Revenge on the Diner Waitresses! Ch. 04

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In the middle of me having a good time and being surprised by Jane Austen fetishes, Lucinda Jacinto flipped her shit. She had been the first fuck rung on my sex ladder to conquering the evil waitresses known as The Diablas who had ruled over the diner in which we all worked. In hindsight (which is a phrase I hate and am only using now so I may commit to the statement that I will never use it again), I should have factored in the Contrarian Corollary to my cunning plan. This Corollary states that the world is full of idiots, freaks and contrarians who will do the unexpected and undesired, even when it goes against their best interest. Lucinda’s brand of contrary, it seemed, was masochism.

She had cornered me outside the diner before my shift and forced me to go with her to the back by the dumpsters and grease traps, where she thought no one would see us.

“Why haven’t you done anything yet? You said you were going to do something?” Her eyes were wide and unfocused, the thick blue eyeshadow slightly smeared. Her beehive dyed black hair was still in place, but her uniform seemed was a little tight today. She was showing more of her 36 C’s, and her red lipstick was a brighter shade of slut than usual. I had made love to her a few weeks ago, in a rather dominant fashion, as a part of my blackmailing her and her sister Diablas. Since then I had been, pun intended, laying plans, in other areas, including Lucinda’s own mother.

((read this in a cartoon teenage bully voice))

Yeah, I fucked her Mom. Heh.

“And…” Lucinda’s finger jabbed hard into my chest, snapping me back to reality. “…you haven’t done nothing, to me either.” Lucinda pressed closer to my body. Her hands started caressing my chest, then my sides and then my crotch. I grabbed her hands and held them away from me, bringing a sharp gasp from Lucinda and a firmer pressing of her body against mine.

“Oh please, papi, don’t leave me hanging and wanting.” She pouted and begged. Now, Lucinda wasn’t gorgeous, but she was curvy, fairly symmetrical and a good fuck. But even with her nuzzling her cootch on me and her desperate cherry red mouth whispering all kinds of nasty things in my ear, I… I… didn’t want to have sex with her. Even though my cock was getting hard, I knew I didn’t want to, and the idea seemed… well, um…wrong to me. Being young and devoid of restraint, I had never experienced the feeling of Not Sex when Sex is possible. I was confused. I didn’t know how to respond to my feelings or Lucinda’s continued rubbing and begging, so I pressed her arms close to her side and held her away from me. She struggled, but couldn’t escape, and a smile began to form on her lips as she thrashed in my arms. Whoa. Okay, she liked this. All this grabbing, and all this pushing, and all this denying of sex…what about taking orders?… let’s see.

“Lucinda, if you want cock, like the little slut you are, then go stand by the wall, face it, and don’t move.”

Like a shot she pulled away from me and went to the wall, put her hands against it and leaned forward, pushing her large ass out a bit, her entire body taunt and still with sexual tension.

Damn. That cemented it. She’s a submissive for sure. I had been researching Submissive and Dominant relationships since starting all this. Not an easy thing to do in 1985, libraries being as they are. But I could tell Lucinda wanted to be told what to do, she wanted to be punished when she failed and overall, she wanted to be controlled. It explained a lot about her shitty behavior. She was always being pushy, rude and mean because she wanted to be corrected and punished. The trouble was, I had no interest in being a Dominant master for her. Why? I loved being in charge sexually, and I was good at it. Why the hell, the fucking hell, not? What the hell was going on in my head?

Then I felt the answer float up from my stomach. Bianca, Lucinda’s mom. I liked Bianca a lot, and because of that, I felt no lust or interest in Lucinda. I wasn’t in love or anything, Bianca and I were too far apart in a lot of ways to make that work. But I really liked her, and I wanted to keep her company. And even though I could write an essay about why, I knew that to keep in good with Bianca, I’d need to keep my dick out of Lucinda. Wow. There was a limit to my debauchery, after all! It was about damn time I found some.

“Papi, are you going to keep me waiting?” Lucinda moaned from her position on the wall.

Oh, yeah. While Freuding out my troubles, I had forgotten there was a 49 year old Latina that need to be placated. Damn. I was in a bind. Suddenly Barry, one of the line chefs of the diner walked into the gated enclosure surrounding the dumpsters where Lucinda was swinging her big ass for me. He was looking down at the cigarette he was lighting and didn’t notice either of us until he looked up to blow out a huge relaxing breath of smoke.

“Huh? What? Oh, um….” He looked at me, and at Lucinda. His mutton chopped and sun darkened face showed only an inkling kaçak iddaa of surprise, without a drop of embarrassment, like he’d seen a hot waitress sticking out her ass while pressed against a wall every single day. “Y’all busy? I could go smoke somewhere else?” He asked in his redneck drawl. Lucinda started to move away from the wall.

“Stay right there, Lucinda.” I said sharply, and then I threw a huge shit eating grin at Barry.

I began to conceive of a cunning plan.

“Barry, would you do Lucinda a favor and spank her slutty ass?”

About five inklings of surprise popped onto Barry’s face. Lucinda looked over her shoulder to protest.

“Him? But I want…that is…”

“Barry here is the doorway to cock, to pleasure. To your satisfying me. Without that, you will get nothing. Without pleasing him, you will remain unsatisfied.” Lucinda’s ass twitched and she turned back to the wall. Oh yeah! It was on! In my best menacing tone, I commanded her, “Lift up your dress and show Barry your ass, so he can properly spank it.” She slowly lifted her uniform over her ass, revealing a healthy pair of buttocks covered in sheer black panties. She wiggled her ass back and forth, making a show of it. Barry flicked away his half smoked cigarette. “Damn.”, he said, with a laugh in his throat. “Prayers do get answered. I’ve been wanting to get my hands on that ass for a while.”

“Keep it to spanking, Barry. Ok? Anything beyond that, you need to ask my permission. You dig?”

Barry smiled. “Absolutely, pardner. And I will owe you for this.”

“Just make that ass nice and red for me, and we’ll call it even.” Barry rubbed his hands together and licked his lips. He was about 39, and had two armfulls of tattoos in a time when few people had even one. His eyes got focused, and I watched him assume a stance next to Lucinda with a posture of professionalism that struck me. Placing his hand flat against Lucinda’s asscheek, he looked up at me and winked. “You might be surprised to learn I actually know a little about this kinda thing.” Keeping his eye on me, he started lightly slapping Lucinda’s ass, so light that her ass barely jiggled. “It’s important to start slow, bring a little color up to the skin.” He kept a perfect rhythm on her ass, even though he never looked at her once, even when he switched cheeks. Oh shit, he was showing off! I smiled wide in appreciation and understanding.

“Now see how she just wiggled a bit? That’s a good sign to start taking it up a notch.” His slapping became incrementally harder while kept the same quick beat. Lucinda began to squirm.

“Be still.” I said in a growl. She stilled herself, and Barry stopped to rub his hands over her ass. “I’d like to pull them panties off.” Barry said, his voice getting thick with lust. “It’d make it a little easier to get to my goal.”

I spoke up, “What’s your goal, Barry?”

“I’m gonna make her cum by spanking her sweet little brown ass.”

Lucinda almost thrashed against the wall upon hearing Barry’s words. A thrash of need. Of desire. An involuntary twisting of one’s body that happens when you hear the thing you’ve always wanted but never knew you wanted.

“Without touching her pussy?” I asked in disbelief.

“Oh hell son, of course not. That’s be cheating.” He was slowly peeling her panties down, revealing a brown ass with a pink hue that looked pretty good for a 49 year old waitress. “This one here, oh my yes, I’m gonna get her to bust a nut for sure.”

Lucinda whimpered and moaned.

“All right then. Show me thy ways, Oh master.”

“Oh, first go in there and tell Joaquin what’s up. I don’t want him thinkin’ I’m leaving him in there alone without a good damn reason.” His hand came down with a resounding smack that echoed in the little area. Lucinda grunted hard. I scooted into the kitchen and told Joaquin that Barry was getting laid, and he’d be in in a bit. Things were slow, so Joaquin laughed at what he thought was a joke and okay’d it. When I got back out, Barry had pulled her panties down off her ass, but had tucked them up into just below her asscheeks, which served almost as a push up bra. He had clearly administered several strokes, as her ass was now a rosy pink.

“Lucinda, has he touched your pussy.”

“ungh….un…no…no he hasn’t.” Lucinda was almost sobbing with pleasure. Her ass was swaying in the air, beckoning a hard slap to fall upon it, which it did. Barry began a steady stream of firm strokes with his callused hand, and then went in to a syncopated style, sometime light and fast and other times ferociously hard. He was staring at Lucinda, watching her, listening to every sound that came from her gasping mouth and wet, red lips. Suddenly he started a low, firm stroke and began to pick up the pace, like the end of a Beethoven symphony. Lucinda began to moan, then shout and then just as I thought he would have to stop Lucinda twitched and shook, convulsed and fell to her knees. Barry was breathing hard and holding his hands as if they ached. kaçak bahis His calloused palms were almost as red as Lucinda’s ass. He looked down at her with an expression of compassion in his old green eyes, soft and open.

“Well, when I’m right, I’m right. Would you give us a second, son?” He said to me. I agreed, and walked out of the fence area. I stopped though, and peeked through the planks. Barry had got down on the ground with Lucinda and pulled her to him, holding her gently. Her face was calm and peaceful, in a way I had never seen it look before. Barry pulled a cigarette out of his shirt pocket, lit it and blew a huge puff of relief into the sky. “Now that may have been the best smoke break I ever had.” He said, a grin deep in the tone, and Lucinda smiled.

I started my shift, and in about ten minutes both Lucinda and Barry were back at work. Lucinda kept that peaceful look on her face the entire shift. And you know what? She also made more money in tips than ever before.

Needless to say, Caroline was curious to the point of being pissed off. Caroline was the ringleader of the Diablas, the mean-nasty-viscious-mean-and-cruel-waitresses at the Diner. She was six foot three and had a brass blonde hairdo a District Attorney would be proud of. She was somewhere between 49 and 70, but no one could really tell. She had close to an hourglass figure, all but for a little tummy. Her face was severe, and whatever prettiness she had became simply alarming due to her high cheek bones and impressive brow, kinda like a low rent Helga of the SS. My recent actions were making all her girls act strange, not to mention the fact that I out-blackmailed her with the Diner’s manager. ((See previous chapters! They kick ass)) Today, seeing Lucinda smile and be happy threw her right over the edge. First she stole two of my tables, then three of Lucinda’s. Around two o’clock she yelled at Lucinda for something she didn’t do, and yelled louder when Lucinda just laughed at her. She went and started yelling at Marvin, the Manager who just sat there and listened for about thirty minutes, then she came out and screamed at me and Lucinda for taking her tables while she was gone. When neither me or Lucinda batted an eye at her tirade, she threw her tray down in frustration and left. All the customers, waiters and cooks watched her as she stormed through the double glass door and squealed out of the parking lot in her orange 1979 Trans Am. A strange silence fell across the diner. Everyone sort of looked around at each other, and then Barry rang the bell at the Hot Line.

“Orders up. And Caroline is gone.” He said loudly. The whole diner laughed. As we got back to business, I caught Lucinda staring off into the middle distance.

“You okay, Lucinda?”

“Hm, Oh. Yeah. It’s just, I was thinking about how long I had put up with that shit. And why i put up with it for so long.” There was no anger in her voice whatsoever.

“Hard to say. You, ah, you look pretty happy right now.”

“Hm? Oh. Yeah. Weird. Guess I’m going to be talking to Barry a little more often.” She said matter of factly, and then took three salads to her table. We hustled our meals for a while, and as I did my imagination began to swirl about in my mind like a raging torrent, cascading into a waterfall of creative alternatives(thank you Harvey Korman). Despite the fact I didn’t want to fuck Lucinda, I sure as hell wanted to fuck somebody, as witnessing Barry’s expert handling of that rosy ass had lit my fire like Jim Morrison’s leather pants. I first spoke to Barry, and then called Helena and Mandy. Remember Mandy? Same age as Helena, also with huge tits, but a lot more wise about the ways of the world. I had to offer her cash for what I had in mind, which was fine, frankly, as a receipt is more trustworthy than the word of a nasty Diner waitress like Mandy.

I kept Bianca, Lucinda’s Mother out of my plans for this one, but not because I was cheating. She was completely aware we were not exclusive. She was also seeing this nice accountant from the South Side who was closer to her own age, and that actually gave me a twinge of jealousy, which was pretty god-damned hypocritical of me. And you know what I fucking did about it? I used those actor powers I talked about and figured it out. I sat the fuck down and thought About it, and At it, and Under it, and Above it, until I was able to put aside all the stuff that had nothing to do with my true feelings, and to just look at what I wanted. Don’t fool yourself, it’s hard to do, it really is. With all the bullshit we collect from a lifetime of American Culture, its a miracle we can think at all. Also, by thinking through my Bianca jealousy, I clearly saw that even with all my blackmail and sex antics I was making the Diner a better place to be, and therefore the world. I think it was Buddha who said you can’t change the world, you can only change the greasy spoon restaurant you work in. Anyway, back to the fucking…

Helena’s apartment was where I told everyone to illegal bahis meet up after work. When I arrived, only Helena and Mandy were there. They laughed at me from their comfortable position on the couch as my face went Agog at the sight of their open collared blouses that revealed two massively plunging cleavages. Gone were the workhorse bras I had fucked them in before. Both of them had upgraded to lingerie that made their huge tits far more presentable and available. Mandy had gone with a black demi-tasse, which pushed her 43 DD’s into a fuck shelf unequaled in beauty. Helena had a white plunge bra which was almost comically failing in it’s job to support her 48D’s. Their tittering made all four of their tits shake and jiggle, which made my cock even harder than it was.

“Jesus Son, you need to put them eyeballs back your head.” Mandy teased, her thick Southern accent laying down a vibe a sexy as her tits. “What’s the matter? You never seen two old ladies with big ass titties before?”

“No Ma’am. I sure haven’t. Looks like you two ladies have been talking?”

“Girls will be girls.” Helena said in a soft, but assured voice.

“Does Helena know I plan to make love to you?” I asked Mandy.

“Oh, she certainly does.” Mandy said with a smirk.

“And I get to watch.” Helena popped in, excitedly.

“Oh really? You want to watch? Just watch?”

“Watching helps me learn what to do, and what not to do.”, she said in a way that showed she had been rehearsing the line over and over.. And that meant she had been thinking about when she watched me fuck Bianca, over and over.

“Okay. That’s alright with me. Let’s go to the bedroom. And, Helena try to stay out of the way.”

Helena suppressed her excitement. “I may masturbate however.”

“You can do what you like, because I will be focused on fucking Mandy. Shall we?”

I held my hand out, and Mandy took it and I took her to the back bedroom. The first thing I did was to sit her on the edge of the bed, take of her shirt and massage her tits, squeezing them and running fingers softly across her skin.

“Oh, hell yes Greg, play with ’em. Make them titties yours.” Mandy’s southern fried voice was smoky and raw, and her words dropped out of her brick-red lips like syrup into my ear. I kneeled down in front of her and easily popped out a nipple from her bra and began to flick my tongue across the huge button of flesh. Mandy smiled wider and caressed the back of my head. I sucked her nipple into my mouth and starting slurping away like a madman. Mandy threw her head back.

“Fuck yes you bastard! Suck that fucking tit. Do it!”

I heard a whimper in the corner behind me, and turned around to see Helena sitting in a chair in the corner of the room, her skirt gone, her panties gone, and her legs encased in a sheer white stocking and garter set, which as her legs were spread wide open, set off her dark haired vagina and the fingers that were flicking and fingering her clit. I turned back to Mandy and instantly swallowed her other nipple and gave it the same oral treatment, only harder and fiercer. Mandy kept up her murmuring approval.

“Oh shit yes, suck it good, suck it as hard as you can you filthy little fuck. Do it, do it, do it…”

I then stood up and yanked my pants, shorts and shoes off faster than a Baywatch lifeguard and stood back in front of Mandy’s face. Without hesitating she took my cock in my mouth and began to suck it in and out of her wrinkled mouth, grunting a sound of assent with each plunge of my cock into her throat. She brought her long red nailed hands up to my ass-cheeks and gripped them tightly as she face fucked my cock.

“Nuunnnh, I can’t see!”, squeaked a frustrated Helena.

“Not my problem.” I said, not tearing my eyes away from Mandy’s blue eye-shadowed eyes looking right back at, glowing with lust and pride as she kept an almost professional rhythm on my dick. Helena suddenly plopped herself onto the bed, and leaned against the headboard, where she could see how my cock was getting wetter and redder as Mandy’s ancient lipstick began to dye my cock with proof of her cock sucking proficiency.

“Oh my, I always forget how big your manhood is, Greg.” She was breathing hard and squeezing one of her tits and she masturbated.

“Really? And here I was thinking you liked women, considering how hard you came on Bianca’s face last time.” Helena blushed, which was hilarious considering she was jacking off while watching her friend suck a man’s cock. “I think I like…I like both.” her hands were flicking her clit even faster as she spoke.

“So, would like me to suck on your pussy, Helena.” Mandy asked her, taking a break from sucking my cock.

“You know I would, Mandy.”

“Heh. I ain’t no dyke.” Mandy went back down on my dick and sucked it with a vengeance. Her nails dug into my ass as she took almost five whole inches of my 8 inch dick over and and over without a gag or missing a beat, and also without a drop of saliva on her chin.

“Oh hell yes, Mandy, suck his manhood, suck his huge throbbing prick!” Helena’s fingers were flying across her clit, almost assaulting the poor little thing as she stared, bug eyed at Mandy’s felating me.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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