Evie at 60

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I have a pretty great life. I live in a nice little town, and I operate a nice little business, a ladies’ clothing store called K & E Gal’s. I’m the “E” – Evie. The “K” is my business partner and best friend, Karen.

We really are best friends. We met almost 20 years ago, at a business mixer. Karen was thinking about opening a shop. I was thinking about opening a shop. We were introduced, we hit it off immediately, and became business partners. Since then we’ve become fast friends, sharing all our secrets and crazy ideas. I trust Karen, and she trusts me.

I have plenty of acquaintances around town, but not friends as good as Karen. And I date a little, but not a lot. I think men like my smile and sense of humor, but I don’t think I offer a lot of “sex appeal.” I have too little on top, and too much down below, for most guys to find me pretty. I keep my salt-and-pepper hair cut quite short. I have lightly freckled skin, and light gray eyes. And I haven’t kept any relationship going for more than a year, ever. Except for me and Karen.

I turned 60 this year, and Karen turned 50. It’s only a Sunday in February, and it already seems like a watermark year of some sort. Karen has been having a kind of wild time lately. Her mother, June, sounds like she’s getting a little loopy (she’s 75, and lives here in town). And I suspect that Karen’s husband, David, has a bit of a thing for June.

We already had a couple of good customers in the shop when Karen arrived, later than usual. She cornered me in the back of the shop, and said, rather breathlessly, “I have something to talk to you about.”

“It’ll keep, Karen! We have customers,” I said.

“I really want to tell you what happened last night,” said Karen, urgently.

“Unless it’s a life-or-death thing, you’ve got to keep a lid on it for a few hours,” I said. “We have work to do!”

“Right, right. I’ll go out front and help those ladies,” said Karen, resignedly.

“Perfect! Early closing today, so what say we head over to my place later,” I suggested. “We can sip some wine and you can spill the beans.”

Karen gave me a quick hug, smiled, and hurried out to assist our customers.

Hmmm, I thought.


At 5:30 PM I pulled my Volvo into the driveway at my house. Karen parked her Prius on the street out front, and walked up the front path to meet me at the door.

“I called David to let him know I’d be late,” said Karen. “He was at Mum’s anyway, so she can look after him for a bit.” And Karen giggled.

“Don’t get coy with me, woman,” I said, unlocking and opening the front door. “Get in here and let’s get comfortable.”

It was a little chilly outside on this winter afternoon. I grabbed a big, ripe Zinfandel to warm us, a corkscrew, and handed Karen two acrylic wine glasses.

“Why don’t we use real glasses?” asked Karen.

“Because we’re heading outside to the spa tub!” I said.

“But I didn’t bring a suit!” Karen protested.

“We’ll skinny-dip! A couple of middle-aged ladies, in a steaming tub … nothing very interesting to look at, and you can’t see through the steam anyway!” I laughed. “There are towels by the back door. Come on!”

I had my back to Karen, opening the bottle of Zin, at the patio table. I heard her gasp as she slid into the hot water behind me. I turned to look. Karen was in the water to her neck, smiling at me. Her clothes were carefully folded on a patio chair next to the tub, along with the towels.

I poured us each a glass of wine, and set them on the table. I turned to face Karen, and undressed a little slowly. I took my top off first. I wasn’t wearing a bra … don’t really need one. Then the flouncy skirt I wore to disguise my hips, and, finally, my high-waisted “granny style” panties. I left them all folded on the patio table with the wine.

Karen watched me attentively, without saying a word. I took the glasses of wine and walked to the edge of the hot tub.

“You’re going to have to sit a little higher if you want to hold this wine glass, Karen,” I said.

She rose up a bit, and I could see the tops of her large-looking breasts breaking the surface of the water. She took both glasses casino şirketleri from me. I stepped up, and into the tub, gasping myself at the warm temperature, and settled in opposite Karen. She handed me my wine, and we raised our glasses in a silent toast, then sipped. Perfectly delicious. A good choice for a chilly day.

“Now, tell me everything,” I demanded.

“It’s funny,” said Karen. “We’ve never been naked together, not in all the years we’ve known one another.”

“Did you see anything that surprised you?” I asked.

“You’ve a lot of hair … down there … more than I expected,” Karen said. “Even more than Mum!” She laughed. We’d talked about her Mum’s hairiness before. I expected that to be part of her story today.

“And you’re bigger, up here,” I said, gesturing at her chest with my glass, “than I expected.”

“They’re big and soft and saggy, like Mum’s,” said Karen. “I use a well-fitted support bra to keep things looking ship-shape.”

I laughed, and stretched my legs out in the tub. I could feel Karen’s legs stretched out next to me. Our feet were resting on the benches, just at one another’s left hip.

“So, what are you so eager to tell me?” I asked, sipping my Zin.

“OK, Evie, so things have got really really crazy,” said Karen.

“In just a week? It can’t be much longer than that since your Mum’s show-and-tell get-together,” I said.

“I didn’t tell you everything about that day, Evie … Well, I told you everything that happened, but not everything I experienced. And something more happened last night.”

“Take your time, Karen. Take your time,” I said. “We have plenty of time and plenty of wine.”

“So, when Mum and I were … ‘pleasuring’ ourselves? She told me to think about David licking me, and I thought about more than that,” murmured Karen.

“Wait! For a sex story, I’m going to need some burbling water. Let me turn on the jets … just a second,” I reached to the control panel and pushed the button. And burbling jets of water began massaging our bodies.

“Oh, that’s nice,” said Karen. “So relaxing.”

“You were talking about you and June’s mutual masturbation session … and you know I don’t judge you for that. Consenting adults, even if you are mother and daughter.”

“Yeah, well, I thought about David licking me, and then I thought about other things,” said Karen. “Like you licking me.” She looked at me for a response.

“Ha! I’m flattered,” I laughed.

“That made me a little uncomfortable,” said Karen, then quickly added, “Not in a bad way!”

“I should hope not,” I said. “We’re naked together in my spa tub!”

“So, I looked at Mum and imagined David licking her,” continued Karen, with a sip of wine.

“And we’ve already confirmed that David likes hairy women, right?” I said.

“Right. But then, just before we both … climaxed … I imagined it was me licking Mum, nuzzling in through all her hair.” Karen looked away, and took another sip of wine.

“Ah, sort of an Electra complex. Wanting to possess your mother but lacking a penis.”

“What?” gasped Karen.

“I took a lot of psych classes in college,” I said. “Never mind. And don’t worry. Your fantasies are your own, and not that big a deal.”

“But now things are escalating, Evie,” said Karen. “And I’m worried that I rather like it.”

I let my left big toe brush against Karen’s hip, under the water. And I put my left hand on her left foot, by my hip, and said, “Go on.”

Karen didn’t react to my touch, but didn’t pull away, either. I left my hand on her foot, and continued to brush her hip with my big toe.

“I’m going to tell you this all at once, just to get it out, so please don’t interrupt me,” said Karen. “Otherwise I don’t know that I could share it.”

“My ears are wide open, but my lips are sealed,” I replied.

“So, I asked David if Mum could watch us, like she asked. He said he thought he’d be OK with it if I was OK with it … you sort of know up to that part, I think, or you guessed as much. Well, last night we invited Mum over. We had some Prosecco … quite a lot of Prosecco, actually. And I made David undress for us. He and I had casino firmaları that part all planned, to give Mum a show. He was unexpectedly willing. Then he was naked, and said it wasn’t fair, for him to be naked by himself. So, Mum and I undressed, too. That wasn’t part of the plan. I think … I know … we were all rather excited, and things were moving quickly. Mum wanted to know what she was going to watch, and I didn’t know what to do next, so I told David to lick me, the first thing that popped into my head, and he did, lick me, I mean … David and I really didn’t think we’d all get naked, or that we’d get that far, so it was rather surprising. Mum just stared and stared, and started rubbing herself. I stared back and had the most amazing orgasm. Really, the most amazing orgasm ever. I told David to stop, and he did, and he and mum were just naked, looking at me, like “what next, Karen?” So, I said the next thing that popped into my head. I told David to lick Mum, which he did … which was also rather surprising. And, while he was licking her, I did something almost inexplicable. I crawled under his chest and took his penis in my mouth. Mum could see, and then they both had crashing climaxes. I didn’t think David’s penis could pump so much, so I had so swallow quickly. And that’s it.”

We were silent for a moment, just staring at one another. I felt surprised and nervous, like I was a teenager on a first date, but I didn’t want to spoil the moment, somehow.

“That’s it?” I asked, finally, sounding calm. Breaking the tension of the moment, I hoped.

“That’s it,” Karen said. “We cleaned ourselves up, got dressed, hugged, and Mum drove home. David and I slept really, really well … that’s why I was so late this morning.”

“I need a refill,” I said, standing up in the tub. “Hold my glass and I’ll get the bottle and pour us more.”

I handed my glass to Karen, whose breasts were now buoyant on the top of the water. She must have been sitting up a little higher. I turned and climbed carefully from the tub. I walked to the patio table, picked up the bottle of Zin, and walked back to the tub, by where Karen was sitting. I don’t believe she’d taken her eyes off me for a second.

I filled the two glasses, and walked slowly back to the patio table. I wanted her to look, so I took my time. I know my bum and hips move a little when I walk. I set the bottle down, and turned to return to the tub. My nipples were very hard, standing out prominently from my small breasts … whether from Karen’s story or the temperature difference between spa tub and winter air, it didn’t matter. Karen kept looking from my nipples to my pubic bush as I walked back and climbed into the tub.

Karen handed me my glass. “You’re beautiful,” she said.

“Don’t be silly,” I replied, with a little smile. “I’m old. I’m too small on top, and too big below. I know that. But, for interest’s sake, and because we’re friends, what makes you think I’m beautiful?” Yes, I was fishing for a compliment.

“You, all of you, inside and out. And you have the most amazing nipples … I couldn’t help but notice. And you’re so hairy!”

“I’m happy you like me,” I said. “I haven’t generally been considered very sexy.”

“Oh, but you are!” said Karen. “You’re so very sexy!”

As I settled back in the tub, I found Karen’s legs and feet stretched out towards where I was sitting, sort of paddling in the tub jet current, so I sat down with my legs spread, one on each side of hers.

“Here’s what I think,” I said. “You just turned 50. You have a comfortable life with a loving husband, and now some rather surprising experiences with your 75-year-old mother have clicked up your sex drive. I’m delighted you think I’m sexy, but I think that’s newfound enthusiasm on your part, rather than sudden-sex-appeal on mine.”

“Do you think it’s wrong that I think you’re sexy, Evie?” asked Karen, And I could feel her toes tickling the edge of my pubic hair.

God help me, I slid a little lower in the water so she could more easily reach me with her foot. “It’s not wrong, Karen. I’m flattered. And I love you,” I said. “We’ll always be best friends, always, no matter what. And güvenilir casino this girl always enjoys a bit of flattery.” And I slid a little further down, so her toes had ready access between my thighs.

“Here’s the thing, Evie,” said Karen. “I know we can tell one another anything. And one of the things that’s surprised me is … is that … Oh, hell, it’s that I’m a little interested in women all of a sudden. Mum … and you … arouse me. And I still want David. Is that weird?”

Her toes were working rhythmically now, up and down my labia, brushing my clitoris. I was finding it harder to speak.

“It’s not … uncommon … I think … to find all … all we love … ohhhhh … ohhhh … sexual at times,” I stammered out.

“I know I’m intruding into your personal space, Evie, but I like what I’m doing with my toe,” said Karen. “Do you like what I’m doing with my toe?”

“Uh, yes! … OK … Karen … ohhhh … I like … ohhhh … I like it … very much … ohhh”

She rubbed me with her toe, deeper and more firmly. As the pace of her rubbing increased, I knew I would soon come.

“I’m thinking about your body so much now, Evie,” said Karen. “That might seem naughty, but it seems good to me. I love you. I love your short, butch haircut. I love your gray eyes … I love to feel them looking at me, noticing my body, as if they’d like to see more. I love your small, hard nipples standing out from your beautiful little breasts … I’d love to get my mouth on them, I will get my mouth on them. I love your wide hips, and the way they sway when you walk. I love your big, round, bum – I’d love to get my hands on it. And I’ll have to, have to hang on to your glorious bum, because I love love love your hairy pussy, and I’ll need to pull it closer to my mouth and tongue, because I can’t wait to taste you.”

And I came. Karen’s rubbing and her talking sent me over the top. “Stop!” I cried. “Enough! Enough!”

“Are you OK?” asked Karen. “You spilled your wine.”

I breathed quietly for a moment or two. “I’m OK, Karen,” I said softly. “And now I have something to ask you.”

“Anything!” she replied.

“Can you sit up on the edge of the tub?” I asked. “Or would you be too cold?”

“I could wrap a towel around my shoulders, if I’m cold, and I should be fine,” Karen said. “Why?”

“Just sit up on the edge of the tub,” I asked.

Karen dumped her wine on the patio, and left her acrylic glass floating, bobbing in the tub. She stood up, leaning over to grab a towel. “Just in case I need it,” she said.

She sat up on the edge of the tub, towel by her side and looked at me. “Now what?” she asked.

I looked at Karen. Here was a mature woman. Not a skinny little thing, nor a plump matron. A woman, with soft white breasts that hung down a bit low, true, but so attractive. And a modest patch of soft-looking brown hair between her legs. She is beautiful. She finds me beautiful. I loved her. She loved me.

I moved across the tub to stand before her. “Spread your legs, please, Karen,” I said. “We’re going to finish off part of that masturbation daydream you had with your mother.”

“I’ve never been with a woman before, not this way,” said Karen.

“Me neither,” I replied. “But I know how this works.”

Karen spread her legs wide, and I kneeled on the tub bench, in the water, and bent my head between her thighs. I nosed in through her soft brown hair, and ran the tip of my nose up and down between the lips of her labia. Then I put my tongue to work, up and down, round and round, teasing her clitoris, and finally zoning in to focus on that spot. I licked, and licked, and licked. Tasting Karen, tasting the tub water, tasting the Zin we’d enjoyed together. And, for all I know, tasting something of David in Karen, maybe something of our future.

She clenched her thighs against my head, and gave voice to a fluttering sort of sigh, a long long sigh. Still licking, I turned my gray eyes up to meet hers, beyond her magnificent soft white breasts. Green eyes. She had green eyes. Had I known that before? I must have noticed. Her glorious green eyes, wide and locked with my gray eyes. I licked and she began to squirm, and then she came, and came, with a shudder. She pressed herself against my mouth, pulling my head against her with both hands, still squeezing me hard with her thighs. And the look between our locked eyes promised this was not the end.

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