Awakening Ch. 02

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Awakening, Chapter 2 –Restrained, But Happy

When my eyes finally fluttered open I felt relaxed and faraway, like I was floating in a dream. All those orgasms totally wiped me out. The last thing I remembered before passing out was Emma pinning me to the wall as she brought me to climax over and over again. Fuck, what a memory. I blinked my eyes to get them to focus. I felt fuzzy, but nice. Emma was sitting next to me on her big cozy bed. It was so soft and cuddly and my arms extended comfortably out from my body. She looked so incredibly exotic in the leather hood and collar. Her huge tits hung down enticingly over the black basque. It was like looking at a center fold and it made me all warm and tingly.

Emma smiled at me as she started brushing her fingernails along the insides of my thigh, “Wow, you gave me a scare Amy. I’ve never seen anyone climax like that. It was a real trip watching your body quiver and shake, but kinda scary. I’m glad you’re finally back dearie. I mean you were really out.”

Emma’s fingers were electric. The light touch of her fingernails against my bare skin fueled the feeling that had started deep inside my pussy. I closed my eyes and drifted wherever Emma was taking me, letting the delicious feelings wash over me, “Mmmm, Emma that feels so nice.”

Her touches made my breath quicken and I could I feel my whole body rise and fall with each breathe I took. Her finger tips were so soft, yet electric against my skin. I could feel my nipples get hard. Damn, the sensations were simply amazing. She traced little patterns from my stocking tops to the just below my pussy. I writhed slowly, eyes closed, moaning and moving in time with her wonderful caresses. I couldn’t ever remember feeling like this in my life. I was so contented and happy. My body tingled from head to toe.

Jesus, the places Emma was taking my body. I felt the butterflies everywhere and my lust for her was uncontrollable. Impulsively l felt the need to caress Emma and touch her in the same amazing way she was touching me. I slowly opened my eyes and gazed at Emma’s beautiful body. The urge to cup her huge tit in my hand and squeeze her soft, warm flesh was overpowering. I reached out for her and heard a tickling sound. After a few inches my arm wouldn’t move any farther. Fuck, what the hell was wrong? Was I hurt? My eyes popped wide open and I stared at Emma. She smiled back wickedly and her eyes locked on mine as she watched as I tried moving my other arm, and then my legs. I was very securely attached to the bed. What the fuck was going on?

I sunk into the bed and closed my eyes tightly. I hoped that when I opened them my arms would be free and I could fling them around Emma and hug her tightly. After a few seconds I opened my eyes; no luck. I glanced quickly right and left. A thick leather band was buckled around each wrist and a chain, hooked to a metal ring extended back to the headboard. No doubt my ankles were done the same way. Damn, there was a lot more to Emma than just her fetish gear. I swallowed and looked directly at Emma, “Emma, this is way weird. Uh, how about letting me loose so we can play some more? This is kinda scary.”

Her beautiful green eyes shined from beneath her hood as they bore into mine. Her eyes were intense and bore into me, but her voice was comforting and somehow soothing, “Nothing to worry about Amy dearie. You enjoyed our kinky little dress-up game so much that I decided to up the ante. You know, in for a penny, in for a pound. Trust me dearie. You’re going to enjoy yourself. I guarantee it.”

She was still caressing my thighs as if nothing out of the ordinary was happening. Her touches were warm and inviting, but the whole being chained up thing was still a bombshell. I really didn’t see it coming at all and there was no way I’d even try to figure out what might be coming. My brain was overloaded and confused because right now, listening to Emma’s calming words and feeling her wonderful fingers on my skin, I just didn’t care what she had in mind. All I knew for sure was I thoroughly loved the warm tingle radiating out from my pussy. The feelings felt wonderful and my itch for more was growing.

I closed my eyes and let my mind wander as I savored the wonderful feelings Emma was causing throughout my body. Damn, what a fucking day it had already been, and now I was chained to Emma’s bed dressed in leather lingerie, including a hood for god’s sake. Inexplicably somehow being restrained made the tingle in my pussy grow and it spread wonderfully throughout my body. I was enjoying the delicious feelings when all of a sudden it dawned on me. Deep in my psyche the idea of being in Emma’s complete control excited the shit out of me. What the fuck was going on with me? I never had feelings like this before. This was fucking crazy, but I couldn’t deny how my body was reacting to what was going on.

Damn, there was something so liberating about realizing and admitting to myself how much this whole scene turned bahis firmaları me on. The control thing really got me going and Emma’s fingers were everywhere making me tingle wildly. I loved everything she was doing to me and I moaned quietly as her hands roamed all over my body. She pinched and twisted my exposed nipples turning them into little rocks and sending shock waves through my body. I watched her massive tits sway as she moved around caressing my body. Occasionally she’d tease me and flick my clit with her fingernail which sent bolts of lightning down my legs. She giggled every time I twitched from the contact. Jesus, it was maddening. She was driving me crazy. I shifted my hips around trying to make contact with her fingers, but she was only in the mood to tease. She was making that special feeling in the core of my body really rev up.

Emma was really enjoying herself. Her mouth was curved into a huge smile. I could tell she loved what she was doing to me. She bent down and gave me a quick peck on the lips and slid off the bed and went into the closet. She came back to the bed and slowly, teasingly hung her massive tits tantalizingly near my face. She swung them back and forth slowly, teasing me, but never getting them close enough to touch me. Then she straightened up and quickly slipped a furry black blindfold over my eyes. She giggled that damnable giggle again as I was thrust instantly into total darkness.

Shit, the blindfold was a total unbelievable game changer. Everything was totally different even though nothing had changed. My pulse pounded so hard it felt like my heart was going to explode. My breathing was out of control again and I was gasping for air. Fuck, her fingers were all over me and she ran her fingers up and down the outside of my very moist pussy lips as she pulled and stretched them enticingly. Her touches were beyond thrilling. Not only were her hands making me crazy, the fact that I was at her total mercy was mind blowing. All of my senses were flooded with sensations that I was trying to sort out. I guess I was scared a little, but incredibly excited all at the same time. What the hell was the matter with me? How fucked up was I becoming?

The excitement I felt was bewildering. I should be freaked out by this, but instead I was being aroused by it. What the fuck was going on with me? I was so hot and turned on by everything she did. Damn she was fucking unbelievable. It felt like my pussy lips opened all on their own and I could feel pussy juice run down between my thighs and into my ass crack. Emma moved away and I lie there for a minute in the dark getting my bearings trying to get myself under control. There were so many questions running through my brain. Finally I meekly asked, “Uh Emma, please take the blindfold off. I don’t understand.”

She cut me off before I could go any further, “Shut the fuck up bitch. You don’t need to understand. You just need to be quiet and learn.” Her voice wasn’t angry. She was very matter-of-fact and straight forward.

Then she giggled again as she began caressing my face, “Don’t worry Amy. You’ll find the blindfold is quite magic, as you’ll learn. Damn, Amy, you look so fucking good. Your legs are all spread wide. Your nipples are rock hard. You look absolutely delicious. I really wish you could see yourself. I think you’d get even hornier. Ya know, I promise you’re gonna enjoy yourself more than you can begin to imagine. Please play nice though, I really don’t want to use a gag on you, but I will if I have to. Besides, I really look forward to enjoying that sexy little mouth and tongue of yours some more. Mmmmm.”

Emma lifted my head and put a small pillow under it. She held my head and turned it side to side as if inspecting me, “Ya know dearie, you’d look damned sexy with a ball gag strapped around your head, but not now. Maybe we can enjoy that another time? Our fun here is just about to start.”

As she stopped speaking her two gigantic tits landed on my hooded face. They were so soft and warm, and she mashed them all over my face. She playfully slapped her tits against my face giggling madly as she did. I could tell by mewing sounds she was making that she was enjoying herself. Then it got quiet and unexpectedly she pushed one of her nipples against my lips.

Oh my god! I opened my mouth and sucked it inside. I couldn’t believe the feeling. It was soft yet hard at the same time and I could feel it grow and get hard as I sucked it into my mouth and tongued the big round tip. I was totally engrossed sucking it. She moaned long and slow. The spongy hardness was kinda like a hard cock but beautifully different. After a minute she pulled it out of my mouth and replaced it with the other one. I sucked it like it was a tiny cock and felt it grow like the first one had. Oh my god, I was sucking on Emma’s delicious tits. The tingle increased and spread throughout my body. I imagined how I looked restrained and blindfolded with Emma’s tits in my face. I kept kaçak iddaa sucking her nipple and tried to talk between gasps, “Emma, I love this…I love…sucking your nipples. This…is…so fucking…intense. Oh shit. Oh shit. I…can’t…believe…I’m…doing this.”

I loved sucking her sweet titties. It was surreal. I was in complete total darkness and couldn’t use my hands, but I had this wonderful, new, soft plaything in my mouth and this killer buzz was raging through my body. Then I heard myself saying something I couldn’t believe, “Emma, please play with my pussy. I need to feel your fingers in my cunthole. Please?”

Emma pulled her tits away from me. I didn’t want to make her mad. I whimpered and pleaded, “Oh I’m sorry, I’m sorry, you don’t have to play with my pussy, but please let me suck your nipple, please? I want to suck them more, please?”

Her weight shifted and she giggled as she gave me a quick peck on the lips, “Not now, dearie. There will be plenty of time for that later. Ya know, you did my nipples very nicely. You seem to be quite a quick learner. It was very nice, but it’s time for me to have some fun.”

I felt Emma move from the side of the bed and she began wrapping something around my thigh just above my knee. I could feel that it was a couple of inches wide and I could hear her fasten it with buckles. Damn, this blindfold was magic. I heard the sound of a chain rattling as she loosened my ankle and lifted my right leg upward and outward and refastened the chain so that my leg was suspended in the air. Then she did the same thing to my left side. When she was done, my ass was rolled up a little off the mattress and my thighs were completely spread and my legs pulled back and up in the air. I pictured what I looked like in my mind. Damn, I was totally hers in every way possible. Butterflies danced around in my stomach wondering what might happen next. I was turned on beyond anything I’d ever felt before.

She continued to work the chains and when she was done my legs were spread wide like when I go to my gynecologist. I was so excited my heart was pounding and I was breathing in gasps. Her fingers were in my pussy and her touch was so soft, she was driving me wild. It was obvious this wasn’t the first time she’d done this and that thought excited me even more, but I wasn’t sure why. I tried to talk, but I was breathing so hard I thought I was going to hyperventilate, “Oh my god Emma, this is wild. My pussy’s on fire and you’ve got me so turned on.”

My brain was spinning. Being at her total mercy had me so horny and so fucking hot. Damn, what was happening? I was so confused. I loved the feelings surging through my body, but wasn’t this whole thing wrong? If I liked it and enjoyed it, was I a slut like Emma kept calling me? Was that it? So many questions were swirling in my head. In the end, all I knew is that I was horny and I loved Emma touching me. I’d heard of people talking about guys thinking with their little head. I guess I was letting my throbbing kitty call the shots. Fuck, if that’s being a slut, then I guess I was going to be one.

I felt the mattress give as Emma climbed on the foot of the bed. I felt her weight moving on the bed and then I felt her hot breath on my pussy. Shivers went up my spine like an electric jolt. Her hands softly rubbed my thighs and she slowly moved her fingers to my wet pussy. She rubbed my pussy juice all over my thighs. I shook as she touched me. She gently ran her fingers through my pubic hair spreading the outer folds and then stretched them open. It was wild imagining what was going on. I heard her mumble, “Hmmmm, this needs cleaning up.”

She left without saying anything and when she came back she lifted my ass and put a towel under me. Then she climbed back on the bed and I heard a low hum. I thought it was a vibrator, but I was wrong. It was a hair trimmer and she was shaving me. Jesus H. Christ, what the fuck was wrong with this girl? The thought of her shaving my pussy made me crazy. I’d never even thought about doing it to myself and here she was just doing it. For some reason I suddenly had feelings of overwhelming guilt. Who the hell knows why, but I felt guilty, “Emma, please stop. I don’t think you should do that. I’ve never even done it too myself. Please stop, please.” I started to whimper, “Why are you doing this?”

Her response was immediate, “First Amy dearie, that’s the old you talking. Not who you’re going to be. Second, I don’t allow any of my sluts to have hair on their pussies. I love smooth bare pussies and your pussy is to be kept smooth and bare at all times. That’s the way all good sluts keep their pussies, and I know you soooo want to be my good little slut, so smooth and bare it’s going to be.”

Did she just refer to me as her slut? Did she just say ‘who you’re going to be’? I couldn’t make sense of it, but the trimmer vibrated against my skin so nicely and her fingers were everywhere. The sensations overloaded my body and I couldn’t kaçak bahis think straight. She was so gentle and delicate as she worked around my pussy lips and back in my ass crack. Her fingers danced all over my sex and she was driving me crazy. Once she was satisfied with her work the buzzing stopped. My mind could barely take in what was going on, but the tingle in my body won out again. I was going to enjoy whatever happened next.

I laid there waiting and something warm was placed over my pussy and after a minute or two removed. I heard a squishing noise and she spread shaving cream where my pubes used to be. She finished the job slowly and delicately. She stretched and pulled my lips as she worked around them as she removed the stubble. The shaving cream made my skin slick and she rubbed and pinched my clit from time to time. Her finger rubbed my asshole quite a few times and the sensation was wonderful. Then she used another wet towel to clean me up, “Now you look like a perfect little slut Amy dearie. Your pussy is as bare as a baby’s ass and you look so much, much sexier without all that hair. Now, we just need a little sprinkle of baby powder to keep any nasty old bumps away.”

I could smell the baby powder as I felt it land softly all over my pussy. This blindfold was magic. It made all my other senses become crazy fuckin good. The powder felt cool on my skin. Damn, this was amazing. She softly rubbed the powder around. The combination of the smell and her fingernails lightly brushing against my freshly shaved pussy lips was excruciating, but ooh so fucking good. Shit, my brain was frazzled. This should have been so wrong, but I loved it. I loved being at her mercy.

I’d gotten lost in the wonderful feelings of her fingers all over me. I wanted to reciprocate, but that wasn’t gonna happen in my current predicament. She wiped me off with fluffy towel. I couldn’t figure out why until Emma started blowing on my clit again. The warmth of her breath spread throughout my entire body and made me tingle. The feeling was so fucking good. Then her warm wet tongue hit my clit. I jerked and shrieked! I’m usually not very vocal during sex, but the feeling was beyond anything I’d ever experienced and I just reacted.

She spread my freshly shaved fat pussy lips and softly sucked my clit into her mouth. It was like she was doing her best to make it stretch it as much as she could. Then she licked it like it was an ice cream cone. Big long licks from the bottom of my slit all the way to the top. When she got to the top she licked and sucked my clit until I was literally screaming, “Please make me cum. Please make me cum.” I bucked against her trying to get myself off. I was almost there and she backed off. I begged, “Please Emma, bring me off. I need it so bad. Please.”

I couldn’t believe what I heard myself saying. I sounded like I was crack whore begging for a fix. No logical thought was going on in my brain. My body was calling the shots and Emma was in total control and it didn’t matter what I wanted. I heard myself babbling uncontrollably, “Shit…shit…shit…oh fucking shit, fuck me!”

“Mmmmm, not to worry your pretty little head Amy dearie, you’re such a sexy and tasty little cunt, and now that your pussy is so nice and smooth, my face is going to be between your thighs ever chance I get. Dearie, you taste like honey and you’re as soaked as a spring rain.”

She reached out and flicked my clit, “Ahhh, all my sucking has made your clitty so big and so swollen. It’s so much fun to suck on when it’s all big and puffy like it is. Ya know, you’re soaking wet and we haven’t even gotten to the good part yet.”

She touched my clit again and I jerked like crazy. That part of my body was as sensitive as I could ever remember. One good rub and I’d have orgasm’d for sure and now she tells me aren’t to the good part yet. Holy shit! She shifted and brought her mouth close to my ear and whispered, “I love to hear you beg dearie. It’s so cute and I know I’m pushing all the right buttons but, remember dearie, I’m in charge.”

I wasn’t exactly sure why the instruction was necessary, but I nodded my head knowing I couldn’t tell whether she noticed or not. I felt her move off the bed again and then I felt her climb between my legs. I could feel her breath again and was waiting for the feeling of her wonderful tongue again. I knew I was close to orgasm and I couldn’t wait.

What a total fucking surprise came next. Instead of my pussy, she pushed her tongue straight into my ass hole. What a fucking rush that was. I mean holy fucking shit! The top of my brain nearly exploded and I screamed as I writhed under her assault. She pushed my thighs upward to make my ass more accessible. I’d never ever had anyone tongue my ass before. It was intense and I loved it. I whimpered, “Oh my god…Emma, I can’t…believe what…you’re doing. Your…tongue is…in my…ass. Fuck…it…feels…good. This…is unbelievable.”

Her hot tongue rimmed all around my opening and then she pushed it in again as far as she could get it. I was beginning to lose it. The sensations were overloading every nerve ending and being blindfolded made me feel everything just that much more.

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