like she was my sister! She’s 5’8, has gorgeous curly brown hair, hazel eyes, and a body that is out of this world! She has 36D breasts, a tiny waist, and such a tight ass! I have been told that I look like Paul Walker (yeah fucking right). I have a nine inch cock that girls have always loved to suck on!

One day, I decided to ask Tiffany to marry me. Before I knew it I was carrying her over the threshold of our honeymoon sweet. She looked so beautiful standing there in front of me. I yanked her to me and kissed her like I had always wanted to kiss her. I pressed my body against hers so that she could feel every inch of my hard cock. I said, “Tiffany, I’ve wanted you forever and now you are FINALLY going to be mine!” She pulled away with this shy smile on her face and said she had something to show me. She grabbed her suitcase and quickly ran into the bathroom. I knew that she was VERY nervous and that she was shy about her voluptuous body.

I casino şirketleri also knew that she was scared to see me naked, so I thought it best to just go ahead and strip to get the whole thing out the way. I was just pouring some champagne into some glasses when I heard her gasp. I quickly turned and there stood my blushing, open-mouthed bride. I groaned out loud at the sight of her with her beautiful curly hair flowing down, and a sheer white nightgown that molded to her big breasts. I walked across the room in two strides and yanked her to me, crashing my mouth down on hers. I knew that I was being to rough with her, but I had always wanted her and now she was mine! I ripped off her nightgown and lowered my mouth to an erect nipple. She climaxed before I even had a chance to touch her hairless pussy.

I thought that she would now be a little drained, so I picked her up to carry her to the bed. When she wrapped her fingers around my 9 inch cock I was shocked, but I knew that she was past her shyness. She wrapped her lips around the head and gave a tentative lick that nearly unmanned me. She began drawing me further and further into her mouth and I began to slowly pump in and out. She was sucking harder and faster. “Tiff, you are such a good cock casino firmaları sucker. Keep sucking, ohhhhh Tiff, I’m about to cum! Let me pull out.” I tried to pull out but she held onto the base and I came into my beautiful virgin wife’s mouth. She looked like she had an orgasm just by sucking me off, but I was about to blow her mind.

I gave her this sexy smile and said, “You didn’t have to swallow, baby, but I’m glad you did.” Then I grabbed her and said, “Now it’s your turn!” I spread her legs and just stared in awe for a moment at the sweetest pussy I had ever seen. I moaned her name and began to lick up and down her pussy until I fastened my lips on her hard clit and began to suck. I placed one finger, then two in her tight little hole and began to finger fuck her to get her ready for my huge cock. Her hips began to buck and I knew that she was almost there…

She moaned, “I’m cumming, please Jake, and fuck me NOW Jake!”

After she drifted down to earth from her orgasm I asked, “What was it you wanted me to do, Tiff?” She looked at me, so unafraid, and said, “Fuck me, Jake.”


I grabbed my hard cock and placed it just at her hole. I said, “This is going to hurt sweetie, but once I get it in it will feel so much better!” I güvenilir casino pushed a little ways into the tightest pussy I had ever had the joy of feeling. I knew that this was painful for her so I just slammed on through her cherry. Her scream of pain is one that I will never forget. I kissed her to soothe her and let her know that I understood. Then, she tightened her vaginal walls around me and I lost what little self control that I had.

I fucked her slowly until she was moaning, “Harder, Jake, fuck me harder! Make me cum!” I then slammed into her with the force of a jack hammer; she came twice within seconds of each other. I knew I was close, but I had to tell her something. “Tiff, I love you! Gosh, you are so fucking tight! I’m cumming baby, let me cum inside you!” When she said, “I love you too Jake! Please cum inside me. I can feel you throbbing in me! Fuck me harder Jake! I-I-I-I-‘MM CUMMING!” I came the hardest I have ever cum

“Tiff, I’ve loved you since we were kids. I only went out with other girls to make you jealous!”

“Jake I was always jealous! I’ve loved you forever too.”

We fell asleep with me still inside of her. I went to sleep the happiest I had ever been in my entire life…because I knew that she loved me and that we would be together forever.


Hey ya’ll! PLEASE let me know what you thought of this story! This is only my second and I already need some ideas! Please, if you have some ideas let me know! I’m open to ALL suggestions! ~countrysweetheart

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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