Got Milk? – Delilah , Mac Ch. 01

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It was the last day of school before the weekend break. Even though it was Spring, it sure felt like Summer had crept in early, with today sporting a sweltering 97-degree sunny day. Students heading to school were lucky enough not to have to experience the journey of walking through the sun.

One student was not so lucky, however. 18-year-old Mackenzie (affectionately called “Mac” by his friends and peers) could only wipe the sweat gleaming on his forehead as he hiked up the steps of his high school. He already felt this was not going to be a day in his favor. He was frustrated, stressed, and fatigued from last night. Not only did he not get to study for his quiz taking place later today, but he was up all night due to an intense argument from his parents. Even though he had an after school job and was saving money for college, they were not making it any easier for him to stay home.

He needed to vent. He needed his therapy. He needed his best friend. “Damn, where is she…?” he said to himself as he passed through the front doors of his school.

Meanwhile, passing through the other side of the same hallway, is 18-year-old Delilah (“Del” for short). Currently navigating her way through the student obstacle course, she is on a mission to get to her best friend before the first bell rings. Normally, they would always meet up at lunch, but today was different. She specifically needed to see him before class.

Delilah was a normally sweet and nice girl, and was also a bit etiler escort of a tomboy, due to her having 3 older brothers. She and Mac met each other in 6th grade, where it was their mutual love for wrestling that made them connect. However, they also found it really convenient to talk with one another, and to have a shoulder to cry on whenever they were upset about anything. They were basically inseparable, and have been best friends ever since.

Soon, she spots her target: Mac making his way to his locker. She was excited to share with him her surprise she had in store for him…

Decoding the lock on his locker, Mac sighed, as he opened it up, staring at the dust-collection textbook inside. He just wanted this day to end. And not only that, he missed her… he had missed the previous 2 days of school trying to convince his parents not to divorce, but it was to no avail. Mac was now at his emotional limit, and as he grabbed the textbook out of his locker, he could only frown into near-submission of his current situation. Just as he closed his locker, two hands suddenly covered his eyes, followed by a calm but sweet voice:

“Guess who?”

Mac smirked. “Hmm… if I had to guess, a really annoying chick.”

“Don’t make me bash your head against the locker, doofus.”

That only made him laugh with relief. Turning around, Mac grinned the biggest grin once he saw her. His tag team partner. His best friend. His Delilah. etimesgut escort Returning the smile, she sweetly stated with a giggle, “Hey, tiger.” Hearing her say her pet name for him resulted in him giving her the biggest hug she ever received from him.

Sighing with admiration, he purely responded, “Hey, Del.”

She quickly returned the hug, followed by a kiss on his right cheek. “I missed you, dude. Where the hell have you been the last couple of days?”

“Ugh… long story…”

“Your parents again…?”

“Yeah… they obviously don’t understand that me staying home isn’t helping their cause, or mine.”

“Don’t worry, Macky. Maybe this might cheer you up…”

Standing back, Delilah showcased her surprise for Mac; even though she was a tomboy, she made the decision of dressing up today for him: A long sleeved black blouse with white dots, followed by a thigh length floral white skirt.

Giggling, she calmly asks him, “What do you think? You like?”

Mac quietly gazed at her, not expecting this. From HER of all people. All he could muster up was one thing to say that meant everything.


Delilah laughed. “Gee, thanks, Keanu!”

“Er, I’m sorry, I… it’s just… you look…”


“Yes… you look great. Just really… beautiful.”

That comment alone made Delilah blush. Just the answer she was expecting.

“It’s just a shock. Ever since we met in 6th grade, etlik escort I don’t think I’ve ever seen you dress up before.” he adds.

“Haha, yeah, mostly because I dress like your raggedy-butt!” Coming to a whisper, she instructed him, “Hey… look at the rest, dude…” Mac could only obliged once the shock value wore out, but what he saw next he was totally not prepared for:

Delilah also took the liberty of wearing sheer pantyhose, followed by white ballet flats that looked a little worn out. Mac was dumbfounded. Just what was going on today? “Um… uh…” was all he could say, which made Delilah chuckle. Knowing that he was all fixated on her shoes and stockings, Delilah happily obliged his secret by fidgeting her left foot a little.

As Mac snapped back to reality from its movement, Del delivered the conformation by allowing her heel to pop out of the flat a bit. Mac then knew where this was headed; he told her about his foot fetish 1 year ago. “Del… no… I don’t think this is a good idea… please…” he begged her, not wanting her to push this any further. “You don’t understand, Del… this could be a big mist-“

“Shhhh…” she calmly whispered as she placed a finger over his lips. “It’s okay, tiger… trust me…” Mac was now biting his lower lip, his sexual urges awakening from their long slumber. Del continued to her best friend, leaning closer…

“Like I said, I’m doing this all for you. I wanted to dress up, just for you, Mac. But, you have to be patient until after school. I promise you, if you can manage until then, tiger, all of this is yours…” Taking a deep breath, Mac listened to her as she brought her lips to his ear. In a seductive but sweet whisper, Delilah confirmed what it is that he desires:

“… even my feet…”


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