Movie Night at Aunt Natalie’s

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Aunt Natalie and her daughters, my cousins, Rebecca, Sarah, and Rachel, were watching TV one Friday night. I came in to the living room as Aunt Natalie was getting ready to call it a night. Once she was gone, Rebecca decided to pop a movie into the VCR.

They were sitting on the couch and they made room for me to sit with them. I didn’t see the title of the movie, but I should have known something funny was going on by the way they were acting.

The movie started out with two couples on a camping trip. In less than two minutes of the movie getting started, they were naked and having sex with each other. The acting was horrible, of course. The women were gorgeous and the men were very well-hung even if they were butt-ugly.

I was only eighteen at the time, so it was very arousing to me, especially since it was the first actual porn movie I’d ever seen. I discreetly grabbed a couch pillow to hang onto in order to disguise the bulge in my sweat pants.

The girls were fascinated by the action. They were all older than I was and certainly had more experience sexually than I did. As good as the movie was, I was more interested in their running commentary on the film. Some of the comments were funny to me:

“Can you believe the dick on that guy?”

“I hope he doesn’t poke somebody’s eye out with that thing!”

“I can’t believe she can swallow the whole thing. She must be very talented!”

“I’ve never seen one as big as those guys have. Not even close!”

The thought occurred to me that maybe I should have ducked out when I first saw what was in the VCR. I’ve seen first hand what can happen when these girls get sex-crazy and it ain’t pretty.

At least they weren’t paying me any attention, they were locked in on the movie.

At some point, the movie switched to a scenario where an older woman was attempting to seduce her nephew. He was a geeky guy but packing some serious heat. The girls started laughing.

“Can you picture Mom trying to pull that on Fred here?”

“That’s TOO funny! I think she’s too old to remember what to do with a dick!”

“No worries there, he ain’t got that much anyway!”

I know I blushed red for that comment. Meanwhile, on screen, the older woman was getting the living hell pounded out of her by the young guy. I could tell they really enjoyed watching that.

“That’s exactly what I need right now,” Sarah said.

The movie was over soon and I was thinking I might get out of there without incident. Unfortunately, Rebecca started looking at me. I knew I was in trouble.

“I want to check something out,” she said.

“I got to go to the bathroom,” I said.

“Not yet, mister,” Rachel said. “I think uşak escort I got the same idea she’s got.”

Next thing I know, the three of them are chasing me down the hall to my room. They threw me on the bed and my sweat pants were pulled off so that all I have on is my t-shirt.

“I thought so!” Rebecca said. “He’s got wood!”

They had a good laugh.

Rachel said, “I see you LOVED the movie!” She pulled my penis down so that it would spring right back up and smack against my stomach.

“Careful,” Sarah said. “That thing’s dripping all over the place.”

“Yeah, he looks like he’s on the verge of coming,” Rebecca said. “And we wouldn’t want that, would we?”

Rebecca reached down and squeezed my left nut. The pain almost made me ejaculate right then and there. About that time, Aunt Natalie came in to see what was going on. She was wearing just her nightgown and it didn’t hide much.

I thought she’d be mad at the girls, but she wasn’t. She thought it was funny. It was then that I could tell she’d been drinking.

“Let him go, girls!” she said. They let me go and I started to cover up.

“No, don’t do that,” Aunt Natalie said. She sat down next to me. She began to examine my penis closely. “He’s on the edge of orgasm,” she said. “It wouldn’t take much to finish him off. What were you guys gonna do to him?”

They looked at each other and Sarah said, “I don’t know. Maybe tease him a while, make him suffer.”

Aunt Natalie got off the bed and leaned over to pick up her houseshoe. When she did, her nightgown rode up and I had a close-up view. “Well,” she said, “he’s starting to wilt. I’m going back to bed.”

The spirit of the moment had died, so they all ended up going to bed too. I was still horny, even if my erection had subsided to about half-mast. About thirty minutes passed and then, Rachel came back in. She was in a flimsy nightie and she had a half a glass of wine with her. She closed the door. I could tell she was at least semi-drunk.

“Did they take care it for you?” she asked.

“Um, no, they all left.”

She picked up my penis. “You’re still dripping a lot. You’re never gonna get to sleep unless you take care of this thing.” She took a long drink of her wine. I’m sure it was not her first glass of the stuff that night.

I decided to take a chance. “I wish you’d do it for me,” I said.

She looked at me. “Are you serious?”

“Yes,” I said. “You saw that movie. I think you’re turned on, too.”

She set her wine glass down and she laid down next to me. She rubbed her hands together to warm them up. “Don’t want to cause any shrinkage!” she laughed. Then she began to stroke me slowly. My erection van escort came back quickly and it didn’t take many strokes before I shot my load all over the sheets.

“That’s fine for you, but it doesn’t do a thing to help me with my problem,” she slurred, wiping her hand off on my sheets.

“Maybe I can do something for you,” I said.

Using an idea from the movie, I had her get on top of me and turn around so that we were in the 69 position. I’d never gone down before, but I was definitely in the mood to try it.

It didn’t take long before she was loving it. Head is not complicated. It’s easy to figure out what works and what doesn’t. She got turned on enought that she went down on my limp penis. It didn’t stay limp for long, though.

She was going at it like a champ. At one point, the excitement got to her and she bit down a little too hard, but on the whole, it was just wonderful. I had a second orgasm and if she hadn’t pulled it out of her mouth at exactly the right time, she would have swallowed my load instead of getting hit in the face with it.

We changed the sheets and then lay there and cuddled a while before she went to her own bed.

The next day, everyone slept late. I was the first one up. I looked in on Aunt Natalie. She was eating so she could go to work. Once she was gone, I looked in on my cousins.

Rachel was passed out and snoring. Rebecca was asleep, too. Sarah was passed out on the carpet. Apparently, all three did a little too much drinking last night. It was then that the temptation was a little too much for me.

I’d always been curious about Sarah. I’d seen glimpses of the other two, but I’d never gotten a chance to see Sarah’s goodies. Now was my chance!

I went into her room and walked up to her. I made sure she was totally out of it. Once I was satisfied she was dead to the world, I took off her nightgown and panties. I could not believe how good her body was. She didn’t do like Rachel and Rebecca and tease me with a glimpse from time to time and now I felt cheated! She really looked good naked. Once I got a real good look at her, I left the room and closed the door.

I showered and dressed for the day and eventually they all got up. Sarah came in wearing her robe.

“Did anything happen last night? After I went to bed, I mean?” she asked.

Everybody looked at each other and said, “no.”

“Why do you ask?” Rachel asked.

“Nothing, no reason. Never mind,” she said.

All day long, I couldn’t get that view of her out of my mind. I had to see her naked again.

While she was in the shower, I went in her room. I adjusted the curtains a little and then went outside. When she got backc to yalova escort her room, I had a good view of her. She took off her robe and walked around the room naked. She put on a bra, sweatshirt, and shorts but no underwear. I went back in the house.

When I got in, Sarah called me into her room. She was furious.

“I can’t believe you were peeking! That’s so sick!”

“Sorry, as many times as you’ve seen me, I didn’t think it would be that big a deal.”

“That’s different!”

By now the other girls were in there.

“I caught him peeking in the window!” she said. “How much did you see?”

“Nothing,” I lied and blushed beet red.

“Liar!” she said. “I’ll fix you!”

The three of them grabbed me and put me on Sarah’s bed. They tied me up face down on the bed and Sarah cut my clothes off with scissors. Then she took a belt and beat my ass with it. Begging for mercy didn’t help.

“Satisfied?” Rebecca asked.

“Not by a damn sight!” Sarah said.

They untied me and repositioned me so that I was on my back and retied me. Then they left me there. I called for them to release me, but I was ignored.

I’m not sure how long I lay there before I heard footsteps in the hallway.

Sarah came in and she was smiling. My blood ran cold.

“Since you think peeking is funny, I thought you’d get a good laugh out of it if I brought some people in to peek at you!”

I was panic-stricken. I started pleading, but it did no good for me and only seemed to please her more.

Sarah brought in Sue, a woman who lived next door. Sue said, “Well, I guess this will teach him not to peek any more!” and had a good laugh at my expense. “I don’t think I’ll ever be able to look at him without thinking of this moment!”

Sarah brought in Wanda, the old black lady that works for the people across the street. “Oh my, that is a little one,” she said and laughed. “You say you spanked him, too? Good for you, girl!”

Sarah brought in Donna, a pretty redheaded friend of hers. Donna busted out laughing. “This is great! I think he’ll learn his lesson real good. I think I’ll do this to my brother the next time he pisses me off!”

Sarah brought in Melinda, a girl I had tried unsuccessfully to date. “Wow, that thing’s little. Good thing I didn’t waste my time on him!”

Sarah brought in her last tormentor, a middle-aged woman I didn’t know. “I was just in the neighborhood selling magazine subscriptions when you asked me in,” she said to Sarah. “I’m glad I came in! I needed a good laugh today!” and left the room.

Sarah grabbed my penis. “Next time, I might just decide to get rid of this since it seems to be the only head you like to think with!” She twisted my semi-erect penis and it hurt a lot. After she left the room, Rachel let me go. She went to my room with me and told me she was sorry.

I didn’t know how I was gonna do it, but I wanted to get even with Sarah somehow.

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