A MILF’s Tale Ch. 02 – Continuation

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No further invitation was needed. Sandy lent forward, held my head with one hand and softly placed her lips on mine. With the other hand she was running the tips of her fingers over my nipples.

Our lips met with delicate butterfly embraces. I held her pace, exactly matching her touch. I could feel my nipples respond to her touches and I gasped softly as that special electricity started to come to life — my nipples are so sensitive! For a moment she pulled back, knowing she had so quickly got a response from me. Our eyes met and she gestured a question by simply raising an eyebrow — she was checking if I was ok. I just nodded.

She again lent forward, but this time she put her mouth on my neck and licked and peppered it with kisses. She darted her tongue into my ear whispering “I want you”. I pressed her hand hard against my tit and she responded with a rougher stimulation of my nipple. Spontaneously or mouths met again, but this time with deeper, more passionate kisses. Sandy darted her tongue into my mouth and our mouths became full entwined.

It seemed we had been embracing each other for hours, but in truth it was a couple of minutes. I pulled back.

“They will be wondering what we are up to?”

She smiled and nodded

“You’re right, I ought to return. So, Jane, when do we go to bed? I finish today at 6.00….”

I said:

“Come to mine, we will be alone….”.

We smiled at each other like two cats that had most definitely found the cream.

We went downstairs as calmly as we could. As we did, the owner came across and asked Sandy if all was ok. She said all was well, she introduced me and she said had been showing me around as she was wondering if I might want a job. He introduced himself, and in impeccable and charming English said if Sandy thought I was right then he would be pleased to have me — he fully respected her judgement. We chatted briefly and I explained I had to think about it… he understood.

I drifted back home. To say the least, this what not how I thought my day off would go!

I was wired, excited and very turned on. I had not felt like this for so long, so sexually energised by the touch of another woman. I did not know what to do with myself. I found bahis şirketleri it hard to think. I just wanted her. I wanted her to touch me, feel me, kiss me, lick me.

I had about 4 hours before she came round.

To distract myself I logged onto my Cam site and looked to see what other girls were up to, but I soon lost interest. I could not concentrate on them. I thought I might turn on my profile and get some business, but in truth my thoughts were not about blokes wanking over me. I wanted a different touch.

I whiled away some time. I selected some wine to chill, prepared some simple Tapas type food, made sure the house was tidy — which it was – I lay out some clothing to wear. I found myself choosing a very light, long dress, with a plunging back and a button up front — most of which would be undone! Grecian sandals. I selected by favourite tiny bikini briefs and nothing else to go under the dress.

I then ran a long bath and prepared my body for her. I carefully shaved my cunt and legs, smoothing in a lotion afterwards. I checked every part of me was ready. I made sure I was delicately scented. I decided on just touches of make-up to highlight my tan. Finally, a few pieces of jewellery, a couple of bangles, long dangling earrings and a chunky necklace — sort of Andalusian look

I was ready waiting for her, nervously sipping some wine. Dead on time the bell rang. I do like punctuality!

I opened the door to her smiling face. She was still in the clothes she had on at work.

She presented me with flowers and a bottle of wine, which was a charming touch. We embraced softly, but oddly we were slightly formal. It was as though both of us were thinking “is this real, did today happen, should we be doing this?”

I asked if she’d like a drink and she was pleased to take chilled wine. As I went into the kitchen, I showed her the downstairs area. She approved and for a brief while we spoke about internal design — both of us knowing we were just talking about anything to steady ourselves. We clinked glasses and then just stared at each other.

Sandy broke the silence.

“You look fucking sensational Jane. I’m still hot and bothered from work, I had no time to go home and change.”

It bahis firmaları was the perfect opportunity to cut through the slightly awkward moment:

“Well then Sandy, let me run you a bath and you can sip some wine and freshen up”.

“Mmmmm – oh yes please, I like that — sexy girl”, she laughed “I need to feel good for you” and she pouted teasingly.

That awkward moment had gone, we were on our way.

I got up to take her the bathroom. But the damn had burst. As we stood up, we spontaneously reached out and held each other. The initial tension was gone and now our hands were exploring each other’s body and our mouths were locked in deep tongued kisses.

Even whilst we were kissing, Sandy managed to expertly remove the clasps that held up her hair and it tumbled down. I unbuttoned her Kaftan, slipped it off her shoulders and it just fell to the ground. As expertly as she had unclipped her hair, she unclipped her bra. I was in no mood to wait, I wanted to see her, I ripped it off and exposed her.

Believe me, I know more than most the way that men obsess about women’s breasts. A large part of my day is listening to men telling me what they want to do to mine. The list is very long; kiss them, lick them, bite them, slap them, pinch them, clamp them, paint them (like an artist), draw on them, cum on them, piss on them, use lipstick to write four letter words on them…and that’s just the normal guys!

But also believe me, women like women’s breasts. At least this woman does. I like them well formed, full without being pendulous and I like them to be attached to a woman who is proud of them. And that’s what I was looking at! Sandy was just right. I held them, cupped them and worked her nipples will she started to moan as I did in the café. Except now I could carry on exciting her.

As they stiffened, my licks became little bites. As she started to grind her hips my bites became stronger. As she started to tell me to “fuckin do it to me” I squeezed them, slapped them, sucked them whilst she now had her hand inside her panties and was wanking herself. Sensing the moment was arriving, I just held her tight and supported her as she shuddered in my arms. It was so fast; she must have arrived horny. God it was kaçak bahis siteleri sexy.

For a little while I just held her. We then kissed again – long languid kisses. As we embraced, she undid the handful of buttons at the front of my dress and it was my turn to be on display. In no time she was exciting my nipples.

Unsurprisingly I too reacted swiftly and as I did her attention shifted. She dropped to her knees before me. Momentarily she licked inside my thighs and inhaled the combined scent of my body lotion and juiced up cunt. My briefs fell to the floor with no resistance and she admired my freshly shaved flesh before beginning the task of opening my lips with her tongue. Knowing only too well what I wanted her to do, I collapsed onto the sofa, spread my legs and stroked the inside of my thighs.

Such an invitation would be impossible to resist – and she did not. She crawled like a sexy cat towards me, licking her lips and smiling with a cheeky look in her eye. “Your turn Jane”.

She was good. Very good. There is nothing quite like a sexually charged woman who gets off on going down on another woman. She knew how to read me, to respond to my moans and murmurs, she just knew how to hunt down the bits of me that really work and she knew when to kiss or lick or bite. And I could tell she loved the taste and scent of my cunt. She rubbed my juices over her mouth, her tongue, her lips, her face, her tits. The scent of my sex was all over her and the more she did it the more she worked me.

She murmured:

“Christ you are one sexy bitch Jane, I want to fuck you”

I pushed my cunt into her face. I wrapped my legs round her, my heels digging into her back as I pulled her mouth onto me:

“Jesus, fuck me with your mouth, I want to come on your mouth Sandy”

And I did.

One wave, then another, and another…. I held her mouth on me and realised she was again frigging herself as she licked me. She was now cumming on her fingers whilst she was making me cum on her mouth.

“Oh god do me Sandy, do me good, do it to me”

We then both shuddered to a conclusion and collapsed on each other.

Momentarily we both drifted into a satisfied sleep. I stirred to see the most sensual vision I had witnessed in years. This deeply attractive woman was breathing lightly next to me. I watched her breasts rise and fall with each breath and I stroked the perfect shape of her waist flowing into her hips.

It was delicious.

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