Rookie of the Year Ch. 1

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My boyfriend Henry was the one who turned me out. We started having sex about two weeks into our relationship. The night after our first time, he came over with a handbag full of sexual aids. He said he just wanted to me to have a preview of what he was going to pulling out on me during our relationship, but I knew he would have used everything on me that night if I had let him. Some of the items I already knew about, but I acted naive because Henry got a kick out of explaining the things to me. By the time he had shown me everything, I was horny. I led him into my room, stripped us both down, and got into a sixty-nine. Henry told me he absolutely loved having a woman’s ass and pussy on his face. I had a full, round ass, so he was really having a ball. He made me cum three times before I got to swallow his cum once. We fucked for about another hour, then I fixed us something to eat. He asked me if anybody had gotten to the freak in me. I said no, and he made it his personal mission to have me doing things I hadn’t even fantasized about yet.

A little less than a year later we had made our way through 3/4 of the bag. I asked him the question that had been on my mind since he pulled out that first vibrator – where he got the idea to use all that stuff. He grinned and asked if I really wanted to know. I got a little scared, but I still said yes. We got in his car and he drove to an adult bookstore. I thought about not going in, but I couldn’t lie about my fascination. On the outside I might not have known it was that kind of store, but it was about like I expected on the inside – broke-down white man behind the counter, a strong smell of plastic in the air, and lonely-looking men wandering around the store with their hands in their pockets. Henry took me to the video room. I felt somewhat easier when I saw a black couple already in there. The odd thing to me was, she was the one selecting the videos.

Henry showed me several video boxes; some were singles, and some were volumes from different series. He showed me one that was all black women (later I would watch some of those all-girl videos, and masturbate till my thighs hurt). I had no idea which one to pick, so Henry picked one with his favorite sex couple in it. By the time we got back to his apartment I was really horny – being in a sex store for the first time, and about to watch my first porno. I wanted to fuck as soon as he opened the door, so we did.

I güvenilir bahis yanked off my pants and dampened panties, and pulled Henry out of his clothes. I rubbed his dick until it was fully hard, which didn’t take long, then turned and got on my hands and knees. Henry had no problem sliding into my wet pussy. Grabbing onto my hips for leverage, he thrust his dick in me so hard I could feel his nuts tap my clit. We spent the rest of the night, and part of the next day, making our way through the video. We would watch for a while, pause the tape and fuck for a while, watch for a while again, pause the tape and try to imitate a particular position, then watch some more. We started a collection of our favorite videos, and I started one for myself – something that I never thought I’d do.

My next milestone came when I found a nudie magazine in Henry’s bedroom. I was upset because one, he had it; and two, because he hadn’t made an attempt to hide it. I woke him up and asked him about it. He said he buys them occasionally because the women are sexy. Sexier than me I asked; he said no, but sexy none-the-less. He went on to say I should send some pictures in. About two days later, when I got over the shock of his suggestion, I became curious about the idea. I went over and asked if he really thought I had a body good enough for a magazine. He got out his 35mm camera and told me to undress. I laughed him off for awhile, then decided to, once again, give into the fascination.

Henry snapped pictures while I undid my top, then while I took off my pants, then while I took off my bra. It took me a few minutes to put my arms down, then I lost my nerve when it came to taking off my panties. It was still hard to believe I had undressed that far and was stretched out on Henry’s bed letting him take picture of me to possibly send to a magazine, but there I was. He took the last shot on the roll, said he had a treat for me, left the room, and came back with a cup and what had become my favorite dildo. I took off my panties. He knelt by the edge of the bed, and started licking my pussy. Although it felt good, I was eager to find out what the treat was. Then he sucked on my clit, and slid the dildo inside me – it was ice cold. A shock shot through my body, my eyes shot open, and I came. He took the dildo out, dipped it in the cup, and put it in me again. It was freezing and wet, and soon I was cumming again. But he wasn’t türkçe bahis the only one who knew how to spring a surprise on somebody. While he was taking his clothes off, I took an ice cube from the cup and slipped it inside my pussy. Another shock went through my body, but I tried to act natural. When Henry penetrated me, his eyes shot open like mine had. It wasn’t long before we melted that cube, and were cumming together.

I left work early the day Henry called and said the pictures were back. He said they were fine, but I was disappointed – not at how I looked, but that I was just standing there. A month or so later we took some more pictures; of me drying off after a shower, grinding to some music, and doing housework – totally nude this time. Then Henry talked me into taking some outdoor shots at a park. It took a day or so for me to agree, but I did. We went out about one in the morning to a park that closed at 11:30pm. We parked about a half mile away, and walked to the back area of the park. A lot of little league baseball and soccer games were played there, so between us and the street was only grass. I was scared that the headlights of the cars going by were bright enough for the drivers to see us. Henry started kissing and undressing me, and eventually I didn’t care either.

Naked, in a open park with the moist summer breeze gently blowing across me, getting me really turned on, I posed provocatively for the last three pictures on the roll. Henry tried to use his flash discreetly, but the last flash caught the attention of a passing cop. I watched him stop his car, back up and pull into the park. Henry stopped me from getting dressed and running. We had been caught by a cop before, on the side of a road in the middle of a road trip. We were in the back seat, going good. This cop taps on the window and makes up get out, I only had on a pair of socks. I had to hold a t-shirt up to me while he searched the car and questioned Henry as cars and trucks slowed down when they went by. I was not going to go through that again.

Henry said the cop would first look for cars in the parking lot, then shine his light over the rest of the park. Unless he saw something he wouldn’t bother getting out of his car to walk all over the park. We laid perfectly still as the cop searched the park with his flood light. It took forever, but he finally drove away. I blew a sigh of relief, then rolled Henry on his güvenilir bahis siteleri back so I could suck his dick. Hearing him moan made me hornier, and I spread my wet pussy over his face. After I came, I sucked his dick so hard he started calling my name. When he came his back arched.

I immediately spun around and sat on his dick, like a queen getting on her thrown. I started off grinding his dick deep into my pussy, against all the places that made me squeal. Then I rode him, soft, telling him to get up and suck on my sensitive nipples. After a while he went a little further by grabbing my ass and spreading my cheeks. He went in deeper than I thought he could go, and I came sooner than I thought I would. I kept riding, and he started working a finger into my asshole. My head went back, and I found myself sticking my ass out so he could push his finger in deeper, and I pressed my breasts forward for all the passing cars to see. I had another orgasm, and fell over to rest on his chest.

Having not cum yet, Henry repositioned us doggie-style. My senses were so worked up from our surroundings that his dick felt better than it ever had sliding in and out of me. I leaned down to push my clit out for his nuts to tap against it, and to let my nipples wave across the grass. He smacked my ass cheek and asked what I was doing bending down like that. I could only laugh at the wonderful feeling that went through me. Henry smacked my cheek again, and this time I said nothing, baby, a little louder than I intended – but not really caring at this point. Henry said he didn’t believe me, and I put up a pseudo-argument. He spanked me for lying to him, each smack sending that wonderful shock through me. I repositioned my right leg so that I was up on my foot instead of my knee – which put my g-spot right against his thrusting dick. I called out for him to fuck me, which made him thrust even harder. Then I called for Henry to make me cum, and a few minutes later he did.

I was resting on the grass, and looked over to see Henry rubbing his still-hard dick. When he said he hadn’t cum yet I got on top of him again, facing away. I grabbed his ankles and fucked him as hard as I could. I was ordering him to cum; and, after my third time cumming in that position, we came together.

We laid there, holding each other and looking at the stars. I asked Henry if he knew we had an audience, then pointed out the two figures smoking cigarettes less than thirty feet away that I had noticed twenty minutes ago. He joked that they should give the cigarettes to us, we had done all the work. I laughed and asked which magazines he was thinking of sending the pictures to.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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