Casey’s Recovery Ch. 03

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As this story has developed several readers have taken the time to comment, thank you. I hope you will continue to find it entertaining; you comments are always appreciated.

Chapter 03

After thinking over the debacle with Mom I decided I’d better to a great job getting things ready for Casey. I cleaned up my room and the house just like a guilty teenager, sourced and ordered the bed for Casey and made a very nice supper for Mom. About 6:30 she came in with Lillian, it was a good thing I made a big meatloaf and sides, lots to feed us all.

When she came into the kitchen, I said, “Could I talk with you privately for a moment please?”

“Yes, she said, please come with me.”

I followed her upstairs into her bedroom where she said, “Stop right there, you are a fully grown man. I apologize for walking in on you, you had every right to expect privacy and you have nothing to be ashamed of. You were doing the same thing that every person on the planet does from time to time. Do not apologize to me, that’s all that needs to be said, let’s not speak of it again, alright?”

I just nodded my head as she turned to change and I went down stairs to set the table. As I may have told you, Mom is a CPA and has her own practice. Earlier in the day she called Lillian and asked her if she had time to talk, they agreed to meet over coffee later that afternoon.

When Mom got to the coffee shop Lillian was already there, having secured a relatively private table and coffee for them both. “What’s up my friend” said Lillian.

Mom looked around and spoke in a quiet voice, “I walked in on Jack this morning while he was jacking off, not that it was a surprise; but, the problem is that I could not take my eyes off his dick.”

“Well first, what does his cock look like, is it big, little, fat, thin, what?? Secondly, its little wonder you were staring, said Lillian, when was the last time you had a good fucking?”

“Ok, to answer your questions, Jack’s cock is lovely, he’s not porn star but I’d say his cock is a good 6 or 7 inches long and thick, really thick, not quite as big around as my wrist but close. Altogether his cock is a sight to behold, particularly when it’s shooting a big load of cum, WOW to say the least!”

“As for me, my dear friend” Mom said, “the time I got a good fucking was the night before Robert told me he had a girlfriend and was leaving me. He almost fucked me to death that night, and then he told me why. He did me three different times and I even let the son-of-a-bitch fuck me in the ass. He knew it was the last of my pussy he would ever get and I guess he wanted to be sure he got all he could. I even sucked the bastard off, swallowing every drop; he used me like a whore and then left. I guess I’ve tried to put sex out of my mind ever since.”

“I’ve told you before, you need some dick and Jack is a good looking boy and the way you describe it, his cock is bigger than Roberts!” said Lillian with a smile.

Mom blushed and said, “From my perspective, it’s a beautiful cock and his balls are nearly a double handful. I got out of there fast; I didn’t want him to see me leering. Besides, I am his mother; we’re not supposed to do such things you know.”

“Nonsense, that rule was put in place to keep us from creating idiot children and with the abundant supply of birth control the only remaining reason, it seems to me, is to keep parents from confusing their children and both you and Jack are old enough to manage that easily enough – right?”

Lillian laughed saying, “Hell girl, if you still think you should stay away, let me take him for a trial run I’ve always favored a big dick. In the meantime, you need to get yourself come serious cock. Do you have any prospects?”

“One more thing, said Mom; I swear I’ve smelled cum around the house. I don’t see it but I swear I smell that bleachy smell and I find myself with a seriously wet pussy. It happened last night and again today after I watched Jack cum, and boy did he cum, I drove all the way to the office before I could get into my office, close the door and give myself a good frigging. I am not like that, I am not a frigging slut, but today I got myself off twice.”

Lillian laughed lustfully again and said, “As I said, who are you best cock prospects, hum?”

“Oh, I don’t know, I guess Brice Daniels; the engineer whose office is across the hall from mine is the best. He always looks at me like he’s trying to undress me, but he’s so shy. I don’t know if I could go into his office and say, “Hey Brice, I think you’ve wanted to fuck me for the last 3 years, why not drop you pants, whip it out and do me right now?””

They both laughed and chatted a bit more before Mom invited Lillian home for supper. Lillian smiled casino şirketleri at Mom and asked gently, “Would you really mind if I took a pass at Jack, maybe rubbed his butt or showed him some tit or something?”

Mom laughed and said, “Oh hell, you might as well, I can’t imagine he’s a virgin at his age. Just don’t let me know about it, I’m afraid I might be jealous.”

We enjoyed a hearty supper with everyone eating happily. There was lots of conversation about Casey and re-arranging the Den area, afterwards I cleaned up while Mom and Lillian went into the Den to make final decisions. It was a quick clean-up, just loaded the dishwasher and turned it on. As I walked into the Den, they stopped and looked at me and I swear Lillian stared directly at my crotch. I was wearing a T-shirt and gym shorts, nothing was showing, but it seemed to trigger a swelling in response. But there was work to be done.

At their direction I moved furniture around so that the hospital bed could be positioned to allow Casey to look out to the pool area and also watch television if she wanted. There were a couple of comfortable chairs to set near the bed with tables and lamps. It was going to look pretty nice, around 7:30 the door bell rang and the rental company delivered and set up the hospital bed and an over bed table, by 9:00 the room was ready for Casey’s arrival. Everybody agreed it was a job well done.

In celebration, I fixed everybody a scotch on the rocks double strong and we sat out by the pool talking. As it got darker Mom went in and turned on the pool lights giving the area a nice glow. As Lillian finished her third drink she said, “Wish I’d brought my suit, I would like a swim.”

Mom laughed and said, “Dear Miss Lillian, if you want to go in, just skinny dip, we’re all adults here.”

Clearly it was getting a little drunk out and Mom was getting a little tipsy; she was never much of a drinker but tonight she was three doubles in … and I was curious to see what Lillian looked like naked so I bravely said, “Yea Lillian, strip down and go on in, it’ll be our little secret.”

“By God, I think I will, she said, slurring her speech just a little.” She promptly began to take off her clothes, then she turned and looked at me as said, “I ain’t going in alone, get your clothes off big boy.”

The pool lights are in the pool, so they really don’t give off all that much light and it was fairly dark, so I felt embolden and looked at Mom saying, “Do you mind?” “Nope, she said” “So, I said, what about you, gonna’ join us?”

She smiled wistfully and said, “After today I think I’ll just sit here, maybe have another drink and watch you guys enjoy the water.”

With that she stood up went inside and started fixing everyone a fourth scotch. What the hell I thought; my mind was a bit clouded with the scotch, so I quickly stripped off my T-shirt, shorts and underwear. Out of the corner of my eye I saw Mom looking at me appraisingly. I stood there and I did what most guys do when they get naked, I reached down and began to slightly pull and stoke my cock to its full length and stepped into the water. I’ve always liked being naked and I was certain that I was going to like this.

I looked back toward the pool chairs and saw Lillian bent over neatly folding her clothes and placing them on her chair. It was very clear she shaved or waxed her pussy because as she bent toward the chair I could see that big sweet peach of her hairless pussy sticking out between her legs. She is a big girl with sturdy legs, wide set hips and strong body, broad shoulders and short brown hair. When she turned around toward the pool, Mom stepped out of the house and turned the under eve lights on clearly illuminating the patio and Lillian’s body.

Our back yard area is large and very private, when we moved in years ago, Dad installed a good quality 8 foot redwood fence with steel posts and supports all around the property border and planted a series of Lombardy poplar trees immediately next to the fence. Over the years it’s developed into a dense border blocking all eyes from our pool area.

Lillian has those square tits, you know tits that seem to start at her armpit and then continue to her breast bone and then swell away from her chest, so that 38 C’s look like double D’s. Her areolas were the size of silver dollars with large red rubbery nipples just off center of each one, each nipple sort of looking away from the other in a walleyed fashion. She’s a formidable woman, but very attractive in her way.

Her face is a peasant face with large oval eyes and a big nose, just perfect I thought for holding while she sucked my cock. About that time Mom came back out and sat my drink down by the pool edge, turning to Lillian casino firmaları saying, “Just going to stand around like a big statue or are you going in?”

Lillian laughed and said, “Well if Jack has gotten a good enough look I’m headed in, how about you get your clothes off and come in yourself?”

By this time, I was in water up to my waist, standing there staring at this big naked woman for the first time in my entire life. I’ve known her since I was born so it was pretty exciting. I was unconsciously stroking my cock as I looked and my cock was in battle ready condition.

Lillian looked directly at me and said, “Looks like Jack likes what he sees. Now Jack, don’t cum in the pool, it’ll stick to my hair and clough the filter.”

I jerked my hand away, rather embarrassed to be caught in that way.

Mom laughed and said, “Like I said Jack, after today no needs to be embarrassed; and after last night, I know you’ve already seen all I have to offer, so I think I’ll change my mind and join you both.” Clearly, it was getting a little drunk out.

She turned and began to undress, folding each item of her clothing very neatly, placing it carefully on her chair. I noticed that she was unsteady on her feet. As I waded over to the pool edge and got my drink I decided that I was pretty buzzed but Mom must be really tanked as I’d never seen her act this way. Shoot, until last night, I’d never seen her completely naked, who would have guessed this turn of events. Lillian hopped up from the pool onto the pool edge and began to dangle her feet into the water, taking a good pull on her drink. With her legs spread, her pussy was directly on my eyelevel giving me a perfect view right into her open cunt.

A few moments later, Mom came over and sat down by Lillian giving me a full view of her naked body, what I found most exciting is that she drew her legs up to her chest and wrapped her arm around them. While that seems to be a protective move, once her legs were up, her pussy was fully exposed and those big, bright pink lips gaped open slightly giving me and exceptional peek inside her pussy. It was very stimulating, turning my cock to absolute stone; I don’t think my cock had ever been that hard and swollen. I drained my drink.

Finding myself sucking on an ice cube Lillian said, “Jack my sweet boy, come get my glass and get me a refill.”

So I climbed out of the pool somewhat unsteadily and walked over to the ladies with my cock at maximum extension. My big boy was fully engorged bouncing and swaying in front of me like a toy baseball bat, dripping precum. As I walked, it was clear that both women were fixated, staring at my cock. When I reached them they both held up their glasses for a refill. Walking into the house I could see them staring at my ass and dangling balls in the reflective glass.

After fixing our 5th or 6th drink, I’d lost track, I stepped behind the kitchen counter and rapidly jacked off into a kitchen towel, it took only seconds until my cum gushed heavily onto the towel. Boy oh boy, that was much better. After blotting, I wrapped it up and dropped it into the hall dirty clothes bin, returning outside.

The ladies were talking excitedly to one another and when I reached them, Lillian reached up for her drink and ran the back of her hand along my cock saying, “Nice cock Jack, had it long?” and they both burst into laughter.

It clear to me they were bombed. I’d never ever seen my Mother drunk, I’d seen Lillian tipsy at a couple of parties but this was clearly different, we were all getting gassed.

After giving them their drinks, I sat down next to Lillian and said, “Yes Lillian, I’ve had this cock for quite some time and it works really well too. Want to give it a try?”

There was more drunken laughter and she said, “Why not, but for now I want a swim and another drink when this one is gone.”

With that she slipped into the pool and swam away. I guess I was drunk enough to have pushed all caution from my mind, so I turned to Mom and said, “I think you have a beautiful pussy, do you think I could have a taste?”

Even drunk, I think this surprised her as she blushed and said, “I don’t think that would be appropriate, it would be better if you took on Lillian, I’m still your mother you know, but thanks for the compliment.”

“Tell you what, I said, I’ll give that a try, but I would appreciate it if you would turn towards me and spread your legs and give me a real good look in your pussy, I absolutely love pussy you know.”

Lillian floated on her back, tits point skyward with huge hard nipples and her smooth pussy shining as she glided by. As Mom emptied her glass she said in a thick voice, “Sure buster, take a good look, because your daddy always güvenilir casino said I have a great pussy, one of the best pussy’s ever.”

Her words were slurring badly, as were mine, but she pivoted on her butt cheeks, leaned back, spreading her feet wide, lifted and bent her knees, then reached under her bent knees and used her fingers to spread her pussy lips wide apart, clearly showing the bright pink insides and a nice double finger sized hole leading into her vagina. I could see that it was really wet with a bit of creamy residue gathering around the opening.

That did it; for a drunk 24 year old this was about all I could be expected to tolerate because suddenly, my extremely hard cock began to tremble, burn and swell and then I spewed cum in nice ropy strings; I was surprised and a bit embarrassed, but it felt fantastic. After several blasts, some of which hit Mom right in the open cunt and on her bush, I fell back a little and sighed. My cock slowly softened and lay down on my thigh.

I didn’t hear Lillian get out of the pool, but she walked over, knelt down and said drunkenly, “Were you going to cheat me out of this sweet cum? Hmmm, were you?”

Then she knelt down, leaned in and began to suck my cum off Mom’s bush and out of her cunt, licking and sucking with gusto. Mom leaned back and said, “Damn girl, eat that my pussy, eat it, eat it!

Oh Baby that feels soooo good!”

And with that, my Mother, the prim and proper CPA, slowly collapsed onto the pool deck and Lillian turned toward me on her hands and knees, I watched her scoop my cum up from the deck with her fingers and eat it. When she finished, she reached over, picked up my unfinished drink and drank it down, growling and smiling and said in a guttural voice, “Jack my boy, I love eating you cum, bring that cock over here so I can suck it.”

I was just drunk enough to say with lots of bravado, “Shit girl, my cock is much too big for you; you’ll never get it down, there ain’t no way!”

Lillian stood up, staggering a good bit, gathered up our glasses and went into the house making another round, pure scotch, no ice, probably 3 or 4 shots in each glass. As she stumbled out, she put the drinks on a small side table next to our chairs and looked down at Mom who was snoring with her mouth open.

“Jack my boy, can you stand up?”

“Fuck ya, I said.” I barely managed to get to my unsteady feet, “Now what do you want, I asked.”

“Come over here by your Mother, squat down and stick your dick in her mouth, you can do that?”

“Damn straight, I slurred.”

I staggered over to Mom and squatted over her face, dropping my swollen cock down and pushed my cockhead firmly into her mouth. I liked it; it was hot, soft and wet, I gently fucked her mouth for a minute or so with my cockhead, somewhat unsteadily, squisha’ squisha’ squisha’!

Lillian was sitting in her chair, sucking on her drink and laughing, she said, “Com’mere boy, my pussy needs that cock!”

She got up after a while and drained her glass, giving me my glass and telling me to drink it up, be a man, drink it up boy. I sat my glass down still full, knowing that if I drank it, I’d never get upstairs.

We went in the house and upstairs to Mom’s room, leaving her outside, naked, legs spread, on her back, snoring and we laughed, playing grab ass all the way to the bed. Once there, she fell in on her back, slipped a pillow under her hips and spread her legs as wide as possible.

She looked at me and said, “I once fucked a fence post and two mules, your cock is nothing, get over here and shove that mutherfucker in me boy; come on, get over here!”

Something about the entire situation set me on fire and I felt that old familiar boiling in my gut and the roaring in my ears. I fell on her, shoving my swollen cock into her pussy. It was dripping wet, burning hot and tight, really tight, then she called out to me, “Damn it, hold it a minute, that sum bitch hurts!”

“Not a chance, I said.”

I shoved it in as hard as I could, burying my cock balls deep and then pounded her pussy for what seemed like hours. As I did so, I slipped down on my elbows and grasped each tit in my hands squeezing and pinching and sucking her nipples. She moaned and groaned and gasped out loud and I loved it. I wanted to bay and bark at the moon. I fucked her so long she passed out, when I began to slow down, my ears were still roaring and the burning need to fuck continued, and her tight pussy was getting dry. I stumbled downstairs to the kitchen in search of something slick.

I found a stick of butter. Once back in the bedroom I shoved about a third of the butter into her pussy and followed it with my cock, all she did was groan and whimper while I fucked her with a frenzy until I felt the cum boil up from my balls, then I pulled out and blasted my cum on her face, tits and belly.

Once I stopped cumming, I fell on my side, I felt possessed, crazed but exhausted and fell soundly asleep.

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