Stacy Ch. 03

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Ch. 3. 18 year old shows how cunning and controlling she is.

Stacy had a nasty, sexual aura about her that oozed of deep rooted freakish sex. At only 18 was a skilled slut. A master manipulator who at this early age knew she loved to fuck both cock and pussy.

At 18 she was amassing a resume of hot and nasty fucking exploits that veteran porn stars would be envious of. She was extremely manipulative; cunning in a way where she could seduce the most prim and proper older women or girls her age, and have the most self-assured men eating out of her palms, begging to fuck her again and again.

Although she was a very stern and proper woman, she had a sexual aura about her and a body that oozed sex. She caught every students and teachers eye, especially the devious 18 year old.

Virginia Stein stood 5’8″ tall and weighed a well maintained 130 pounds. Her smoking hot measurements of 44DD-21-33 could cause traffic jams. She was the fantasy of every boy, and a lot of girls in High School. Her huge pendulous tits always swayed seductively with the rhythm of her high heels, as they clicked loudly on the tile floor when she walked through the halls.

Her ultra-hot body always caused the most heated conversations among students to come to a screeching halt when she walked by, and even on the occasion when she walked into the cafeteria, she had the tongues of every male student and teacher in the school to hang out of their mouths and drool like a puppy dog.

She was always dressed fashionably, but without the intention to tease, or excite anyone. Her incredible body was impossible to camouflage, and always shown-through with anything she chose to wear.

Even the most unflattering cloths looked sinful on her. Because of her incredible body, her sexuality always oozed through her cloths. Through the years she was aware of the effect her body had on men and even some women, and although she never fucked to advance her career, she did dress fashionably to advance herself.

She dressed professionally, in corporate business-like attire, but her incredible body always made her eye catching and extremely sexy. Her slender frame and her measurements made her the secret, ultimate fuck of all the horny male students in her High School, and most of the male teachers, and even the female students and teachers too.

Unfortunately, her stern, and very strict nature caused most of those horny boys to lose their erections and shrivel-up for fear of her wrath, especially when they were brought into her office to be reprimanded for things like misbehaving in class, or skipping classes or school.

Male teachers who were brought in to discuss issues about their classroom instruction instantly were put in their place when they tried to act friendlily to the sexy Principal. Although she followed the administrative dress code, her body was so sinfully hot, it made even the most conservative cloths she wore look like she bought them out of a Fredrick’s of Hollywood catalog.

The stacked and sexy Principal always dressed in tight pencil skirts that clung to her narrow hips and her gorgeous ass. The skirt was just short enough to display her long, slender, and toned legs, which were always highlighted by sheer tan or nude stockings.

Her white blouses were always see-through and very sheer, revealing white, lace bras designed more for looks rather than for function. Because of the size of her big tits she always had to leave a few extra button undone on her blouse. Of course this drew attention to the deep plunging cleavage of her 44DD tits.

Her tight, form-fitting jackets enhanced her narrow waist, doing nothing to conceal her big, suckable tits and her huge, fat, round nipples, which were always pushing through her bras and jackets. In fact, all her tight jackets ever did was magnify the fact that her tits were huge, defying her narrow frame.

One day she fucked her High School Principal right in her office, when she was called in to discuss her repeated cutting of classes. The reason the nasty teen had cut her classes was because she was fucking the male and female gym teacher in their office, four times a week during 6th period, which was her scheduled math class. The 58 year old Principal and mother of two teenage girls was all business.

When Stacy came into the room the Principal started lashing out at her while holding the suspension document in her hand, with the pen to sign it in the other. The nasty teen had wanted to fuck the prim and proper Principal since the day she turned 18.

“I’m not signing a fucking thing bitch,” she said as she looked directly at her with what looked to the Principal as a threatening look on her face.

“Excuse me,” she said in an alarmed and startled voice.

“You fucking heard me bitch,” the disobedient 18 year old said as she approached her.

In all her years as Principal she never heard anyone speak to her this way, especially by a student. A second later, Stacy had the sexy, bonus veren siteler ultra-Conservatative, Principal, mother of two backed against her desk, kissing her like crazy while she while she ran her hands aggressively over her straining tits, and over her firm ass.

The Principal, who was always in control was taken aback by the aggressive nature of the young teen. What shocked her was that she didn’t deter or resist her aggressive advances. In fact she instantly became submissive to the young teen. She was outright shocked to feel herself give in to her. She was absolutely lost in lust, and couldn’t stop the advances of the young teen, and to her surprise, didn’t want too.

The stacked Principal was caught up in the aggressive control of the young 18 year old. She was so turned-on that she found herself desperately kissing her back. Stacy had her under her spell, to the point where the stacked Principal was frantically sucking the young teens tongue. As the Principal was kissing Stacy her body was instantly turning on and heating up.

She began moaning as she thoroughly enjoyed having her ass and tits mauled by the young, experienced teenager. Bringing out the deep, hidden animalist urges in the pent-up, conservative Principal, Stacy spun her around and quickly unzipped her tight skirt.

“You’re such a sexy bitch, always teasing all of us with that fucking hot body of yours. Such a hot fucking slut,” she said, which caused the rigid Principal to moan, as she unconvincingly tried to deny it.

“I really don’t try to tease…,”

“Fuck you slut,” the aggressive 18 year old hissed, before the Principle could finish.

The Principal was so caught-up in the excitement of being seduced by the young, aggressive teen that she gave no resistance to her advances, and even assisted her by subconsciously lifting her leg to allow her to slide the tight pencil skirt over her high heel pumps. When Stacy saw the prim and proper, older woman dressed in a pair of nude thigh high stockings and her stylish high heel pumps she grinned slyly at her.

“You dress for fucking don’t you bitch,” she said slyly, and then kissed her hard which caused the older, stylish woman to moan hotly.

“Oh God, it’s not on purpose…really it’s not. I just like to feel sexy under my cloths.”

“Fuck you slut. I know you get real hot knowing every teacher and all the boys pump their cocks off or a lot of us girls finger-fuck themselves thinking of you,” she said with a sly laugh, as they met for a hot kiss.

“I swear, I really don’t dress like this to tease anyone, just that stockings and high heels make me feel sexy,” she said meekly, as she darted her tongue out to meet the fiery tip of the nasty teens tongue.

“You know you have a hot-teasing body bitch. Don’t tell me you don’t jack your sexy pussy off when your in bed or in the shower, or driving your car, thinking about all the hard cocks in this school that want to fuck your hot pussy real bad,” Stacy said as her hand went to the front of the Principals satin panties.

“Oh God,” she confessed. “Sometimes I do think about getting fucked by some of the handsome boys. It’s hard not to think about their young, hard cocks, knowing that they think about my body, and that I turn them on.”

The Principal couldn’t believe how she was talking. Using words that she would have never used and even reprimanded and disciplined students because she found them repugnant.

She went onto admit, “They are so built and in such great shape. I see the way they look at me, and have even overheard a few of them talk about how they’d like to take me in my office and fuck the shit out of me, she said as Stacy continued to play with her body.

“Tell me more bitch. Tell me how you imagine their cocks,” Stacy said in a commanding voice as her hands worked their way over the stacked Principals hot body.

“Oh God, I admit, I love knowing that I turn them on and that they’d love to fuck me.” She then added in a serious voice, “But I swear, I never dress like this because I’m fucking any of them. I just like to feel sexy for them. I’m a mother with two daughters, and a respectable person. Although I love the attention, and love getting dressed in something sexy, thinking about them, knowing they want to fuck me, I could never do that.”

“Yeah right bitch,” she snarled then kissed her hard as she began unzipping her tight jacket.

“Are you glad you dressed this way today bitch,” Stacy said while running her hands over her huge, pendulous tits.

“Oh God….Yes,” the wanton Principal admitted as her tongue flew out to meet the tip of the nasty teens tongue.

“Do you like what im doing to you bitch?” Stacy added as she pinched her hard nipples through her jacket and bra.

“Oh God, Your turning me on like crazy.”

“I knew under that prissy personality of yours you were nasty slut, bitch,” she said while feverously kissing the older woman and stripping off her jacket bedava bahis and blouse.

The stacked Principal was breathing so hard she even reached back and unclasped her own bra, not wanting to waste a second to have the controlling teens mouth on her swollen, rock hard pink nipples.

As she was unhooking her bra, Stacy grinned slyly. “That’s it slut, lets get this fuck started.”

“Oh God. Fuck yes,” the sexy, stacked Principal moaned in a soft breath not believing her use of words, as Stacy’s skilled mouth sucked and bit her big, achingly hard nipples through her dress and bra.

As Stacy ravaged her, the Principal clinched her teeth from the incredible sexual torture she felt blasting through her nipples, connecting deep into her pussy.

Hearing the older woman, cry “Oh fuck,” she felt her ass tighten and knew she was cumming. As she came in a blast that caused her body to shudder Stacy pushed her cum, soaked panties to the side and began fingering her spasming pussy.

“Thats it. Keep cumming for me you hot fucking bitch.” “Don’t let that pussy stop cumming slut,” she snarled, as the older woman continued to groan and cum.

The Principal was so caught up in the intense excitement of being taken so easily from the young, skilled, seductive teen she began lifting the backs of her feet out of her high heel pumps as she felt her pussy explode over the fingers of her aggressive student.

As she came her feet would go back into her pumps and caused them to click loudly on the tiled floor, as she shuddered again and again. As her heels clicked faster and faster she felt her own pussy and ass betray her and began slamming down onto the fingers of the skilled slut.

She heard the young teen laugh and say, “Thats it bitch, fuck these fingers while you think about fucking all your students big, hard cocks.” Maybe I’ll get a bunch of the boys and a few of the teachers Ive been fucking to come in here and jerk off all over your face and those huge-assed tits,” she taunted, as the hot woman moaned and sucked her fingers.

Although she never crossed the line with any of her students, images of a few of them holding her slender waist and fucking her from behind then jerking their hard cocks off all over her shot past her at that second, and she cringed and exploded harder than ever saying in her deepest raspy voice, “Oh fuuuuuck.”

At that second the devious teen thought of two studs that she was fucking, who she knew wanted to fuck the sexy, older Principal. Both boys were on the football team and both had huge cocks that measured 12 inches and were as fat around as beer cans.

As the hot, turned-on Principal was in the middle of her wild orgasm the young teen pushed her back onto her desk, resting her pumps on the edge. As her firm, slender ass slid back onto the desk it caused Stacy’s own suspension papers to fall onto the floor along with the pen that was going to sign the document. She took hold of the Principal’s new high heels, telling her she had a sexy pussy and that she was going to love eating it.

As the Principal groaned in anticipation, she spit all over it, which surprised the conservative woman, making her groan even more as she thought of how much of a slut she really was.

The wild teen then began sucking her pussy and sucked her big exposed clit between her lips which caused the Principal to groan over and over about how hot she was making her. As she sucked her pussy and clit she was rolling the hot Principals big nipples between her fingers. She began pulling on them which caused her to groan deeply.

“Oh fuck,” she wailed as she came over the controlling teens mouth.

For the next five minutes Stacy had the wild, and hot older Principals ass popping off the desk, then slamming back down on it as she ravaged her wet pussy with her mouth and penetrated her wet ass with three fingers.

The sexy Principal found herself pleading to make her cum again, but every time she was ready to explode the nasty teen pulled her fingers out of her ass and made her suck them clean.

“Taste your ass bitch,” she commanded, “taste that wet fucking ass of yours.”

The Principal was beside herself and totally lost with the way Stacy was controlling her. Finally, when Stacy was ready, and knew the Principal couldn’t take another second of her tortuous teasing, she slammed her fingers deep into her ass and sucked her clit so hard, as she snarled, “Ok. Cum you hot assed slut.”

After the older, sexy and conservative woman came Stacy dropped her own skirt and bent over the desk and commanded her to eat her pussy and ass and make her cum. Never having done anything so scandalous in her life, or having ever been with a woman before, she found herself eagerly doing what the nasty young teen demanded.

“Spit on that young pussy first bitch. Get that tight pussy nice and wet with your nasty spit. Let me hear you spit on my little cunt bitch,” she ordered.

The Principal, now deneme bonus well-under the nasty teens spell did as she was told, and found herself instantly squatting to her stylish high heel pumps and began spitting all over the young teens bald, shaved pussy. Even this nasty act turned her on like never before.

She then began kissing, licking and sucking her first pussy and ass, loving the experience, and causing her to groan.

“You like that little pussy and ass bitch?” Stacy snarled. “Tell me what you think of sucking my little pussy and tiny ass slut.”

“Oh God, you have such a sexy pussy and ass,” she moaned as she went crazy sampling her first pussy and ass.

Stacy was delirious with lust, but more from her being able to seduce the prim and proper older Principal than being fucked by her. Stacy was quite accustomed to being fucked by older men and older women she seduced. It was knowing she could control the most conservative, ethically moral person into a world of depravity and lust that got her off.

“Tell me how bad you want me bitch,” she said as the stacked Principle continued to bury her face into the 18 year olds sweet pussy.

“Oh God, I could eat and fuck you all day,” she moaned, surprised at her use of sinful and vulgar words, as she sent her tongue deep into the young teens tight pussy, and then into the depths of her tight asshole.

As she was eating the young teen, Stacy looked back and snarled, “Play with your hanging pussy while you eat me bitch. Get your hot fuck-hole off as you fuck me slut.”

Within seconds the wanton Principal started groaning which told the nasty teen that she was doing exactly what she was instructed to do. Within seconds they both came, filling the room with low, deep-throated moaning sounds.

After they both came, the Principal began dressing and adjusting herself, as Stacy went to the floor and picked up her suspension paper and handed it to the sexually drained and totally spent older Principal.

Before they kissed, the Principal tore-up the paper and said with desperation in her voice that almost begged, “Oh God, when can we fuck again?”

Stacy kissed her and said, “Real soon.” She then added heatedly, “But the next time I come in to fuck you, I’ll have two boys who I happen to know want to fuck you real bad, and real hard and that they both have huge cocks,” she said with a sly expression.

“Oh God,” the stacked Principal said in a deep throaty voice.

With a look of lust on her face, the nasty teen said, “They are both so fucking huge, you’re pussy is gonna be stretched for days before it recovers

“Oh god,” the sexy principal moaned out loud.

“Both of their cocks are over 12 inches long, and as fat as a beer can.”

“Oh God….Oh God Yes. I can’t wait,” she groaned in a delirious voice, as she tried to imagine two cocks ten times bigger the size of her husbands, or any other guy she ever fucked.

The boys always were inseparable and always fucked together in tandem. Their popularity was due in part to them being the star athletes, but mostly because they were both hung like horses.

Stacy had heard many rumors about them fucking her classmates and even teachers and that they had enormous cocks. Once she heard that they had dicks that measured over 12 inch long, she just had to fuck them herself.

Stacy came to a party dressed in the shortest micro mini dress with thigh high stockings and high heels, and with the intent to fuck them both. After 10 minutes she and the boys left the party and went back to her house and fucked for almost four hours.

Coincidently, their parents were good friends with Stacy’s parents and were at dinner with them that night. While they were out Stacy and both boys fucked non-stop. During the hot fuck session she chided the boys about fucking their sexy moms, and told them that she wanted to fuck them herself.

The boys reveled that they wanted them to for a long time. She got them real hot when she told them that she had an idea that she wanted to try, so that she could fuck them and set up the action for them to fuck their hot moms.

The boys couldn’t wait for the devilish teen to put her devious plan of seducing their hot moms into action. They were so turned on with the thoughts of fucking their own mothers that they came on command as she squatted on her high heels and pumped their huge cocks while looking up at them and telling them to imagine their moms hands jacking them off.

The cunning teen drove them wild and caused each of them to slam their massive shafts deep into her narrow fuck hole when she told them to imagine their huge cocks slamming in and out of their own hot moms pussy’s. The boys knew that Stacy was the nastiest teen they ever met and that she was also the most devious.

Stacy had both boys really turned on by the idea of fucking their moms and the Principal. The boys had both wanted to fuck their hot, stacked Principal since she started at the school, but never made a move on her, because of her stern and very rigid personality, and the way she reprimanded students, sent fear through them. This was an opportunity they couldn’t resist, and when Stacy told them what she had arranged, they immediately signed on.

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