Fun in the Sun

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Her breathing was fast and deep as she took the last few steps up the well-worn path – partly from exertion, partly because she had been filled with nervous energy from the moment he had given her the instructions over IM earlier…..

“Put your Ben Wa balls in and go for a walk on the cliffs. Do you have a favourite walk?”

“Yes, to a little beach I know. It’s about half an hour away.”

“Perfect. Can you imagine how turned on you’ll be after walking there with them inside you?”

“I’ll be aching. It’ll be torture. I’ll be desperate to cum.”

“Well then I think you should. Take your toys with you, find a quiet spot on the beach and make yourself cum…”

“In public? I could never do that!”

“Of course you could – no-one will be about. Tell you what, take them with you, and if you get there and you don’t want to do it, just walk all the way back again. An hour with those balls inside you will have you climbing the walls anyway.”

“OK – I’ll see. God I’m getting wet just thinking about walking with them inside me!”

“You can tell me all about it when you get back…”

She sighed as she crested the headland – it was beautiful in late spring; quiet too, before the place was invaded by holiday makers for the next 4 months. The headland stretched out in front of her, curving down to granite cliffs, small beaches and coves hidden from view, their presence only marked by the soft crashing of the waves. The deep blue sea stretched away into the distance, a few yachts dotting the horizon the only sign of life in her vista.

Catching her breath, she turned left, following a barely visible path through the heather and gorse, leading down towards ‘her’ beach – the one that no-one else ever seemed to go to, where she always went for her quiet time. As she moved down the slope towards the top of the cliffs, she could hardly feel her feet – they were moving on autopilot. Her hands were shaking and her skin tingling, her breath once again coming in uneven gasps. The Ben Wa balls inside her seemed to be drawing the energy into her pussy from the rest of her body, each step she took causing them to move, creating a new sensation.

Of course, she had known she would do what he had asked; he had a way of suggesting things güvenilir bahis that made it impossible to say no, made it seem as if the idea was something that would not go away until it had been explored. With every step she had taken on the way here it became less likely that she would just turn for home – the inevitability of giving in to her need for orgasm only turned her on more.

And now she was here. As she stood at the top of the granite cliff, she searched for the little steps in the rock down to the beach below, desperate now to reach her destination, to finish her task. Instead she spotted a small hollow in the ground, about 6 ft across. Not deep, but as she knelt in it she was shielded from the breeze and could instantly feel more heat from the sun on her face. Laying back against the grass, she had an idyllic view of the ocean and the coastline, but was screened from the main pathway should anyone happen along. This place was perfect – why had she not spotted it before?

Desperate though she was for release, she leaned over and fished around in her backpack. Firstly she pulled out her camera. He hadn’t mentioned pictures, but she knew it would turn him on if she provided photographic evidence rather than just telling him what she did. Firstly she took a picture of the view, more for her own recollection than anyone else’s.

She looked down at her feet, and kicked the boots off. Her lower legs still felt both tingly and numb with anticipation. Staring at the crotch of her jeans, she gasped as she saw the dampness; panties would have made no difference – they would have been soaked too had she worn any. She snapped a picture of her crotch – he would love to see that.

Unable to wait any more, she loosened the belt and fly on her jeans, and wriggled them over her hips. The little gold clit stud caught the sunlight, glinting away amongst the dozen or so little sparkles from the dewdrops that betrayed her arousal. She wasn’t arrogant, but staring at herself, she knew that her pussy looked immaculate. Another picture – that one alone would be enough to get him off.

Next, she reached back into the bag and pulled out her toys, lining them up in front of her. A picture of those – once he saw what she brought, he would know what she türkçe bahis planned to do. Two vibrators and a glass dildo. The glass was new – she hadn’t tried it yet. It was blue and curved, with a smooth sphere on the end. Neither vibrator was particularly big – one was cock-shaped, but quite thin, the other was a lipstick type affair. One for her arse, one for her clit, and the glass for her pussy. Simple.

Reaching between her thighs with one hand, she pulled the balls out, taking a series of one handed snaps as they emerged from her hole, coated in her slickness. Then a few more as she brought them to her mouth, dabbing at them with her tongue, tasting her own arousal. She giggled as she thought of him playing with himself as he viewed the pics later.

And now it was time for her….

Her cunt felt empty after taking the balls out – she was truly aching to be full now. She wanted his cock in her, but knew it could never be. Holding the glass in her fingers, she was happy at her choice of substitute. Slowly she ran the spherical end down her slit, a tiny clink against the stud, and then collecting the dewdrops from her lips, changing the smooth dry sensation of glass on skin to the smooth wet feeling of glass on sex. Her swollen lips opened at the slightest pressure, parting to accept the toy, which then slipped into her hole easily as her pussy jumped forward at the chance to satisfy its hunger. Moaning at the fullness, she fumbled for the camera, and caught the image of the blue glass filling her.

Picking up the vibrators she studied each closely as her hips started rocking involuntarily. She put the small one down, knowing she would cum instantly when she used it – eager as she was, she knew it would be better if she waited. Cursing, she realised she had forgotten her lube, and grabbed again at her backpack. Moisturiser – that would do. Dribbling some on her fingers, she smiled at the white liquid, suddenly realising what her next pic would be. She reached down to her anus, letting a few drips fall onto the tight ring, which clenched at the coolness. Holding the camera between her legs, she pressed the shutter, hoping it would look like drops of cum escaping from her arsehole as she imagined.

Picking up the vibe, she coated it in the moisturising güvenilir bahis siteleri cream, and slowly pressed it against the tightness. She relaxed, allowing it to slowly open her up. Turning the vibe on felt incredible, like a shockwave through her ring, forcing her to clench on the glass in her pussy and give a deep moan. Inch by inch she worked it in, sometimes turning it off, sometimes on, trying to balance the overwhelming pleasure with the desire to delay her orgasm until she was totally ready.

Finally it was in, humming away in her arse. Taking the glass in one hand, she took another picture, showing both her holes filled, then slowly she started to pump herself with hew new deep blue toy. Her pelvis had never felt so full. The glass was curved perfectly to squeeze her special spot with every pass, and she could feel the strength drain from her legs – all her energy sucked towards her throbbing cunt.

She had to cum now – she didn’t have the willpower to drag it out any longer. Groping for her small vibe, she gripped it in her teeth as she twisted it on, feeling the buzz against her tongue. Steadying herself, she continued stroking the glass in and out with her left hand as she lowered the vibe to her mound, tracing it down over the hairless bump to the tip of her slit. Gingerly she touched it to her clit stud, her hips thrusting skywards in immediate response. She circled her throbbing bud, now rushing towards her release. She felt herself begin to crest the wave of pleasure – hormones rushing round her bloodstream, setting her muscles on fire like a drug. Her breathing stopped momentarily as her body gathered itself, and in that moment, all she could feel was the fullness in her rectum, the throbbing of her cunt walls round the glass, and every nerve in her clit dancing to the buzz of her vibrator. Then it was on her – stomach and back muscles convulsing, pelvic muscles spasming uncontrollably, arms and legs bereft of conscious control, and a small fountain of liquid gushing from her pussy hole and over her hand as her soft scream was lost in the hazy blue sky.

Minutes later, as she regained control over everything except her smiling face, she slowly pulled the toys out, and with shaking hands took one final snap of her engorged, soaked, satisfied pussy. Packing everything away, she looked at the Ben Wa balls with a mischievous grin. They went back inside her easily, making her giggle as she pulled her jeans back on, before beginning the slow unsteady walk home.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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