In the Park

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Years ago, I was twenty eight years old back then, I loved spending my lunch break in the small park next to my office building. Not that many people were hanging out there, and the place was surrounded by buildings, so no car noise was disturbing you when you were sitting there.

I spent nearly every lunch break of mine in that small park. Enjoying the food I brought with me while the sun was shining on me. Or while I was sitting in the shadow of a tree. It all was depending on the season. After I was done eating, I took out a book for some reading or I just watched the clouds passing by on the sky.

Due the fact that there were not that many people hanging out, I knew most of them by sight after a short time. And they probably knew me too. We were a small community in our small park. Hanging out around lunchtime, greeting each other in a subtle way, but hardly ever talking with each other, because to be honest, we all shared one thing: We wanted some peace and quiet. Not doing some pointless chit chat.

But one day, someone new showed up. Someone I had never seen before. Understandingly she had everyone’s attention. At least for some time. Because well, she was the new one. The intruder. The one that caught my eye. The one I wanted to do more with than just sitting next to while watching the clouds passing by on the sky.

I tried to start a conversation with her. But I struggled. I wasn’t able to pull the stunt. I made up excuses like “it is against the code. People don’t talk to each other during lunch break” and so on, and so on. But to be honest, I just was afraid. Afraid to get rejected. And so nothing happened.

Until that one day, when she just sat herself next to me. Without asking. Ignoring the empty bench a few meters further down they way. She placed her curvy, around sixty five year old body directly next to mine. She even removed the backpack I placed next to me. Then she looked at me. With a huge smile on her face. A smile that broke the ice. We both had to laugh out loud.

After we were done with laughing tears Tüyap escort bayan we began to talk. We introduced each other. We showed off a little bit. Each one of us told their life’s story. While the other one listened. It all took more than just one of my lunch breaks until we were through with our lives. Naturally it took her a little bit longer to tell me her tale.

Talking with her had something. Staring down her cleavage while talking with her had even more. Because from our second lunch date on, she began to dress to impress. She did that in a subtle way. For example, she unbuttoned her shirt a little bit. I noticed it all. I had to stare. It got time to bring it all to the next level.

So I asked her for a date. I invited her out for dinner. She declined. Something broke inside me. But moments later, when she saw the expression on my face getting sour, a smile appeared on her face: “Come over to my place. I cook something for the two of us.”

A few days later I was standing in front of her door. I was more than just nervous. I had a present for her in one hand. A classic, a good bottle of wine. From a vineyard she once mentioned to me. It took her what felt like an eternity to open up.

Then finally I heard her unlock the door. My heart tried to jump out of my chest. Moments later she stood in front of me. Wearing a relatively short skirt, some shirt with the upper buttons open, some shiny stockings and a pair of comfy house shoes. Fuck it, she looked hot. But the best thing she had on her, was the smile on her face.

I handed her the present. She thanked me, she asked me in. She led me into the center of her flat. A big room that served as kitchen and living room. There she made me sit down at the dinner table. Next to the kitchen counter. She poured me something to drink then she excused herself. She had to take care of the dinner that was still standing on the stove.

We immediately had a conversation up and running. Then she served dinner. She joined in when she was finished cooking. Escort Tüyap She was a good cook. We took our time while eating. Our feet were playing with each other beneath the table. Our hands were touching whenever possible. We were nothing but flirty. Sexual tension was building up throughout dinner.

When we were done with the main course it was time for some dessert. But instead of serving something to eat, she pushed back her chair, pulled up her skirt and spread her legs for me. She was wearing no underwear. She gave me a perfect view on her tasty looking pussy.

Not even a minute later my head was between her legs. My tongue was inside her pussy. My tongue was on her clit. It didn’t took long until her moaning was filling the room. Until her hands were going through my hair. It didn’t took her long to ask for more.

At first one of my fingers went inside her pussy. Then a second one. Then a third one. Still not enough for her. So a fourth one went in. More and more tension was building up. She moaned out a “kiss me.”

So I went up. While my fingers still were sliding in and out of her pussy. I gave her a gentle kiss first. Followed by more than one passionate ones. Her moaning got more and more intense. Every thrust my hand gave her brought her closer to an orgasm.

And then, boom. One load last moans. Her hands stopped holding on on my back. Tension left her body. Her legs were trembling. A satisfied expression appeared on her face. Followed by a smile. While I gentle bulled out my fingers.

We kept on kissing. Then I liked her pussy juice of my fingers. I licked one finger after the other clean. While she was watching. But she stopped me. She took care of the remaining two fingers. Seeing her licking her own juices off my fingers made me even harder. I wanted nothing but to stick my dick inside her. And she wanted me to stick mine inside her.

But she didn’t want me to pound her pussy. She wanted it up her ass. She stood up, turned around and bent over the kitchen counter. She got a bottle Tüyap Escort of lube out of a junk drawer, and handed it over to me: “Fuck me up the ass.”

I dropped my pants, my underwear. I got out of my shirt. Then I lubed up my dick. I went in position. I squeezed her ass cheeks a little bit. Then I slid my dick inside her. Bareback. She asked for it. I had no trouble entering her. Her dirty hole was used to get fucked.

As soon as my glans was inside her, moaning escaped her throat again. She meanwhile had taken of her shirt. I fucked her gentle in the beginning. Her tits were bouncing back and forth with every thrust I gave her. Then she began to squeeze, to torture her hard nipples while my dick was sliding in and out of her pussy.

More and more tension was building up. It felt better with every thrust I gave her. Her moaning got more and more intense again. She meanwhile was squeezing her nipples more than just hard. Then she moaned out something: “Just let go. Don’t hold back. Fuck me hard.”

I let go. I let my inner animal out. I fucked her hard. I fucked her deep. I fucked myself towards an orgasm. I gave her one thrust after the other. My balls began to ache. Our moaning was filling the room. It felt so fucking good.

Her hands were meanwhile squeezing her boobs. Just a few more thrusts left inside me. Then one more last hard and deep thrust. Boom. My balls emptied themselves inside her dirty hole. She came with me. She came a few seconds after me. Our two bodies were collapsing onto each other. We needed some time to regain ourselves.

After catching my breath I pulled my dick out of her asshole. Gently, slowly. She handed me a towel to clean off my dick. Then our eyes met each other again. We share a few gentle kisses.

Then I got dressed again. She told me to leave. She did it in a very polite way: “My husband will come back home tomorrow in the morning. He knows that the two of us are having a date today. He is okay with it. Because I am okay with him fucking others too. But you two, you better not run into each other.”

I shrugged my shoulders. I was a little bit disappointed, because I really liked her. Her doing hurt me more than I’d like to admit. But for her it just was a one off. At least I thought that it was back then. Then about a week later, she showed up in the park again.

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