First Love at Youth

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I was studying in the elite engineering school of the east of India in those days. Young and unattached. My close friend’s sister (let us name her Tara) was slightly younger than me. She was perpetually dreaming of falling in love and then having a torrid affair. How do I know it?

That is the real story.

Coming from a very conservative background, we were not permitted to talk freely to girls. Our sisters were not permitted to talk to boys. But talking to brothers and sisters was permitted, albeit under lower levels of parental surveillance.

Being far away from home, I would meet my family only twice a year.

In the second year, Tara’s family drove by my college and picked me up on the way to a nearby sea resort for short holiday.

The drive was uneventful except that all the way to the resort Tara and I had mock and teasing battles with each other with sprinkling of pinching, pushing a shoving.

Immediately on reaching the resort we checked in with the extended family of 6 in a hotel with two rooms. The rooms were interconnected by a door. Immediately after reaching, we changed into beach suitable clothes and all left for the sea beach. I wore my long tennis shorts. Tara had to remain in her saree, since she was not permitted to get into anything else more suitable for swimming.

On the beach, I jumped around in the water while all the elderly watched from the safety of the sand beach. Tara walked into the water to knee depth and stayed there. While I went on swimming a little and keeping an eye on Tara, she remained in knee deep water, while the small waves went on hitting her legs and making her a little unsteady when they hit her.

I came by her and teased her that she was chicken and that she just does not have the guts to get into a swimming costume and take swim. May be she did not have a good figure, I said. May be she had nothing to show and thus hide!!!

That was an insult that I threw at her and still feel happy having done that.

One time while I was back on the knee-deep water area, I teased her and she said, she is willing to take my challenge and go deeper into the water. I teased her more and dared her. She walked deeper in. The waves were bigger.

Then suddenly a larger wave came and hit her. She just fell into the water. I rushed to her and helped her get up. She was all wet. Her Mother yelled from the beach asking her to come out of the water instantly and get herself dry and decent.

She had no option but to go back to her Mother. On seeing that she was wet, her Mother asked her to go back to the hotel room and change. She simply asked her Mother if she should go back alone. Her Mother called me and asked me to go with her and then stay back there. They would return after dusk and that we should remain in.

She was standing next to me. She told me that I better come along. We chatted on the way about how she was pushed into a corner and not permitted to have fun.

On returning to the hotel with Tara, I told her that I would sit in the main room, while she could go into the next room and change. She picked up a set of dry clothes and went in. After a while she returned, dry, but with her hair open and wet. On returning she asked me to help her dry her hair. I took a large towel and stared to rub her hair. In a little while she was reasonably dry.

We then sat down and started to talk to each other. Suddenly in the conversation, she asked me whether I really thought that her figure was bad or that she had nothing to show and thus hide. I naturally said, I did feel so, with a naughty smile.

She asked me if I have steady girl friend. I honestly said “No”.

Then she asked whether I would like to change and get dry. I said “I have nothing to change to”. She said “Then get into nothing!!!”. And laughed.

She then informed me that after that fall on the beach she had sprained her ankle. I asked her to let me massage it. She put her feet up on a stool. I started to slowly massage her ankle.

The massage went on for over 15 minutes. She asked me whether I would mind if she asked me to massage her legs. I said, I did not mind, if she needed the massage. I started to massage her legs from knee from above her saree, which was primly placed at her ankles.

Since, to massage the leg I had to practically sit on the floor, I asked her if she would lie down on the bed, while I massaged her legs. She agreed. She walked to the bed and lay down. I asked her to lie upside down, so that her calf was up.

Once in a while when massaging, her saree and petticoat would cause her flesh to get pinched. She would let canlı bahis out small yell, when it hurt. After about 15 minutes of massaging the calf and her knee, I asked her if she would like to me to massage her whole back. She said ‘Yes’ with her face in the pillow.

I started to massage the back of her thighs and the bottom. Then to the small of her back and then over the back of her chest. While massaging, the hook in her bra bit into her flesh and she yelled. I asked teasingly, whether she would simply take off the offending clothing. She did not reply. I asked her again.

She simply turned around and said “Why don’t you take it off for me”. I simply made her sit up. I unhooked each of the small hooks on her blouse from her back, peeled off the blouse. Then I put my arms around her and unhooked the bra from her back and unhooked it. I simply took it off. She sat in front of me with her breasts looking stunningly beautiful.

I asked her to lie down and turn over. She did. I massaged her back and her bottom and her thighs for quite some time.

I little later I saw that her back was quite red with the massaging. The flesh looked raw. I asked her if she would like to put some cream on her back and then massage the cream in. She agreed. I picked up the bottle of body lotion from the dresser. Poured a large glob of lotion on may palm and then on her back and then started to massage it in. While massaging the back, I massaged her sides as well.

Quite a few times, I got to feel her breasts.

I asked her if she would like to turn around and that would let me massage the other side of her body. She simply turned around and faced me.

I started with massaging her face with the cream. Then the neck. I took large amounts of cream and massaged all her front except her breasts. Each time my hand would come near her breasts while massaging she would gasp.

She asked me if I thought her figure was bad or that there was nothing to show and thus hide. I said “You are beautiful. You have beautiful breasts’. She suddenly asked me whether I had ever seen breasts. I said no. She asked “Aren’t you having a hard on?”. I feigned and said “Where?”

Tara asked whether my wet clothes were bothering me. I kept quiet. Suddenly, Tara ordered me to get up and stand next to the bed. I did. She sat up. Tara said, “This is wet and must go”. She unhooked the button of my shorts, pulled the zip of my shorts and pulled my shorts down with one swoop. She looked at my face and smiled. She then simply hooked her forefingers into my jocks and pulled it down. My cock which was erect for a long time was aching. But now it sprung out and stood proudly in front of her. I immediately tried to hide my swollen and fully erect cock with my hands. Tara said “Why are you so shy? Let me see it”. She just slid down the bed, caught my cock in her hand. She pulled the foreskin back fully. She looked at the cock for some time and then kissed the tip once. I protested lightly and stepped back

She then stood up and said, “If you are so shy just take off all my clothes. Then we will be equal”. I told her “No, I cant”. She said “Why”. I kept quiet.

She caught my cock again and stated to caress it. She the said “Wouldn’t you like to see my entire body? What I look like? Do you think I have all the things that you think a full blooded girl should have?” She added “May be you like the girl to take command”.

That was an insult I thought. I said ‘No. That is wrong. I like to take command.” She answered back “Then take me over!!!!”

I caught her by her hair and pulled her down to the bed. She said “ouch. That hurts”. I made her lie down on the bed and said “Now I will tell you what to do. Do you understand? You will not touch me here (pointing at my swollen and hard cock) Any mistakes will be met with ruthlessness”.

She looked at me and said “Okay”.

I took some cream in my palms and started to massage her breast in a swirling motion. She started to breathe in gasps. The massaging went on for quite some time. The hands went on moving all over her stomach and went on slowly probing near her draw string. Each time the fingers slid below the drawstring she would arch her back up a little.

I started to kiss her on her face while fondling her breasts. I started to kiss her all over the body except the covered area of her legs. I told her “I will not kiss any covered area”.

She said “Let me take the saree off”. I said “You have to take my permission”.

She said “Or else??? What!!!”.

I looked at her teasingly and said “I wont fuck you”.

She said. “I am shocked. You think I want bahis siteleri to fuck?” What do you think of me? And what do you think of yourself?”

On hearing this, I slapped her lightly on her face. Her eyes welled up. I caught her by the hair and started to kiss her hard on her mouth and asked her “You ever tell me something like that, I will not fuck you till you beg.”

I got up and walked away. I sat down, stark naked. She lay on the bed half naked. With all the body with sweat and cream.

After about two minutes, she said “Why don’t you come back and do what you were doing?” I asked her “Are you pleading?” She said, “Yes. Please come. Do what you want to.”

I got up and had an interesting thought. I went to the fridge and took out the ice tray. Took out the ice cubes in the ice container and walked back to the bed. She asked me “What are you doing?”

I then walked back to the fridge and brought out the Butter tray. Again she asked “What are you doing?”

I told her “I think you need some treatment. Just keep quite and enjoy”.

I sat next to her and tenderly ran my hands over her breasts. Then I traced my fingers til her navel. I caught her by her waist and slowly lowered my face near her stomach.

I took out my tongue and slowly licked her navel. She turned wild with pleasure. She only said “Oooh”.

While teasing her navel with my tongue, I slowly inserted my fingers below her petticoat and pulled her drawstring out from inside the petticoat. I pulled back and my face and slowly played with her breasts.

I added a pillow under her head. She said “What are you doing?”. I said, “I want you to see what is done to you”.

Slowly my hand reached her drawstring. Most deliberately, I pulled the cord. Her hand came down to hold my wrists. She said “No, please”.

I asked her “Will you simply listen to me or do I do something else?’.

She said, “Then you have to stop my hands”. I simply told her “Put your hands away. Just watch what I do to you and enjoy. If you try to stop me I have some special treatment for you”. She asked “Like what?”.

I said “I will tie you, beat you and then fuck dry you many times. Do you understand”.

Tara’s hands went up and she lay quietly. I slowly loosened the petticoat. She gasped. I left the petticoat where it was, and started to massage her legs from below. As I went up, I lifted her saree and petticoat, till all except her pussy was visible and massaged. I then took a handkerchief and placed it on her pussy from over the clothes. Her saree was now ruffled and pulled up all the way.

I asked her to raise her bottom a little bit. She did. I started to remove her saree and petticoat. She tried to grab my wrists and stop me. I stopped. Took her ands and put them up and told her “Your hands will not move from here. Do you understand?” She kept quiet and kept her hands there.

I pulled down her saree and placed the handkerchief over her pussy.

She was now fully naked. The smell of her wet pussy pervaded the room.

I took the ice bucker and brought it near her. Took out one cube and held it over her face. One drop at a time of water fell on her face. The quickly I brought the ice cube down on her body. Around the breasts. The I started to very slowly move towards her crotch.

She started to gaps and said “I am having cramps on my stomach”.

I stopped for while and then slowly removed the handkerchief from her pussy.

She was totally naked.

I started to slowly take the ice cube down towards her pussy. When I reached near, she would gasp.

I slowly placed myself near her knees. Slowly caught her ankles and bent them up and then folded the ankles out. Her pussy was wide open.

She bought hands down and tried to hold my cock and said “Fuck me”.

I removed her hands and placed them above her.

Slowly I took ice cube after ice cube and slowly ran it around her pussy. And finally after teasing her for about 30 minutes, I applied the ice on her clitoris.

She jumped up and said “It hurts”.

I stopped immediately and asked her “How would you like to be fucked?” She said “Any way you like. But just fuck me soon”.

I told her “I am the boss. I will fuck you when I like. The way I like and as many times I like”. She kept quiet.

I took more cream on my palms and started to massage her whole body with special care to her bottom, inner thighs and naturally the pussy.

I jack knifed her legs and started to apply cream on the lips of her pussy. She said “I am a virgin you know”. I asked her “You want to remain a virgin?”. She said “No. Just bahis şirketleri fuck me”.

I then lay down between her legs and held her hands in my hands. Slowly I started to lick her pussy. She was moaning and getting wild. She went on incoherently saying “Please fuck me” many times. She had the first orgasm.

She suddenly started to fight with me in the bed. I got up and put her hands up. I sked her “What is your problem?. You cant take an instruction?”.

She naughtily said “No. If you want tie my hands up!!”. I realized that she was in control, but simply wanted me to tie her hands. Pulled the drawstring out from the petticoat and simply tied her hands to the bedpost lightly.

I lowered myself between her legs and lifted her back up and started to lick every corner of her pussy. She stared screaming. Oooh, aah etc. I made her have one more orgasm.

Then I got up and picked up some butter from the butter dish. I sat between her open legs and applied the butter on her pussy. I told her “I will now have breakfast on the pussy”. I kneaded the butter into and around her pussy. Her clitoris was hot and red. The butter was put a lot more on her clitoris. I then lowered my face on to her pussy and started to lick every corner of her pussy. She moaned and had her third orgasm.

I applied some extra butter on my forefinger and started to probe her. She said, “It hurts”. Slowly, taking my time between her begging for more, I broke her hymen. Then I applied more butter on my finger and finger fucked her. She had her third orgasm.

When I stopped fingering her she asked “When will you fuck me”. I said after atleast seven orgasms for you”. She said, “I want you to fuck me now.”

I just got up legs up and started to lick her from below into her pussy. While this was happening I slowly kneaded her breasts from around her.

When she was almost exhausted with orgasms, I released her wrists.

She said “What!! Is it over?”. I said “Just wait and see”. Then I caught her by her legs and spread them wide. Suddenly she said, “Why don’t you tie my legs up now?”. I looked at her and picked up her nine meter long saree lying limp on the floor and tied her knees with the sidebars of the bed. She helped me get her legs wider, without hurting her.

I slowly maneuvered my self between her open legs. She asked me to pass the butter dish to her. I passed it on. She dipped her fingers into the butter dish and took into her two hands. One hand went straight to her pussy where she applied it on her pussy opening and the other went to my cock to apply the butter on it. Then with both her hands she applied the butter on my cock and caressed it. It swole up more and more.

Then she parted her pussy lips with one hand and held by cock in the other and ran it between her pussy lips and masturbated herself. She had two more orgasms while doing this.

The she pleaded “Put it in”. I slowly put my throbbing cock on the mouth of her pussy and pushed slowly. I did not want to hurt her. It entered smoothly. Her pussy ate up the entire length of my nine inch cock. I slowly lowered my self onto her and started to hump her. She was by this time screaming obscenities and asking to be fucked harder and harder. I was terribly excited and would have spilt my seeds many times. I stopped and took out my cock and let it cool down a little, The inserted it and fucked again. My hands kneaded her breasts in the meanwhile.

Soon I could not hold myself no longer and squirted my sperm into her. I had a fantastic orgasm. She too was having her eighth orgasm.

I collapsed on top of her and rested.

She whispered “Release my legs . . . please”. I lifted my self without withdrawing my cock and released the bindings from her knees. She wrapped her lags around my back and went to sleep.

When I woke up she as awake too.

I slowly took out my cock and lay next to her. She asked me “How did you learn to fuck so well”. I said “This is God gifted and I love you. I want to fuck you more”. She kissed my and said “Any time. You know my home. Just come any time. Tear off my clothes, tie me up, beat me and fuck me. I love you. You really know how to make girl happy”. She then kissed my eyes and face repeatedly. I said “Darling, like you this was my first experience. I am sure you will teach me much on fucking”. She said” We will learn together”.

In the years to come, I fucked her whenever I could when I was back home on holidays. I left no position undone, no fantasy left uncovered. We fucked when we were sad, we fucked when we were happy. We fucked when we were sorry. We simply fucked whenever we could get our clothes off. The good part was that like little children with their toys, fucking her never satiated any of us. She and I were willing to play adult games. (I have them all chronicled in my dairy. You want to know?)

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