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The sirens screamed above her, piercing the night with their screech while lighting the dark alleyway with their red and blue neon. It had been her third call out this week and the hundredth time she had been dispatched to the area.

‘Paramedic.’ She shouted, reaching for her medical bag, and looking down the pavement.

Shadows danced back and forth but no one spoke. The usual scene. Drunks, druggies, prostitutes, and the homeless frequented this place. It was a sad sight for sore eyes with the only sign of wealth when a BMW paused just long enough for the cash to exchange hands while he did up his fly and pushed her out.

“Who called for paramedics?” No answer. “Does anyone need assistance?”

The street remained silent. A blonde-haired girl, furiously chewing gum as if the small minty flavour would hide the taste of the night’s work, glanced her way. “She left already. Didn’t want no trouble.”

It was a familiar story. She had lost count of the number of times she had been dispatched here. The ambulance crew had given the call out a code; ‘1TM’ as in Once To Many. Calls ranged from overdoses to head injuries as the drunks fell down to, most often, young girls calling to help one another after seeing the blood and bruises of a fellow prostitute who had fallen victim to an overzealous or abusive ‘John’. Nine times out of ten, the girl had disappeared by the time the neon lights started to flash — no one ever spoke of what happened here.

She glanced at her watch, the digital timepiece revealing midnight was only minutes away. She was due to finish at 3am. Three hours to kill.

Putting the medical bag away, she climbed back into the driver’s seat, sighed, and turned off the lights and sirens. She sat in the darkness as fatigue set in. She worked long, hard hours, and the nights had been tough on her. Sleep was rare and exhaustion was never far away.

She started the engine and slowly drove away, keeping half an eye out for the injured call out but knowing she would be long gone, licking her wounds, and howling about never going back on the streets, only to fix her make up and be back on the corner within the hour. Everyone needs their fix.

A fix. She was due a fix of her own.

As she was accustomed to doing, she drove towards the red-light district. Only a few streets over yet a much brighter lit area, though, almost as depressing. Strip clubs, gaming lounges, and brothels with billboard advertising that revealed almost as much as the dancers themselves.

Horney males would arrive in their masses, grab a drink, grab another, enter the strip club, grab a dancer, and quickly get more intoxicated and more frustrated by the lack of actual action. It was only a short walk, or stagger, to go find a girl down the road who was willing to take care of their needs, not just play upon them. The two contrasting areas needed each other.

She had needs too.

She parked at the end of the street, a common rest stop, particularly towards the end of her shift or on the quieter nights. The final building in the row had always intrigued her. It had no advertising, no signage, was well maintained, often newly painted, and had a large wooden door that saw all kinds of men and women come and go. It just looked more fashionable. It was almost out of place.

Rumour had it that the building hosted sex parties and all sorts of deviant acts. While mostly singles, she had watched plenty of couples enter those wooden doors and had surmised the building was some sort of swinger’s club. The clients always seemed a little more upper class, neatly dressed and seemingly out of place and oblivious to the decedent surroundings.

She had walked to the doors three times in the past. On each occasion, she had gotten cold feet and returned to her vehicle.

She watched as a taxi pulled up and a young man in a dark suit smiled, paid the driver, and waved him away before making his way towards the doors. “Gee, he is cute.” She thought, her mind wandering.

She had been single for almost three years now and it had been at least twelve months since she had any sexual interaction with another person — her battery-operated bedside device was on its last legs. She needed real stimulation. A real touch. Soft hands placed firmly upon her body. The press of lips against hers. The feeling of excitement as her hand ran along belt lines. The hard pulsating flesh between her fingers, between her lips, between her… She stopped herself. Her mind was racing, her fingers had found their way between her legs.

“What am I doing!” She sighed. “This is so unprofessional, get a grip on yourself!” She said to her reflection in the rear-view mirror. Still, the urge to run across the road remained, the yearning between her legs surged.

Her nightly playtime had further disrupted her sleep pattern. Her attempts to get her own fix. The late nights on the night shift and then her requirement to scratch her sexual itch had often seen the sun rise long Disney plus izle before her eyes had closed. Between work and the sexual frustration, she was barely managing an hour or two shut-eye a night. Exhausted.

She needed a fix. After twelve months of doing it alone, she needed another set of hands.

She was hardly promiscuous. She’d only ever had a handful of sexual partners and besides the lone ‘one night stand’ with some college guy who she’d given head to in a parking lot, she’d never really explored being with a stranger.

That said, so often she had found herself called out to that street and as the calls got more frequent, as she watched more and more cars pull up and pull away, as she saw more strangers getting their fix, anonymously, the intrigue had grown and grown.

There was something taboo about being incognito. The lure and lust continued to grow. The fantasy rose whenever she parked here. She didn’t want to be treated like a whore, but this building looked elegant and respectful. Her fingers rubbed against her underwear.

“Fuck it.”

She opened the ambulance door and walked briskly across the road, straight to the wooden entry, and with her heart aflutter, pushed the door open.

Her hurried entry almost saw the door wipe out the unsuspecting male who had been standing behind. “Jesus. Easy now.”

“Sorry.” She stammered, unsure of herself and taking in the scene of the lavish hallway. A lot more expensive looking than she had anticipated and, in fairness, not quite the wild sex party she was expecting.

Somehow, she had thought the doors would open to an orgy of bodies all intertwined, moaning, and groaning in a frenzy of passion. Instead, she had a bright hallway, expensive artwork lined walls, plush carpet, and a single guy staring impatiently at her with a clipboard in hand.

“You’re late.” He said, glancing at the paper attached to his board.

“Am I?” She said, nonchalantly, unsure of herself and only barely resisting the urge to flee.

“You’re Jade, yea?”

She paused. “I’m Jaded. That count?” She smiled, nervously; a weak effort at humour and an accurate description of how she was feeling. She didn’t belong here yet didn’t want to leave.

“You’re in room five. Please get going” He put a hand on the small of her back and ushered her down the hallway. Her footsteps were hesitant, but his hand guided her past the numbered doors, and she trembled as she approached the door with a golden ‘5’ neatly attached.

He rasped his knuckles upon the door. “Jade has arrived.” He called out as the door swung open.

“Brilliant.” The voice replied from within and Jade, as she was now to be known, recognized the man from the earlier taxi.

“Hi.” She said meekly. He was even cuter up close and her arousal at being paired with him outweighed her common sense to admit she was not who they thought and to get back to work.

“Come in, quick, let’s get started.” Jade was ushered into the room and took in her surroundings. The room was quaint. A single wooden coffee table lay in the middle of the room upon the lush carpet, the far side had a curtain drawn and a little cabinet but otherwise, the room was empty except for a grinning, cute, young man, still in his suit.

“You look great.” He said and Jade felt a little nervous ping of electricity.

“You do too.” She replied, all coy and uncertain of what he had in stall for her. She stole a second look at the coffee table and his gaze followed hers.

“Yes, we are going to have you on that table. Ready?” He asked, producing a blindfold from his back pocket, and raising it to meet her eyes.

Jade looked back at the door and seeing it shut, felt she had little choice, there would be no retreat. She was in the wrong place but seemingly, at the right time, and boy did she need this. Her heart skipped a hesitant beat. ‘What am I doing!’ She thought as she stared at the black blindfold. ‘Am I really going to let this man, as cute as he is, put a blindfold on me and let him do god knows what?’ She took one last look at the blackout visor and nodded. Fuck it.

“Great. Let’s get started.” With that, he took a few strides and positioned himself behind her, he gently kissed her neck and softly whispered “Ready for some fun?” Jade felt the goosebumps upon her skin and with a simple, slight nod, Jade’s world went black as the blindfold went across her eyes. He tied it tight, and Jade was surrounded by the darkness.

He remained standing behind her, his hands slowly running down the outline of her body. With her sight lost, Jade’s other senses began to pick up and she heard the swish of his clothes, smelt the scent of his expensive cologne, heard the rustle of the curtain as he moved around the room, his hands always upon her.

His grasp upon her was momentarily paused, and she could hear as he unfastened his belt and unbuttoned his shirt. She stood motionless, unsure of her script as he apparently Exxen izle undressed in silence, only the sound of the curtain swishing greeting her ears.

Jade stood in the darkness, aroused, intrigued, confused, yet excited. From all accounts, he was naked and in charge. It had been a year since she had felt the firmness of a man. She wanted to reach out and find him but she waited for him to return.

Quickly, hands were back upon her. He moved her gently towards the end of the room as if parading her, his hands now upon her neck, firm but unimposing. He ran his fingers down her neck, towards her breasts, and groped softly through the fabric of her shirt, pawing at her mounds. His hands continued his sluggish descent down her body, briefly running an outline over her butt, down her legs.

Jade’s heart was racing. She felt so unfamiliar, blindfolded in a strange room, the hands of a strange, younger man, all over her but she was immensely turned on and captivated by what he had in stall for her. ‘What does he have in stall?’ She thought.

Hands grabbed at either side of her waist, and she instinctively put her arms in the air, surrendering, as he pulled her shirt over her head. A flick of his finger and thumb and her bra was undone, the lacy fabric remaining atop her generous bosom but free from its clasp. Again, his paws started a journey around her upper body, the feeling of his palms across her bare flesh sending her body tingling.

His hands, a little more forceful now, pushed her gently but with direction towards the coffee table, and she was positioned to sit upon it, her bra finally falling off upon her movement, revealing her erect nipples and pert breasts. She had always been pleased with her boobs, shapely, firm, and just a little more than a handful.

Hands tugged at her feet and her shoes and socks were swiftly discarded. Fingers were quickly upon her midriff, and she raised her butt off the table to assist as her jeans slid off.

“Very nice.” He cooed his first words as part of this charade.


“Shhhh.” His hand went over her mouth. “You do as I say tonight. You speak when I ask.” His words were sensual, soft, devious. Another tingle down her spine.

He moved around behind her, kneeling upon the table that she remained seated upon. He pushed her legs out slowly, spreading the two apart and revealing her black underwear. It was as if she was on display, naked apart from her underwear, now exposed, with her legs far apart.

His hand went around her neck, firmer, rougher but still unconquering. His other hand ran up her back, over her shoulder, and pinched her nipple. First the left and then the right before cupping and running his fingers over her, down her body, and towards her midriff.

With him kneeling behind her she could feel the hard tip of his penis on the small of her back. He was enjoying this, she mused.

Suddenly he grabbed her and lifted her off the ground, his strength catching her off guard and she was lifted into the air. He took control and, sweeping her up, lay her down upon the coffee table, her back to the wood and her blindfolded eyes towards the ceiling.

He reached for her right hand and snapped a handcuff upon her. The metallic felt strong and cold against her wrist. She whimpered.

“Shhhh.” He replied, putting her other hand down and linking the cuffs underneath the table, meaning she was prone on her back, her head just off the wooden surface but her hands restrained underneath. It was slightly uncomfortable but exciting and erotic. Her mind was racing.

He ran his fingers down her body, over her boobs, down her waist, and under the last remaining fabric, he pulled it with him as his hands continued their descent, and just like that, Jade was fully naked, handcuffed upside down to a table and completely oblivious to what would happen next.

She wasn’t expecting what did happen. The table started to turn. Her head slowly spun as he wheeled the table in a slow, 360.

He bent down and kissed her, his lips passionate against hers, the smell of his cologne acting as endorphin, she had no idea who he was or what he was up to, but she wanted him. Needed him. Oh, did she need him.

His lips loitered above hers as he whispered. “I’m going to put my cock in your mouth now.”

Jade wanted to show some restraint but at the same time, longed for the feeling of hard flesh again. She took too long to respond and through the darkness, she sensed his position above her, and then there it was, prodding at her lips. She opened her mouth and he gently pushed himself in, his erection firm, wide and savory.

She flicked her tongue over the head of his shaft, and he pushed himself a few inches into her mouth. His testicles lingered above her eyes, and she was briefly grateful for the blindfold, unsure of the view she would have received from such a position.

He pushed a bit deeper, and the head of his cock hit the back of her throat. It Gain tv izle was unexpected and she gagged from her prone, upside-down bind. He immediately withdrew and she was instantly disappointed.

Silently, he reached around her and unclasped the handcuffs, setting her free.

“Did I do something wrong?” She asked. “I’m sorry…”

“Shhhh.” He assured her. We are only getting started.

Again, he lifted her off the table and this time carefully put her on the floor. With heightened hearing, she could perceive as he seemingly lifted the top of the table off its legs and placed it on the floor. His hands were upon her again, distracting, and he pushed her to her knees.

Jade knew this position all too well and to no surprise, her lips were soon parted as his hard member entered her mouth. A hand upon her head encouraged her and she didn’t want to disappoint again, she moved her hands to grab his shaft, but they were swatted away.

“Just your mouth.” He grunted, pushing himself deeper. Jade sucked. She put her lips tight together as she had learned from all the magazines, and she twirled and twisted her tongue in patterns all over his shaft and head, licking while her mouth remained full. He held her head steady and moved back and forth, forcing her lips to run along his shaft.

Once again, he took his cock out of her mouth, and once more Jade felt a lingering sense of disappointment. A rubber taste suddenly filled her mouth, and a collar was placed around her neck. Jade had never had a ball-gag on, and resisting was futile as the clasp hastily fastened, forcing her jaw apart and her teeth to bite down on the rubber. Her voice silenced; her objection muffled.

She was a little concerned, however, she quickly got excited again as he roughly pushed her upon the tabletop, now sitting upon the floor, and positioned her on all fours.

She crouched, like a dog as the table again turned, parading her in a circle, her butt high in the air, revealing her wet, sweet spot. The ball gag forced her jaw apart.

His hands were upon hers and again she felt the clasp of metal upon her wrists as he quickly and efficiently tied both hands and then both legs in place. There must have been holes in every corner of the tabletop because she was now stretched out, her hands apart, her legs apart, perched on all fours, naked, trembling in anticipation and trepidation.

Suddenly she squealed, though muffled through the gag. The sound of a paddle against her bare butt cheeks echoed across the room, the feeling and the ‘whack’ sound of complete surprise.

The pain was quickly replaced by pleasure as his tongue appeared upon her skin, teasing, and flicking tantalizing close to her openings. Her anticipation rose as his appendage approached her wetness. She moaned in enjoyment and surprise as his tongue encountered her asshole, his wet muscle flicking slowly back and forth against her puckered hole, dancing little patterns along her tightest, most forgotten opening. The sensation was amazing, and completely foreign to her, having never experienced oral in this fashion. Her heart pounded at the taboo she was experiencing.

‘Whack.’ The paddle returned, leaving a stinging explosion of pain upon her bare butt.

As if the reward for the pain, his tongue was back upon her asshole, flicking back and forth quickly and with purpose. Pain then pleasure.

His tongue was removed and replaced. A cold, metallic pressure pressed against her tightest hole. Jade had little experience with anal, having only tried it once or twice in her life and never to much enjoyment. She’d had the odd finger there but despite her inexperience, she was wise enough to know that her rectum was about to have a butt-plug inserted. With her hands tied and mouth gagged, she could offer no resistance.

The cold object pressed against her puckered hole, slowly etching forward, and bursting within, the metal wide to begin and tapering off before the handle resting against her hole. The intrusion felt foreign but not overly uncomfortable.

He slapped his penis against her buttcheek, the vibration rattling the butt plug and Jade found herself moaning through the ball-gag. ‘Whack’ the paddle returned, and the pain was sharp, the vibration of her butt forcing the metal inside her to vibrate also. The feeling forced little ripples of current up her spine.

One more slap and one more smack of the paddle and he was in her. His cock pushed inside her pussy, stretching her lips upon entry and sliding against the butt plug, the walls between the two holes thin, meaning the two objects inside her rubbed against one another.

After twelve months of abstinence, Jade didn’t expect her hiatus to end with her tied, gagged, on all fours and with a butt-plug in but she welcomed the feeling of his hard cock inside her pussy.

He pushed back and forth, and Jade moaned as his cock ran deep, all the while vibrating the butt plug and giving her two completely different senses of pleasure.

Her ass still smarted from the spanking, her jaw ached, still agape, and her hands and ankles throbbed against their metal restraints. Still, the pleasure overrode the pain. She needed the fix and his cock felt amazing deep between her legs.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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