Once Upon a Time: Golden Locks

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Readers: This is just a short fantasy fable in which I present a revised version of a classic fairytale. I wrote this tale in response to a question I asked myself. Whatever happened after the girl with golden locks got away from the three bears and grew up? This is my answer.

Once upon a time and long ago

A woodcutter and hunter was I, living alone in the deep, dark woods. I preferred my life of solitude and uninterrupted peaceful contentment. I had no interest in being in the company of people.

My self-imposed exile came about all because of a goddamn cock-teasing woman! She’d teased and flirted with me until my cock was swollen with eager, cunt-hungry anticipation. I had every intention of getting me some sweet feminine pussy! I had hopes of getting it soon.

Yet, the cold-hearted bitch had told me to wait ‘just a little while longer’. Then I could have what I wanted. So, I waited. Days turned to weeks. Weeks turned to months. Hell, I was eaten up with unrequited lust!

I was going crazy waiting for this woman’s pussy! Jerking-off didn’t help because it just wasn’t the same as a comfortable, cozy cunt. Why, there’s nothing in this whole wide world as good and sweet as a warm, wet pussy!

Finally, my lady had told me she was ready for a cock to entertain her cunt. I was thrilled beyond belief! Yet, my elation soon turned to bitter rage and anger. Mine was not the cock she gave in to. I found her fucking another man!

I should have killed them both! Yes, I should have beaten the shit out of both the bastard and the bitch! Yet, dejected and humiliated, I didn’t do either. Instead, I fled to my boyhood woodlands home.

Peaceful contentment was now my sole companion. I never wanted to see another female being in my lifetime! Hell, the back-stabbing bitches could all burn in the fires of Hades as far as I was concerned!

Months passed and I found comfort in a lonely hermit’s life. I stayed close to the peaceful solace of hearth and home. That’s where I was now stirring the embers in the fireplace of my cozy, one-room abode. I’d just finished a bath and had stepped out of a big, old, wooden bathtub. I was naked as the day I was born.

A loud knock at the door startled me and interrupted my meandering musings. Now just who in the hell would be out in these deep woods knocking on the door of my small, secluded cottage?

I jerked the heavy door open and stared in wide-eyed amazement. Why, there was a waif of a woman, several inches less than five feet tall, standing there! She was young, perhaps somewhere near 20 years in age. Her slender form was covered with a long woolen dress with a hem nearly touching the ground.

The woman’s lightly-tanned face radiated the beauty of innocence. Bright blue eyes shimmered with a luminescent glow. Golden hair, sparkling brilliantly as the noonday sun, covered her head with an abundance of curly, blonde ringlets.

As I stared, the young lady with the golden locks was speaking, “Hello Sir. I’m lost in the woods and the smoke from your chimney guided me here. May I come in to your home? I’m cold and frightened.”

Unconsciously, I stepped aside and allowed the woman to enter. She walked straight to the fireplace and began warming her hands. Closing the door behind her, I followed.

As I neared, the woman turned to face me. I noticed that her sparkling eyes were staring at me intently. Yet, she wasn’t demurely gazing at the floor and she wasn’t looking at my face or at my shoulders either. Instead, her eyes were fixated on the manhood hanging between my legs.

Holy mother, I was still naked! My maleness was fully exposed! I began wondering what in the world the young lady might be thinking inside her pretty, little head. I didn’t have to wonder long.

The woman with the golden locks spoke again, “Sir, that’s a really nice ‘man-thing’ you’ve have there between your legs. It’s not too big. It’s not too small. Why Sir, it’s just right! May I touch it?”

No words would come from my startled mind. Busy bees were buzzing in my head and I was on the verge of teetering dizzily. I didn’t speak, but my head nodded in a gesture which said, “Yes.”

The woman, the wondrously curious little woods sprite, reached to touch my cock. The half-limp, drooping shaft began to harden in her hands. As she touched and played with the meaty pole, it stiffened into a fully erect, muscular timber.

The woman smiled and spoke again, “Yes Sir, this is a really nice thing you have. It’s not too soft. It’s not too hard. Why Sir, it’s just right! May I kiss it?”

Again, I did not speak. I stared into her inquisitive, blue eyes. Once more, my befuddled head nodded in an up and down motion which again indicated, “Yes.”

The blue-eyed blonde nymph knelt on the floor between my legs. With my cock still in her hands, her lips, her sweet soft lips, gently caressed my flesh. She kissed the throbbing shaft up and down its entire length.

A long, fire-tipped tongue kaçak iddaa darted from her mouth and touched my cock skin with moisturized flames. She began licking. She licked and kissed up and down and around and around my pulsating meat.

The golden-haired woman stopped for a second, looked at mystified face, and said, “Oh Sir, it tastes good! It’s not too tart. It’s not too sweet. Why Sir, it’s just right! May I suck it?”

Shaking my head vigorously to rid it of bewildering bees, I finally found my voice. Stern, heat-inflamed words spilled from my mouth, “Hell yes, you can suck it! Goddamnit woman, you can do whatever you want to do with it!”

The curly-headed minx had said she wanted to suck it, so that’s what she did. Her tight, little mouth closed over my cock head. She licked and sucked energetically. Her saliva glands opened to release oral moisture. The shaft in her mouth became slippery wet and slid in deeper.

The lascivious little lady went wild. She kissed, licked, and sucked my blood-engorged meat wantonly. Her head bobbed up and down on the shaft enthusiastically. Several times the slippery rod popped out of her mouth. Each time it popped out, she grabbed it and plopped it right back in.

This young woman with curly golden locks was giving me the best cock sucking I’d ever had in all the 30 years of my life! And, it was certainly the first blowjob I’d had in a long, long time! I knew I wouldn’t be able to hold onto my cock juices for long. Why, it seemed like I’d been sexually starved for eternity!

As the cock-crazed lady kissed, licked, and sucked even more feverishly, I knew I was going to cum soon. I knew too that I ought to pull my smoldering shaft out of the elfin, young mouth before I did. But, I didn’t pull out. No, I didn’t even try. I let Mother Nature and this impish feminine urchin do whatever they must do.

I began cumming in the petite woman’s tight, little mouth! I grunted as orgasms overpowered my senses. My swollen manhood released its boiling, pressurized seminal cream! Tremendous, mind-shaking, cock-quaking thrills raced throughout my body!

The woman was almost gagging, but she didn’t stop sucking. She was swallowing the thick cream as quickly as she could. Still, her mouth filled and was overflowing with sticky cock juice.

As my manhood emptied itself of orgasm juice, I was beginning to wonder if I’d ever stop cumming. This little lady was unquestionably the finest cocksucker I’d ever met!

Finally, the woman stopped sucking and I began to slowly come down from the orgasmic cloud I’d been floating upon. I looked into her eyes and studied her angelic, cherub facial features. Her mouth and face were a sticky, milky mess. So was my cock.

I knelt down on the floor in front of the enchanting feminine creature. She came into my outstretched arms with an ardent eagerness. Her arms flew around my neck and her words whispered, “Sir, your man-milk tastes good! It’s not too hot. It’s not too cool. Why Sir, it’s just right!”

I knew my heart was completely enraptured by this lost waif who’d found her way to my woodlands home. Presumptively, I supposed to myself that I had her unspoken permission to kiss her. So, kiss her, I did. Her sex wet lips molded to mine. I kissed her time and time again. She kissed me, too. Her passion took my breath way.

Pulling away to catch my breath, I used my fingers to feel of the tubful of bathwater I’d been using. The water was now lukewarm, so my hand reached for a steaming kettle simmering in the coals in the fireplace. I filled the tub with enough hot water to make a comfortable bath.

Without asking permission, I stripped the seductively alluring woman naked. I stepped into the big tub and pulled the nude, hypnotically captivating, young wench in with me. We washed each other while we kissed, tickled, and teased. We frolicked and played merrily.

We two gloried in our shared nudity. Neither of us felt any bashful shame. We dried each other off in front of the fire. I carried her a few steps and sat her on the edge of my bed. I knelt between her legs and studied her young, feminine body.

This young lady with golden locks was small. My first estimate was correct, she lacked several inches being five feet tall. I’d guess her weight to be no more than ninety pounds. Yet, this was the sexiest ninety pounds of feminine nudity my eyes had seen in ages!

Despite her diminutive stature, the woman had nicely-shaped breasts. They weren’t very big; no they were not very big at all. Yet, they were nubile, little mounds which were fully blossomed with maturity. They were certainly big enough to play with, so play with them, I did.

My eyes played first making an intense visual inspection. My hands began a manhandling manual massage. My mouth begged to join in on this mission to explore the magnificent mammary mounds. I gave in to seductive temptation and kissed the young breasts. My roaming lips found budding nipples which ripened to kaçak bahis erection as I kissed and suckled them.

I was having a good time playing with these titillating tits. My greedy mouth, lips, and tongue kissed, licked, and sucked hungrily. I knew the golden-haired woman was having a good time, too. With a smile enlivening her face, she was softly sighing.

The woman unexpectedly fell back onto the bed and a nipple pulled out of my suckling mouth with an audible ‘pop’. At first, I was disappointed at having lost these deliciously delectable little fruits. But, my eyes then found something even more tantalizingly mesmerizing. The woman’s pretty pussy was just inches from my face!

Small, yes my lady certainly was. Her body was young and petite. Yet, the protruding mound between her legs provided ample evidence of her feminine gender! Puberty had visited this woman’s loins so her pubic mound was covered with a thin patch of curly blonde hair. These golden pubic locks did little to obstruct my view of her fresh, young pussy flesh!

I saw no sign of a clit but made an assumption it was probably hidden inside the puffy outer pussy folds. These folds were separated down the middle with a deep, seductive slit. I knew hidden feminine treasures would be found if I spread the outer folds and opened the slit.

My hands reached out and gently caressed the woman’s pussy mound. Warm, tender flesh greeted my fingers. I squeezed and massaged the pretty, little mound. I knew the firm puffiness was an undeniable indication of her fully grown femininity. Long gone were all remnants of baby fat.

Thanks to this wandering waif, I had a wondrous pussy to glory in! Just as it had with the woman’s breasts, my mouth begged to join my hands in their journey toward discovering the carnal joys of pubescent flesh. And again, I gave in to undeniable temptation.

I kissed this woman’s pretty pussy. I kissed it again and again. The mounded flesh was swollen with the pulsating warmth of racing blood. My lips and tongue kissed and licked with feverish delight.

Finally, curiosity propelled me to spread the woman’s pussy lips open. I needed to prove my assumption about the treasures hidden within. Without any trouble at all, I found what I sought! I discovered the clitoral jewel encased inside a velvety vaginal vault!

As clits go, this woman’s was small indeed. Yet, with the benefit of puberty’s maturity, her clitoris had grown into a nicely sized protrusion of erotic feminine flesh. Her clit was seductively enticing! So alluring was it, I just had to touch and taste it!

My moisturized tongue flicked and licked the tasty little treat. Sweet honey couldn’t have tasted any better! Oh, I loved this sugary delicacy, I most assuredly did! I continued kissing, flicking, and licking it with unrestrained lust and gleeful joy. My tongue tickled and teased the tiny flowering bud as the woman wiggled and whimpered on the bed.

There was one other feminine treasure I sought and my mouth finally found it. I cupped my tongue to stiffen it and entered a vaginal opening. I was fully expecting to find a broken virginal membrane here. After the fine cock sucking this young lady had given me, I assumed I had no innocent ‘virgin’ on my bed. Yet, to my surprise and elation, my deep-probing tongue discovered a hymen that was still intact!

A naked, untouched virgin was lying on my bed! My mouth was enjoying the sweetness of her vaginal flesh! The young lady’s body might have the maturity of age, but her pussy didn’t really have an abundance of vaginal moisture. I licked and lapped at what slippery feminine juice I could get.

My mind was telling me the woman’s pussy probably didn’t have enough vaginal wetness for a cock to make pussy penetration. Hell, I had no intention of fucking the little lady anyway! She was too damn innocent to be deflowered by a horny woodlands hermit! Why, I couldn’t ask her to give up her virginal virtuousness!

On this subject of virginal sacrifice, I found out the young woman and I had quite a big difference of opinion. I thought she was much too innocent for carnal intercourse. She thought she was not.

To prove her point, she sat up in bed and leaned toward my cock. I thought maybe she was going to suck me again, but that’s not what she did. She released a torrent of slick saliva from her mouth and coated the head and shaft of my cock with this oral lubricant.

The woman then leaned back and filled her vaginal opening with fingers full of the same slippery lubrication. With this task completed, she lay back on the bed, spread her legs, and whispered seductively, “Sir, can you fuck me now?”

Now, this was a hell of a question for a man to answer! Unconsciously, I recalled a lesson I’d learned in school. There was a big difference between the words ‘can’ and ‘will’. If I applied that lesson to the woman’s question, I’d have to answer ‘yes’. I’d say ‘yes’ because I physically ‘can’ fuck her. I have a rigid cock illegal bahis shaft sticking out proudly and she has a wet pussy hole made for penile penetration!

So, schooldays semantics aside, as far as I was concerned, the real question was, ‘will’ I fuck her? Will I steal the innocence of a sweet, innocent, virginal woman?

The answer came to me in a blinding flash. Damn my wicked soul to the everlasting fires of Hades, but ‘yes’ I ‘will’ fuck her! You can bet your sweet ever-loving ass, I’ll fuck her! I’d accept the gift of innocence she was freely offering to me and I’d be pretty damn quick about doing it, too!

While still on my knees between the golden-haired woman’s legs, I aimed my erect manhood straight at the awaiting maidenhood. Her trembling fingers were holding her pussy lips open wide. My cock head gingerly entered the slippery vaginal opening. It hit against the unbroken maidenhead and stopped. One last time, my mind rebelled and with reluctance I asked aloud, “Lady, dare I go further?”

Instead of answering, the woman proved she had no such hesitant reluctance. She wrapped her slender, limber legs around my ass and pulled. She released her swollen pussy lips and bucked her hips upward. Her pussy closed around my cock and sucked it into her slick vaginal void. My hardened shaft plunged deep, penetrating the virginal hymen and ripping it apart.

The woman squealed, but she didn’t scream. Instinctively, her body leapt upward again to meet the cock thrusting into her welcoming hole. She bucked and jumped up and down; up and down she bucked and jumped. I thrust and plunged in and out; in and out I thrust and plunged. I was fucking a sweet, young lady with golden locks and she was eagerly giving herself to me!

I never would have guessed that warm, wet saliva would have made such a superb vaginal and cock lubricant! Yet, here it was doing its job magnificently well! My slippery wet meat was sliding effortlessly into the woman’s slicky wet heated oven.

This little lady didn’t know it, but the frictional fire of her hot, tight vaginal hole was cooking up a steaming pot of seminal stew. This creamy concoction was just about ready to be served.

My engorged cock began serving the dish. It was piping hot! I was cumming! A heaping helping of thick, warm cream was served as a complimentary side dish atop the chunk of meaty cock inside the woman’s pussy!

The inexperienced, virginal woman’s pussy reacted as if it had never been served such delectable cuisine before. Her pussy convulsed and hungrily sucked in every morsel of meat and cream. Orgasmic spasms caused her vaginal muscles to squeeze, tug, and beg for more. This little lady with golden locks was cumming, too!

Our rhythmic carnal conjoining continued with no end in sight. Together we whimpered and cried as orgasms locked our loins in lustful delight. Our hearts and bodies visited an enchanted netherworld where the euphoric twins called ‘lust’ and ‘love’ are conceived, born, and raised.

Time came and brought the two of us back to this earthly realm. Exhausted from blissful exertion, we fell onto the bed. After a while, we caught our breath, went back to the tub, and washed the sticky sex mess from our bodies. We then climbed back into bed and snuggled under the covers.

The nude little lady cuddled against my naked body and quickly fell asleep. Yet, before she drifted into deepened slumber, she softly whispered, “Thank you, Sir. I’m glad my ‘first time’ could be with a nice man like you. You’re not too young. You’re not too old. Why Sir, you’re just right!”

I watched the young woman with the golden locks of hair as she slept peacefully beside me. After a while, I awakened her and we again joined our loins in carnal intercourse. This time, we ‘made love’ more slowly and with the deliberate intent of satisfying the passionate needs of each others hearts and bodies. We touched, caressed, and kissed. I kissed and massaged every part of her nubile, nude body. She kissed and massaged every part of mine.

And once more, our saliva lubricated loins joined together in a quest for orgasmic fulfillment. My cock slipped in and out of her sweet little pussy again and again. We both began cumming and totally surrendered to the orgasms bringing us together in an obsessive bond of lust and love.

With the darkness of nighttime falling, I walked the lady home through the deep woods she’d become lost in. I left her within sight of the fields and pastures surrounding her house. Her goodbye kisses were passionate and full of unspoken promises. She made me pledge to come back often and guide her back to my woodlands cottage.

As I was walking away, I heard the young woman shout. Turning to look back over my shoulder, I heard her utter a cryptic warning which I failed to completely understand. With a worried look on her face, she implored, “Sir, be careful and watch out for those three bears!”

When I returned to the safety of my hearth and home, my eyes looked at the rumpled covers on the bed. My mind was thinking about a soft, young woman with a head full of curly, golden locks. My voice softly whispered, “Somebody sweet has been sleeping in my bed.”

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