Prom Night Savior

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NOTE: All characters are at least 18 years of age. Although it begins in high school where one of the characters was younger, nothing intimate happens until the they are all of a legal age.




Nearly one year ago, Lewis came home earlier than he had expected. He sat in the limo he rented for his senior prom, taking his time to face his parents after one of the most embarrassing moments of his life. He was all excited, he had a pretty girl that agreed to go with him to the prom. Her name was Betty, she was beautiful, smart, fun to be around, a cheerleader, a backup cheerleader but still one nonetheless. Lewis, on the other hand, although handsome, he was a bit of a nerd. He wore big rimmed glasses, was in all the academic classes, was heavy into sci-fi; he was on the track team, so that helped him a little on his social status in school.

He was her math tutor all year long, and a few months earlier when she had broken up with her boyfriend, he made his move and asked her out. After several good weeks together, he asked her to the prom and she said yes. They spent almost three weeks, talking back and forth about the prom. She texted him pictures of the dresses she wanted to wear to get his opinion, and he did the same for the suits he wanted to wear. The game planned the whole thing, with parents taking pictures, what to do at the prom, the after party they were going to, all of that typical prom stuff.

But then he got to the house and found that Betty had gotten back with her ex-boyfriend, Brad, one of the school’s best basketball players, and he was in a brand-new suit and rented an even better limo than Lewis had gotten. Betty apologized for everything, but said it was better for her to go to the prom with her ex-boyfriend then with him. It was devastating, he just stood there silently as they got into there limo and drove off. He was left all alone on her lawn with Betty’s parents, in a very awkward moment.

“Sorry,” is all that Betty’s father could say, before he and his wife quickly walked back into their house.

Lewis got back into his limo. The driver asked where he wanted to go and told him to talk him back to his place. When they got back to his house, the driver told him that he could make sure that he would get half his money back for the limo rental. Lewis thanked him and he got out of the limo and went into his house. His parents were surprised to see him home early, he told them everything and his mom hugged him to make him feel better. His dad tried to give him some words of encouragement to make him feel better, but he could barely pay attention to what he was saying.

His sister, Sandy, was also home, she was with her friend Suzy studying for an exam. They both heard what happened, and were shocked.

“That selfish, ugly, bitch,” Sandy said.

“Sandy, watch your language,” her mother told her.

“What?” she responded. “She is a bitch. This is the one time you should allow me to call someone that out loud.”

Her mother had no choice but to agree with her.

“So, what are you going to do now?” Sandy asked.

“I’m going to take off this stupid suit and go to my room,” he told her.

“Or, you can take Suzy,” she said pointing to her.

“What?” Suzy responded.

Suzy, who like Lewis, was a nerd herself. Her blonde hair was kind of messy, she always wore bit sweaters, she also had big glasses like Lewis, was also in several academic glasses, and had a small acne problem that never went away. And like Lewis she was also into Sci-fi and had many good conversations with her about their favorite genre. Lewis had always gotten along with Suzy, he always suspected that she had a crush on him, but she was too young for him. Lewis was 18 years old, and Suzy was only 16; it was not going to happen.

“Oh, I don’t know,” Suzy said very nervously.

“It’s ok,” Sandy assured her. “I can give you one of my dresses, and it shouldn’t take long to fix your hair and make-up—”

“No, you don’t have to do this,” Lewis interrupted her. “I really don’t want to face Betty at the prom, I just want to go upstairs and sulk for the weekend. Thanks anyway.”

He just walked away before Sandy had anything else to say. Another reason he didn’t want to go with Suzy, was that she was a sophomore and too young for him; he liked her enough but didn’t want to add on to his humiliating night by going with a sophomore. He couldn’t help thinking that if only Suzy was a few years older.

Fortunately for him, nobody bothered him about being stood up on prom night when he got back to school the following Monday. He and Betty ignored each other the rest of the school year, she even got a new math tutor.

That summer, he vowed to get over betty and prepared himself for college. He got a good part time summer job a bookstore where he dated a fellow co-worker that made him forget all about Betty. They were not compatible with each other but they had fun together, and before Lewis went off to college, she took his virginity.

His bahis şirketleri college roommate, Ray, was the school’s wide receiver, who was too good looking for his own good. Lewis thought that he was going to have a hard time rooming with a jock who had women all over him, but to his surprise the guy was very cool with him. They became good friends; they went to several parties together and enjoyed playing video games when they weren’t studying. Lewis tutored him on a couple of his subjects, and in turn, Ray got him into fitness and gave him advice on women.

Over the next few years of college, Lewis had completely changed. Thanks to Ray’s exercise routine that he got him on, Lewis was very fit and had a good muscle tone on him. He wasn’t jacked like the football players, but it was enough to be noticed by some of the college girls. He had also stopped wearing his glasses and began wearing contacts instead. He was more confident than ever, especially with women. He had also dated several women and slept with many more. He didn’t let it all go to his head; he was always focused on his studies.

In May of his junior year, he managed to finish with his classes early and went home to be ready for a summer internship that he had. There he had a major surprise that he didn’t expect. When he got home, he found his sister in the living room with a few of her friends just hanging out. She ran up to hug her big brother and introduced him to some of her friends, new ones he had never met before. She called out the names of each of her friends and finally came down to one person he never even recognized.

“And of course, you remember Suzy,” Sandy told him pointing her out.

He had to hid his disbelief in what a beautiful woman Suzy had become. Her messy blonde hair was straight, she no longer wore glasses, her acne cleared up and had beautiful skin, she lost a little weight and he could tell what an amazing body she how had.

“Wow, Suzy,” he said wide-eyed. “You look great, it’s been a while.”

“Yes, it has been,” she replied. “you look good also.”

Lewis made an excuse to walk away and took his bags to his room. Half way up the stairs he heard all of his sister’s friends giggling about Suzy’s crush on him.

He was still amazed on how she looked. He felt a little guilty thinking about her like that; Suzy was now 18, so it was nothing wrong with thinking she’s hot, but she was also his sister’s best friend and had known her for years, she was like one of his friends also.

Over the next week, he had heard a lot from his sister about her senior prom and who she was going with. The guy seemed cool, he was on the track team and he had good grades. Lewis was glad she was dating a nice guy and not some douchebag. He also heard of Suzy’s date, a football player, who didn’t seem like a nice guy but he was sure that she was more infatuated with his good looks than the type of guy he was.

On the evening of the prom, everyone was excited for the big event. Both Sandy and Suzy spent the whole day getting ready. The plan was for both of them to be ready at Lewis and Sandy’s house and their dates would get meet them with their limos. A lot of this reminded Lewis of that humiliating night; as much as he had moved on, he still felt back about what happened that night. He did his best to not let it show during this time.

When they were ready, they both came out wearing their prom dresses; Lewis’s parents were there taking pictures and mentioning how beautiful they both were. Suzy’s parents weren’t around, they were on a business trip and couldn’t make it; she was trusted to be alone in the house for a few days.

Lewis was again shocked at how hot Suzy was. Her hair was professionally done. She didn’t wear too much makeup, but just enough. She wore a black, strapless, sequined dress that hugged her curves. She showed just enough cleavage on top to be sexy, but not trashy. Again, he had trouble thinking of her as anything else but his sister’s best friend.

Sandy’s date came first, his parents took a million pictures of them. They waited a long time for Suzy’s date who wasn’t responding to her texts and calls. Finally, he called and a minute late Suzy broke down crying. Apparently, her date had decided that was going to the prom with the head cheerleader. Sandy was doing her best to console her as she was crying, her makeup was a complete mess afterwards.

There was talk about both of them not going to the prom; sandy didn’t want to go without Suzy, and even Sandy’s date agreed with it. But Suzy was insistent that Sandy would go, she would feel terrible not letting her have her big night that she was planning a long time for. After much convincing, Sandy agreed that she would go.

Suzy may have been alright with not going, but Lewis wasn’t alright with her not going to her prom.

“Suzy, let me take you to the prom,” Lewis told her. Everyone in the room was silen.t

“What?” she said, still crying a little.

“I have a nice suit upstairs, bahis firmaları it shouldn’t take me long to get ready, let me take you to the prom.”

“My limo can take all four of us,” Sandy’s date told them.

“I don’t know about that,” Suzy said.

“Do it,” Sandy told her. “How many girls at the prom do you think are going with a college boy? They will all envy you.”

“Are you sure, its ok?” Suzy asked.

“Yes, it’ll be fun,” he assured her.

Suzy gave a big smile, “ok, let’s do this.”

With that, Lewis ran upstairs to get himself ready, while Sandy took Suzy to her room to fix up her make up. When they were both ready, Suzy’s makeup was back to being perfect and she was happy to see how handsome her older, college boy date looked in his suit. They took thousands of pictures together; Lewis was having a great time with this, but he was happier to see that Suzy was happy.

They got into the limo and it immediately made into a party. The music was cranked up all the way, the girls were laughing and screaming; Lewis and Sandy’s date were just chit-chatting while they watched their dates having a good time and taking selfies and then insisted on selfies with their dates. At one point, Sandy’s date pulled out a secret flask of whiskey he was carrying and passed it around to everybody.

When they got to the hotel where the prom is being held in the banquet hall, they got out of the limo and began walking up to the hotel entrance. Suzy pulled Lewis off to the side to talk to him before they entered.

“Thank you again for doing this,” she said. “I was so devasted, and you really stepped up for me.”

“It’s no problem,” he told her. “I’m glad to be here for you.”

“But I have to ask. Does this have anything to do with what happened on your prom night?” she asked. “Its ok if that’s your reason, I just needed to know.”

“It does have something to do with that,” he began to tell her. “But its not to make me happy. I sympathized with what you were going through. No one should be treated like that. And you deserve to have a good time tonight, and I hope I can give you that.”

“Thank you,” said with a big smile. She came in close and gave Lewis a small kiss on the lips. Lewis smiled and took Suzy by the arm and lead her to the banquet hall.

Inside, the prom was nearly packed, but enough room to get around and space for the dance floor. The band was alright, Lewis found out they were a popular local band that was starting to get a lot of notice in the area, playing a lot of events. Lewis and Suzy went for drinks first where they mingled with a few of her classmates. They also ran into a few of Lewis’s former teachers who were chaperoning the event; they didn’t recognize Lewis because of how much he changed since he graduated. They danced a little to some rock songs that they both enjoyed, and had a good laugh at how bad of dancers they both where.

Suzy needed some air and asked Lewis to take her outside for a little while before they went back to dancing. They went to an outdoor patio area nearby the hotel where other students were hanging ot with their dates, and that is where they both ran into Michael, the man who was supposed to be Suzy’s date, and the girl he dumped her for.

“Hey Michael,” Suzy saying his name with disgust.

“Suzy, what are you doing here?” he asked.

“I’m having a good time with my date,” she said as she took Lewis’s arm and held him close.

“Already?” he asked.

“What’s going on?” Michael’s date asked.

“Your dickhead date here, broke off his date with Suzy a few hours ago to come here with you,” Lewis blurted out.

“You did what?” Michael’s date yelled at him. “What kind of asshole would do that. Suzy, I’m sorry I had no idea.”

Suzy was surprised that she didn’t know. Michael’s date yelled at him and stormed off, saying she was going to take an uber home.

“You asshole,” Michael yelled at Lewis.

Michael took a swing at Lewis, but he dodged the punch. When he tried to hit Lewis again, he blocked the punch and in a few short moves, he knocked Michael to the ground. Michael slowly got up and just walked away. The other prom-goers where saw that cheered for Lewis and clapped for him.

“Where did you learn to do that?” Suzy asked with excitement.

“I dated a girl in last year who has a few black belts and she taught me a few things,” he told her. He left out the part that they weren’t really dating, but were just fuck buddies for a while.

They went back to the prom where they had their picture taken by a professional photographer that they were to receive in the mail in a week. Then they went to the dance floor where a romantic song was being played and everyone slow danced. Lewis held her close with Suzy’s head on his shoulder as they slowly danced.

“This is wonderful,” she said.

“It is,” he agreed with her.

“You’re a great guy,” she said.

“you’re a great woman,” he told her.

Two songs later, they met up with Sandy and her date. kaçak bahis siteleri It was almost the end of the night and they were talking about which after party to go to; apparently there were three going on, all with good reasons to go to.

“If its all the same to you, I’d like to go home,” Suzy told them. “Lewis, can you take me home please?”

“No problem,” he told them. “You guy will be ok without us?”

Sandy and her date assured them that they would be fine. Because Sandy’s date paid for the limo, he was going to use it to take Sandy to the after party, and Lewis got an uber for him and Suzy. To make it a little special, he sprung for an Uber Black and got a good luxury car for Suzy. When they got to her house, he walked her to the door. On the way up to the door they talked about what a great time they had; at the front door he gave her a good kiss on the lips and said good night. He was about to go back to the luxury car before she stopped him.

“Do you mind hanging out for a while?” she asked. “It can be lonely here for and I could use a little company before you leave.”

“That sounds great,” he told her. He signaled to the driver that he could leave. The driver ended the trip on his uber app and drove off.

Inside, Suzy kicked off her shoes and hung her jacket. She showed him a few rooms around the house before she took him to the mini bar. There, she pulled out a bottle one of her parent’s whiskey bottles and poured them both a drink. Lewis was impressed both with her choice in whiskey, and how daring behavior of taking her parents booze.

“When you go to college, this brand of whiskey will make you popular,” he told her.

“Thanks for the advice,” she said.

They talked for a little while, they both discussed how they changed over the years. They were both happy to find out that they both still loved sci-fi and brought up their favorite shows and movies they enjoyed over the years.

“I’m getting tired of wearing this dress,” she told him. “I need to get out of it, can you unzip me?” She asked.

“no problem.”

She turned around for him and lifted up her hair. Lewis found the zipper and pulled it all the way down to where it ended just above her perfectly round ass.

“Thanks,” she said, and let the dress drop to the floor.

She stood there in black lacey underwear; the bra had no shoulder straps to accommodate for the strapless dress she was just wearing. Lewis was shocked, didn’t know what to say with this moment. Even with the experiences he had at college, he didn’t know what to do at that moment. The old nerd in him was coming out strong.

Suzy began to walk toward the stairs; on her way there, she unclasped her bra and let it fall to the ground, and that was soon followed by her panties. She then walked up the stairs, naked, looking down at Lewis with a mischievous smile. Lewis poured himself another drink of the whiskey, took a big gulp, and then went upstairs after her.

When he got to the top of the stairs she was standing at the doorway of her bedroom; Lewis stood there in awe at the beautiful naked woman before him.

“I’ve always had a crush on you,” she told him.

“I kind of knew,” he said.

“And I of course knew why you didn’t do anything bout it,” she said. “I was too young for you. But now I’m 18, and like you, I had my own sexual experiences. Not with Michael, thank God, but with a couple of others. But what I always wanted was you.”

She went into her bedroom and Lewis followed. He began to take off his suit; it was going to slow for Suzy, so she helped him get naked faster. She was very amazed about what a great body, Lewis has developed while in college. Lewis guided her onto her bed where they began kissing; their hands roaming around each other’s bodies. Lewis felt like a little dumb keeping his hands on her breasts, but he loved how firm and soft her big breasts were.

When Suzy was ready, she opened her legs wider for Lewis and he pushed his dick into her tight wet pussy. Although, Lewis had his share of pussy before, this one felt extraordinary special around his dick, and held it in there for a few seconds to enjoy the feeling before he began pumping it in and out of her. For Suzy, she only had two dicks in her before, they felt good, but she never had one as big as Lewis’s. He was no porn star, she thought, but it was big to her and she loved the feeling of it being repeatedly pushed into her.

Lewis went slow at first, something he liked to do to get a woman warmed up. Then he began to pick up the pace and was fucking her faster. She held Lewis close to her body, her nails digging into his back, giving him small scratches. She began to scream into his ear, saying some blasphemous things that didn’t just surprise Lewis, but her as well’ she didn’t even know she could say such things before.

They turned over and Suzy was on top of him. Lewis just laid there, and watched as Suzy was bouncing around his dick, and watching her big tits bouncing around. Her hands were firmly holding her headboard as she began to go faster. Lewis hands were holding Suzy’s hips, he tried to keep her steady, with the way she was bouncing around wildly, he was afraid she was going to bounce off his dick.

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