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When I stepped off the plane I was so nervous and excited I felt dizzy. I stopped at the men’s room to freshen up; I wanted to be at my best when she first saw me. It had been over one month since we had seen each other, held each other, or kissed each other. We talked almost every day, for which I was grateful, but that left a lot to be desired. My heart was racing with excitement as I approached baggage claim where she would be waiting. I saw her before she saw me and was filled with joy; I would never stop being amazed at how beautiful she is. When our eyes met weeks melted away as if we had never been apart. As we closed the distance between us I took her in; the face of an angel framed by light brown hair. Her gorgeous supple body was moving lithely toward me, I dropped my bags and took her in my arms. Tight hugs, desperate kiss, holding her face in my hands looking deep into her eyes.

“God, I’ve missed you.”

More hugs, and I can’t help my self; my hand slides down over her ass, as it always does, to see what kind of panties she is wearing. I’m not disappointed with what I find.

“Let me see your belly, I just want to look at it.”

She laughs playfully and just says “no belly, let’s get out of here.” Then grabs my backpack and my arm leading me to the parking garage.

The ride to the hotel was a blur, I just watched her, taking in her beauty, touching her hair, her face her whole body. She smiles and giggles telling me to stop and be patient because she needed to focus on driving. So I tried to restrain my self, but it was hard.

Once in the room she turned to close the door, she felt my arms wrap around her from behind. She smiled and leaned back against me. The world always seems perfect when I was with her, holding her and telling her how wonderful she is. She tilted her head to the side as my mouth moved softy across her neck. Her eyes closed as her body responded instantly to the slightest touch from me. I always try to make her feel alive. My hands roamed her body, cupping her magnificent breasts and pinching the nipples between my thumb and fore fingers. When she felt my arms loosen slightly she turned to face me. I kissed her mouth again, our tongues dancing and fighting, and then I dropped to my knees and raised her shirt. Then I was eye level with the belly, the happiest place on earth, the tiny jewel in her belly button sparkled at me as I held her waist in my hands and kissed all over her belly.

I let my left hand slide up her back to pop her bra loose and as I stood up I lifted her shirt and bra away. She kissed me passionately and slid my shirt off over my head; I pulled her toward me as I moved back til my legs hit the bed. Sitting down I unbuttoned her pants and slid them and the panties over her hips. I began to kiss from hip to hip across her neatly trimmed pubic hair and down to lick at her puffy, moist lips. Then I turned her so I could squeeze and kiss her luscious ass, I ran my tongue up the crack and spread her cheeks to lap at the small star hidden there. Releasing her I lay back and raised my hips so she could remove my pants.

She smiled when her eyes came to rest on my hard cock. I could tell she wanted so badly to take it in her hands and hold it tightly. To lick all over it then suck softly on it. But she knew we needed to be closer now, however she was not above a little teasing first. She moved to straddle my stomach our eyes connected as her hands moved across my neck and shoulders. She could see the desire building in my eyes and I could also see it in hers. She wanted to make it last forever. To let it build till there bahis siteleri was no holding back. Gliding across my skin, her nails lightly scratching trails down my neck and across my shoulders and down onto my chest, she let her hand rest over my heart and felt it beat, faster then normal. She looked up and caught my eyes once more with her own as her fingers moved to circle my nipples. I gave a soft moan as she teased all around it. She took the hard nub in between her fingers. Rolling it and pinching softly, then leaned over to blow softly across it. My hands were moving up and down her legs.

When they reached her hips I grabbed and moved her back just a little. She could feel the head of my hard dick poking her butt cheeks. She moved herself back a little more and rubbed her pussy back and forth across it, making her catch her breath at how great it felt. She had to do it again. Pressing down harder onto it as she massaged me with her pussy. My hands were squeezing her hips hard as she moved.

“I can’t take much more baby,” I told her.

She leaned down to kiss me then. I nipped her bottom lip and teased it with my tongue. My hands moved into her hair as we kissed passionately, our tongues exploring and teasing. She moaned into my mouth. She could not stop herself. She was getting out of control herself. She did not want to tease me anymore; she wanted me inside of her as much as I wanted to be there. To make her explode as only I could do. She tried to move her hips so she could move herself onto me. I placed my hands on her hips once more and stopped her. I held her so she could not adjust herself to move onto me. When she looked at me I smiled, she growled at me.

“Not just yet, it is my turn to tease,” I told her as I moved quickly and before she knew what was happening she was the one on her back.

I slid my hands across her body, my mouth moved to one of her nipples as my hands continued to caress her. She arched her back and gave a loud moan as I gently took it between my teeth. My tongue teased the hard nub until she was wiggling and squirming beneath me. Her hands moved into my hair as I started to suck on it. She was pushing it into my mouth wanting more. As I moved to do the same to the other one she was close to begging, she was on fire everywhere. She could feel my hands moving along her inner thighs now and she moved her hips down trying to get me to touch her there. To give her therelease that was right there but she could not reach. When the side of my hands brushed across her hot pussy she did beg. She wanted my touch there so badly, She begged me to give it to her.

“Please baby. I can’t take anymore”. She begged.

“Just a little more sweetheart, I just got started.” I whispered back to her.

My mouth moved from her tits and was working down across her stomach and down to tease the bellybutton. My hands moved to spread her legs farther apart as my mouth moved lower. Her hands were still in my hair, holding my head and trying to move me to the place that needed my attention the most. I was not about to let her rush me though. I let my fingers tease the outside of her pussy. I felt how hot and wet she was. She was definitely ready for me, God I love watching her squirm and lose control. To know that I could have this affect on her was just as much a turn on for me as it was for her.

We seem to bring out the best in each other. My tongue replaced the fingers that were teasing her. I had to hold her hips still as I licked all around her. Getting closer and closer to her clit with my tongue with each stroke, she was trying to move her canlı bahis siteleri hips, trying to bring my mouth to her clit. It was on fire, she was begging me, over and over, and finally I gave her what she needed. As my lips, teeth, and tongue danced across her clit she moaned loudly. Close to screaming.

I moved a finger into her wet pussy and rubbed her “G” as my mouth closed over her clit. She came instantly. She arched her back and stiffened beneath me, her hands holding my head tightly. I licked and kissed gently till she calmed. Her fingers caressed my hair and down to his shoulders as she tried to get her breathing back to normal. She pulled me up to cover her completely with my body.

She reached between us to wrap her fingers around the hard cock that still needed to be taken care of. She brushed her fingers across the juices that were there and rubbed it all over the head. One hand moved to cup my balls, holding them and massaging them in her hand. She wrapped her legs around my hips as she guided my cock to the warmth that was ready and waiting, I entered her slowly.

Her heat surrounding my cock as I moved til I was buried deep inside her was welcome and familiar; I was home. She was so hot and tight around me I stayed still for a moment, I was trying to go slow, to savor every moment, to make it last forever. But she was not cooperating; her hips were grinding upward onto me. Trying to get me in deeper. Her pussy muscles were gripping me hard. Her mouth was moving on my neck, her teeth nipping, her tongue licking. Her nails were scratching at my back and ass. I could not hold back anymore.

I started moving, in and out. Slow smooth strokes at first, til her nails dug into my ass checks. I thrust harder into her, her moans became louder, she was almost there, she was going to cum again. Her fingers gripped my ass harder and she pulled me deeper and harder into her, her hips met every hard thrust. My moans blended with hers. My cock was ready to explode; I slammed into her again and again. We came together, her pussy muscles gripping and sucking the cum from my cock. Our hips thrust and ground against each other’s til there was nothing left to give. Her arms held me tight as I collapsed on top of her, our hands caressed each other softly.

I rolled to the side taking her with me. Still inside of her, we look into each other’s eyes and kissed softly. She moved as close to me as she could, neither of us wanting a distance between us. I held her to me as she nuzzled my neck. Kissing it softly before closing her eyes I rested my head on hers and felt contentment that had been denied me for over a month.

As we snuggled there was no mistaking the deep feeling we had for each other. The intimacy we had just expressed couldn’t be faked. I knew that for a long time she had been denied the joy being in a true relationship could bring, so had I. I wanted her to know I would never distance myself from her, or abandon her. When it all started we told each other we would keep it casual but we couldn’t stop the feelings from growing in us. Now I needed her like I need air to breathe

Romantically and sexually, we were so compatible, now lying together still warm from our passionate lovemaking I began to harden inside of her, my cock was growing back to it’s full length and state of readiness, while still nestled deep inside of her cum-filled pussy.

She stared at me in wonder, and then started to slowly rotate her hips as the feeling of passion started to ignite a fire that she thought was extinguished, at least for the moment. I grinned mischievously as I canlı bahis slowly but deliberately withdrew my hard cock from her sopping wet, pussy. She growled, frustrated, even though I was very turned on, and wanted more than anything to spread her legs wide apart and bury my cock up to the hilt, I wanted her to know that sex with her meant more to me than just about getting off. But about the rawest, most intimate, and closest form of communication a man and a woman could express, about knowing each other so well, that we could communicate with a look, a sound, a movement, a touch. Sex could be an expression of love between two people that have a bond so strong that they give apart of themselves to each other and it was so erotically sensual, the way we seemed to be magnetically drawn to each other.

So, as much as I wanted to fuck her into next week, I was just as resolute in my desire to build a wonderful tension in her by exploring her feminine charms to the utmost. She looked at me, her sapphire blue eyes burning with a look that told me she would not wait forever, but for the moment I was in control. I let my warm tongue trace her chin now, then slowly down her throat to the valley between her breasts. I found them fascinating, I enjoyed how responsive they were to my touch and tongue, I took the nipple between my teeth and gently teased her again; her chest was rising and heaving heavily, her eyes were displaying the wanton need she felt as my tongue slide further down her chest and stomach.

Her need was more than obvious she was rolling her ass, and squeezing her thighs together in a vain attempt quiet the fire in her loins and belly. Even though we had just experienced an earth shattering orgasm, she needed more. It had never been like this before, but then there was never this kind of connection between her and a man before. Her nipples were hard as stone, her breasts heaving, and her stomach ached. She wanted, no needed my cock now! She was determined to have it now… To that end she summoned all her strength, rolled me over so that she was on top of me, pinned my arms at the wrists, over my head.

“I want you now” she said.

As she enveloped my manhood into her moist tight warm harbor she sighed loudly, She moved her hands to my chest, feeling me underneath her hands gave her even more of a sensual feeling. As she got closer to the height of her passion she leaned over so that I could take one of her nipples into my mouth. She didn’t care which one; they were on fire too and needed attention.

I knew what was coming, and wanted to experience it as much as she did. Her soft, brown hair cascaded over my face as I suckled the nipple into my mouth, then the whole round firm and tasty breast, at least as much as I could get. I raised my hands to entwine in her hair. Her hips started working overtime now, trying to experience every inch of the steel hard, white-hot cock inside of her. I began fucking her hard with my entire cock.

I tried to give her pleasure like she had never felt in her life. I wanted to satisfy her as no other man had done before. She fell forward on my chest, the relentless pounding of my cock soon forcing her to grind even harder. I grabbed her hips and tried to get even deeper inside her. I had never so felt complete in my life. My cock felt bigger, it seemed to swell, stretching her pussy to the limits. I pushed it all the way in and held it as it seemed to explode in her pussy. I knew she felt my cock jerk inside her then she came again. I lost count of the number of times she came or of the number of times my cock ejaculated, but we could both feel wetness dripping down our legs by the time we were done.

She had taken me to heaven; I hoped I had done the same for her. Now I was sated, and fulfilled, and ready to face anything with my friend and lover.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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