A Weekend Adventure Ch. 02

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*Thank you Hugo & Mish for helping me sort out some details*

Bouncing up and down on my cock vigorously, moaning and panting. Leaning down to kiss my neck and whisper in my ear. I was almost there. So ready to blow a load inside of her, feeling myself tense and then…

“We’re here, get out and put her bags in the trunk.”

My wife’s voice. Putting the fantasy back in its place…deep down inside me where it has lurked for the last year. I opened my eyes and undid my seatbelt, climbed out of the truck to see her standing there, looking better than I ever could have imagined. I embraced her in a bear hug, drinking in the smell of her sweet perfume absorbing the feel of her small body. It had been my idea to invite her to our new house, I hadn’t seen her in so long, and I had convinced my wife it would be fun. I wanted to see her again, something to renew my carnal instincts, to remind myself of who I was fantasizing over, not that I could forget. I met Tara a year ago when I married her cousin. After meeting her I felt guilty thinking I had married the wrong girl. Seeing Tara in a dress drove me crazy, it had been a re-occurring fantasy since then. Taking her into the back room, laying her out on a table, hiking that dress up and just plowing her. Miranda is beautiful, with long blonde hair, and great assets but no comparison to her cousin. Tara has legs that go for miles and meet with a perfect ass. Small tits, but with the right bra and shirt, they look huge. Long dark hair surrounds her petite face, her lips are very pouty, and her eyes are definitely ‘fuck me’ eyes. You know the kind that sends you over the edge when she’s blowing you.

I was already hard from my daydream of letting her ride me, so without giving away my secret, I let her go and loaded her bags. She was definitely wearing the right bra and the right shirt today, her small tits looked enormous and almost spilled out of the top. Her perfect little ass, hugged by the tightest jeans I’ve ever seen. My own jeans were getting tighter and tighter. Miranda did most of the talking the way home not letting Tara or myself get a word in even if we had wanted to. We’d just bought a house together after a year of marriage and it seems to be bragging rights in women. We got home and I had to take a shower. I needed release for my raging hard on, and found it stroking it in the warm water to the idea of Tara on her knees in front of me, mouth open waiting to swallow my spunk. We ate, and Miranda revealed to me that we were going out, after our friends had insisted. I would have much rather stayed at home curled up on the couch, but why listen to the whining when I can agree and avoid.

We went out to this bar. We met up with our friends, and immediately I could see one of my best friend Jay’s sense of interest in Tara. I took a seat next to her, and decided to play my part in keeping her away from him so I might have whatever I could of her to myself.

“You have to look out for Jay. He’s a little…dominating when he wants to be. When he drinks he tends to get a little out of hand. You know, wants to fuck everything in sight. Don’t let him take advantage of you.”

She smiled sweetly at me, batting her eyelashes and slapped my knee playfully.

“Oh Anthony! Looking out for me are you? I’m a big girl you know, I can handle myself!”

I knew she could. With legs like that, I know she’d had them wrapped around a few guys in her day. Hell, I thought about her doing it to me all the time. That was the problem; I didn’t want her locking those long, toned legs around Jay. She was my fantasy, nothing worse than having one of your best friends make your fantasy become their reality. I slipped up. I got sucked into a game of pool and lost track of her, on a break in the game, I looked to the dance floor and knew I was too late to intercept. Tara and Jay were grinding on the dance floor, his mouth inches from her neck, probably whispering nasty things to her. I grimaced at the thought. What a fucker.

When we were leaving and Jay ran to catch up to me to inform me of him joining us at our house for the evening I almost told him to fuck off. I knew if he came, they’d both be cumming later. I didn’t want that. Fucking my fantasy in my house…I couldn’t fathom the idea. When we got back to our house they already there. Jay was so drunk I almost felt bad for Tara. If they fucked he would be completely selfish, leaving her needs unattended and no one to satisfy. Besides me…not that I could volunteer, imagine if Miranda found out. I’d be up shit creek without a paddle.

Too many drinks and not enough sleep from the night before was my biggest downfall. I passed out on the floor. Only to be woken from yet another amazing dream of me nailing Tara, by my wife casino şirketleri telling me to go to bed. I said my goodnight and headed to the master bedroom. Before we were even in the kitchen, I knew Jay was up on the couch beside her. I sighed, it was too late, and I was too drunk to care. I was too hard to sleep. Spooning with Miranda trying to convince her to crawl on top and ride me was a lot more difficult than I thought sex with your wife ever should be so I ended up losing interest, jerking off then passing out.

It was early morning when I woke. I stumbled to the washroom, and heading back to the master bedroom, I heard what I was sure had to be my little fantasy getting fucked. I had to see for myself. Peeking around the dining room wall, my cock went from half-mast to instantaneously hard as a rock. Before my eyes, innocent little Tara positioned doggy style. Her little round ass sticking up in the air, head buried into a couch cushion whimpering as Jay dominated her with his cock. I slipped my hand inside my boxers and stroked myself to match his thrusts inside her. I couldn’t believe this was going on in my living room. For not wanting it to happen at all, I was more turned on than I have been in a long time. Watching her convulse in orgasm drew me to my own, the dirty talk was like music to my ears. I released into my hand, grabbing a piece of paper towel from the kitchen wiping it off, I returned to my post by the wall. Her chest was glistening from sweat, her perky little tits and hard nipples sent tingling sensations up my spine. As they gathered their clothes, and Jay told her to go to bed, I retreated to my bedroom and climbed back into bed beside my sleeping wife, my prick still in my hand stroking eagerly at the sights burned into my brain.

I don’t know how long I laid there. It seemed like an eternity, my cock pulsing in my hand. Milling over and over in my head what I wanted to do, how great it would be to make a dream become reality, but held back by the sound of my wife’s breathing beside me. I imaged sliding Tara’s sexy panties off her hot shaved pussy, down those long lean legs and tossing them to the floor, burying my head ferociously between her thighs, letting her juice stream down my chin. I thought about her panting underneath me…because of me, sliding my dick in and out of her sweet pink hole. I thought about it long enough that Miranda became a ghost. I climbed out of bed and walked down the hall to the room she was in, my hand on the doorknob hesitating to go in. Was I really going to go through with this? What if she freaked and told Miranda what a dog I was? What if Jay or Miranda heard us? What if she was naked, lying there with her legs spread, and invited me in? The concept of being received like that was all the motivation I needed. I turned the doorknob and walked inside, closing the door behind me.

The night-light illuminated the shape of her body under the sheets. It took my breath away. I thought I’d have to wake her up, and I wish I would have been able to, because I had a plan for that at least, but she sat up in bed. The sheet slid down her upper half, the pale light gleaming off her naked skin.

“I thought you were going to sleep out there?”

Suddenly she realized it was not Jay standing in the room. She gasped and I could tell she was already blushing. It made her cuter than ever. She pulled the sheets up, covering her exposed breasts and stuttered.

“Anthony…I..uhh..I…what are you doing?”

I grinned. Oh the innocence. I went over and pushed her legs over, sitting beside her. I don’t think I even said anything. I was no longer drunk from the alcohol, but drunk with lust. I couldn’t waste anymore time, I was losing my nerve. I leaned down and planted my lips firmly on hers, and to my surprise, there was no resistance. She accepted my mouth on hers, and even boldly slipped her own tongue inside my mouth, teasingly. Surprised I pulled away. She bit her own lip nervously, and the sheet seemed to slide down her chest, revealing the very tips of her hard nipples.

“Let me see you.”

She sucked in her breath as I pulled the sheet down slowly, revealing inch after inch of gorgeous tanned flesh. Her toned stomach, leading down into amazing hips and then to a pair of small pink bikini style panties and on down to those long, lean legs. She lay there for me to see and I soaked in every second. I couldn’t believe it. She lifted her hand from her side, and ran it down over her lush, pouty lips, down between the small valley in her tits, over her stomach and down her hips.

“Do you like what you see Anthony?”

It was a whisper, but it sounded so exotic and foreign to me. I couldn’t speak, my mouth was so dry but I did manage to nod. She drew casino firmaları her hand back up her body, and slid down in the bed, displaying herself like a Playboy model.

“Your turn.”

Without a second of hesitation, I slid my hand down to her naked breasts, caressing one, then the other. Rolling her already hard nipples between my fingers. She quivered in anticipation and arched a little towards me, sighing with her eyes closed, as I convinced my hand to leave her breasts. It dipped down to her stomach, which I caressed with my fingertips, playing downwards to her panties. I could hardly control myself. I wanted to rip them off and fuck her right there, but I also wanted to last. Using both hands to slide over her hips, pulling her panties down a little, revealing more of that silken flesh I longed to have. Over the tops of her thighs I went, pushing her legs apart. I could see the light pink underwear turning darker. She was getting wet. I was exciting her. She wanted me. My breathing became irregular and ragged. She giggled and moved her leg so I was between them. I slid over and sat more comfortably in the middle of the bed, her legs open around me and she slid down even closer to my stiff cock.

Both her hands suddenly rose to her breasts, squeezing them hard, dragging her fingers lazily down to her stomach, then to her sweet pussy. Overtop of her panties she rubbed, right there in front of me. I had to grab my cock through my boxers. Not so innocent after all. The wet spot got bigger, and her fingers became more insistent on getting closer to her wet pussy. She moaned quietly, and squirmed, driving herself crazy. I thought she forgot I was there until she asked me to remove her panties. I was in heaven. I peeled them off her legs and dropped them to the floor, unable to take my eyes off her hands, rubbing vigorously over the fleshy lips of her soaking cunt. I had a death grip on my cock, I felt like I was ready to burst. She continued to play by herself, separating her pink lips to reveal her dripping hole, which swallowed her fingers over and over. She was fucking her own hand, right there in front of me. Something broke inside me, I couldn’t wait. I rose up over top of her and pulled her hands away. She whimpered and pushed her hips down, fucking the air.

I explored over soft, pink, wet flesh. She smelled so sweet I was sure I was drooling. My hand cupped her pussy as she fucked it, whimpering like a small animal. Extending my fingers, she impaled herself on them and gasped, followed by a contented sigh. She grabbed my wrist and held my hand in place and fucked my hand harder and harder. I curled my fingers inside of her. She was so tight, like a virgin, I could hardly believe I had watched Jay nail her earlier. I brought her to the brink, I could tell she was about ready to let go and I withdrew my fingers suddenly, leaving her frustrated. I held her hands so she couldn’t touch herself, and I wouldn’t touch her anymore. I needed attention myself. I pulled my throbbing meat from my boxers and it stood upwards, slapping against my stomach. I sat on my haunches in front of her and stroked. She licked her lips, wiggling insanely trying to get closer to it. I let her go and they shot downwards to my cock.

I’m pretty thick. I’ve always prided myself on my girth. Her hands looked tiny stroking it eagerly. I closed my eyes in ecstasy. It all seemed so unreal. My eyes flew open as I felt her warm mouth engulf the head of my cock. Her tongue swirled and licked, her drool dripped off me onto the sheets. My hands sought refuge in her hair, forcing her mouth all the way down my thick shaft. I felt her choking on it and it made me shudder, I let her up and she sucked me harder. She had changed her position, in order to blow me. She was almost laying down, her ass in the air and her legs bent. I realized that little vixen had her own hand between her legs again, finger fucking herself intently. Forcing my cock down her throat again until she choked, I ran my hands down her back over her ass, squeezing those tight cheeks in both hands, pulling her hand away, I stroked her slit with my fingers. Jamming my fingers inside her hole roughly, her squeal was muffled by my cock in her mouth. My thumb found her clit, and she sank onto my hand. I lost my cool. I started fucking her throat harder and faster. I hadn’t been able to do it for over a year. She massaged my balls as I slammed into the back of her throat, making her gag every time. She froze on my hand and her moan vibrated off my cock as she came. She squirted into my hand. I withdrew my fingers and sucked her juice off them as I fucked her hot little mouth. I looked down just as she looked up at me with those beautiful brown ‘fuck me’ eyes and I had to cum. I rocketed güvenilir casino that load down into her slut mouth with such force she shuddered and pulled me out of her mouth. More cum spewed out onto the sheets, and she licked my balls eagerly, sucking them into her mouth as I jerked my prick over her face. Down her throat and over her cheeks another rope went, and she cooed in excitement. Rubbing the head against her lips like lipstick made me shudder as the last few droplets shot forth.

I didn’t need five minutes. I didn’t need two minutes. I didn’t need thirty seconds. I wanted to fuck her. I had to fuck her. I grabbed her by the shoulders, pulled her up and pushed her back onto the bed. She looked like a deer caught in the headlights, surprised by my sudden aggression. I grabbed her by the ankles and put her legs over my shoulders.

“Anthony…what about…”

I swallowed her words with my mouth. I didn’t care what she was going to say. I couldn’t think about doing anything but slamming my fat cock into her tiny pussy. I rubbed the throbbing head up and down her wet slit and she gasped, throwing her arms around my neck, lifting her body upwards to kiss my neck. Slapping the head of my cock against her clit made her moan and I almost lost my composure. Hushing her with my mouth again, she locked her legs around my neck as I leaned down on top of her. My cock stood rigid, pressed against the soft flesh just above her opening. She released her arms around my neck and lay back on the pillow. She looked like an angel…ready to commit a sin.

“Fuck me Anthony…please…”

Dreams do come true.

I thrust my aching tool into her soft folds of flesh, driving into her very core. Tara was so wet; I glided in with no trouble. Her walls clenched around me, almost making me cum instantly. I shuddered inside her and managed to pull out, jamming back inside her eagerly. Her arms rose above her head and grabbed the headboard as I jack hammered into her. Her small tits bounced up and down with the force of my thrusts, I leaned down to suck a nipple in my mouth, her knees almost even with her head, and it made her even tighter. Her panting got louder with each thrust, and I didn’t care. For having blown my load all over her face earlier, I felt the urge to bust again rising, so I had to slow down. I continued to bury my throbbing prick into her soaking snatch slowly, but with long, hard, even strokes. Tara’s legs slid down my shoulders and around my waist. I watched myself impaling her, rubbing her clit with my thumb. She wanted to cum and it was my duty to make her. I picked up the pace a bit, rubbing her clit rapidly. Her hands ran through her own hair, as she twisted underneath me moaning and sighing. I kissed her deep and fucked her harder and faster than I thought possible and that’s all it took. She didn’t need to tell me she was cumming. Her whole body went rigid underneath me and I could feel her milking my cock with her orgasm. She lay panting as I pulled out, not wanting to cum yet. Tara smiled sweetly and sat up, pushing me down on the bed lightly, and straddled me.

Hovering over me, grabbing my thick cock in her fist, she guided me into her dripping pussy. I shivered at the sight. Slowly inch after inch; I disappeared into that beautiful pink cunt until she rested comfortably on me. I held her by the hips as she grinded down onto me, running her hands over her perky breasts and amazing nipples. She was giving me quite the show, sliding her hands all over her body, finding her clit and rubbing it, staring straight into my eyes, licking her lips seductively. Placing her hands on my chest, she began to lift herself off my cock, letting it re-appear briefly before sliding back down on it. She clenched her muscles on me as she rose, making me groan and reach for her tits as she slid back down over and over. At one point confusion struck me as she withdrew me completely.

Much to my contentment, she simply turned over, reverse cowgirl style, letting me have full view of her beautiful ass. I caressed her lower back, squeezing and kneading her ass cheeks as she rode me harder and harder. Looking over her shoulder with those eyes drove me to the edge and I grabbed her hips from behind and started pounding into her pussy, spanking that little ass. Her mmm’s and ahhh’s reassured me, and feeling her cream again on my cock sent me spiralling into a wonderland of pleasure as I blew a thick wad of jizz inside her. She rode me until I was finished, our bodies trembling together. She leaned forward and my cock sprang out, still hard, but completely empty. She sat back against the wall, rubbing her pussy casually, stroking my cock at the same time as I went limp. Looking at the clock beside the bed, I realized it was almost six in the morning. I locked lips with her one last time, invading her mouth with my tongue. Parting the kiss, she leaned over, giving my dick a goodnight kiss as well. She covered up in the sheets and I tucked her in, and couldn’t help but say,

“What a weekend.”

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