Mark’s Ex Models Needed

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All rights reserved, do not post to reading list, copy, reuse, distribute, or publish this work anywhere else. Copyright 2022 to 2032, Tonyma70 at Literotica.

We will continue:

What to do? RJ was shocked his instructor called him; the professor wanted the name of his model. He did not tell anyone about the phone call. On one hand RJ would love to see his mother model for the artists, but he was concerned his mother would have a meltdown when she noticed all the male artists become excited as she did recently. How will he broach the subject? “Hey mom my professor loves the sketches we did of you, and he noted how comfortable you were when you showed your pussy. He wants you to pose for the classes.” He thought with a giggle and then he came to his senses. “I can’t tell my mother that she would disown me! What to do, what to do? I know I will consult Mark see if he wants my mother to pose for the college art course.” He had his solution he thought. “I will have Mark make the decision.” He mentally said as he walked to his car.

It took RJ a few days to get Mark alone so he could talk to him about his dilemma as Mark was traveling.

“I see you were accepted into the art program congratulations. Did any of your sketches end up in the gallery at the College?” Mark inquired.

RJ turned red. “The whole group who sketched mom were accepted and yes there are many sketches of mom in the gallery I am told. I wanted to talk to you about the possibility of Mom Modeling for the college art classes” RJ explained to Mark the situation and added. “I don’t want to piss off the art professor by not asking mom if she will pose for the group and I don’t want to piss off my mother for posing for us and having her likeness on the gallery walls in all her naked glory.

“We will have to let your mother think it was her idea to model for your classes, but I haven’t figured out a way to do that yet. Let me think about it.” Mark said, the conversation ended as Sarah walked into the house.

“What were you two conspiring to do that you didn’t want me to know about, as you abruptly stopped the discussion as I entered the premises.” Sarah inquired suspiciously. “Do I have to walk down Broadway in broad daylight nude at rush hour in Albany, or something similar for my son’s and bestie’s benefit”

Both turned red as her remark was close to the truth. They did want her to model nude for the art class.

“No, we were just discussing your modeling career ending.” Mark stated.

“Yes, mom you are a great model.”

“Well, I’m not that great a model as they are not beating down the doors for me to model and besides I am too old. It is also very tiring to stay in one position for an extended period of time.” Sarah stated dismissively.

“So, mom you would be willing to model if you were asked?”

“Well yes but who would want a woman almost ready to collect social security to model for them?”

“Professor Sayer the head of the college Art program does. Here is his number call him if you want to continue to model.” RJ said as he handed his mother the professors cell number.

“Why does he want me to model. I am not that good, and I am old.” Sarah babbled stressed.

RJ proceeded to tell his mother the accolades she received from the professor and also that one area of the gallery is dedicated to the sketches of her.

“Oh my, you mean that someone may recognize me! I hope they are not the erotic poses only the classic poses that are being shown in the gallery.”

“Mom all the sketches of you are beautiful and that is from all the faculty and visitors who attended the open house.”

“Why weren’t we invited?”

“It was a closed ceremony for the people who supported the art program.”

“Sure, if it wasn’t for me, you wouldn’t have gotten the sketches you needed, and we weren’t invited.”

“Mom, I haven’t seen the display yet, it will be there until December.”

“We should take a ride there and I can make an appointment to meet with your professor if Mark is in agreement.”

“Sarah, you can do anything you are comfortable with as far as modeling goes.”

“Mom, I don’t want the professor to be pissed at me, so could you call him either way. Whether you want to model or not please.”

“Will do my son.” Sarah said, as she thought. “Will I be able to model at the college? Will it be detrimental to my accounting business? Will I be able to compartmentalize my two vocations?”

It is cooling off at LG, the shops are closing down, Mark is getting ready to move back to Kingston for the winter. “Will Sarah go back to her home or will she follow me.” He thought. “I hope it is the latter!”

It is quiet at the compound presently as all the young people left for college or home. RJ is traveling to Albany for his classes. He has a dorm room but prefers the condo he is in on the lake.

“Well Sarah what are you planning on doing. Do I send Jack with you to go back to your home upstate bahis şirketleri or do you want to come to Kingston with me?”

“That is a dumb question, Mark. — Unless your trying to get rid of me?”

“Absolutely not I just want you to decide where your want to live. That is all.” Mark inquired.

“I want to be with you, but I have to be sure this time that we are on the same page. I have been thinking how I want to live from here on. I realize that I like to show off and want to continue. I was too conservative, submissive and unhappy before. Now every day is an adventure. As long as we keep an open dialogue, I will be happy. We will need to communicate our feelings to each other when either of us are unhappy. If you agree with me, we can continue with our relationship.”

“I am in full agreement with you. Sarah we are each our own person but working together for our common good and happiness.” And in a surprise move Mark said. ” So let’s get married.” As he got on his knee and produced a ring box with a two-carat diamond in it. “My dear Sarah will you marry me for the second time?”

“Yes, okay, yes.” She cried as she threw herself into his arms and kissed him passionately.

RJ was surprised, but very happy for his mother and Mark, because he knows Mark will take care of his mother.

The call to the professor was forgotten. In its place, was plans for a small private wedding.

The weeks between the proposal and Marriage Sarah contacted the young man that documented her modeling debut for her son. She acquired a copy of all the photos Mark took of her during her sessions. Sarah wanted to look them over before she approached Mark about continuing to model. Sarah was amazed how totally exposed she was, her legs open wide a look of lust in her eyes. The poses didn’t embarrass her, they excited her that she showed all there her intimate being. “I am delighted I had the courage to pose erotically. I love all the photos taken of me.” She thought as she looked through them. “I like the ones where you can see the moisture on my pussy lips the best, although I would not admit that to my son. Maybe I will tell Mark if his askes.” Her thought process continued while she viewed her images that were more erotic as she viewed the later images.

A few weeks later:

The couple married in a private ceremony with only close friends. They went to a clothing optional resort for their honeymoon. Sarah understood that Mark liked to show her off and she was ecstatic to be the object of men’s fantasies. She has finally outgrown her outdated moral issues for a future of exhibitionism with Mark’s approval. Sarah gave Mark the option to see other women as long as they do this together, and he gave her the same option to see other men, with the same restrictions.

The honeymoon at the clothing optional resort:

With all the airline transfers the travel time was long. They arrived at their destination in the afternoon the four-hour trip took nine hours. They exited their ride from the airport to the resort and as soon as Sarah saw the sign that said clothing optional, she stripped nude and gave her clothes to her husband. “I won’t need these for most of our stay here.”

This brought a laugh from some of the guests who arrived with them and embarrassment from some of the women when their husband’s stated. “Why don’t you strip down also, I will hold your clothes.”

Reluctantly a few of the women did strip. The difference between Sarah and the other women, she stood proud as the other women hid their naked charms.

“This is a beautiful place.” Mark said as he took in the amazing sight of his wife nude in public. “I never tire of my wife’s naked beauty.” He thought with a smile.

As they registered for their stay the counter person stated. “It didn’t take you long to go native Mrs. Scott, but as beautiful as you are it would be a shame to hide your naked charms from humanity.”

Their suite was on the second floor it overlooked the ocean. Mark picked up his wife and carried her across the threshold into the room as he sucked on her nipple. He plopped Sarah down on the gigantic king-sized bed. She put her hands in back of her head on a pillow with her legs spread a comfortable distance apart. “This is the way life should be.” Sarah sighed as they waited for their luggage to be brought into their room. “This is the first time I have been on a vacation. We never had the money or time when I was married to Richard. Thank you Mark for rescuing me.” Sarah said as she brought her hands to cup her breast, then continued down to rub her pussy.

There was a knock on the door. “Do you want to cover up before I open the door, Sarah?”

“Do you want me to stop warming your box lunch Mark?”

“Not really.”

“Than open the door and I will continue to get my pussy prepared for action.” Sarah giggled as she plunged three fingers in her pussy in front of the surprised baggage person.

Sarah and Mark bahis firmaları conversed with the young man his eyes as large as saucers. He tried to answer their inquiries, but he didn’t have enough brain matter to soak in the mature woman’s naked beauty and converse at the same time. Mark gave the poor young man a large tip for the teasing he endured with Sarah’s performance.

“Did you see the boner the poor kid sported by the time he left Mark.”

“What do you want me to do, call him back so you can relieve his discomfort?”

“Why Mark, do you want me to?”

“I will call him back if you want me to Sarah?”

“No, I think I am satisfied with you for the time being.” She chuckled. “Now get over here and perform you husbandly duties. This girl needs to get hosed down and lick-it-ty-slit while you are at it.”

Mark didn’t need an engraved invitation. He dove on the bed between his wife’s legs, removed her fingers from her pussy and inserted his tongue he used it as a small pecker, while he used fingers on his left hand to push into her Hershey highway.

“Ooohhh that feels so good Mark.” Sarah moaned as she grabbed his head and pushed her box tight against his mouth.

Mark sucked on her pussy lips and tongued her pussy. She came with a scream of delight. He let her rest while he got ready for the main event, he disrobed and laid between her outstretched legs. Mark took in the beauty of her engorged lady lips and inhaled the aroma which intoxicated him of her aroused pussy. He played with her lady lips as he looked into her splayed vaginal opening. “This is close to heaven.” He thought as he rubbed her lower lips together.

At a later time, we will continue with the couples honeymoon it will suffice to say they had a hell of a time.

RJ anxiously awaited the couple’s arrival home. His professor on a daily basis asked when Sarah will be available to model. He has no idea if his mother will consent to model for the classes as they will become erotic poses the latter part of the first year and from thereafter.

“Hi, RJ, you miss us?” His mother asked upon arrival home.

“Yes, I did, it has been lonely around here without you guys. I stayed at the dorm a few nights.”

“How is college going? Is it different than high school?” Mark asked.

“Yes, it is, no one there to tell me to do my homework.”

“Do you get along with all the professors you have?” His mother asked.

“For the most part yes, but Professor Sayer’s has asked me every day I see him.”

‘When will your mother model for the class?’

“I guess we can go to the campus, look at your sketches, and have a meeting with the professor. What do you think about that Sarah?” Mark asked.

“That is a great idea, I need to compartmentalize my accounting business and my modeling career. Hopefully one will not interfere with the other.” Sarah stated concerned.

“Sarah, we will go to the college tomorrow, see your sketches displayed, and then meet with Professor Sayers. What do you think of that?”

“We have been gone for a few weeks, shouldn’t we take care of business the next few days and then next week go to the college?”

“We should go tomorrow; besides I don’t think the boss will fire us.” Mark stated happily, as he wanted to view his wife’s images at the college gallery.

The couple was exhausted from the long trip and went to bed early. They awoke refreshed and left early for Albany they stopped at Alexis Diner for breakfast before they went to the campus.

Sarah Texted RJ and had to wait until he finished a class to gain access to the Gallery. The couple wandered around the school concourses for an hour before RJ met them. RJ gave Professor Sayers a heads up that his mother will be on campus, so he followed RJ to meet with Sarah. This was disconcerting to Mark and Sarah.

“Mrs. Greene it is nice to meet you after all this time. I told your son I wanted you to model for the class a while ago and this is the first time, I have seen you.” He acknowledged with annoyance.

“First of all, Professor Sayers. This is my wife Mrs. Scott. With all due respect sir, it will be up to Mrs. Scott whether she wants to model for the college or not?”

“I just wanted to help RJ with his marks if his mother models he will get twenty points added to his grade.” The professor stated.

“That doesn’t seem right?” Mark bristled. “How can RJ’s mother modeling add to his grade?”

The professor could see the look of anger in Mark’s eyes and back peddled. “Well, I didn’t mean it like that. It would just help the class to do better and that is RJ included, because she is such a great model.”

“We will take that under advisement.” Mark shot back peeved at the professor. “The guy is a scumbag!” He thought.

“Well, I have a class to teach call me when you will model for your son’s class.” The professor stated, still under the assumption that he can command someone to model for his class through a kaçak bahis siteleri look of intimidation.

“I have to go to class also mom here is a pass to get into the gallery I got for you.” RJ stated as he ran to catch up with his professor.

“Dr. Sayers with all do respect please don’t talk to my mother as you did. Mark is very protective of her and will not stand by if you continue with the intimidation tactics.” RJ warned.

“You, young man better get your mother to model for the group if you know what is good for you and your marks.” Dr. Sayers said with perceived Malice directed at RJ.

RJ walked away from his professor pissed. He knows Professor Sayers attitude will be his downfall when he informs Mark about his remarks to the Professor and the professor’s rebuttal.

Meanwhile Mark and Sarah found the gallery. They went through the entire art gallery until they found Sarah’s portraits it was a whole room of her images. They exemplified Sarah beautifully. It was the whole room full of her nude images from classic to erotic. They were all beautiful the erotic included.

“Mark you can almost see what I had for breakfast in some of the poses I am in. Some of the images of my pussy are graphic to say the least.” Sarah said with a mixture of levity and stress.

“Sarah all the images are beautiful. I am very proud to be married to you.”

As the couple looked at the images a group of people entered and looked at the sketches.

There were whispers. “The woman in the sketches looks like the woman over there?” One of the ladies said to the group.

A bolder woman approached Mark and Sarah. “Excuse me but are these sketches of you. If not, you have a strong resemblance to the model.”

Sarah looked at the woman without embarrassment. “Yes, that is me in the sketches.” She said as Sarah stood tall and looked the woman in the eyes.

“Hey all, this is the model for the sketches.” The woman called out excitedly to the group she was with.

“Hi, my name is Brenda, our daughter goes here. Were you coerced into modeling for the sketches on the wall?”

“No, I modeled for my son and his friends so he could get into the Art Program.”

“Wow, you let your son see you this exposed. You have courage, but the sketches turned out beautiful. I must say.”

“Why did you ask if Sarah was coerced to model for the figure studies?” Mark enquired with suspicion.

“Our daughter needed the ten figure study sketches to get into the program two years ago, but couldn’t find a model so the sleaze bag Professor Sayers coerced our daughter to model nude and spread as Sarah did to get into the program. Once in he made her model many times to get the marks she needed. We went to the school and they did nothing about it. Kimmy hasn’t been right since, it has been very traumatic for her. The young men think that she is easy because she models nude, so she has no relationship with men on the campus.” Brenda lamented.

“We have no problem with the human body, but it has to be the person who is the model to choose whether they want to model nude or not. The Professor has no right to force anyone to model for the class and use grades as blackmail.” Mark added with anger.

With the information Brenda gave him and after RJ informed Mark about the exchange, he had with the professor Mark called Art. When Art answered Mark said. “Hi buddy how busy are you?”

“Not too busy for you, my friend. What’s up?”

“I need you to get a cocky scumbag professor to leave his present position at the College. Give him a month to find a new job on the other side of the country.”

Mark and Art concocted a plan to give the college a five-hundred-thousand grant if Professor Sayer is forced to leave.

A few days later after Art did some reconnaissance, he walked into Professor Sayers office without knocking. “Good morning, sir my name is Art.” He didn’t get to finish.

“Well Art who the fuck do you think you are barging into my office without knocking? No one does that to Professor Sayers I won’t allow it. Get out of here before I call security.” The professor on his high horse threatened.

“Well Sayers the answer to your question is I am your worst nightmare if you have that attitude. As far as calling security it will be to your embarrassment if they come here. My employer wants you to resign from the college and find a job across the country you have a month. You should have listened to RJ.” With that Art took exit.

Meanwhile Mark and Sarah discussed the possibility that she would model for the college art class.

“I want you to model for the art class but not with Professor Sayers at the helm. He is a dirtbag Sarah he has bullied your son and you. Along with Brenda’s daughter.”

“MMaarrkk what are you going to do?”

“Sayers will be reassigned to a school on the west coast of East Samoa. Art is making the arrangements. Professor Sayers has a month to relocate. The school gets a grant from Scott Associates when the dirtbag leaves. See that’s win-win.”

All rights reserved, do not post to reading list, copy, reuse, distribute, or publish this work anywhere else. Copyright 2022 to 2032, Tonyma70 at Literotica

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