Birthday Weekend

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Hairy Teen

It was destined to be an incredible weekend. Karen was determined to give Ann her best birthday memories ever. These two women had shared the sex lives most intimately over the years since their college days so long ago. Each knew all the wet details of all the other’s sexual adventures. They had communicated continually over the years about their sexual exploits.

Now in their mature years they have embarked on a whole new level of sexual adventures together. Karen had divorced two years ago and was re-exploring her sexuality, not that there was much left to newly discover. Ann was still married to her college boyfriend but had trained him to accept and enjoy her intense sexual appetite. Her enjoyment easily became his, giving her license to explore whatever her naughtiest fantasies may demand, as long as she shared all the juicy details

Ann and Karen had developed a new, shared hobby: seducing much younger men; boys, really, legal in most states, maybe not all. Together they had developed and shared tactics for selecting and seducing worthy young men. They had both long ago discovered the secret to success… that a man, especially a hormone engulfed younger man, would do whatever was requested of him. Seduction was a no-brainer.

Each had seduced several young studs over the past two summers. Summer was a good hunting season for this with college summer break delivering young men into the grounds-keeping, pool-maintenance, house-painting fields. College boys were everywhere, shirtless and sweating in the hot summer sun as they worked at their client homes.

While Ann and Karen were twice the age of these boys, their bodies still attracted the eye of these potent young men. All the women had to do was show up in a bra-less tank top, short shorts or casual nightgown and invite the young victim in for an iced coffee. An invitation to her in the shower was almost never turned down. It was always that easy. A young man was quickly entranced by a sexy older woman uninhibitedly showing him all possible sex play. Any suggestion either woman could make was eagerly entertained.

Ann and Karen relished sharing their exploits with one another. That led Karen to suggest a special birthday weekend for Ann, to hide away at an out-of-state resort where they could anonymously enjoy a bit of an orgy with a couple of young men. Karen actually seduced Ann into this with juicy descriptions of what Ann could enjoy if they get together with their current boy-toys. Karen teased Ann about having two horny young men fuck her brains out for her birthday. It could be a most forbidden and memorable adventure. Karen’s plan was to be in charge of Ann’s sex. Ann was to be merely go along with whatever Karen put before her. It would be amazing, Karen assured Ann. Karen instructed Ann where and when to show up, with Karen responsible for talking both boys into participating in the plan.

Ann trembled with anticipation, her mouth dry and her mind racing. She was actually a bit afraid of what Karen may have planned for her, fully realizing just how extreme this could turn out to be. Karen had rented for them a large suite at four-season ski and golf resort. It would be very romantic, with a private balcony overlooking the mountains and their own hot tub. Ann, of course, would know Mark since he was her current plaything and had been fucking his brains out nearly every morning after her husband left for work. It had been great fun so far, with her husband fucking her brains out every evening after hearing all the details. But she not yet met Karen’s current boyfriend, making him a stranger for this sexual adventure. She allowed herself, at Karen’s urging, to let this add to the excitement.

It was working, until she finally arrived at the resort. Karen met her in the lobby and brought her up to the suite.

“You are going to be so surprised,” Karen giggled. Ann grew a bit fearful at this. When they entered the suite, Ann was immediately taken aback, shocked to meet not only her own boyfriend, but also Karen’s TWO young lovers. “Happy fucking birthday,” Karen whispered to Ann as she stood there unable to find words. “We are all going to fuck your brains out this weekend,” Karen added ominously.

Three young men, shirtless, well-muscled and tanned, stood before Ann wearing self-conscious smiles as Karen introduced Ben and Pete. A flood of scenarios raced through Ann’s head. “Don’t worry,” Karen softly told her, “I have everything all worked out for you.”

They all changed and went to dinner so everyone could get to know one another. But there was a powerfully erotic tension among them, everyone knowing full well they would be spending the weekend giving Ann all the sex she could possibly handle, plus a bit more. After dinner they returned to the suite where Karen took the lead in setting the mood for Ann. There was a massage table in the master bedroom. The three boys stripped off their shirts and proceeded to strip Karen naked. They positioned Karen on the massage table where Ann watched as they proceeded to give bahis şirketleri Karen a most erotic six-hand massage, eventually culminating with Karen on her back, legs spread wide, fingers over-filling her pussy, a few in has ass, a mouth sucking her clitoris, the other mouths sucking and licking her breasts, all rocking her to one thunderous orgasm after another.

It was an incredible sight for Ann. With all her sexual adventures over the years, she had never actually watched someone had sex. She had enjoyed having her husband closely watch her fuck a young man on a secluded beach one time, but watching this was quite different than being watched. It was most erotic and she could not wait to receive the same treatment.

When Karen was finally finished, and it was a very thorough treatment, the boys all turned to Ann. It was quite erotic to have all the boys strip her naked. The boys then stripped themselves nude for her to look them over. It was a spectacular sight, three virile young men, extremely excited from their sex-work to Karen, their erections rock-solid and pressing firmly straight up against their belly. Everyone was brightly flushed with great excitement.

They led her to the table where she received a luxuriously unhurried backrub before being turned onto her back. She enjoyed another unhurried massage to every square inch before the boys finally began to focus on her sex. She likes having her nipples sucked or pulled rather firmly and the boys knew that. They had been well-coached. She loves having her pussy carefully but totally stretched wide with lots of fingers, to the very edge of too much. That was exactly where she was by the time they (finally!) began licking and sucking her clit. They each took turns bringing her to orgasm. She lost count. She was nearly passed out when they finally stopped.

She could not really move much under her own power by this point. Someone laid a towel loosely over her face, lightly blindfolding her. She felt herself being pulled down toward the foot of the massage table. Her legs were raised and held high by strong hands. Other hands wrapped firmly around her hips. She felt a very hard and hot cock rub up and down her wet and swollen labia. She had no idea who was about to fuck her. This anonymity greatly excited her as that cock slid deeply into her with one strong thrust. She felt all these men holding and cradling her as they fucked her. The thrusts were deep and powerful. He was very, very excited to fuck her. It was incredible, especially when she felt him pause and his cock begin to pulse. She felt a blast of young semen explode deep in her pussy. His orgasm was that of a very, very excited 20-year-old with excessive hormones. She realized she was in for way more than she could ever have anticipated.

The cock inside her pulsed on and on. He must have inject a quart of semen into her. She felt it running out of her and down her ass as he continued to push, pump and cum. That much semen definitely came in handy. When the young man finally slipped out of her and semen poured out, another hard young cock eagerly pushed into her. He made wet sloppy noises fucking her. Ann heard Karen comment how sexy it sounded. Ann felt relieved to discover this young stud was very much ready to cum. She was a little afraid she would quickly end up sore. But that first load of slippery semen helped and soon the second boy was crying out as he sprayed her depths with another huge load.

Ann heard Karen coach the boys to keep her legs up so her pussy would stay full as the third young man slopped into her. Ann felt like an extremely wanton slut with a room full of people there to fuck her. It was an amazingly sexy feeling. Soon they current young man was pumping her full of yet another load of cum.

Just when she thought things could not get any more sexy, they laid her back to the center of the table. She felt all those hands gather up all that semen and spread it all over her belly, legs, chest, neck, face. Keeping it mixed with just enough oil kept it forever slippery. Still blinded by the towel, she had no idea who it was taking turns licking her to orgasm as the others gave her that full frontal body massage.

She did not need to be reminded these boys were 20-year-olds and that meant they did not need much coaxing to quickly be ready to fuck her again. Karen, of course helped get each them to their sharp edge of ejaculation, to protect Ann from getting sore. It was not long before Ann had earned the right to brag she had been fuck six times in one evening. She woke late that night curled up next to Karen, her pussy a sopping mess and her entire body tacky with oily remnants of cum.

The next day was interesting. Ann was a bit concerned. Despite how careful and deliberate Karen had directed the previous day’s sex, Ann’s pussy was still a bit sore. But Karen had anticipated that. She really did think of everything; so sweet of her. After a day of golf and shopping. At dinner Karen had embarrassed them all by openly discussing their previous evening’s bahis firmaları sexual adventure. They all blushed, especially when Karen went on to describe her plans for the coming evening. Ann giggled when Karen told her she was now officially a slut after taking on the equivalent of six guys. She coaxed everyone to agree with that observation. She went on to announce that a slut could not be a full-blown slut unless she had sucked off a similar number of cocks in one evening. Everyone was really embarrassed now.

Back at the room, Karen took Ann to the bedroom where they both dressed in very sexy tiny nighties. Karen assured and encouraged Ann that she would enjoy tonight as much as she had last night. Ann said nothing in reply, too engrossed in the strange excitement that now enveloped her. They returned to the boys in the living room. There, Karen fired up her laptop and plugged it into the widescreen TV. They all watched the video Karen had made of the Ann’s fucking the night before.

Ann was shocked and a bit angry. But that soon passed when Karen suggested the boys give the girls a little show. Soon there were three naked men on the sofa with towering erections. Stroking their cocks as the girls sat at their feet for a close view. After a few minutes of this, the girls were soon sucking and licking those cocks, swapping back and forth among them. Karen asked the boys to let them know whenever they started to get close to cumming. When Pete was the first to speak up the girls teamed up on him, Karen massaging and licking his balls as Ann swallowed his erection. The girls soon coaxed a very loud orgasm from him, Ann swallowing his gift to her. Watching all that got the other boys close to the edge. It took very little effort to make first Ben then Mark to cum in Ann’s mouth.

The boys were, for the time being, spent. But the women knew this would be temporary. They made their way to the hot tub. Karen knew what would revive the boys quickly. She brought a pair of vibrators to the tub for them to play with. All that boy cumming had excited the girls. And the girls knew how the boys would respond to their own little sex show. Ann resisted, feeling too shy for what Karen was planning. But Karen was now fully in charge. Ann had by now totally given herself over to Ann’s control.

It did not take much coaxing for Ann to join Karen on the edge of the hot tub to explore a bit of vibrator play. It was, after all, to get the boys revved up for more sex. And both women by now were themselves dying to cum. It was an incredible show for the guys watching these two women stimulating themselves with their sex toys. In no time, they were totally lost in the lust of running the vibrators in and out of their pussies and over their clits. Ann was still quite inhibited about it, at least until Karen allowed herself a thunderous loud climax. That was all Ann needed and she was cumming before Karen’s orgasm was passed.

The boys were absolutely entranced watching all this. Their erections never really faded, so youthful was their sex. But this brought them to fully anxious arousal. Soon Ann found herself sitting in the warm water, a young man’s excited cock directly opposite her face as she teased and coaxed him with the busy vibrator. These youngsters had never before experienced a vibrator. They loved it. Ann finally slipped Ben’s over-swollen cock in her mouth as Karen massaged his balls and worked the vibrator over his ass. His orgasm was intense, as was Mark’s and, finally, Pete’s. Karen was very good at ass fucking the boys into thunderous ejaculations. Ann was very proud of her accomplishment: six blowjobs. It had been a little more than 24 hours for Ann to have experienced so much. Ann was curious and a little worried anticipating what Karen had as yet planned for her. “Tomorrow is going to be quite special, you know,” Karen teased.

The next day was very much a tease. As they toured the local antique shops, Karen cooed to Ann that they were all going to fuck her so much later today. They returned to the suite by mid-afternoon. Ann assumed they would be going to dinner then settling in for an evening of sex. But Karen would not allow anything to become assumed or predictable. No way.

As Ann stepped from the bathroom, she was suddenly blinded. A towel enveloped her face and hands abruptly seized her arms. She struggled in shock and terror as she was completely subdued, arms thrust behind her, held and bound. A hoarse whisper snarled in her ear, “Be silent! No noises, or else.” Part of her quickly realized this was most likely Karen’s newest sex game, but most of her could not let go of the panic and need to fight them off.

She came to accept it was indeed Karen and the boys doing this to her. She obeyed the order to keep quiet, but she struggled with all her might against them. She felt them work at stripping her clothes off until she was naked except for her blouse pulled off her shoulders and trapped around her arms behind her back. She never felt so naked as now. She felt them around her, kaçak bahis siteleri naked, hard cocks bumping against her as they tumbled onto the bed. Her terror was soon rolling into an extreme state of sexual arousal as she felt their bodies snuggle close. Her ongoing struggles only added to her excitement, especially when she realized the men who were wrestling her were now trying to fuck her.

She realized she was sandwiched between two naked men. One cocks was struggling to slip beneath her crotch from the front as another invaded from behind. She was now breathless with excitement feeling two men, two cocks both at once trying to fuck her. It was incredible. She felt her legs open for them. The one behind her slid in, maybe half way, and attempt to stroke, then slip out as the one entering from the front immediately slid into her. This triggered deep within her a sudden and very strange orgasm.

This finally settled her enough to give herself over to them. She fell into a sexual trance as these men both fucked her, taking turns pumping her pussy, swapping her between them every thirty seconds to a minute. The man behind her suddenly commenced to pounding deeply into her with a deliberate intent to cum. She felt the other guy’s cock rubbing beneath her patiently waiting his turn. Within a minute the guy behind her pushed deeply and began to cum. This pushed her over the edge. She rarely climaxed with thrusting, but this was very different and her orgasms were intense.

She felt the guy behind her retreat. The cock beneath her quickly took his place and commenced his own intent fucking. But almost immediately the third man climbed behind her and entered the fray. Soon her two lovers were again taking turns like gentlemen. Ann hard Karen mumble something softly. The men who were fucking her seemed to change their actions. She quickly realized what the were up to.

She was about to experience what every woman wonders about but so few get to even dare to try it. The cock in front pushed in deeply and held still as the cock behind her nudged against him. She felt him carefully push. She heard Karen whisper in her ear, “relax and let them in.” She felt herself obey and concentrated on relaxing her pussy as best as she could under the circumstances. Sure enough. The cock pushing behind her suddenly eased in, just his head at first. But he did not stop. He continued to push gently but relentlessly, sliding in deeper and deeper. Both cock were in her pussy, totally stretching her.

Once inside she was able to relax further and feel what they were doing in her. She felt them rubbing back and forth in her, perfectly timed so that as one eased out the other slid in, stretching and rubbing in her as the rubbed on each other. She relished what she felt them doing in her. It felt as if they were now concentrating on rubbing themselves against each other inside her pussy. She heard Karen whisper in her ear again, “they are fucking you and they are fucking each other inside you.

Soon she heard a boy moan that he was going to cum. She felt one of the cocks inside her begin to pulse. They both pushed deeply into her and held still son everyone could feel him cum. He cried out and his cock pulsed and spurted. She heard the other guy mention that he could feel him cumming. When the first guy finally stopped cumming, the other guy began deep fucking strokes. The first guy held deep and still. He moaned, “wow, that feels interesting.” Soon the other guy moaned he was going to cum. He pumped harder until he cried out very loudly and went an exceptional ejaculation. They first guy spoke again, “wow, I feel you cumming. That is amazing.” They really were fucking each other as much as they were fucking her.

The semen flow was enormous, leaving her ass soaked and the sheets a total mess.

Eventually they all dressed for dinner. It was there that Karen announced she had made an incredible video for them to watch after dinner. Ann was again shocked and a bit angry at this. “I am dying to have the boys do that to me tonight,” Karen announced. “Because we all know Ann needs a break by now. She can watch maybe make me a video of my very own.”

Back at the room, the girls dressed in their finest lingerie and posed for the boys. Their lust was overwhelming. Karen bragged that they were very likely the horniest sexiest women at the resort tonight and the boys were very lucky to be there. The boys agreed. Karen was feeling quite carried away with sexual power. She bragged the boys would do whatever they were asked by the ladies. They quickly agreed.

“Ok, then, let’s prove that. Lets see if they boys really will do whatever us girls demand. After all, that is the only way they will get their pussy,” she relentlessly teased. Soon she had the boys lined up on the sofa yet again, naked and hard, with the girls sitting at their feet, for a really close view. They girls giggled as they coaxed the boys to rub themselves for them to watch. The guys were totally under the spell of the ladies. Karen dared to move things up a notch and instructed Pete to rub Mark’s cock. Soon the ladies were sitting on the sofa on either side of Mark as Mark knelt between Pete’s legs, stroking Pete’s cock. Neither guy seemed all that resistant to the girls’ directions.

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