All Under Control Ch. 04

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Mina met me at the car so we could ride home together. The last couple of weeks had been hell for me because of my boss, and I was rapidly getting to the point of pulling the pin. In truth, I had other things on my mind too, which didn’t help as I tried to stay focused in project management meetings for the boss’s latest investment. His baby, he called it: a redefinition of the term ‘wellness retreat’, the luxury spa he’d sunk his entire fortune into. He was effusive and engaged in every detail as the handover day arrived. For my part, I was just going to be glad to see it turned over in a few days to its hand-picked management team and off my daily schedule.

Waiting by the car, watching my beautiful girlfriend saunter up to me in her short skirt and tight black cotton polo-neck, I was reminded of my other management challenge.

“Hi babe,” Mina grinned, going up on tip-toes in her low heels to peck me on the lips.

“You’re late,” I replied and watched her expression change.

This was what we’d been doing now for a month. I’d made the decision and I’d stuck to it, being rigorous and relentless in enforcing the thirty-three days of denial for the curvaceous woman standing in front of me, now waiting demurely with her hands behind her back for my next words. The pose accentuated the ample cleavage underneath the tight black top.

“I’m sorry,” she mumbled, “I just got caught….”

Her voice trailed off. She knew by now that I wasn’t looking for excuses.

“Get in,” I said.

I opened the passenger door for her. Just because I’d enjoyed the last month relentlessly shaping and moulding her into my helpless sex slave didn’t mean she didn’t deserve my respect. Ironically, despite the denial and humiliation, it was little acts like opening the door for her that made all this work. I knew it gave her the reassurance.

My eyes lingered on the soft, rounded curve of her rear in her skirt as she slid into the passenger seat. I walked around to the driver’s side and tried to put the stresses of the day out of my mind. The boss had booked me into an eight o’clock meeting in the morning, but until then I had a different job to do. I swung myself into the driver’s seat and we pulled out of the car park.

“I’m really sorry Cam. I know I need to be on time. Gabrielle nailed me on the way out.”

I threaded through the traffic in silence. I wasn’t upset with her, though when I glanced in her direction I could see that she was worried. It was part of the way we were now, ever since Mina had suggested the lifestyle change and willingly submitted to a month of orgasm denial. I needed to keep her guessing, I knew that aside from the background ache I engendered in her from our tease sessions each morning, it was the uncertainty of when and how severely she would need to suffer for any misdemeanour that added the extra spice for her. Initially, I had found it exhausting, but I had been able to automate parts of the burden and we had settled into a routine.

“Take your top off,” I said as I made a right-hand turn onto the main road.

Mina hurried to obey, pulling her polo-neck up over her head and folding her arms tightly over her chest. I looked across at her, appreciating the view of my cute girlfriend in a plain black bustier. We’d settled on it as an item of clothing she could wear in the car, in public, without raising too many suspicions, though if anyone did take a second look it would be obvious that the sexy woman in the passenger seat was sitting there in lingerie.

I also noted that the collar was fastened around her neck.

“Still wearing it?” I asked, “I thought you were trying to go without.”

Mina made a sour face.

“I had to put it on just after ten.”


“I went to the toilet.”

I laughed softly.

“Surely you can pee without getting horny?”

“Not with the latex panties you put on me. I did my business but then when I pulled them up I just brushed the front with a finger.”

“And that was enough?”

“Cam, a light breeze is enough at this point. It was agony, getting all the way back to my desk to get the collar out of my handbag.”

I smiled, which only seemed to increase Mina’s discomfort.

“How are you feeling, down there?” I asked.

“Fine. Normal.”

“No more discomfort?”


I felt down between her legs, reaching until I could feel the slick, hot latex of her panties. Beneath the smooth material, I could feel the softness of her pussy lips but also several hard points embedded in her flesh.

“I think you’re nearly ready.”

“Ready for what?”

“You’ll see.”

She had initially baulked at the idea of piercings, but I had managed to convince her over several sessions of merciless edging to accept that it was in her future because I wanted her like that. I didn’t tell her why, even when I booked the session at the body piercing salon. I had the sense that Mina didn’t expect me to follow through, even up until the hour of the appointment. When we pulled up at the front tandoğan escort of the salon, it took Mina a full minute to get out of the car and accept that her boyfriend wanted her body to be modified to his specifications for a purpose that she wasn’t allowed to know.

At the salon, the owner, a woman in her mid-fifties, had cocked an eyebrow when she was told what I wanted, but she’d been businesslike and professional. I could still recall how Mina had gripped the arms of the chair as the piercing needles went through her lips, to be replaced with a set of four steel pieces like stud earrings, two on each side.

She had seen the needle for her clit piercing, and I remembered the look of incomprehension on her face as the woman spread her gently with her latex-gloved fingers. There was a part of Mina that didn’t understand what was happening to her, why she was letting herself be pierced. She asked me later if I had made her do it, somehow, with a post-hypnotic suggestion. When I told her the truth, she looked more disbelieving: I hadn’t meddled at all. Mina was simply in the chair because I asked her to, because I wanted her to be pierced. She didn’t understand why she’d just given in. After it was all done, she sat in the chair for a while, legs spread, looking at what had been done to her: two sets of studs in her labia and a vertical bar inserted into her clit, just the bottom silver ball peeking beneath her clitoral hood.

That was a few weeks ago. Now, sitting in the car, Mina grumbled, “I guess I’ll see. I seem to do whatever you tell me. You really have me wrapped around your little finger.”

“Which is just exactly where you asked me to put you. And now I’ve finally done it, you seem to be complaining.”

“No, I’m not,” Mina replied hastily, back-pedalling, “Thank you for the collar.”

I didn’t reply. I knew what she was angling for, but I was going to make her wait. I brought my free hand up to rest on the back of her neck, stroking the soft black leather of the collar, playing lightly with the buckle that held it in place.

Mina had only managed to make it a couple of days into her month of denial before she did as I told her she would, and beg for the collar. It was a Sunday night and I her laid across my lap as we watched a film. She had been naked except for a pair of white latex panties. My fingers had been tracing the folds of her pussy lips under the slick, shiny material for an hour and I could hear her panting as her head rested on my shoulder.

It had been when I told her it was time for bed, and made a show of stripping naked to snuggle up next to her under the covers that she’d finally cracked. Faced with the prospect of listening to me fall asleep as she burned with an urge to climax that she couldn’t do anything about, she asked for the collar.

I had rolled over in bed, and asked if she was sure. When she nodded, I laid her down and began an induction, sending her into a very deep trance to open her mind up to a new set of instructions. It took me the best part of an hour, pushing into Monday morning, before I had her sufficiently responsive that I felt able to wake her up and try the collar out. I handed the little leather strip to her and watched her carefully as she buckled it around her neck, the shiny silver hoop dancing in the front of the black strip. The change was immediate. Her body seemed to finally relax as the sexual tension that had been roiling inside her all weekend began to abate. Delayed, I reminded her, not gone. When she took off the collar, all the feelings that it was currently nullifying would be replayed all at once. I kissed her then and pulled her towards me, holding her until she fell asleep.

In the dark, I was astonished that the collar command had worked. Mina had used it for immediate relief from the aching need in her, but she would come to understand that it was a deal with the devil when all the suppressed feelings hit her in a tidal wave of catch-up when she took it off. One thing was sure though: I had accepted the responsibility of total control, and now that I had crossed that bridge, I was beginning to enjoy it.

We hit rush-hour traffic, grinding slowly along the lanes. Mina sat, still quiet and nervous, by my side.

“I’m impressed,” I said.

“With what?”

“Well, we’re moving pretty slowly, so everyone has a chance to get a good look at your, uh, attire.”

“I know.”

“And you haven’t once complained, or tried to duck out of the way, or cover up.”

“There’s no point.”


“You wanted me this way, otherwise you wouldn’t have made me do it. If I had ducked out of sight, you’d have just made it worse for me.”

“I’m hurt you have such a low opinion of your boyfriend who loves you very much,” I chided, playfully. “What do you think I would have done?”

“Made me stroke myself, with my collar off.”

“Good point. Now, talking about the collar, I guess it’s been on for about seven hours now?”

“Something tunalı escort like that.”

“So I could just,” and I kept stroking the back of her neck, “I could just undo this and force you to replay seven hours of pent-up denial right now. After all, you were late,” I reminded her.

“Please, Cam….”

“What do you want me to ask you to do instead?”

“You know what,” Mina retorted, defensively. “You know what I want to do.”

“Do you think you deserve it?”

“Yes,” she muttered, “I’ve been very obedient.”

“Collar on or off?”

“Off, as I do it.” Her eyes were pleading with me, silently.

“Okay,” I relented.

My free hand went to my belt buckle and I began to tug at the leather. Mina’s eyes were locked on the bulge in my jeans. I undid my zip and teased my cock free, feeling the relief as my stiffening shaft escaped the confines of my underwear. Mina began to lean across towards my crotch.

“No,” I said, “Just a hand for now. I haven’t decided if you get to taste me.”

Mina hurried to comply. In reality, I was concerned about my beautiful girlfriend’s mouth bobbing up and down on my manhood if we came to a standstill on the road: I wasn’t looking to put myself on display in public. I could see the traffic freeing up ahead, so we had a couple of minutes yet. It was also part of the discipline I had started practicing with her, reinforcing the behaviour that when we were in a mall or the park, we were boyfriend and girlfriend, talking about whatever came into our heads, but in this situation, we were different. I was reinforcing her position as my denied sex slave, her only treat being the contact her lips made with my cock.

I hadn’t planned it, but during the month of constant teasing without release, we had shifted to an oral-only relationship, repeating the cycle of merciless teasing followed by presenting my cock for her to suck until something in her mind began to associate the feeling of taking me into her mouth with her own feeling of sexual fulfillment. Unable to gain release any other way, she had begun to experience satisfaction from the feeling of me ejaculating into her mouth. I could see the deep lust burning in her, before she felt me climax in her throat and it mellowed into a warm glow afterwards as we cuddled together. It had been an unexpected revelation.

We picked up speed, finally breaking free of the bumper-to-bumper traffic. I relished the feeling of Mina’s soft hand grasping my shaft, her thumb gently rubbing the head of my cock, keeping me stiff as she waited for permission.

“Okay,” I said.

Immediately, Mina leaned over, dark hair falling across my thighs as she bent towards my manhood. I kept my eyes on the traffic, feeling soft kisses on my tip and then slowly down the side of my cock. Her cheek brushed softly against my shaft as she freed my balls from my clothing and began to suck them into her mouth, rolling them around inside with her tongue. I suddenly realised that driving with my girlfriend sucking my balls was not the safest move. I concentrated hard on the road.

“Just like that for now. That’s all you’re allowed to do.”

The trip home felt like an hour, as Mina nuzzled my scrotum, delicately trailing her tongue up my shaft, planting little kisses just on the underside of my head, then working her way back down to take my balls into her mouth again. I heard her sigh and looked down. Her eyes were closed, relishing the pleasure that touching my cock was giving her. The most fascinating thing was that I was almost sure that it was the endless denial rather than my clumsy post-hypnotic suggestions that were clearly re-wiring her brain and her arousal triggers. To a very real extent, she was training herself.

We made it to the apartment and I drove down the ramp into the car park, all the while feeling Mina’s delicate attentions. Even when we came to a halt, she didn’t stop and I turned the engine off to get a good look at her. Mina was lavishing little butterfly kisses on my tip, seemingly oblivious to the fact that we were parked and safe from prying eyes. I rested the palm of my hand on the back of her head.

Mina understood the signal and pursed her lips around my head. I felt her suck as she drew my length into her mouth, her tongue working the ridges and bumps of my shaft as I slipped inside. She pushed further until I could feel the tightness of the back of her mouth and then a pulsing sensation as she swallowed, deep-throating me. At the beginning, this had been the hardest part for her, but she was so used to the feeling by now that her gag reflex was almost non-existent.

Without a word, she began to bob up and down on my cock, sucking hungrily. Her teasing lips and tongue had already kindled my desire during the drive home, and the exquisite pressure of her lips gripping me and her tongue working my length began to send shivers of bliss through my body. I should have been telling her to stop, to save it for later, but the little voice at the back of my head won the ankara türbanlı escort argument. I laid back in my seat and let my girlfriend suck me to the brink of climax.

Mina’s eyes were closed, but it was the look of quiet contentment on her face that triggered me, the feeling of giving the woman I loved the thing she most desired in the world: no choice but to perform for me. The Mina I had gotten to know when we first started dating had been peeled back to reveal a beautiful, captivating, intelligent, surprising woman with a deep need for control and denial.

“Yes,” I breathed, feeling the friction of her lips around my tip, “You know what’s coming don’t you?”

Her suction intensified as if in answer, and my cock twitched as I found my tipping point. My hand went to the buckle of her collar and I worked it free. Mina felt the strip fall from her neck and froze for a second, my cock still deeply in her mouth. Then I felt rather than heard the long, low agonising groan of all the sexual pressure that the collar had been holding back in her head, vibrating down my shaft and deep into my groin. She plunged down onto me savagely, riding the waves of pleasure suddenly coursing through her body, forcing me down her throat, milking me. I ejaculated into the back of her mouth, making her cough, but her lips remained clamped around me, not spilling a drop. I felt the contractions in her throat as she swallowed my load, eventually slipping off me to nuzzle my tip, sucking away any last traces of cum.

“How was that?” she asked, shyly.

“That was incredible, Mina. You’ve become so… amazing at that.”

“It shows you I love you,” she replied, unbuckling her seatbelt and sitting up.

I got out of the car, stuffing my softening manhood back into my trousers, and opened the passenger-side door to let Mina out.

“Thanks, babe,” she said and kissed me on the cheek.

Instinctively, I touched the spot she’d kissed. Mina giggled.

“You always do that,” she said. “Don’t worry, I swallowed all of you. There’s none on your cheek.”

“C’mere,” I grunted, enfolding her in a bear hug. I buried my face in her soft, brown hair and murmured, “I love you.”

“Oh Cam, it’s so funny that you only ever say that after a blow job.”

“Do not.”

“Do so.”

I loved the childish banter, the stark contrast from her slave persona. It was my tell-tale: if the banter ever stopped, then I knew we’d gone too far.

“I tell you all the time. It just happens to be after blow jobs because they’re all the time.”

“Aren’t you lucky? Anyway, it’s self-defence.”


“You’re cruel enough as it is. Imagine what you’d dream up if I left you with blue balls.”

She broke off the hug, looking up at me with a cheeky, sexy grin.

“I love you very much,” I repeated. “Is that sufficiently post-blowjob?”

“Just tell me every half hour until I believe you.”

I snaked an arm around her petite waist, my thumb stroking the sheer material of her bustier, and led her towards the stairs.

“Wait,” she called, and darted back into the car to retrieve her black top and the discarded collar. “Might need this later.”

Upstairs in the apartment, I busied myself with cooking dinner while Mina relaxed on the couch. She slipped her shoes off and stretched her golden, shapely legs out on the cushions, diverting my concentration away from the chopping board. I knew that she was watching me, sprawled out like a cat, waiting for attention.

From out of a drawer, I pulled a bright pink dildo with a suction cup where the scrotum would normally be. I licked the suction cup and slapped it against the side of the kitchen bench top, so it stuck out horizontally at waist height. Mina got up from the couch, knelt in front of the toy and began to suck.

“Good girl,” I murmured absentmindedly as I concentrated on dicing the onions.

I felt a knot appear in my guts. Fuck. I’d forgotten to tell her about the conversation I had with my boss earlier today. Mina wasn’t going to be happy.

“Hey,” I began, “I just wanted to talk about what my boss asked today.”

“Uhnn,” Mina mumbled, the pink rubber shaft distending her throat.

“You know the Sanctuary Point job. They’re doing the handover on Monday.”

Mina continued to slurp at the fake cock, but her eyes were watching me now. I screwed up my resolve.

“He’s asked me, no really he’s told me, that he needs someone on site over the weekend, just to make sure nothing goes wrong before handover.”

I saw her pause, the pink length halfway out of her mouth, waiting for me to continue.

“He’s asked me to do it.”

Mina pulled back from the dildo, her lips making a popping sound. She knelt there for a moment.

“You didn’t say yes, did you?”

“Uh, I didn’t really have a choice.”

Suddenly, Mina was livid. “Cam! What the fuck were you thinking?”

“Look, wait,” I stammered, the onions forgotten on the board, “I was thinking, uh….”

“Clearly you weren’t. Otherwise you’d have remembered you promised your girlfriend,” she screwed up her face sarcastically, “Who you love,” she hissed, “That she was finally going to get released from thirty-three days of denial this weekend. I’ve been waiting a fucking month for an orgasm. What a fucking disaster!”

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