Friendly Henry

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My next-door neighbor is named Henry Friendly. He is a middle-aged man who has never been married and probably never even hand a girl friend and I’ve never seen a dog or a car around the house either.

I’ve always thought of his as a reclusive. He barely comes out during the day and I never see him leave at night. No one ever comes to visit him and the mailman usually has no mail for him.

That was until last weekend. Last Saturday afternoon I was washing my car. It was a great warm day and it felt nice to feel the warmth after such a cold winter.

As usual, Henry’s front door was closed against the bright sunlight. About a half hour into my washing of the car, a red convertible containing a shapely brunet and a lovely redhead pulled into Henry’s driveway.

Both women were beautiful; they were chatting away and laughing at some private joke. When they saw me, they smiled and waved then headed for Henry’s front door.

I stood there, in awe, and watched as they disappeared into the darkness of his home. I wondered where he had met such beautiful women and why they were visiting him. It was a question that would never be answered.

Later, when I was taking my trash out, the three of them Henry and the girls were piling into the vehicle all of them talking at once.

Henry scooted behind the wheel and the girls squeezed into the passenger seat. I caught a quick glance of skin form the brunet’s breast and my prick sort of jerked in envy. As they drove off, the redhead waved and giggled.

I was baffled. How did someone like Henry get a beautiful woman like that, let alone two? And when or where did he meet them?

Sleep didn’t come easy that night. I lay in my bed listening for the car to return. Finally, as I looked at the clock for the fifteenth time at four a.m., I heard the car pull into the drive.

Looking out the window, I saw Henry with one woman on each arm. They were disheveled and wobbly on their legs. The three of them went in and that was the last I saw of them that morning.

As I was mowing the lawn, the redhead came out to the car to get something. She smiled and waved and then walked over to me.

“Hi, my name’s Becky; I’m a friend of Henry’s and we’re here visiting him for the weekend. There are two of us and I thought I’d ask you if you would like to join us a little later; we’re going to playing in the hot tub?”

Clearing my throat, and willing my dick to be still, I smiled and said, “Wow! I’d love to; what time should I be there?”

“Say, a half an hour?” she smiled and ran her tongue across her red lips.

I was nervous and excited and then I thought, ‘I’ve never said much to Henry, a wave here and there and once I helped him mend the fence between our properties. But other than that we had not had a denizli escort lot to say to one another.

“I’ll be there with wings on! And thanks for the invitation.”

My mind was going a mile a minute. I imagined that I was in the hot tub with Becky and the brunette and they started licking my nipples and sucking my dick. One of them took my length into her throat and the other put her cunt in my face so I could savoir her juices.

My fantasies showed Henry sitting across from us whacking his own useless prick, envious of my size. And I whispered in the redhead’s ear, ‘Go help Henry get his dick hard; make him feel part of this.’

Time felt like it had stopped. I watched the clock and the minutes ticking slowly away. I pulled out my trunks and found my flip-flops and a large towel. And as my clock hit the half hour, I headed next door and knocked on Henry’s door.

The brunet opened it. “Hello, you must be Henry’s neighbor! My name’s Janice!

She smiled and took my arm, leading me to the back yard where a large pool was filled with water and Henry was sitting with Becky who was massaging his back.

“Howdy neighbor, thanks for inviting me over to cool off in the pool!”

“Oh, It’s my pleasure, Daniel; the more the merrier. I take it you’ve met the girls?”

“Oh yes, and it’s been my pleasure.” I smiled.

“Well, come on in while the water’s hot!” he invited me and I threw my towel on the table, slipped out of my flip flops and found a seat on the side of the hot tub. The temperature was easily 175o.

It didn’t take long before my body adjusted to the heat of the water and soon it had to adjust to the beauty of these women who were totally nude and wonderfully beautiful.

My hallucinatory dream of what was to come was fairly accurate. They both had beautiful bodies and were willing to show their gratification for me being there to share them. Janice was all over Henry; she licked his nipples and dove underwater to suck his floating dick.

Henry, in turn, pinched and played with her uncovered nipples. She lay on her back and wrapped her legs around his neck and pulled her smooth cunt up to his face. Henry giggled then his tongue slid out of his mouth and ran across her erect clit.

I could see her hands under the water stroking his long cock and soon there was a large cum spot floating around the water; it was quickly sucked into the pump and the water was again clean.

Becky knelt before me, her moss green eyes softened her face and her red lips were so delectable. She came up from the bottom of the pool and landed in between my legs. Her free titties slapped against my bare legs and drove me wild.

She bounced up and down and finally found a ledge to sit close to me. Placing both hands on the dikimevi escort sides of my face she turned me toward her and kissed me deeply with her tongue reaching for my tonsils.

My prick got so hard, I was sure that I would spew all in the water. But then, she slid down between my legs and fished out my hard prick. Coming up to the surface with it in her mouth, she smiled, and then swallowed most of its length.

I moved my hips in and out slowly and each thrust shot wonderful vibrations throughout my body. I had never felt such a wonderful sensations while having sex with any other woman.

I reached for the hard nipples at the end of her breast and squeezed them gently. She lay on her back and exposed the beauty of her skin and smooth cunt.

I dropped off the seat where I was sitting, into the spa I swam between her long legs and found that soft spot that drove me wild. I opened my mouth and slipped my tongue into her sweet hole.

Her legs wrapped around my neck and I licked and sucked her clit.

She released me, then came around and caught my throbbing cock in her mouth and suckled it under water like a baby whale suckling its mother. The sensation was so exciting I couldn’t hold back my seed.

I looked at her face as she swallowed my seed and wished it were going into her pussy and filling her with a baby. I could spend the rest of my life with her, happily. I’d give up all of the other women I’ve known.

She squeezed my balls gently and rubbed my prostate until I spewed in the water. Then she came to surface and opened her legs wide.

I pulled her to me and lined her red pussy up with my throbbing cock. When we connected, my hips jutted into her liquid pleasures and my heart beat like a drum. I fucked her as fast and hard as I could and played with her little clit, which was as hard as a rock.

Her body shook with pleasures as she rolled over and again, diving to the bottom of the pool. She came up under me and suckled my balls into her mouth.

I caught my breath and held the back of her head pushing her to suck me until I spilled my seed once again.

Then the girls traded sides.

Janice was beautiful. She had dark brown eyes and a pixie nose. Her breasts were full and begged for attention. The nipples were always hard. She wore no suit. She loved touching her hard nipples.

As she swam to me, she licked her lips and when she reached my knees, she took hold and pulled herself up to meet my lips. Her thick tongue slipped between my lips and down my throat.

My prick spewed its seed into the water again.

She sank beneath the surface and her mouth covered my nut hard sacs again. A shiver ran up my spine and down my legs.

Henry’s face was buried in Becky’s red headed dikmen escort pussy and I could see his tongue darting in and out of the sweet pool between her legs. She wrapped them around his neck and slowly rose and fell in the water as his tongue grazed her erect clit.

His fingers squeezed her hard nipples and she cooed with each pinch. “Oh yeah, she whispered. “Keep doing that!”

Then he buried his face in the wet pussy and I saw his tongue slipping in and out of her cunt.

Finally, she slipped away from Henry and came back to me. But Janice did not return to Henry; she stayed with me.

The girls pulled me off my seat and into the hot water. Janice went underwater and found my cock. She suckled me until I exploded in the water and my legs buckled under me.

Becky attacked me from behind; she spread my cheeks and I felt something hard being rammed into my ass. I burned then felt wonderful

I felt her free tits softly beating against my back as whatever was assailing my ass slowly rocked in and out. I felt she must have a human-like dildo that she was fucking me with. It felt great and I soon came in the water again.

Opening my eyes, I didn’t see the girls or Henry. Then I felt a mouth on my balls once again and one on my cock. Then the pressure in my ass, deeper and more exciting. Faster and faster the warmth of hot seed spilled there.

My body shook with excitement and pain at the same time. I realized that it was Henry that was fucking me; not one of the girls with a dildo.

I quickly fell forward and tried to get away. But one of the girls was on my cock and the other kissed me deeply then offered me her pussy.

“Please give him the pleasure of your ass and you can fuck me for the rest of the week!” Becky pleaded.

The offer was great but I’m not gay and I don’t go for men. However, how could I turn down such a great present?”

I agreed.

She slipped under the water and took my cock in her mouth and I felt her long fingernails on my ass as she spread my cheeks for Henry’s cock.

She suckled as he fucked me deep inside. I felt the splash of his seed as it filled my ass. Then Henry fell back and climbed out of the pool.

Both women swarmed towards me and one put her pussy in my face while the other spread her legs and invited me to fuck her.

Quickly, I filled her hole with my dripping dick. I covered her bare breast with my mouth and sucked them like a baby does its mother.

For the next hour, they gave me pleasures that I had never felt. Henry sat on the side of the pool watching and jerking off.

That night, the girls came over and shared my bed. I fucked them as long as my cock held out and then I ate each of them; their flavors were as different as they were. But both were delicious. Now, every eight weeks, Henry has two new girls over so that he can have some fun and so can I. I’m his best friend and he’s mine. I can take it in the ass when I have to. But I’d rather give it in a sweet pussy.

I am going to be a father in three months; Becky conceived.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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