A Fight In with the Girls Ch. 02

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It had been a few weeks since I had had an evening of wrestling and fun with my friends Lauren and Kelli and after the initial excitement we hadn’t really talked much about it. I was very eager to do it again but this time I desperately wanted to come out on top, literally!

Tonight the girls came round to my place for wine and a movie, which seemed like the perfect opportunity to coax my friends into another round of grappling.

The girls arrived together they both looked great.

Lauren is a pretty girl with short blond hair, light blue eyes, soft skin and features. She is about 5’3″ tall and around 115 pounds. She was wearing a short denim skirt, a tight grey t-shirt and black pantyhose.

Kelli is great looking; she has long black hair, dark brown eyes and tanned skin. She was wearing a black, skin tight lycra dress and black pantyhose.

We opened a bottle of wine and sat down to watch the movie, we watched, chatted and drank. After the film finished and we had each had a few glasses of wine, I said how about we watch something else; with that I stood and put another disc into the DVD player. I watched the smile appear across my friends faces as the realised what the second movie was and understanding what I was implying by it. On screen two women wrestled, battling for sexual supremacy as they did so.

“So do you want to wrestle again then Karen?” Kelli enquired.

“You read my mind!” I giggled in response.

“I’m OK with that, me and Kelli against you again?” Lauren asked.

“Yes, but this time we need to agree the rules ahead of the match.” I responded. “You can tag in and out as you did last time but the one who is coming in must be on the sofa when she is tagged. OK?”

“That sounds OK, we’ll still kick your ass.” Kelli added confidently.

“We have a 15 minute time limit, most submissions win and if one of you submit the same one has to re-start.” I explain.

“Wow you have been thinking about this.” Lauren laughed.

“You promise not to cheat and like before the winner or winners get rewarded.” I add.

“That’s all fine, let’s go.” said Lauren.

“It’s all good.” smiled Kelli.

With no further hesitation I grabbed Lauren, wrestled her to the floor, then I quickly had her wrapped up with my legs scissoring her waist and I held onto her wrists to prevent her moving her arms. Her partner was out of reach, bahis firmaları and she did not have the strength to escape. I held her in position but didn’t apply much force, I didn’t want her to submit that quickly; my idea was to keep control and use up time whilst slowly building the punishment. As I gradually increased the pressure, Lauren’s moans and groans became more discernable. At one point Kelli left the sofa and moved toward us.

“Sofa! You promised!” I barked.

Without a word Kelli complied; then a few seconds later Lauren submitted. The first submission had taken nearly 5 minutes, which was perfect for me.

Lauren made it to her feet, only for me to jump right back on her. With a carbon copy of the previous submission I again wrapped her up, isolated from her partner. As Lauren’s mid-riff was still tender from the last submission this time she succumbed quicker. 7 minutes in and I had a two nil lead.

This time I only allowed Lauren to get to her knees before I pounced, knocking her onto her back and then sitting, straddling her, pinning her tightly to the floor. With this both Lauren and Kelli protested. Lauren physically and mentally distressed by beating she was taking and Kelli guilty at being unable to help tortured teammate and anxious that the match was slipping away.

“You knew the rules.” I responded with delight. My plan was working just as I intended it.

I sat on Lauren, immobilising her, I did little to add to her pain knowing that letting the clock tick down was to my advantage. After a few minutes I changed tack, grabbing her hair I rolled her over and swinging my legs around I had her trapped in a headscissor. As I had done with the bodyscissor earlier I took my time and gradually increased the intensity until again she submitted. Now over 12 minutes has passed, with me tormenting Lauren whilst Kelli looked on powerless to assist.

Lauren lay face down on the floor, breathing heavily.

“Are you getting up then?” I asked.

“I can’t.” Lauren replied.

I moved toward her and she let out a pathetic “No, please.”

“I won’t hurt you, I’ll play nice.” I told her.

True to my word for the remaining 2 minute or so, I sat astride her body, mischievously letting my hands run all over her legs and breasts. Then the timer that had been set bleeped and the match ended.

“I win!” I said, as I stood victorious over my kaçak iddaa beaten friend.

Lauren lay on her back, subjugated and expectant of her penalty.

“So are you going to sit on my face now?” Lauren asked.

“Not yet.” I said. I turned and beckoned Kelli “You first, sweetheart.”

Kelli protested that she hadn’t even wrestled so she wasn’t the loser.

“You’re a team, she loses, you lose. Now lay down here.” I demanded.

Begrudgingly but compliantly Kelli lay down next to Lauren and I slowly teased my way into position until I was seated on her face. I rode her tongue until I reached orgasm, an ecstasy I had been waiting for forever.

I rolled off, I still had my little Lauren to look forward to but I wasn’t ready to go again straight away.

Lauren was still lying down next to me, submissively she hadn’t moved from where she lay when I we had finished wrestling. I leaned over and kissed Lauren full on the lips, she reciprocated straight away, we lay side by side making out; as things got hotter our legs entwined and ours hands started to explore each others bodies. As we kissed I slipped my hand inside Lauren’s top and started to caress her small firm breasts, this was obviously turning her on as she began to grind against my thighs as her legs wound around my leg tightly as she humped me.

This was apparently having an immense effect on Kelli, as she abruptly grabbed me pulling me onto my back, moving in tight she also started to kiss me. This was so hot, my two gorgeous friends competing to get their lips on mine and as I lay their both had a one of my legs each between their thighs, grinding their nylon covered pussies on my pantyhosed thighs building friction to stimulate them, as they both used their hands to explore and fondle my erect nipples and throbbing breasts. I in turn was using my hands to feel my way around the two sexually charged bodies that were pressed up against me. Naughtily I slipped my hands down to the pubic area of both women as I massaged their clitorises though their pantyhose, a move which neither woman was going to let me retreat from.

With no warning Lauren broke away, in a flash she was sitting on my face her movements indicating that she expected me to service her with my tongue, which I did albeit slightly resentfully.

I’m not sure how this happened, I had won the wrestling, I had been controlling the post match kaçak bahis play up to this point; now I had one woman sat on my face and another restraining one of my hands and legs, as she used me as sex object.

Unsurprisingly it didn’t take long for Lauren to climax and equally predictably as soon as she moved Kelli leapt into position to take her place. The big difference was this time Lauren, clearly feeling a sense of duty, started to massage, kiss, suck and nuzzle my thighs, building to the point where her tongue found my pussy.

It didn’t take long for Kelli to cum, as she moved I could now see Lauren, well at least a mound of blond hair slowly rising and falling at she worked on my pussy. Kelli not wanting to me left out again started to massage my breasts and kiss my neck, talking hot talk to me as she did so. Finally I reached a massive shuddering orgasm. I lay back, finished.

After a short time I regained my cognisance and was surprised by what I saw, having finished with me Lauren had turned her attentions to Kelli and was giving her head too. I couldn’t believe what I was seeing my two ‘straight’ friends having sex in front of me!

As I watched a thought crossed my mind, Kelli had now been rewarded by both Lauren and me but hadn’t even wrestled at all; this gave me a mischievous idea. I moved in behind Kelli grabbed her head and pulled her into a headscissor hold, pulling her hair back hard as I squeezed her head, which made her squeal. This distracted Lauren who stopped what she was doing and looked up.

“If you want the rewards, you at least have to do some wrestling. So I’ll stop if you want me to but if I stop then Lauren stops too.” I explained.

Lauren smiled at me, such a sweet, sexy smile (the things I would do for that angelic face!), after a second or twos hesitation and with no words Kelli yanked Laurens head back between her legs.

I relaxed my grip slightly, I didn’t want to hurt my friend but I kept enough pressure on to make it uncomfortable. I reapplied full pressure as she reached climax; the pain just seemed to intensify the ecstasy. Kelli’s orgasm subsided but I kept her trapped between my legs, stroking Kelli’s face I said to Lauren “I think Kelli has something she wants to give to you here.”

Taking the insinuation Lauren came and sat on Kelli’s face. This time I just watched as Kelli brought Lauren to orgasm, she looked amazing at that moment I felt I was falling in love!

What a night, I had fun with the wrestling, each of us had given the others an orgasm but still I felt slightly unfulfilled – I need to have Lauren!

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