A Tale of Commitment

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Comment: This story continues my account of the relationship between Carrie and Julie. Although it stands by itself, references are made to events in earlier episodes. In particular, the reader might want to look at “A weekend to remember.”

Both Carrie and Julie agreed that their relationship had begun to grow stale. Carrie continued to visit Julie, but that the excitement which those visits once generated had lost its edge. Julie had explored every facet of Carrie’s body, and, if not contempt, familiarity had begun to breed boredom.

Hoping to restore some of intensity which their relationship used to have, Julie proposed that during Carrie’s next visit they engage in a slightly different sort of activity. During a telephone conversation, she outlined what she had in mind.

“I have been thinking that we should renew our commitment to one another, and I would like you to consider the following method for our doing so. During your next visit, I want you to allow me to make you endure some sort of physical pain which is not explicitly a component of sexual stimulation. In the past, I have inflicted pain on you, but it has always been pain which is inextricably associated with sexual gratification. This time, I want you to think of the pain not as prelude to sexual gratification but as confirmation of your willingness to cede control over your body to me.”

Taken aback but strangely intrigued by Julie’s suggestion, Carrie asked for more details.

“The sort of pain I want to inflict will be well within your capacity to bear. On the other hand, it will be sufficiently severe that it will be difficult for you to subject yourself again. Nonetheless, that is precisely what I will ask you to do. In fact, I will want you to repeatedly present your body to me, in spite your knowing the consequences of doing so. If you would like to contemplate ahead of time what I have in store for you, I will tell you what I am thinking about doing to you.”

Mesmerized by what Julie was saying, Carrie said that she wanted to hear.

“I am thinking that I would like to persecute one of your nipples. When you arrive, I would ask you to choose which of your nipples is to be the victim. You would then be asked to bare both your breasts and to assume a position in which I would have unobstructed access to them. Although both your breasts would be available, I would always work on the designated nipple, and each time, I would make certain that that nipple had suffered. To keep you aware of the contrast between the pain which your nipple is experiencing and the pleasure which it is capable of giving you, I would occasionally caress your other breast. However, the pleasure given that other breast would not be sufficient to make it any easier for you to prepare for the next installment of the punishment which you would know awaits your persecuted breast.”

By the time that Julie finished, Carrie found herself in a state of complete confusion. On the one hand, she was horrified when she tried to imagine the image which Julie had depicted. On the other hand, she recognized that that image appealed to some part of her psychological makeup, and that she was excited by the idea of submitting herself to the sort of torture which Julie had described. Even though she already knew the answer, she asked Julie why she, or anyone else, would voluntarily undergo the kind of torment which Julie wanted to administer.

“As our relationship has already taught you, there is enormous satisfaction in allowing someone else to master your body. Not only does it temporarily free you from responsibility, it provides you a way of unambiguously expressing your trust in and commitment to the person to whom you have submitted your body. My choice of your nipple as the victim of my attentions is based on my familiarity with the female psyche. From the time during her adolescence when they emerge, a woman has a sense that her breasts, and especially her nipples, are among the most vulnerable of her physical attributes, a sense which society re-enforces by expecting her to keep them covered. As a consequence, her first instinct is to protect her breasts not only from harm but even from exposure. Thus, even revealing her breasts becomes act which requires her to overcome deeply instilled inhibitions, and the idea of revealing them to purposefully put them in harm’s way is one which she finds nearly beyond comprehension. Be assured that I know how difficult it would be for you to put your nipple at my mercy, but I want you consider the potential satisfaction you could derive from making the sacrifice which I have suggested.”

Realizing that there was nothing more be said, their conversation came to an end shortly after Julie’s explanation. When they hung up, neither woman knew what Carrie’s decision would be, and two days passed before they talked again. There silence was broken on the third day. On that day, their conversation was brief: bedava bahis Carrie called Julie to announce that she would arrive mid morning on the following Saturday, prepared to accept whatever Julie had in store for her.

The next Saturday morning, Carrie was at Julie’s door shortly after ten o’clock. She was wearing a plain white tee shirt which was tucked into the waistband of a plaid skirt, and it was obvious from the twin pegs protruding from her breasts that she wore little else. With her hair gathered into a ponytail which hung down her back, she looked more like a teenager dressed for her first date than a woman in her mid twenties about to have one her nipple tortured. In response to Julie’s look of appreciation, Carrie explained her appearance.

“As you can see, I have done nothing to hide the target of your attentions. In fact I have dressed in a fashion which simultaneously broadcasts the availability of that target and emphasizes the irony of making it available. The sight of my unfettered breasts under this soft cotton tee shirt should guarantee them treatment which is very different from what I brought them to receive from you. Who would guess that the fresh faced girl with a ponytail down her back and her breasts bobbing under her tee shirt was on her way to have one of her nipples tortured? Without too much exaggeration, you could say that I am a sacrificial lamb which has been lovingly groomed before it is slaughtered. The difference is, of course, that the lamb does not know its fate, whereas I am fully aware of mine.”

Moved but undeterred by Carrie’s words, Julie ushered Carrie into the living room. Placed in the middle of the room was the straight back chair in which Carrie had already learned a lot about her own sexuality. When, thinking that Julie intended for her to sit on the chair, Carrie approached it, she found its seat was occupied by a contraption whose purpose was not immediately apparent. Smiling at Carrie’s lack of comprehension, Julie took the mysterious object in her hands and held it up for Carrie to examine.

“I trust that you can now guess that this is a brassiere, but one with an unusual function. Although your breasts have no need of support, while I am working on them I want them to be properly presented to me, and this bra is designed to make sure that they will be. If you remove your tee shirt, I will demonstrate.”

Somewhat hesitantly, Carrie complied. When she was naked to the waist, Julie inserted Carrie’s arms through the shoulder straps and secured the bra with the clasp in back before returning to Carrie’s front. Because it had no cups, Carrie’s moderate sized breasts were just as available as they had been before. However, the base of each breast was now circled by a leather strap which was threaded through a sequence of pockets running along the band where, in a normal bra, the cup would have been attached. Like miniature belts, these straps had buckles which allowed their lengths to be adjusted, and adjust them is exactly what Julie did. Working precision, she tightened the belt around the base of Carrie’s left breast. As she did so, the breast itself was thrust forward and away from Carrie’s chest so that by the time she stopped tightening it and buckled it in place, Carrie’s left breast was jutting obscenely from her body. After repeating the same procedure on Carrie’s right breast, Julie stepped back to survey her handiwork.

“If you look at your breasts, in a minute or so you will see them begin to swell and darken. The straps prevent normal circulation of your blood, which gets trapped in your breasts so that even when you are not looking at them you will be acutely aware of their increased bulk. In addition, their surface will become abnormally sensitive, and the pressure behind your nipples will cause them protrude so that your breasts will resemble little bombs whose detonators are just waiting to be tweaked. In order to avoid damage to your breasts, you will wear this bra only while I am persecuting your nipple. In between sessions you will be free to choose how or if your breasts are covered, but before each session I will rebind them and give them ample time to respond to their captivity.”

Carrie did not have to look at her chest to confirm Julie’s account of the transformation which her breasts were undergoing. Their bulk and weight seemed to increase with each passing minute, and she felt a mild but incessant itching sensation on their surface. Rather than waste the torment which they were experiencing, she put her finger at the tip of her right nipple and asked Julie whether her nipple could not have its first session right away, a request to which Julie readily agreed.

Guiding Carrie by her shoulders, Julie sat her down in the waiting chair. Standing behind the chair, she reached her right hand over Carrie’s shoulder and placed her fingers on the aereola beneath the designated nipple. Working like a gardener intent bedava bonus on plucking the bud from a rose bush, she took the girdled the base of the nipple between her thumb and forefinger, forcing its already distended stalk to protrude even further from the blushing breast to which it was attached. Initially, Julie was content to roll the captured nipple back and forth, applying just enough pressure to prevent it from escaping her grasp while she twisted it. However, as the angle through which she rotated it increased, her grip tightened. From the outset Carrie had to muster all her self-discipline not to wrench herself free of Carrie’s cruel fingers, and her difficulty grew with each rotation. Finally, when Julie brought her other hand into play and, while continuing to roll Carrie’s nipple with her right hand, began rubbing its tip against the calloused pad of her left hand, Carrie broke her silence. With tears flowing down her cheeks, Carrie bent her head back so that Julie would see her distress and begged to know how much longer her nipple would be made to endure the torment to which it was being subjected.

“Carrie my dear, you need have no fear for your nipple, it can stand much harsher punishment than I am giving it. There are women throughout the world who have had their nipples pierced so that they can hang jewelry from them. In some places, the nipples of adolescent girls are elongated. By comparison to some of the procedures employed, what your nipple is experiencing is foreplay. However, I have no intention of permanently altering your exquisite little bud. Your nipple is merely what the military would call a ‘victim of collateral damage.’ It is your psyche that interests me. In any case, you will be relieved to learn that, because I do not want to take a chance on your nipple becoming numb, the initial session of this exercise will end soon .”

Shortly thereafter, Julie released Carrie’s nipple and removed the halter from her breasts. Then, ignoring Carrie’s sob of relief, Julie reverted to her role as a hostess whose primary concern is the comfort of her guest. Leaving Carrie slumped in the chair, she disappeared into the kitchen to brew some tea for them. When she returned carrying a tray laden with tea and a variety of cookies, one would have never guessed from her demeanor that she had been recently twisting the right nipple of the person to whom she was now offering tea. After placing the tray on a table near Carrie’s chair and speaking as if she were making a completely conventional remark about her guest’s garb, she commented on the state of Carrie’s undress.

“I see that you have chosen to leave your breasts bare. Under the circumstances, I not only understand your decision but appreciate the opportunity to enjoy the sight it affords me. Your youthful breasts are always a delight to behold, but, flushed as they are today, they are particularly appealing. Also, there is an intriguing asymmetry between them. The nipples on both are turgidly erect, but the one on the right is distinctly darker than its mate and the aereola on that side appears to be much larger than your other one. Picasso would have appreciated the effect, and I can understand why. However, I assume that in order to maintain this beguiling asymmetry your right nipple requires lots of attention.”

Carrie was both annoyed and excited by Julie’s banter. Having just willingly suffered at Julie’s demand, surely she now deserved some gratitude, if not sympathy, from her tormentress. At the same time, Carrie realized that Julie had carefully chosen her words to augment the psychological point that she wanted to make. Throughout history, women have subjected their bodies to enormous discomfort in the pursuit of an aesthetic goal. Furthermore, aesthetic beauty is only one part of what they wished to achieve. By making the sacrifices required, a woman is proving her devotion to the person for whom she is making those sacrifices. Thus, as the throbbing in her nipple began to subside, Carrie was able to take pride, and even a little pleasure, in her decision to accept Julie’s cruelty. Raising herself from her slumped posture so that she could sit properly, she primly brought the cup to her lips of tea which Julie had set next to her.

After taking a couple of sips, Carrie adopted Julie’s conventional demeanor and, as if it were a matter of no particular concern to her, asked Julie what methods Julie would prescribe to prevent her nipple from spoiling the aesthetic effect in which it played such a vital role.

“I would think that the specific method is less important than the frequency with which it is applied. The blush of color which makes the aereola on your right side appear to be larger than that on your left will begin to fade in an hour, as will the livid red hue of your right nipple. Thus, I prescribe a regimen that requires your nipple to be worked on once every couple of hours. Of course, in order to avoid deneme bonusu your becoming bored, the treatment which it receives must be different each time, but I, as you know, have sufficient imagination to make certain that boredom should be the least of your concerns.”

Even though Carrie winced when she heard the fate which awaited her nipple, she resisted her urge to place a protective hand between it and its assailant. Instead, she fetched one of the many magazines strewn around Julie’s living room and tried to immerse herself in anything which would alleviate her anxiety about what she would have to endure when two hours had elapsed. Although her success in this endeavor was less than she wished it had been, Carrie managed to wile away the time before she would have to put her nipple again at Julie’s mercy.

As the time for her nipple’s next appointment neared, Carrie headed for the bathroom, remembering that she had nearly lost control of her bladder while Julie worked on her the first time. Then, of her own accord, she picked up the brassiere which would hold her breasts during her ordeal and brought it over to the comfortable armchair in which Julie was seated.

“Rest your hands on the arms of my chair and lean over so that I can put the bra on your breasts, and, after I have, stay bent with your breasts hanging. I want to watch and caress your beautiful orbs while they fill and swell. In that way I can enjoy their transformation and, at the same time, remind you of the pleasure which I have given them in the past.”

Carrie found the feel of Julie’s hands on her pendulous breasts blissful, especially after their surface stretched to accommodate the blood being trapped by the straps around their bases. Even though she knew that her bliss would be short lived and realized that Julie’s was once again playing insidious games with her psyche, she abandoned herself to the delicious sensations which radiated from her breasts in waves that swept over her tummy until they reached the warm junction between her upper thighs. As a consequence, her reluctance to have the torture of her nipple resume became even greater than it had been when she had leaned down to have her breasts bound. Nonetheless, when Julie instructed her to return to her chair, Carrie obeyed.

“Last time I twisted your nipple, but this time I am going to pull on it. The effect is similar, but the sensation is quite different. If you think that it will help, you should imagine that you are one of those adolescent girls who is having her nipples elongated. While I am pulling on your nipple, your back is to remain pressed against the chair. I suggest that brace yourself by reaching back over your shoulders and grasping the slats on the back of the chair to prevent yourself from leaning forward. In addition, I advise you to keep your eyes on your right breast so that you can witness the fascinating changes in its shape as I elongate its nipple.”

Following Julie’s advice, Carrie took a firm hold on the slats which ran on either side on her neck. With her arms bent as they were, her upper body resembled a modern sculpture assembled out of conical components, all of which thrust out from the central core: her elbows capping the upper cones and her nipples the lower ones. Straddling Carrie’s legs, Julie reached both her hands toward Carrie’s right breast and took a firm grip on the aereola, her left hand pinching the pink flesh to the just to right of the nipples and her right hand latching onto the flesh on the left. Her nipple still sore from its earlier encounter with Julie’s fingers, Carrie grimaced and simultaneously clenched her hands tighter onto the slats while instinctively pressing her thighs closer to one another. Then, when she felt Julie tug on her nipple and saw her breast drawn into a sharp cone, Carrie could not suppress her anguish and sobbed that she could not stand the pain Julie was inflicting on her.

“I beg to differ with you. You not only can but will bear the pain which I am causing you. By using both hands and squeezing only the surrounding aereola, the amount of pressure which I need to apply is much less than it would have been if I had chosen the stalk of your nipple to gain the purchase I need. Furthermore, your nipple, as distinguished from those of the adolescent girls undergoing nipple elongation, will be stretched for only a few minutes and only today, whereas their nipples are stretched daily for increasing durations over a period of months. As I told you before, nature designed the female nipple to withstand harsh treatment, and so I am confident that your nipple will survive the treatment which it is receiving.”

Julie continued pulling on Carrie’s nipple for almost five minutes, minutes during which Carrie watched, through tear filled eyes, her breast being manipulated by Julie. At times, her breast was stretched into a sharp cone sticking straight out from her chest. At other times, with a mixture of horror and fascination, she saw her breast led by its nipple in a strangely sensual dance back and forth across her field of vision. Although Julie modulated the tension she was exerting, at no time did she provide Carrie the relief that she most disparately wanted.

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