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My name is James White and I’m 6 foot 4 inches tall with blonde hair. I’m not well built but know skinny either. What don’t show is I have an eleven-inch cock that is fairly thick. This story begins when I was setting at a table of a sidewalk café in New York City having lunch. I had just taking a bit off the sandwich I was eating when I saw a young woman coming straight to my table. She had on a white nurse’s dress and the top was really filled out. The skirt of her dress just half way down her thighs showing her well turned legs attached to a full ass. Her waist was slim. She came to my table and asked, “Can I set down and talk to you?”

I even stood up and pulled out a chair for her and said, “I would be more than happy to have you company will I’m eating, can I order you anything?”

Anne said, “I’ve already had lunch and was on my way back to work when I saw you. I guess I should explain why I want to talk to you.”

I smiled at Anne and said, “I’m all ears”, and took swig of beer.

Anne said, “I work for a fertility doctor that specializes in artificial insemination. We have a client who’s husband is sterile. She wants to have a baby in the worst way but she want the sperm to came for a man that looks and is build just like her husband. We usually don’t tell a client who the sperm comes from but she is very wealthy and insist the sperm must come for a man that looks just like her husband. She has brought in big picture of him and you look almost exactly like him.”

I smiled at Anne and said, “I think you are asked me to be a donate my sperm so you can get this unknown lady knocked up”, and smile.

Anne said, “you can call it a donation but you would be paid very well for your sperm. I’m sure Dr. Johnson will approve my choice.”

I said, “I’ve hear of sperm donations but never thought about donating mine. Just exactly where and how is it done?”

Anne said, “You would come to Dr. Johnson’s clinic and we would put you in a room with magazines of necked pretty girls in them. Also we have porn tapes. You would masturbate while looking at the magazines or watching the tapes. We would give you a special container to catch your sperm in.”

I smiled at Anne and jokingly said, “Why don’t I just fuck this high class beautiful woman you are taking about and get her pregnant instead of going though all of that.”

Anne took me serious and said, “Thats just not done.”

I joked again and said, “In other words you Dr. Johnson wouldn’t get his big fee if I just fucked her and got her pregnant.”

Anne looked disgustedly at me and said, “Are you interested or not. There would be a 10,000 dollar fee in it for you if you would give us your sperm.”

I said, “Wow, where and when do I show up to give my sperm?”

Anne said, “Give me you cell number and I will call you and we well make arraignment that are suitable for you and us both.” Anne had me to stand up and she took pictures of me on her cell from several different angles to take back to her Doctor and her client to see. As Anne got up to leave she said, “I’m sure you will be hearing from me to come in and give your sperm.”

I had nearly forgotten about taking to Anne when my cell rang two days later. It was Anne and we agreed that I would come to Dr. Johnson’s office the next day at 4:00PM and give my sperm.

When I got there Anne took me in a little room with just one chair. There was a magazine rack filled with girly magazines and a TV with a tape player attached to it with a selection of porn tapes.

Anne handed me a little tube with a funnel on top of it and said, “Don’t miss, we want all your sperm”, and left the room.

I whacked my eleven-inch cock looking at the nude girls in the magazines but couldn’t get off. I selected what looked like the best of the porn tapes and jacked off watching a girl get fucked in every position but still couldn’t cum.

I finally gave up after 30 minutes of whacking my meat and zipped up my trousers and when out of the room. Anne came out from behind a desk and looked at the empty tub and then looked up at me. I shrugged my shoulder and said, “I guess I’m to use to fucking a real live pussy that will fuck me back. I haven’t jacked off Since I got my first piece of pussy in high school when I was fourteen. I guess you will have to find some one else that looks and is build like me.”

Dr. Johnson came out of is office about that time and looked at the empty tub and looked at Anne. Anne told Dr. Johnson that I couldn’t cum while watching the tapes. She said, “I’ll keep my eyes open for some one else when I’m out and around.”

Dr. Johnson said, “He is perfect, just what our client what’s to impregnate her.”

Dr. Johnson said to me, “go back in the room and try again.”

I said, “There is no use, if I can’t cum in thirty minutes then I just can’t cum” , and left the office.

It was two days later that my cell rang again. Anne said, “Dr. Johnson is going to pay me to give you a blowjob to make you cum and get your sperm. Come back to the office today at four casino siteleri and I will suck you off.”

I joking asked, “Are you and experienced cock sucker?”

Anna said, “My boyfriend thinks I am.”

I smiled wandering if Anne would let me play with her fine breasts while she sucked me off.

I showed up right on time and Anne nervously took me to the room again. I set down in the chair and just looked at Anne. Anne hesitated but got down on her knees in front of me. She unzipped my trousers and pulled my cock out. Anne looked up and me and gasped at the same time and said, ” God your big. You’re longer and thicker than mY boyfriend when he is hard.”, when she saw my lip nine-inch cock.

I was surprise I was still limb when Anne took my cock in her hand. Anne hesitated again and took my cock in her hand and said,”Don’t you dare ram that thing down my throat when I get you hard”,and took my in her mouth.

I didn’t stay limp long, God Anne ready knew how to suck cock. I was determined to hold back my cum as long as I could Anne was doing such a great job on my cock. Anne was sucking my head and jacking my shaft and playing with my balls all at the same time.

I could tell that Anne was getting hot from sucking my cock so I unbuttoned her dress and felt of her tits. Anne made a weak effort to stop me for kneading her tits but sucked my cock even hard and took it deeper in her mouth. I was rolling her hard long nipples between my finger. Anne took so much of my cock in her mouth that she gagged. Anne’s face even got red and she was sweating she was so hot from sucking my cock. I’m almost sure her pussy was dripping cum. She jacking my cock so fast and as deep in her mouth as she could without gagging.

After about ten minutes of Anne sucking me and me playing with her firm round breasts Anne let my cock come out of her mouth and gasped, “You’re not trying to cum. I would have had a load of my boyfriend cum in my mouth by now if I had sucked him like i’m sucking your cock.”

I smile down at Anne and said, “You’re doing such a great job sucking my cock that I was wandering what it would be like to fuck your wet pussy is why I can’t cum.”

Anne stood up and buttoned her dress and looked at me in disgusted and said, “That’s not going to happen”, and stormed out of the room leaving the door open.

I could hear her and Dr. Johnson arguing. Anne was telling the doctor that I wanted to fuck her before I would cum. Dr. Johnson said, “Well let him, we have just got to have his sperm. I think you know this is a 100,000,00 dollar deal.”

Anne said, “I’m not about to get fucked with a eleven inch thick cock. I would never be able to feel my boyfriend’s cock in me again.”

Dr. Johnson said, “There is 2,000.00 dollars in it for you if you will let him fuck you.”

There was a long pause and then Anne came back in the room were I was. She tried to sound disguised when she said, “Come with me.”

Anne let me to an examining room and took of her thong and got up on the examining table. She pulled her skit up and put her feet in the stirrups.

God what a gorgeous shave wet pussy was staring me in the face.

Anne put the tub and the funnel on a table beside where she was laying back and said, “when your ready to cum pulled out of me and cum in the tub.”

I smiled and took my trousers complete off and got over Anne. Anne didn’t object when I unbuttoned her dress again. I laid my eleven inch hard cock on top of her full puffy pussy lips as I took one of her hard long nipples in my mouth and sucked it. Anne just lay there like letting me fuck her was just a job and she wasn’t going to enjoy letting me fuck her. Then I felt her pussy twitching against my cock and her breathing get ragged.

I slipped the head of my hard cock in her pussy while still sucking her nipple. Anne gasped as my head when in her but brought her ass up off the table, taking more of my cock in her hot wet pussy.

I would pull my cock out to where just my head was in her and then go back in her deeper until I was all the way in her wonderful tight pussy. I was surprise she took all of my eleven inching deep in her pussy. He boyfriend must have a long cock too.

I fucked in and out of her tight wet pussy and in the position I was in over her my pubic bone was touching against her clit each time I when in her deep.

Anne was gasping and hunching me back as I fucked in and out of her hot wet pussy. I hadn’t fucked her for over two minutes when Anne gasped, “god dam you, you’ve got me off. Fuck me hard fast and deeper oh God am I ever having a powerful orgasm.” I really didn’t have to fuck her harder and faster, she was hunching her pussy up against me and having a powerful orgasm. God did her tight pussy ever milk my cock. I could have cum any time except I wanted to keep fucking her wonderful tight and now very wet pussy as long as I could.

I took her feet out of the stirrups and pushed her legs back against her breasts and got up on the table with her. I spread her güvenilir casino wide and drove my hard cock straight down in her pussy. I was going down in her so hard and deep that my balls would have going in her pussy except her pussy was to tight.

Even though I wanted to keep fucking Anne I had to come to the point where I just had to cum. I grabbed the tub and the funnel off the table and stood up over Anne. I flogged my cock and filled the tub half full.

Anne gasped and said, “None of our men have filled the tub with half as much cum as you just did. You must have elephant balls.”

Anne got up off the table and acted like she didn’t enjoy me fucking her, that it was just her job to get me off and collect my sperm but I know better.

As she dressed Anne said in a matter of fact voice, “I will see to it that a check for 10,000 dollars is mailed out to you tomorrow.”

I smiled at Anne and said, “God you were good Anne. If you and your boyfriend ever break up will you give me a change to take his place.”

Anne said, “That will be the day. I only let you fuck me to get your sperm.”

Anne when to a file cabinet and pulled out the first chart in the door and wrote a number on it and then put a label on the tub that had my sperm in it and wrote the same number. She when down the hall in to a room that had a sign on the door “Sperm Bank”. I had seen pictures where they freeze sperm in liquid Hydrogen.

I pulled the chart out of the door and it had the name of the lady that my sperm was going to get pregnant, her name was “Wanda Henry”.

Anne came out of the sperm bank room and saw me with the chart in my hand and grabbed it, “You’re not support to see that” and put it back in the cabling and locked it.

I when home and searched the Internet for Wanda Henry. I should have got her husband’s name. I finally found “Wanda Henry” in the archives of the paper.

It showed a picture of her and her husband at a charity ball that the Mayor had thrown. I couldn’t tell much from the picture except there was no doubt that she was beautiful and had on a gown that must have cost over a thousand dollars.

I did get the name of her husband, which was “William Henry”.

I did a search for him and he came up in 23 different net pages. One had a close up picture of him and he could have been my twin brother we looked so much alike. He own a chain of department stores. On the Forbes page it said he was one of the ten richest men in the state.

There was another page that showed close up picture of both Wanda and William and another gathering. I though Anne was beautiful and would be a good fuck if I could ever get her alone but Wanda put Anne to shame. Wanda had on a gown that show all of her breasts except her nipples and had a slit up the leg that when almost up to her pussy. I could have fucked the picture she was so sexy.

I forgot about Anne and Wanda knowing that I would never see Anne again and sure wouldn’t run in to Wanda but I would have liked to see the baby my sperm was going to father.

Three days later my cell rang again. I looked at the number and it was Dr. Johnson’s office number. It was Anne calling me again. I was hoping her boyfriend and her had broke up and she wanted me to fuck her again.

Anne said, “Some on left the lid open to the liquid hydrogen take that held your sperm and it thawed and is no good to use. Could you come in and give us some more of your sperm?”

I had heard Dr. Johnson say this is a 100.000.00-dollar deal and I was the only one that Wanda Henry wanted my sperm to get her pregnant.

I asked, “Are you going to let me fuck you again to get my sperm?”

Anne tried to sound like she didn’t want to let me fuck her and said, “I don’t have a choice. I’m just letting you fuck me for the $2000.00 Dr. Johnson is paying me to get your sperm.”

I know that Dr. Johnson wanted my sperm and only my sperm. I know I could probably get any thing I wanted and said, “Fucking you on the table was good but I think it would be better for both of us if I fucked you in a bed. How about me giving you my sperm in my apartment. I could give you twice as much.”

Anne said, “We checked your sperm count and what you give us last time would be enough to get a hundred women pregnant.” I said, “That’s not what I asked you.”

Anne said, “I know it isn’t but this is strictly professional. I wouldn’t have even giving you a bowjob if Dr. Johnson hadn’t paid me so much to give you one and ever more to let you fuck me go get your sperm.”

I said, “I don’t think you let me fuck you just for the money. I know you had and orgasm. Let me take you out to dinner and you can bring the little tub with you and we can get my sperm at your apartment or mine.”

I could almost see Anne squirming thinking about our good my long thick cock felt in her pussy but she said, “I’m not going to let you fuck me any where but here on the exam table in Dr. Johnson exam room.”

I said, “This is Friday and it to late for me to come in to day canlı casino and give you my sperm on the Doctor’s table. I’m going to be out of town all weekend and I have a very busy schedule until Wednesday of the next week. I will be in and give you my sperm on Wednesday about four.”

Anne said, “Our patient’s peak time to get pregnant is Tuesday we need your sperm by then.”

I said, “I’m sorry but it looks like it tonight or a mouth from now to give you my sperm.”

Even though I could tell that Anne had put her hand over the phone I heard Dr. Johnson said, “Ok 4000,00 dollars if you will fuck him tonight. We’ve got to have his sperm.”

Anne came back on the phone and said, “To night then. You can pick me up at 2030 South St. apartment 4 at seven. You did say you were going to take me out to dinner before we harvest your sperm?”

I smiled thinking, “harvest my sperm was a nice why of saying”, I’m going to let you fuck me in my bed. Anne was and entirely different person when I picked her up. She had a smile on her face when she opened the door for me to come in. I though she looked good in her nurse’s dress but she looked even better in her mini skit and a blouse that just had one button and exposing all of her fine breasts except her nipples. I took her to a fine restaurant and while we were eating she was even smiling and very peasant for a girl that I planed on fucking the rest of the night.

It was Anne that said, “It’s it time for us to go back to my apartment”, as we were drinking our third glass of wine.

We had no more than got in her apartment than she put her purse on the coffee table and came to me and put her arms around my neck and kissed me deep. I unbuttoned the one button and opened her blouse and sucked her nipple while kneading the other breasts. Anne gasped and pushed her pussy hard against my hard cock. Anne stepped back and undid my belt and zipped my fly down. She reached in my open fly and put her hand around my hard cock and tugged, but I was so hard she couldn’t get my cock out. Anne was pushing my trousers down and I found the zipper on her mini skit and unzipped it. Her mini skirt and my trousers hit the floor at the same time.

I kept sucking her long hard nipple as I cupped her hot wet pussy and ran a finger in her hole. Anne gasped and jacked my hard cock as I ran two fingers in her pussy. Anne pulled me up for her beasts and kissed me with lots of tongue as she backed me down the hall to her bedroom.

We stopped at the foot of the bed long enough for me to step out of my boxes and her push her thong down her long legs and step out of them.

I tried to lay her on the bed but she pushed me back and when to the end table and opened a box. There was three tub and funnels in the box. Anne smiled and said, “We could brake one, I wanted to have a plenty”, and then got in the middle of the bed still smiling at me.

I got on the bed beside her and bent over her and sucked her nipple. Anne gasped and said, “You’re a tit man, aren’t you? You can’t make sperm sucking my nipples. I want to feel your big cock in me.”

I rolled on top of Anne. She spread her legs and brought her knees up so I could go in her. I ran my cock up and down over her full wet pussy lips several times. I arched my back and when in her. Anne held me tight against her breasts and gasped each time I went deeper inside her wet but very tight pussy. Anne gasped, “God your big”, as I fucked in and out of her pussy. I kissed Anne while still fucking in and out of her wonderful pussy and said, “Isn’t this better than fucking on the exam table?”

Anne gasped back, “A cock as big and thick as yours would feel good in my pussy not mater were you fucked me. Oh God I’m so close, fuck me faster and deeper. Anne hunched her clit up against me and when in to orgasm.

I keep fucking her until her butt when back down on the bed and she lay still in under me and gasped, “Oh god that was so good. Orgasms are wonderful.”

Anne very wet pussy was still milking my cock as she kissed me like we were lovers.

I roll Anne on top of me without my cock coming out of her hot wet pussy. My hard cock fell so good in Anne as she adjusted her knee on each side of me. I when back to sucking her long hard nipple and playing with the other breast and she moved her pussy up and down the full length of my cock.

Anne gradually speed up taking me in and out of her wonderful wet hot pussy and was coming down on me hard touching her clit against me. Anne started gasping and fucking my cock faster. There wasn’t any doubt that she was having another orgasm.

Anne’s pussy felt so good around my cock I was about to fill her pussy full when I remember the tub.

I manage to hold my cum back until she came down on my cock one last time and left my cock deep in her pussy and again gasped, “I’ve never had two orgasms in one night.”

I gasped back, “You had better get the tub and funnel I’m about to blow.”

Anne set up and raised her ass real high letting my cock flop out of her pussy. She moved her ass back on my thighs and got the tub and funnel of the table. Anne put the tub and funnel on my belly and moved it down until the head of my cock was in the funnel. She jacked the full length of my cock hard and fast and smile at me and said, “Cum for me big boy.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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