Heather’s Helping Hand

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*** Author’s Note ***

This story, as well as all characters in it, are real. However, all names including my own have been changed for privacy. Also, ALL characters within this story are now above 18 years old and have been for a few years.

This particular piece is about my first time, back in high school.


“Heather told me she wants talk to you, Scott,” Brent said as we walked to the parking lot. School had just let out for the day, another bleak Georgia Monday in late January. Soccer season was only a week away from starting.

“What about?” I ask, not really paying attention (I’m already hating how cold it is, and dreading having to do suicide runs in this weather). The practice field is just across the road from the parking lot, so not far to go. And there’s still half an hour to go before it starts, so there’s time to hang around.

“Apparently it’s a secret,” he replies, with a shrug and a supposedly knowing smirk of a look that tells me he actually doesn’t. He’s the football player, and I’m the soccer nerd. We’re both about 6 foot 2 inches, both have brown hair and possessed of considerable fitness. Although he’s not the star player, the girls love him for his physique and blue eyes. So far in the two and a half years of high school we’ve gone through together, I’ve only ever been in the friend-zone when it comes to girls, even though I’m just as strong and buff as he is. Brent rubs it in all the time. Soccer players tend to not get the girls in this backwoods town; football and baseball players do.

We stop at our trucks, put our notebooks away, when Heather and Kat saunter up. Heather’s the competition cheerleader, Kat’s on the spirit squad. Kat’s a tad on the thick side, brown eyed blonde with glasses. Bit of a snob, but not too much. *(More on her in another story)*

Heather, however, is a complete goddess of a brunette who’s hair goes down to her chest, bright blue eyes and a smile to match. Not only a cheerleader, but also a horse rider and dancer. She’s incredibly flexible and fit, about 5 foot 8, with some of the longest legs you’d ever see. Her breasts aren’t the biggest, neither is her ass. Doesn’t matter, she’s so hot. During pep rallies, the boys all hoot and holler when she brings her foot up over her head while being held up by her teammates more than they do when the other cheerleaders do.

Both Heather and Kat have a reputation for partying and being a little slutty, which of course are super scandalous considering where we live, and they’re a little younger than me and Brent. Not that we care about their reps, we’d both long ago agreed that we’d tear into either one given the chance. They’re also bubbly girls, so it’s hard for even their female rivals in the school to actually hate them outright; Heather in particular is very physical with her affections to anyone she’s friends with, always hugging and holding on longer than normal friends would. And she’s always smiling, too. The two of them and Brent had been friends of mine since we were around the age of ten.

The group and me make small-talk for a few minutes: there’s a party this Friday and Brent’s invited to go by Kat. No offer for me. They know how Coach grinds us into the dust fro 4 to 8, sometimes 9, during the pre-season. I’ll be drained completely of energy before the party even starts.

As though she’s reading my mind, Heather changes the topic. “Scott, think y’all can get away from Coach early?” She tilts her head to the side a bit, and that smile appears.

Trying to banish the thought of those sweet lips wrapping around my member, I just shake my head. “He still feels cheated that we lost in the region championship game last year. He wants to make sure we win it this time.,” I say. I look at the time on my phone.

Five minutes left, I already see Coach and some of my teammates wandering over to the field across the road. Brent says bye, gets a hug from the canlı bahis girls before climbing in his truck and heads home. Lucky him. Kat walks off to her car, glancing back at Heather a couple times.

Just as I start over to my daily dose of torture, Heather stops me by grabbing onto my wrist. “Come here,” she says, quietly, and leads me to the side of my truck opposite of the school.

“What?” I demand of her. Three minutes. We’re supposed to be punctual, extra running if we don’t show up on time.

She’s standing a little closer than normal, and looks away from me for a second. Both her hands are on my waist, and she seems to be squeezing my abs with her thumbs. It’s not normal for her to be quiet this long, or secretive.

“I heard that Madison rejected you the other day,” she whispers, a sympathetic tone in her voice. Madison was one of her comp cheer teammates and another one of my long-time friends, known for being really nice but also an uptight girl, wears a purity ring like a shield, almost. I’d been crushing on her for most of high school, but when I had asked her out, she told me she’d rather just be friends.

“Yeah,” I say. Her hands move to my arms, and now I know she’s definitely checking out my body. A slight twitch travels up my penis and it stiffens somewhat. “Yeah, I’m still in the friend-zone.”

“Oh, sorry to hear that, Scott,” she says, and I know she really is disappointed for me- once you get to know this girl, you’ve got a great friend. She looks down at my chest. “Well. . .” Heather begins, before trailing off for a sec. She shifts from one foot to the other, then looks me in the eye and continues. “I can move you into the ‘fuck-buddy zone’ after practice if you like. You deserve it after being denied for no good reason.” A sly smile reappears on her face as what she said registers in my brain.

“You want to have sex with me?” I ask, shocked. Heather nods, and steps even closer, enough that my erect penis rubs against her stomach. She smiles again, knowingly.

She stands on tip-toe, and kisses me on the lips- my FIRST KISS by the way- and whispers in my ear. “I’ll come back when practice ends. Meet me in the boys’ locker room.”

“I d-don’t have protection,” I stammer. She doesn’t even blink: “Don’t worry, Scott. I’m on the pill, just like all the other cheerleaders. You needn’t be prudent,” emphasizing the last word. She walks off and drives away in her car. I hurry to practice, and make it just in time.

Practice wasn’t so bad after that. We didn’t have to do a hundred thousand suicide sprints anyways. Of course, by the time it ended, I was so cold, stiff, and sore all over. I still managed to perk up when I recognized a certain white Mercedez pull into the student parking lot near the gym while we were stretching out during warm-downs.

I go to the locker rooms with a couple of my teammates to shower; the basketball teams have long gone but the rooms are left open in case the soccer teams need them, so this is all perfectly regular for me. Each showerhead is semi-private, with stone walls on each side, so no need for the self-conscious to worry about the guy next to them comparing.

Heather seems to be hiding somewhere else for the moment, so I have to spend a few minutes trying hard NOT to think about her. Luckily Jason and Dwayne are both quick to wash up and get out.

I finish up and dry off, and just as I put down my towel next to my clothes, I hear soft footsteps. I turn just in time to see her walk around the corner in the locker room, then she turns and sees me. Her glowing smile breaks out again as she walks over, and already my head starts to rise in arousal. Heather must’ve gone home and curled her hair, giving it a wavy waterfall appearance. She’s not wearing her blue jacket like she did earlier, and the black short-sleeve shirt and yoga pants she has on reveal her figure. Those legs. . .

“Oooh, you get up easy, bahis siteleri Scott,” she says with a little laugh, watching me erect.

“I’m a virgin, what do y-y-you expect?” I ask, nervous excitement flowing through me.

“Nothing, just saying,” she replied. She reaches me, still eyeing my member. Then, without being a tease or anything, she firmly grabs a hold on it, making it THROB.

“WOAH, Heather!” I yell, and she laughs again; she’s stroking me slightly, measuring me.

“You’re pretty big, Scott. You must be around 8 inches, give or take a bit,” Heather says, still beaming away. She stops stroking, puts both hands on my shoulders, and kisses me again. Without thinking, I wrap my arms around her and respond in that greedy, uncoordinated way that inexperienced guys do. I’m not sure how long it goes until I realize she’s put her tongue in mine, but not long after that she breaks the make-out fest. To my delight, she’s getting on her knees before me, flicking her hair so that it all trails down her back.

“Ready?” she asks me, nudging my head with her cheek. I nod, having lost the ability to speak completely. That fantasy I’d had just before practice was coming true!

Still looking up at me with baby-doll eyes, she gently licks the underside of my mushroom head, making it jump. I gasp at the sensation. Heather grabs onto the base of my dick and slowly puts my head into her mouth, sucks on it with relish, then swirls her tongue around it. She takes me out of her mouth, smiles and kisses my tip.

She then takes me back into her mouth and moves further down my cock. She stops again about halfway and uses her tongue to flick the soft fleshy part of the underside. After that, she begins to bob her head, slowly, then picks up the pace.

This is too much, I think, still gasping for air like a fish out of water. Next thing I know, my balls and penis twitch like never has before, explosively and without warning.

“ARRGGHHH!” I yell, and thrust forward with my pelvis.

Heather makes a slight sound of surprise and her eyes grow wide, distorted by the flexing member lodged deeply in her mouth. Then her eyes half close and she somehow manages to smile a bit with me still cumming in her mouth. Eventually, I finish spraying my load.

I pull out of her and slump against the wall, still struggling for air. When I look at Heather again, she opens her mouth to show my pearly white load, then closes it again and makes a slightly exaggerated swallowing motion, before showing she really did do it: all I see is her bright red tongue and sparkling teeth.

I look at the clock in the locker room. “That lasted about a minute,” I say, disappointed. I slide down until I’m sitting on the floor against the wall. Heather crawls over and sits by me, laying her head on my shoulder and bringing her left leg over and wrapping it around my waist.

“You lasted longer than most guys do,” she finally says, tracing her fingers up and down my chest and abs. She’s somewhat out of breath, too.

“That was amazing, Heather. Thanks,” I finally get out. She giggles and kisses my shoulder, telling me not to mention it. We sit there together in silence for a few minutes, just enjoying each other’s presence after a good blowjob. After a while, though, my penis starts to lift again as I replay the episode in my head. Heather sees this and helps me out. It only takes seconds before I’m back to pre-ejaculation levels of erection and excitement.

My first lover gets back on her feet and faces me with another smile. Lifting up her shirt, she proclaims, “Now, for the real fun!” I scramble to get up.

Heather already has her bra off and reveals her small breasts. I grip both at the same time- they fit perfectly in my hands- and begin to play with them. Heather continues smiling, leans back against the wall, and closes her eyes in pleasure. Even with my lack of experience, I still know what to do a little bahis şirketleri bit. I flick her nipples with my thumbs and index fingers, then take each one in my mouth and gently nibble away. She moans and squirms around.

“Yes, Scott, like that, baby. Oh, yes, yes, like that.”

After a while, I start to slowly kiss down her belly, then pull off both her yoga pants and her blood red thong down. She steps out of them, and rubs her shaved lady-hood in excitement. Her vagina’s lips noticeably part, and I can see she’s already slick with her body fluids.

As with probably any virgin at that age, I’m not thinking of returning the favor of a blowjob. Standing back up, I grab onto her legs, just below her butt cheeks, and squat down while hoisting her up. I place myself at her entrance, then look up hesitantly at Heather. She merely smiles and nods her head. A little bit of devil, pleasure, and mischief are in her angelic eyes. Her breathing has picked up pace and her legs are shivering in my hands.

I slide into her with a loud grunt. Heather gasps at how far I go.

Even with her clearly being excited and horny, she was still tight as a vice. It took three thrusts in get balls deep. She shuddered and made a few uncontrollable thrusts of her own in response, moaning loudly, her eyes closed. When this happened, she got noticeably tighter than before. In the excitement and heady rush of pleasure this gave me, I started thrusting faster, Heather began making the cutest squeaking sounds I’d ever heard.

“Scott, slow down! You’ll blow too quick!” she says, and I wistfully comply. I push her back up against the wall, she wraps her muscular and endless legs around me, and instructs me to get as deep and do a clockwise swirling motion. A few repetitions of this makes her body shiver again, just like earlier. I’m pretty sure she’s drawn blood by now, digging her nails into my back. When she comes down from her orgasm, she brings her legs down and I slide out of her.

She nearly stumbles but catches herself. Without a word but yet another grin, she turns around and bends over against the wall, wiggling her ass seductively.

Looking over her shoulder at me, she purrs, “Fuck me, babe. Fuck me hard and don’t stop till you’re done!”

I get behind her and reposition myself back inside her; she’s looser now so it’s easier to go all the way with each thrust. I try to go slowly, but with firm thrusts, but my excitement and even the primal instinctive need to breed overrides caution. I feel myself getting ready to blow before long. I grab hold of her hair and start pulling her head back.

“Ahh, Heather, here I COME!” I exclaim and with a final stroke, I get as deep as possible and let myself go. Burst after burst of my sperm flies out of me and into her.

Heather gives a squeal, then positively screams. “FUCK!” Her legs shake, she thrusts back on me pulsing pipe without control. When we finally finish cumming, I pull her up into a hug from behind, turn around and slide us down the wall again to the floor. Only this time, she’s sitting on my crotch with my fully flaccid cock still wedged in her.

We catch our breath, get up and get dressed, then make out again; still good, but I didn’t really like the salty taste that her mouth seemed to have got since we last kissed.

We walk out of the locker room, through the empty gym, and out to our vehicles parked next to each other. I open her car door like I’d been taught, and thank her for being my first. She smiles and says no problem.

At this point in time I check my phone and notice a group text. By the time, I’d been drilling Heather for about ten minutes. “It’s Coach,” I say. I look up at Heather, surprised. “Practice is cancelled for Friday!”

Heather gasps. “Yes! So you can go with me to the party that day!” She puts her hands on my shoulders and finishes, “And we can do this again while we’re there.” She laughs, kisses me again, and gets in her car and drives off.


This was my first time, and as you can probably tell my first ever story here. If you don’t mind, tell me what you think! Hope you enjoyed!

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