My Sister’s Panties Pt. 04

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We decided to order a pizza and Leslie made a salad for dinner. Somewhat playing house as I kept fondling her while she was fixing up the salad. The doorbell rang and I rushed to the door. When I opened it, I was surprised to be looking at a deputy sheriff.

Deputy – Are you Paul Hansen?

Yes sir…I was raised to be polite to law enforcement.

Deputy – Is your sister Leslie here as well?

Leslie – (coming out of the kitchen) What’s going on?

Deputy – Do you mind if we take a seat?

I knew it couldn’t be good. So, we all took a seat in the living room. Leslie was clutching my hand, as she knew it couldn’t be good news either.

Deputy – There has been a terrible accident in Mexico. Your parents, brother and his companion were on a ferry that capsized. It was travelling from mainland Mexico to Baja. The Mexican authorities are searching for survivors. Unfortunately, your brother was recovered but critically injured. He didn’t survive the trip to the hospital. I’m sorry for your loss, but there is still hope in finding your parents.

You say this happened yesterday? I didn’t know they were even in Mexico. Did you Leslie?

Leslie – I think mom was talking about seeing Fred on their trip, but I didn’t know about Mexico either. What are we supposed to do?

She began crying and leaned into my side. I put my arm around her and held her tightly.

Deputy – I’m really sorry I don’t have any good news at the moment. For now, stay close to your phones. If you need to contact me, here is my card. Feel free to call if I don’t call by tomorrow afternoon.

With that, he got up and walked toward the door. He hesitated before leaving but said nothing. Both Leslie and I were speechless. We just sat there for what seemed like hours, but it was just a few minutes. The doorbell rang again. This time the pizza guy arrived. Since I paid online, I handed him $5 for a tip and brought the pizza into the kitchen. We sat in silence. I was eating but not consciously aware of it. Leslie was watching me but not eating anything.

Leslie – Are we being punished?

Without answering her right away. She got up and walked out of the kitchen. I could hear her go to the hall bathroom and shut the door. I decided to give her some space. I put away the salad and leftover pizza in the fridge. In a stupor, I made my way to Fred’s old room and sat there. So many questions were running through my mind. I laid down on the bed. Next thing I knew, I had fallen asleep. When I awoke, the sun was just coming up.

I realized I was still in Fred’s old room and made my way to see if Leslie was sleeping. She was asleep and had a handful of tissues wadded up around her. I know she must have cried herself to sleep. I felt bad I wasn’t there to comfort her.

I went to the kitchen to make some coffee and look online for any news of the ferry accident. The search for news didn’t take long. It seemed like every news outlet had a story about it. Over a hundred were recovered with only three survivors so far. There were over a hundred still missing. While I was reading the different reports, I heard Leslie get up. She came into the kitchen, grabbed her keys and headed out the door. I heard her drive away.

A few minutes later, I texted her and asked if she was okay. She responded, fine…I’ll be home later. After a few hours, Leslie hadn’t reached kaçak iddaa out to me, so I sent her another text. She said she was with a couple of friends and wouldn’t be home until tomorrow. I tried calling but it went straight to voicemail. I called the deputy, but he didn’t have anything more to add to the news reports. He did say the search would continue and US Navy Search and Rescue had been deployed. That gave me a bit of hope and I texted Leslie the update, but she didn’t respond.

I got back on the computer but there was nothing new. So, I turned to my favorite past time of looking at internet porn. I started watching some free taboo porn…brother/sister roleplays. After a few minutes, I went to Leslie’s room and retrieved two pairs of panties from her hamper. A light pink pair had a nice layer of discharge and slight pee odor. The red pair had less discharge but a stronger pee odor.

I sat back down at the computer and remembered I was alone, so I turned up the volume. I had minimized several windows with different scenes playing. I stripped down and got comfortable. I licked the red pair and wrapped it around my cock. While the scenes were playing, I envisioned the couples were Leslie and me. I brought the pink pair to my nose and inhaled deeply. Beside the pee, I could make out her sweat. My exploration continued with licking, tasting her discharge. It was thick and creamy with the mixture of my saliva. I could taste Leslie’s pussy. She had obviously worn the pink pair through a long and busy day. To say I love the taste of Leslie is an understatement. As I watched the brother/sister combinations, the sensations of the past couple of days with Leslie were returning. I could feel Leslie’s beautiful cunt wrapped around cock as I stroked the red panties. I could taste her pussy on my tongue as I licked the pink pair. The more I watched, the faster I stroked, until I couldn’t hold back any longer. Ropes of cum shot into the red pair. The pink pair were almost cleaned of discharge, because of my furious sucking and licking. Coming down from my post orgasmic high, it hit me. I wanted, no needed, Leslie to be here.

I texted Leslie and said there was no news, but I really needed her. She immediately responded, I just want to have one night without any thoughts of anything…I just want to hang out with my friends…I’ll see you tomorrow…I love you.

I responded, okay, I understand…I love you too…good night.

Three little words was all it took for me to feel better. Suddenly, I realized I hadn’t eaten all day and it was getting toward supper time. I ate leftover pizza and salad, watched a little tv and went to bed. I decided to sleep in Leslie’s bed and fell asleep almost as my head hit the pillow.

My deep sleep was interrupted at about 7:30am when the phone rang. It was the sheriff’s department.

Deputy – hello Paul

Um, yeah.

Deputy – they’ve found your parents alive but in critical condition. They were life flighted to a hospital in La Paz. I will text you the contact information for the doctor.

I received the text right away and texted Leslie to come home right away.

About 10 minutes passed and Leslie came through the kitchen door.

Leslie – Did you hear from mom and dad?

No, but the deputy called and told me mom and dad are in a hospital. I booked us a flight for tomorrow. We called the doctor kaçak bahis and he filled us in on the prognoses for mom and dad. They both suffered burns, lacerations and head injuries. They were placed in medically induced comas to promote healing and reduce reaction to pain.

Leslie started sobbing and hugging me tightly. I was trying to be strong for her, but I was tearing up as well. Then, I noticed I had a raging hard on under my boxers. The tight hugging obviously caused the arousal. Leslie noticed too as she brought her hand down to pull my cock out. Without a word, she dropped to her knees and began sucking me into her soft wet mouth. Her tongue was dancing around the head. My head was dizzy with emotions, but my body was needing this attention. After a couple of minutes, Leslie stood, took my hand and led me her room.

Still without a word, we disrobed and she sat on the edge of the bed. I knelt between her legs and started kissing her inner thighs. She pulled my head in to eat her pussy and held me there. I was devouring her, licking her folds, clit and tongue fucking her. No more than a couple of minutes and she was moaning and bucking. Her head fell back onto her bed and she passed out. I crawled up beside her, cradled her and fell asleep too.

I woke up about an hour later and let Leslie sleep. She didn’t wake up until early afternoon. I was in the living room watching tv when a red pair of panties were tossed at me, landing on my face.

Leslie – I see you had some fun last night without me. I recall we have some unfinished business.

With that, she approached and mounted me on the couch. She grabbed my cock and started rubbing her pussy with it. It didn’t take long for me to come to full attention and Leslie lowered her cunt onto her prize.

Leslie – (whispered) I wanted you so badly last night and this morning. I’m sorry I fell asleep. I’ll make it up to you. Now, fuck me! Tell me what you were thinking about when you soiled my panties you dirty little sister fucker.

I told her I was holding her pink panties to my tongue and nose while I stroked with the red pair while watching brothers and sisters fuck on the internet. I thought about your perfect body and pussy. I thought about your fragrance, your mouth and eyes, your touch and the feel of your skin.

Leslie – oh yes, fuck me harder. I want to feel you cum inside me again. I want you to fill me up.

I was raising her up and pulling her down as fast and hard as I could. She pressed hard downward and started grinding. She was screaming, fuck fuck fuck, oh fuck I’m cummmmming. She started squirting, soaking me and the couch, then fell forward to kiss me. I kept moving her hips and thrust as deep as I could. Fuck Leslie, I’m cumming. I pumped stream after stream into her hungry womb. We laid there for about 5 minutes and she started grinding into me again.

Leslie – fuck me doggy. I want you to punish me for not being here last night to take care of you.

She got down on her hands and knees and looked over her should at me. I positioned myself behind her and slowly started pushing my head into her waiting cunt. She started to push back, but I stopped her with a hard smack to her ass. I didn’t say you could fuck me back. She looked back and giggled. I smacked her ass again and felt her cunt contract. She pushed back hard on my cock. I grabbed her shoulders and illegal bahis mounted her with legs on her sides…I said, so you want a good hard fuck, well you got it. She panted, yes sir. I was pounding her hard and fast. I growled at her to rub her clit, then rub my balls. After a few minutes, she screamed…I’m cummming. I yelled at her to squeeze my fucking balls. As soon as I felt her hand begin to squeeze. I thrusted hard and started cumming.

Leslie went limp underneath me, causing me to plop out of cum soaked cunt. I fell down beside her, so we were face to face. She opened her eyes and smiled the most beautiful smile ever. For that moment, we had forgotten about all of our troubles.

We cuddled and kissed for awhile, then showered separately to get it done more quickly. We packed and went to bed straight away, because the flight was to leave at 7:45am.

We arrived in La Paz around 11am and checked into the hotel just across from the hospital. We were delaying going to the hospital, because both of us didn’t want to see our parents hooked up to a bunch of machines. After grabbing some food and a couple of drinks, we headed to the hospital. The ICU was very modern and the staff was incredibly attentive to patients and visitors alike. The doctor sat us down and explained everything going on with our parents. He seemed less positive about dad’s prognosis than mom’s. Apparently, dad was a hero. Although badly injured, he managed to help several people get onto floating objects before he could no longer help. He was then helped onto an object by a couple of people he helped. Leslie and I took turns sitting with mom and dad, then switching. The staff said visiting was over at 8pm and we went back to the hotel. We grabbed dinner, then off to bed and went straight to sleep.

The phone woke us up around 5am. During the night, my dad had a massive stroke and passed away. We rushed over and just sat in disbelief. They had removed the IV and all of connections to the machines. Dad looked peaceful.

The ICU staff made the preparations for dad to be cremated. The funeral home delivered his ashes to us in a nice brass urn.

We spent the rest of the day and the following two days sitting with mom and returning to the hotel to eat and sleep. On the third day, mom’s numbers were good enough to bring her out of her coma. She was breathing on her own, but she still didn’t wake up. We were told some people don’t wake up right away, that it could even take a few days. Thankfully, she woke up early the next morning.

We walked into see her, saw she was awake and rushed over to her. We kissed her, careful not touch any of the burned areas. She remained in pain and had an opiate med in her IV. She could only speak in a whisper and it was slurred. We could easily understand her say she loved us.

After a few days, mom’s numbers improved and her injuries were healing nicely. Then, she asked why Fred and dad didn’t come to see her. Obviously, no one had told her the awful news yet. Um mom, what do you remember about the accident. We thought the doctor might have told you. Fred and dad, well, they didn’t make it. She started crying and clutching on to Leslie’s hand. She whispered, how? I explained about Fred dying from injuries that night, and dad having a stroke while in a coma. She said, I told him to stay, but he had to help others. I remember him being next to me on some boards.

Mom continued to improve, her speech not withstanding. The doctor said she was well enough to travel after a couple of weeks. We made plans and headed back home with mom.

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