Following on from my first meet

Hi All,

This follows on from my previous story called my first time.

Unfortunately i never seen daddy again as not long after our first meet he sold up and moved to Blackpool, wish was a huge shame as our first meet was great.

A few weeks after i ended up getting into a relationship with a woman, my bisexual urges actually went away for quite some time, it was until about 2-3 years later i started fantasizing about pleasing older men again, i joined a few hook up sites and started chatting to a few guys, but 1 more than others, his name was David, he was 66, and very confident.

After chatting for a few days i agreed to let him come round to mine whilst my girlfriend was at work.

He turned up wearing a suit, and i must admit he had me extremely nervous, i made him a cup of tea and we both sat down on the sofa, he sat next to me, after we finished our tea, he grabbed my hand and put it on his bulge, i could feel through his suit pants how big his bulge was, and he wasn’t even semi hard, unfortunately as it had been a while i freaked out a bit, not sure if it was that or because it was in my house around people that knew me, but i backed off and said i couldn’t go any further.

He was really calm about it and said it was all fine, he left and went home, a couple of days later i started messaging him again, telling him how sorry i was and how much i wanted to make it up to him, I told him i wanted to try again but this time we would need to meet somewhere else other than my house, he agreed but said we couldn’t go to his house as his wife would be home.

He said we could meet the following night if i could get away, I told him that i could, he said as neither of us have somewhere to go, we would need to take a trip in his car (later found out it was a 2 seater sports car), he said he knew a secluded place were we could be alone, i quickly agreed, as didn’t want to let him down, as he may not give me a third chance.

I told my girlfriend i was working over time so would be home late tonight, David picked me up from outside work, it was 6pm and already dark as it was Winter.

We drove for around 10 minutes until we got to a secluded road, he pulled over, he grabbed my hand and put it straight onto the big bulge in his pants, he looked at me and said you wont get a third chance so you better not let me down again, i slowly started stroking him through his pants, didnt take long for his cock to start growing.

He quickly pulled his pants and boxers down, unleashing his fat cock, must have been slightly bigger than 8 inches in length and nearly 3 inches in girth. I couldnt help but look at it, so much bigger than my 5 inch cock.

He looked at me and said Steven its time i made you into the girl we have discussed, once my cock touches your girly lips you will be my girl, agreed Stephanie he said, i nodded and started licking up and down his hairless cock, no hair at all, it made his cock and balls look huge, his cock tasted so good, so much better than the first guy id met.

It wasnt long til i seen a drop of precum on his cock, i eagerly licked it off, it tasted great, I wanted more.

David said you look like your enjoying yourself Stephanie, if only your girlfriend could see how much your enjoying my cock, time to take it in your mouth Stepanie, he grabbed my head and moved his hard cock in front of my face, i eagerly opened my mouth, and he quickly shoved it in, making me gag til i got used to it, he must have been fucking my face for 10 minutes before i finally got to taste his hot load, he made me clean his cock.

On the way back to mine he said that next time we meet will be at my house, as he wants to fuck me in my own bed, i looked at him and said yes Sir before getting out of the car near my house……

More to follow

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