A Reunion To Remember

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Tia smiled as she opened the door, Jeff looked as handsome as ever in his uniform and seeing him made her heart melt. He smiled at her, looking her up and down. Tia was not what most would call beautiful, but to Jeff, she was the most beautiful girl in the world. Tia carried a bit more weight than most girls he had been known to date, but that was alright, life wasn’t about looks and the older he got the more he understood that. Besides, Tia’s extra weight made her all the more fun in bed. More to grab onto and you didn’t have to worry about breaking her if you fucked her too hard.

He held out his hand towards her and she took his hand, he led her down to the limo he had rented, smiling as he helped her inside. Neither of them spoke for the longest time, they just sat side by side, hands clasped together in his lap. He pulled her hand closer to him and she could feel that he was hard as a rock. One of the things she loved the most about him, he was always up and ready for her. She grinned at him as she rubbed her hand against his crotch. In the time that casino şirketleri they had been together, she was always ready for him as well. She moved on the seat to sit across from Jeff and slowly pulled her skirt up, showing him that she wasn’t wearing anything beneath, just the way he liked her to be.

Jeff grinned at Tia and pulled her over into his lap and stroked her hair gently, whispering soft commands in her ear. She smiled at him, slipping from his lap and down to her knees between his legs. Tia unbuckled and unzipped Jeff’s pants, letting his cock spring free as she started to stroke her fingers along the length slowly. She looked up to see his reaction, his smile all the encouragement she needed as she lowered her head, licking slowly across the tip of his cock. He arched, a low growl coming from deep inside him , eyes closing as Tia took his entire cock into her mouth, balls slapping her chin as she deep throated his cock, all 7 inches. He bucked wildly, not used to her being so aggressive with his sensitive cock. She started licking up and casino firmaları down his cock as her head bobbed up and down quickly. Jeff groaned, shuddering hard as he started meeting her strokes with thrusts of his own, fucking her mouth. This continued for a few minutes before Jeff grabbed Tia by the hair, shoving his cock deep into her throat, holding her there as his cock exploded in a mind blowing orgasm, cum coating the back of her mouth quickly. She swallowed each load that came from his cock, sucking him to find out just how much there was for her to swallow.

After Jeff finished unloading his cum into Tia’s mouth, she licked his cock clean, zipping him back up as she licked the traces of his lust from her lips. She climbed back onto the seat next to him and gave him a long passionate kiss. As they broke the kiss, the car came to a stop in front of a large building. They stepped from the car, both smiling, the driver gave Jeff a sly wink as they passed by, letting him know he’d seen the whole thing and enjoyed the view.

Jeff and Tia walked güvenilir casino away from the limo and inside to their 10 year class reunion, just as much in love as they had been the day they graduated and everyone knew it. As they enjoyed their evening, Jeff and Tia shared smiles and unspoken promises of what was to come later that night. Jeff stood up to speak to his former classmates on his time in the Army, where he had served, what he had been doing during the last 10 years. Before he ended his speech, he looked directly at Tia and the words that came from his mouth were unexpected. He proposed to her, finally. She, of course, said yes and they spent the rest of their time at the reunion in a haze, flurry of excitement over the engagement, catching up with old friends, etc, that they didn’t get a chance to sneak off til the party was ending.

As they were exiting the building, Jeff pulled Tia against him, kissing her soundly, hand sliding under her skirt to cup her bare ass, pulling her against his cock, hard again. He whispered in her ear, telling her that he wanted her to ride him while they rode home. She blushed, grinning at him and just simply nodded, unable to find words to say anything to him. They climbed into the back of the limo and started on their way home.. in more way than one.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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